Monday, January 19, 2009

What Comes Around, Goes Around?
The question that the whole world's been questioning time and again.
People live through the course of their life and begin defining life the way they see it.
Some believe that if you do bad things in life, it will come back to you.
Some don't, and believe that the world is just what it is.

If you ask me, it's just another delusional factor of people who has given up on this world.
People who live only for themselves, people who has, very likely, been disappointed by the world time and again.
And no doubt, many people in this world fall into that category.
Where it's a dog eat dog world out there, and to survive, is to fight with others.

Now the question lies with a person's meaning of success or achievement.
I once koped a piece of paper off CENT club's room that says this:
"Success is not defined by obtaining everything you want, but by appreciating everything you have."
Now as with the saying, obtaining what you want is already as difficult as it is, getting a good pay, promotion, having a good life in future, but have you ever thought that maintaining's even tougher?
The more things I get, the tougher it seems to manage my life around.

And in all honesty, I've been looking at other degrees that are available for study.
Things like psychology, sports science. Now I'm looking at Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety.
The question really comes, such courses don't exist in the past, why do they now?
Without a doubt, life will always change, and with improvements, comes new problems that we'll try to resolve.
With increasing efficiency in transport, the lifestyle of people has greatly improved, people become lazier than normal and obesity rate goes up.
To counter that, they tap on awareness, and bring the degree, sports science, to train more people to bring promote this awareness.
What of Environmental health?
Needless to say, pollution has gone about the whole world, deforestation and more environmental deprovements.
And well, I guess the scientists are there to reduce the pollution rate.
But note it's just reduce, not really counter it, because the efficiency levels of transport outweighs the pollution levels.
So what comes around goes around? I believe so.

Staying stagnant is not really an option, but moving too quickly is a problem too.
On a daily basis, people will continually improve, beyond my will, I've been studying, from poly, to degree.
I took on something of interest, but I'm not putting effort into it.
I'm still working as my admin officer, but I'm now more on a PR man.
And being the PR kind, I've talked to many parents now.
Their problems are kinda similar to each other, and is really not much to be "advised" upon by a soon-to-be-24-year-old such as me.
And these, are businessmen, businesswomen, people who has succeeded career wise, but all have seem to see themselves as failure, family wise.
I don't even need to emphasize, you'll know what's going on.
And best yet, I'm on both sides of the world.
I teach the kids, so they talk to me.
I talk to the parents and chit chat with them.
Once again, I'm the one who's heard 2 sides of a story.
Kids are cute though, they're very direct, because they don't know how to beat around the bush anyway.

Goals Are There:
Not to pressurize you to achieve and losing your sight off everything else.
They are there, for you to improve yourself, your standard of living, while maintaining your current life, your ripple that is affected by everything you do.
Family, friends, colleagues, girlfriend.
What truly matters, is being content, happy, satisfied, confident, and meaningful of life.

Welcome to the world of Keong.
If you fall into pressure by the people around you, you are part of what's affected by the ripple of that person.
And it's a matter of whether you continue letting the ripple change your way of life, or staying strong with your own way of life.
Naruto's quote of "My way of the ninja" technically also should apply to people's "My way of living"
To live the way you want it to be, or to live the way the world wants it to be.
You decide.

~KeongSterZ~ All these might just change, you never know.~

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