Monday, January 19, 2009

What Comes Around, Goes Around?
The question that the whole world's been questioning time and again.
People live through the course of their life and begin defining life the way they see it.
Some believe that if you do bad things in life, it will come back to you.
Some don't, and believe that the world is just what it is.

If you ask me, it's just another delusional factor of people who has given up on this world.
People who live only for themselves, people who has, very likely, been disappointed by the world time and again.
And no doubt, many people in this world fall into that category.
Where it's a dog eat dog world out there, and to survive, is to fight with others.

Now the question lies with a person's meaning of success or achievement.
I once koped a piece of paper off CENT club's room that says this:
"Success is not defined by obtaining everything you want, but by appreciating everything you have."
Now as with the saying, obtaining what you want is already as difficult as it is, getting a good pay, promotion, having a good life in future, but have you ever thought that maintaining's even tougher?
The more things I get, the tougher it seems to manage my life around.

And in all honesty, I've been looking at other degrees that are available for study.
Things like psychology, sports science. Now I'm looking at Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety.
The question really comes, such courses don't exist in the past, why do they now?
Without a doubt, life will always change, and with improvements, comes new problems that we'll try to resolve.
With increasing efficiency in transport, the lifestyle of people has greatly improved, people become lazier than normal and obesity rate goes up.
To counter that, they tap on awareness, and bring the degree, sports science, to train more people to bring promote this awareness.
What of Environmental health?
Needless to say, pollution has gone about the whole world, deforestation and more environmental deprovements.
And well, I guess the scientists are there to reduce the pollution rate.
But note it's just reduce, not really counter it, because the efficiency levels of transport outweighs the pollution levels.
So what comes around goes around? I believe so.

Staying stagnant is not really an option, but moving too quickly is a problem too.
On a daily basis, people will continually improve, beyond my will, I've been studying, from poly, to degree.
I took on something of interest, but I'm not putting effort into it.
I'm still working as my admin officer, but I'm now more on a PR man.
And being the PR kind, I've talked to many parents now.
Their problems are kinda similar to each other, and is really not much to be "advised" upon by a soon-to-be-24-year-old such as me.
And these, are businessmen, businesswomen, people who has succeeded career wise, but all have seem to see themselves as failure, family wise.
I don't even need to emphasize, you'll know what's going on.
And best yet, I'm on both sides of the world.
I teach the kids, so they talk to me.
I talk to the parents and chit chat with them.
Once again, I'm the one who's heard 2 sides of a story.
Kids are cute though, they're very direct, because they don't know how to beat around the bush anyway.

Goals Are There:
Not to pressurize you to achieve and losing your sight off everything else.
They are there, for you to improve yourself, your standard of living, while maintaining your current life, your ripple that is affected by everything you do.
Family, friends, colleagues, girlfriend.
What truly matters, is being content, happy, satisfied, confident, and meaningful of life.

Welcome to the world of Keong.
If you fall into pressure by the people around you, you are part of what's affected by the ripple of that person.
And it's a matter of whether you continue letting the ripple change your way of life, or staying strong with your own way of life.
Naruto's quote of "My way of the ninja" technically also should apply to people's "My way of living"
To live the way you want it to be, or to live the way the world wants it to be.
You decide.

~KeongSterZ~ All these might just change, you never know.~

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Thursday, August 07, 2008


A few weeks ago, I came across this man.
A man who I had no background with, all I knew was, he was an insurance agent.
And that he's related to a person that I've trusted with my life.
We hit it off fairly quickly with the "You can drop the formalities" issues.
And his life, reflected my own, in a similar yet not so similar fashion.
He was a man without much to worry about.
The chinese saying "Bu Chou Chi, Bu Chou Chuan."
For the cheena idiots "Don't need to worry bout clothings and food"
Which means don't have to worry about a living.
He was similar to me in that way.
But he was a spendthrift, and a crazy one at that.

I Thought I Was Thrifty:
With my way of spending, I felt I was pretty good already.
Until the day this man came across my mother.
Together with a broken bone, the one line that would carry me to the end of my life.
"You're born with a silver spoon".

I Never Realized:
That all this while, while I was working, sometimes going as much as 2k a month.
And studying, there was a subtle difference between me and everyone else in there.
These people were forced to watch their money closely, maintaining their budget.
I never had worries, sometimes, I'd save, sometimes, I'll just overshot.
And when that happens? My backup plan comes.
Mother, father.
Ultimately, I always had a way out of situations.
Sticky situations? I never probably got into one.
Everything was planned for me, I could waste my life off without a worry.
It's not about flashing a Mercedes or BMW on the road.
It's not about living the luxurious life of a millionaire.
But I was still "Silver Spooned"

The Time Is Not Yet Right:
It seems that I am not yet ready to begin my life of responsibility.
One that I will eventually walk into, and take on the role of my parents.

