Saturday, December 30, 2006

Date: 30Th December 2006
Time: 1812 Hrs
Situation: No Dinner, No Kaki, Staying At Home Waiting For Supper~

Always had to find a very nice timing to actually start another preaching session, and it seems now is the time, kinda completed need for speed carbon and kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts 2? Fucking 2nd DVD also fucking spoil, only gave me an additional 1.5minutes of extra gameplay and 2.5 minutes of storyline movement. That is So Gay.
Did I mention that I totally recommend kingdom Hearts? I mean, Okay it's childish and stupid and longwinded, but whoever actually created that storyline, I salute him with all the respect I can muster.

Prelude: Kingdom hearts
A Universe with many worlds, these worlds lived their lives individually, not knowing of the existence of the other worlds. The various worlds span worlds of disney's old productions, Wonderland(Alice In Wonderland) , Olympic colesium(Hercules) , Deep Jungle(Tarzan), Atlantica (Ariel), Agrabah (Alladin) etc. And of course, The destiny Islands, where spawns the main character of the story.
The story of kingdom hearts, In all the worlds exists 7 princesses of heart, where within contains pure light and no scent of darkness, when these 7 hearts get together, they are the key to unlock the path of all life, kingdom hearts.(Just for spoiler, the 7 hearts are Alice, Belle(Beauty N the beast), Princess Jasmine(Alladin), Snow white (N the 7 Dawgs, Uh Dwarves), What are the other 2? And Kairi (You'll know who)
The Darkness, beings formed within the darkness of people's hearts, darkness exists in every person's heart, and when overwhelmed, the darkness consumes the soul and turns into a darkness. Darkness are attracted to hearts of people, and even the hearts of worlds. Several worlds have already been consumed by the darkness at the start of the storyline eg. (Simba's The Pride Lands)
The Goody Good kingdom of the storyline, King mickey and his castle along with his loyal servants Goofy N Donald (Both of these clowns will be your companions for 95% of the game). King mickey saw an increasing decrement of the stars in the sky (Basically saying that every star represents a world) and saw the impending disaster befalling the universe. He left in search of the cause and learnt about the darkness. He also learnt about one special person, a chosen one, who holds the key, and is the key to sealing the universe of the darkness, and tasked Donald N Goofy to find the Key.
The main character of the story, A Guy named Sora, living in a place called Destiny islands, with 2 of his friends, Rikku, and Kairi (Of course they made her fucking cute, goddammit, too bad she's fictional). Sora was just any other kid, and was having his casual fun along with his 2 buddies. Riku was obsessed with trying to travel to other worlds (If they existed) and was bent on exploring unexplored areas. When the darkness consumed the world, Riku saw the darkness as a chance to allow him to see new things, and let darkness consume his heart. Sora, on the other hand, incidentally found himself to be the chosen one and wielder of the keyblade, they keyblade master.
Sora's world got consumed and he woke up in a whole new different world, and went in search for his 2 friends when he ran into Goofy N Donald, who apparently found The Keyholder (Sora) and taught him the ability and power of the keyblade.
The keyblade, every world exists a keyhole, within this hole lies the heart of that world. If the darkness finds the hole and overwhelms it, the whole world dissapears and gets consumed by the darkness. Anyone can search for the keyhole, but only the keyblade will be able to seal the keyhole and prevent the darkness from consuming it.

The Story: Sora, being the main character, has to be the niceguy. Within this game the scenes shown actually displays actual life, about mankind. Being selfish, The importance of friendship, and miscommunication along with betrayal.
Basically what I feel is damn cool about this game is cause it uses all the childhood fairy tales and implements them into the storyline, adding an additional character (Sora) into the fray. Well it also contains characters from final fantasy 7 8, 9 and 10 but i guess not many people will know those better than the fairytale characters, and considering the game standards these days, where violence and bloodshed is probably a standard, this one can boast superiority with kids. Zero violence, many disney characters, and nice cutscenes, really extremely suitable for kids. At the same time while playing it, it can also teach them about life.

~Everyone Knows That Life Is Not A Bed Of Roses, But I Suppose Everyone Still Wants It That Way, I see One Down-To-Earth Person In Every 10 Peepz In My Friggin Life, How Sad Is That?~

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Date: December 14 2006
Time: 2325 Hrs
Situation: Sunny Outside, Thunderstorm Inside

December 13 2006 7:30am: Keong shows up and parks at his usual lot and walks down towards camp for another boring day at work.
6:00pm: Keong gets off work and goes back to his car, gets into his usual driver's seat, closes the door, and hears something drop behind. He turns around, he sees both signboards missing and a little extra, he was looking through the outside.
6:00pm and 2seconds: Keong goes to observe the back of his car and realized that his back windscreen was totally shattered, He calls in his brother, uncle, mother and the police.
7:00pm: Uncle and Brother was on scene, police investigation has ended, not much to declare, it was time to drive the car home. Back windscreen was wrapped up, and Keong travelled home, 50km/hr.

