Monday, November 01, 2004

Ages since i did this.

Well all i can say is, everything will come to an end one day, and i suppose my research on understanding people will draw to an end too, so whatever i'm typing here probably will be hell long.
Do remember that the purpose of this blog is to let people know the many thoughts of life about understanding us humans, and of course, to let me read back too so that i'd never forget what i want to remember and keep in my mind forever.

Well i don't know where to start but we can start talking about the person u like or hate the most. Simple reason, why do you hate him?
I'm sure you all should have heard of this sentence somewhere out there
"You laugh at me because I'm different, I laugh at you all because you're all the same."

Concept's there, meaning's there. Humans can get together, and they can very well refuse to get together at the same time. Put me for example, I'm racist, and I have my reasons. What reasons first?
Well, basically i might put it that the Malays i run into are just kinda stupid punks who make noise in public places like they owned the damn world. Think of it in their mindset, they might look upon us that we are stupid quiet people who just don't know what's the meaning of "happening" or whatsoever.

I highly doubt there are any brainless people in this world, only people with brains who don't utlize them well, but who are we to decide whether their brain is fully maximized?

We have differences, and these differences make such a huge difference until conflicts can happen. It is up to humans to decide whether they wanna talk it over, or refuse all contact and despise each other. Everyone has seen racial discrimination problems all over the world. Whatever with skin color, or americans thinking they're so damn great, so damn well mannered etc. compared with outsiders. People look down to singaporeans cause we're in a country where there's no natural disaster with low crime rate etc. bla bla bla bla, so they think we're spoilt brats and bla bla bla bla.

Look everyone has their damned opinions, we're lucky to have disaster-free-singapore but that doesn't give anyone no shit right to say we're spoilt. Though i didn't contribute, the people still struggled to build it up. Whatever races there are in singapore, we look at each other with a stuck up look because we're not the same, we speak different languages and bla bla bla bla.

Really don't know what i'm moving into, but basically, everyone has a brain, conflicts happen all the time, it's up to the people to decide what they want. There's some limit to it though. I don't read the news, but i did hear Taiwan or whatever country burnt our flag for some reason. That reason i don't know, but that's a good example of extremity in the sense of how bad differences can get. What's stupider is that we're all humans. The Keong you all know of will normally say "We all are stupid, dumb ass people equipped with a human brain." Now i'd tell you this
"That's just evidence that we're human", all the conflicts and sorts? That's the human brain for you.

And in my final research, there's no understanding people, there's only understanding humans. We're actually all the same, but we want to be different from the others so that the spotlight will be on us. And we'd go to all means for that little bit of difference. Some might disagree with me on this one, because they believe in people who are quiet, people who keep to themselves etc.
But have you ever thought of whether these people seriously just isolating themselves in their own world? Nooooo. Everyone needs attention, if there's lack of attention, it breeds loneliness. The only people who refuses attention are those who falls into the "I Laugh at you all because you're all the same" type of people, but ultimately, they'll do stupid things that will grab people's attention anyway. Examples? I'll tell u what, Suicide, kidnapping, bla bla bla.

No one doesn't want attention, believe me on that. Even if people put on a front and say "Cheyyyy, i can be alone all i want", they still want it deep inside. Those who say that are only people who makes themselves feel better by deceiving themselves.
Which idiot goes around saying "I'm a loner....I'm a lonerrr." Yes they're trying to tell people they CAN be alone, but why are they telling people and not just themselves? Simply cause they want attention doh -_-.

One more simple point on my final research lies under people's knowledge.
There always has to be a person or two that needs a little bit of counselling once in awhile due to some problems in their life.
Do be aware that you're only being human to be acting smart in front of people who needs help and you think you can lend a helping hand. A simple concept of what i'm trying to say here may be trying to guide a person to the "right" path.

Let me give a simple example. Keong here never ever studies for his damn exams, not even the day before exams. WHAT'S THE MOST EXPECTED THING THAT'LL COME TO ME?
Yes you got it. . . . Tons of messages with people pissing me off telling me to study and quit playing anymore damned games.
To get off topic, i'm telling you guys i'm very lucky to have many people care for me =p, and yes, i'm not taking it for granted, so STFU.
Back to topic, i'd normally just reply "Lazy, no mood, aiya not much to study, aiya aim for pass can liao lahhh", so what's next i'd get?
"It's just 1 day stupid, study lah, u only got a few hours, after that u can play all u want" BLA BLA BLA BLA BLAH.
Do i care? No, i'd find them irritating, and when their turn comes while my exams end, i say the goddamn same thing to them =p. The word in this case to use is "contradicting", and it's also part of the human lifestyle so it doesn't really matter.

What i'm pushing towards is that we all actually know of all these, uhhhmmm, stuffs? But we kind of just require constant reminding by people to keep them in place. That's why the saying "Practice what you preach" knocks by. Every donkey can act smart and tell people what to do at this crucial period, and they themselves don't do it. We all know it, but we don't always remember it well.
Hell if everyone goddamns remembers them so well, we wouldn't have such screwed up people all over the place with mentally unstable mindsets or nerdy brains etc.
So to everyone out there, I may understand My thoughts, your thoughts, everybody's thoughts, but do know that when the time comes that when i start "Being a Human" and start forgetting something, ending up creating a ruckus out there somewhere. Do drop by a reminder =p.

The only people who can act smart are teachers, cause they teach us stuffs that we don't know of, and we regard them as "BORING SHIT".
When someone pops up and tries to teach us what we should do on our next step, we listen if we like/trust them or whatever, and we look at them as "Try to act smart" if we dun like them. simple basic concept on our brainssss.

Too long already, aiya. . . . next time see what else i can cock aboutz, i wonder who will read this super long text anyway, enjoy.

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