The Art Of Convincing:
It really astonishes me how buddies like JH and Jacky can keep screaming at me about my future time and again.
But I could never really see myself planning that far, and saving.
I was spoilt, nonetheless.
But that one line that just simply came out of this guy's mouth.
Sent me well on my way to prepare for that road that I will eventually walk on.
I see more reason to live for now.

~KeongSterZ~ Bad things aren't always all bad.

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Comparative Anatomy

In the nature of the world, professionals described the world as such.
"It's a dog eat dog world out there."
Survival in this world requires you to compete with the people around you and to rise above them.
Such is the fate of the business world, the rules of management, the laws of survival.
All which I've read from related books.

Day by day, I seek a peaceful life, one which I will never get involved with the above.
By holding a simple mindset, I naively believed that we'll only run into such cases, in business.
As long as you stay out of that sector, you're fine.

Truth be told, they're everywhere.
Even in my work, it's a competitive nature, with a little fine lining in competition.
I've been relentlessly told to keep improving, to keep rising in terms of value, to survive.
And day by day, I feel this unknown feeling that's engulfing me every minute.
I am a happy man, on the outside.
Deep inside, I am confused, I am trapped within the depths of right and wrong.
The right and wrong that everyone has a different concept about.
No one ever defines the right meaning, not even myself.

I built a concept of passivity to curb this very competitive nature.
I attempted to cultivate a sense of thinking that nobody else would affect me in terms of their capability, talent, etc.
I am, what I am. Whether you're better or lousier than me, I don't care.

Over the years though, I see that it didn't really work.
Instead, it brought about a sense of counter-effect.
That I was wasting my time, and I had become none other than a worthless peasant lagging behind everyone else.

Day by day, I observe my own comparative nature.
As much as I do not like to use that word, and encourage people not to, it happens.
I compare my salary, I compare my free time, I compare my circle of friends, I compare anything, and everything.

I do not understand, I want to live my own life.
A life where I can confidently ignore any idiot telling me I'm being taken advantage of.
A life where I can smile and walk away whenever someone says "You can get better."
A life where I don't need to ask people "Am I doing this right?"

Yet, time and again, I sense this unhappiness driven from other people, the people around me.
It's not what I want, I want to be happy for them, and not unhappy for myself.

~KeongSterZ~ Stand on your own~

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Saturday, July 05, 2008

[Man Phase 2]

Any person you've run into now.
You've entered a world, where variation occurs.

In the world of genetics, to have evolution, you have to have variation.
Variation means differences to life, environment, living conditions, lifestyle, etc.
Everyone will be different in their own way, and in the study of genetics, everyone is their own unique self.

We Hold The Key:
To our own future, there will be people who are attuned to others when their general behaviorial patterns complement each other. It it similarity or differences.
We all will walk our own path, our different road, and our different resolves, but towards the end, our goals are all almost the same.

We Build, We Learn, We Gain, And We Clash:
What I believe in us humans.
First we build our foundation of life, we grow through our different lifestyles, and we learn from the people around us, to be like them, or to not be like them.
Then we learn throughout our entire lives, the concept of right and wrong. We build our own concepts, and we set principles to judge the very behaviors of everything. We set our own personality, and we work towards it.
We gain our experience through our personalities, what we work on towards.
What our experiences pulls us through, we adjust accordingly, and our mindset changes.
And finally. . The Clash.

Our variations at a certain point of time will clash.
We will argue, we will fight, we will disagree.
All for the sake of what we have confidently held on to until now.
And at this point of time, it's where it all begins.

The Wars Of The Times:
It all begins, the wars that will not stop, anywhere, everywhere.
Until every last human on earth bites their tongue and maintains the same goals.
For this entire life, the only times I see humans unifying as a whole for the same common goal, is in the movies.
And it is in these movies, when a greater enemy shows up that threathens our very existence in this world, is when we band together to fight for our survival.
But that's getting out of the point.

The Real Wars Of The Times:
Arguments will almost always happen, in everywhere.
Lawyers exist. Psychologists exist, counsellors exist. Consultants exist.
Why? They're there to change your mindset, to convince you.
When two normal people have a disagreement, they clash.
Normally, both sides will stubbornly stick to their views, and disagree, resulting in another broken link between two people.
Incidentally, this is what happens everywhere, and is the cause of almost every humanly negativity in this world.
social/Political unrest, friendship arguments, family breakups, divorces, love, you name it.


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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Man. [Phase 1]
First known to have evolved from apes, man was formed.
What was taught to us that man's ancestor was similar to any living thing on earth.
Including plants, birds, fish.

General Characteristics:
Personality, character. Where does these come from?
We were first known to inherit some of these from our fathers/mothers.
And after that, it comes down to the way we were brought up, what we were exposed to.
To simplify I call it Environmental Adaptation.
After that, the core value would be Influences And Exposure.
But they're the same, aren't they?
Not entirely.