December 14 2006 8:00am: Keong wakes up to send the car to repair, goes on the ECP at 60km/hr, what an agony.
10:00am: Arrives at the workshop, normal procedures, and went out to SDC.
6:45pm: Late for car collection, forced to take a taxi, fucking driver in that stupid premier vehicle took his own fucking sweet time AND took a super long way, getting stopped by numerous traffic lights, and got stopped until the taxi fee went up to $14:60. Anger welled up Keong and he decided to slam the stupid driver's car door.
7:00pm: After car collection, A don't really care about the damage Keong was disturbed by the incident, the pain he had to go through, and the precautions he has to take as of now.
NoW: Keong came up with a resolve. He shall no longer drive to camp, and should he find out who that bastard is, he'll, well, do nothing. Just try to dig up evidence to send him to hell.

KeongTarDoz~ Got Enough Fucking Problems Already, Don't Need Anymore Dawgs Messing Up My Life~

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Monday, December 11, 2006

Date: December 11th 2006
Time: 2353 Hours
Situation: No more off days, no more leave days, it's so sad.

Been a month plus since an update, nonetheless, much has happened, only that it's the same similar shit going on. It's what they'd call as a colorless life.

Well anyways, more deep analysis going on, can so see myself casting that card in MTG for it's flashback cost (Pay 3 life =.=), well, yeah think so much until i'd probably burn my brain cells dry one day.

First things first, I've realized one thing. I don't hate my family, I don't hate my relatives, I don't hate anyone in my family circle. I just hate what they ask, they're so similar, they're so predictable, they're so irritating.
I can so see them going "So army how? Xiong anot?","Got girlfriend already anot","So how? Finish army do what? Work or Study?",(If Work)"Work as What leh?",(If Study)"Study where ah? Overseas?"
Damn, pain to the ear, pain in the ass, my brain's hurtin. Save me the nonsense, i need a fricking answering machine for these fellars since they all ask the same frickin questions.

My mum's birthday just passed by 2 days ago (Now it's 0003hrs, So it's 2 days). She was very happy that so many people celebrated for her. And i told her "Cause you so nice to people, they like u, they remember u what", and then i thought again "Yeah, cause you give them money and you give them good benefits", well and that's thinking from a realistic point of view, but then again, not everyone's like that, so hell.
So she's 49 now, brings me to wonder deeply about my own life, when i grow up to become Sjai's age, then my mum's age, dad's age, and then an old man, and then just vanish. Damn I hate that feeling, but I know it has to pass, and my greatest hurdle is facing me right now.

My future, ORDing in 2 months, and the biggest question, "DO WHAT!!!!" Study? Or Work? No amount of research can answer that for me, and this road I take, will decide much of my future path for the rest of my life. I always thought that I could brainlessly just get a simple job, do simple stuffs and have a simple life, like signing on and sorts, but looking at the teacher's job ahead of me brought me to realize that things ain't as simple as it looks.
Life Of Keong, Doesn't like to think, but forces himself to think. Doesn't like to make decisions, but knows he fricking has to. And now, it's right ahead of him. Well about time, I think i've been escaping decision making long enough. And knowing Keong's infamous Do first Regret later Theory, making the "Right" choice wouldn't exactly be "right" in a theoretical form of context.

Resolve: I really have no resolve. Many people out there are helping me make a decision, but it's really not getting anywhere. Something that can get me somewhere. It's no longer about my simple job, simple life, It's about what I'll be happy with. And my simplest answer is "Go be a chauffeur". Of course that wouldn't quite work out for a 2 year hit an average of 3 times driver.

Btw too, I'm pretty happy that I told my mum I needed to experience the outside world, and took up the H.I.G.H thing. Just showed me more ugly situations of reality. Well my pay got deducted, wahaha, for valid reasons at least, this time. Well i always end up having deficits, so fuck it, i kinda deserved it, then again, I always kena the super crowded work hours, small wonder. So what the hell.
Most recently I also kena some major finger cut, well not to talk about getting paid for medical fees but end up getting pay deducted kinda dissed me out pretty badly as well, but I guess I shall hold. Parents sometimes say I always very easy kena makan but that's how I find my true friends, I suppose I'll stick to that.

Well, guess that's all I can probably say for now, it's truly not a sad day, it's just an antagonizing day, asking myself the same questions everyday. DO WHAT!? DO WHAT!? DO WHAT!?!?!?!?

~KeongTarDoZ~ *Sigh* My greatest Obstacle, but not putting my heart into it

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