Environmental Adaptation:
The kind of life you were exposed to.
Rich life, nothing to worry for.
A place where you worry about your life everyday.
Back stabbers, isolation, true friends etc.
These are just examples.

But What Of Them?:
What you looked these examples as.
"I'll never trust anyone ever again."
"Why must it be me?"
"There must be a reason for them to hate me, I need to find that out."
"They're better off not being my friends."
Just minor examples of what people would think in such situations.

And What Do You Do With Those Thoughts?:

You hate people, you push yourself to improve, you ignore, or anything else.
All these would relate to your apparent character/behavior as well as what the people around you tell you to do.

Some things in life that you are very strong about, that you won't easily let people influence you.
Some things that you don't have a very strong will about, you have doubts about, and people will easily step over you.
Example of how I'd always let myself get criticized by people and quietly accept it, because I've always had an inferiority complex.
Example of how people can tell me I'm naive to always help people, but I stay that way because I believe in it, I believe in helping whenever we're still alive.

~KeongSterZ~ It's in our blood.~

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

One Of The Many Meanings Of Life

Have You Figured Out By Now?
That everything in the stages of life that goes on and on.
Gets tougher and tougher?

Why Do We Sometimes Not Feel It?
We're humans, we adapt.
And when we adapt, we're getting used to the toughness.
And gradually, we'll be more and more tough.

Humans Are Evolutionary By Nature:
We endure and adapt to the situation, the circumstances, the atmosphere.
Sometimes it's tough, sometimes we create solutions out of it.
And we continue to try to make life easier.
People in the cold winter wonder how we can live in such a tropical climate.
And we wonder otherwise.
Conditions vary, but they're all equally tough.
It's all about getting used to.

And When It All Gets Too Tough:
We basically only get 2 choices.
Endure it or die.
Or the third, make it easier to endure.

~KeongSterZ~ The Basis Of Life~

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

How Long Can You Push?
While dramas are just purely dramatic to their extremity,
Movies are just plain cartoonic with fiction included,
and games are nothing but a purpose for entertainment.
It has been a fact, that these things, has their advantages to it, if you can see it.

Masters Of The World:
Are people who push on with their ideals, their goals, their dreams, their aspirations.
There has been no doubt of countless people in this world, who are masters in their own line.
What they aim to be. It need not be a job, it need not be a profession.
It can be a dream. It can be a wish. So long as you work for it.

Hope, Is Always The First Component:
To the beginning of a quest.
You gotta hope, get that chance going, before you even begin.
The stronger ones, forge out their own hope.
Hopeless? We've heard this word long enough.
Well, maybe. But I'm confident in this. Time
Even if you die.
Some people carry their dreams on to other people, and let other people follow after their deaths.

And As We Go On:
Next up is always to work for it.
You can't fulfill anything by just dreaming and sleeping at home. Everyone knows that.
Even luck will push you up for only a short period of time for a short while.

And The Most Important Of All:
Is to keep the faith. Endure
Keep working. Keep trying.
The whole load of what ifs pop up right here.
Especially in the business world.
Another word you'll be surprised works here. Stubborn

Keeping The Faith:
Was never an easy job.
Considering the fluctuations an average person gets, it's easy to lose any form of hope when one is at his/her lowest.

The Most Effective Form Of Method:
I've observed so far, is friends.
Fluctuational periods occur at different times between friends.
The goals of these friends, is to work hand in hand with you.
In relation to moods, those up there will work to carry those down up with them.
And when this relational understanding becomes more and more frequent.
You'll pretty much realize, it's much easier to keep going.

What We Aim For: (Important)
For the past months, the people around me all have clear paths, what they want to do.
What's the big issue is when things go wrong.
Didn't exactly go the way you want it to go, or you hoped for, or didn't go well.
The first natural reaction, is to doubt yourself.
Worse still, is when things go wrong and the problem hits you straight into the personal level.
We're talking a direct strike on your personality, character, heart, etc.
It hits straight into your self-esteem, As well as Confidence.
When these 2 falls, it's very hard to climb back up.
And I don't have a direct solution, except to dig back on the past glories.
It's the only things you can think of that makes you proud.
And also what counterattacks the negativity that brings you down.

Listening To The People Around You:
Is a sign that you're low on the 2 values listed above.
What we need to understand, is everyone's experience of the same thing is different.
So is their perception.
Listening to the masses only showed one thing to me.
There is a Majority and a Minority
That's it.

Some People Create Miracles:
And they die proud.
They are masters.
Of what, you ask.
Masters of endurance, they have pushed on, and more importantly, succeeded.

And For My Fair Share:
Sometimes the smartest people in this line I know of, overlook some things.
The dumbest people in my life, do things that are so goddamn simple yet crucial.
The most immature ones.
And the most screwed up ones.
Each and every one of them has a value embedded into their personalities that are positive.
And when you merge them together.
You get, the me I'm trying for.
The very master I'm aiming for.
Master of people.


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Maybe It Ain't So Bad
Being A Loser Afterall.

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