Monday, October 31, 2005

Sleeping off 8pm in the evening, which was unexpectedly early, what was more unexpected was i wokeup out of nowhere at 4am. So just get up n play SG lor, boring shit, yes, but what the hell, got nothing better to do.

So i thought back on the entire day, simply because, i had nothing on. Well, I did agree to play tennis with chris, was on the verge of saying no anyway, cause my back had some side effects even 2hrs before our scheduled timing, and well, sjai did ask me out for a movie, but hell, open my wallet n told myself "Fuck that, I'm broke once again."
Shut off the phone and wondered why i was broke, i kinda had $150 before the camp. Then i realized, even though they paid me for what i bought for them, i actually gave full sponsorship to the alcohol, my main drawback. That alone took 50 out of my wallet. Additional titbits i bought was another $10 and $40 lent out to mikey and some other misc stuff, by the time i got out of camp, i was left with $30.
And for the first time, I actually didn't care about the money, cause it was priceless. What the team experienced, and what I EXPERIENCED with the damn alcohol . . . Heh, could never see much of it around anywhere else. Furthermore i ain't about to forget that cheers we did in there to finish it off anyway.

So i spent the rest of the day, NUAING, at home, watching anime, playing SG, and for once, was getting bored. Then i wondered to myself, why the hell am i so lonely, wahahahaha. Man it's either i miss signal store too much, or i just have too much time yet no $$$ up my ass. That's why i say Nat and my thoughts don't click. That guy wants to downgrade to join Bryne n Me so that he can bookout everyday and go home and DOTA while i wish i had a vocation like him so I don't have to go home, 3 meals a day supplied in army, and dun have time to spend the fucking money. HE EARNS $820 DAMMIT!!! I just need to save $500 a month, i can go and buy a fucking LCD TV already!!!
Well not that having no time up your ass is good, but at least it keeps my mind away from drifting off, like right now, wondering why i'm such a loner.

I don't know, but go figures, the world didn't reject me, i rejected them =.=
My circle of friends?
SG guys still remember me, don't hang around with them but cock with them, it's only obvious we don't meet much now.
RO guys? Meeting up this sat, not say we can meet that often, they're not much to talk about too, but a pretty nice bunch to hang around with, considering we even have an OCS boi within the gang =.=
Sec skewlmates? No i don't click with them. They find me xialan while i find them cocky n stupid. The ones i click with are all busy with girlfriends though (Goes to show i choose my buddies well, they're all highly sought after =X)
Poly mates? Well year 1 batch met up with bitch n meiz a week back, separately, since LRI's over, it's time to pull old strings. The rest? Nah, don't click as well.
Year 2-3? Well, all army n all, study, work, need i say more.
Drinkmates? Well JH, Jacky n all, just that. . . . We've drifted duh. Well i don't call them, sooo It's me lah =.= And An Kian, got time also dunno y lazy to walk to blk 85, something's just too wrong with me =p.
Arcade buds? U know, I just realized that there ain't any arcade bud for me to call, apart from Nat who's too obsessed with Dota, I just don't play dota no more.
Speaking of Dota gang, nah we fell out with each other for 6 months now. Irritating bunch. But as to whose fault it is, i don't really know, considering i fell out with half the world (my brother as well), I'm not in any state to declare everyone else being unreasonable now.
Tennis team? Probably the only gang i keep up with, but jeeezzz, i just noticed. I'm going back is one thing, the team changes is another. My age goes up, the team's players don't =.= They maintain between 17-19. Probably ain't gonna click sooner or later.

So what can I say? I'm the one at fault, isn't it? I mean, I don't mind hanging out and all, but jeez, it's always the damn money. And to say, money ain't really an issue, because i just need to open my mouth and ask parents for money, they'll just fucking give em to me (Which is also why i really don't want any money from them). It's simlar to army, get too much of a holiday mood and you're sure to suffer.
Maybe it time to really do a Russel Peter's "Let Me Finance Your Plan For You~" and find a JOB!!! YES FUCKING HELL!! A JOB!!

And No, This should be the last time i'm gonna blog. It's just demoralizing to see myself actually making use of these stuffs to keep my lonely self occupied. I'm 20 dammit. . . I'm army trained out-of-course-good-for-nothing-but-being-opstronic-ic personnel. Wish they had a self-voluntary course where they throw you into some country to fend for yourself, and i should just fight for survival there, or die trying. That'd be kinda exciting, hope they give me a rifle too, then i can start shooting some wild animals for food or something.

Keongsterz~ Am I Lonely? Nah I just Think I am. . . I go out pretty often ya know =.=~

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Sunday, October 30, 2005

It's been the third week since i've stopped some major tennis. . . .Figured tomorrow will be the first day i go back to "Let's KICK ASS" mode and whoop the bloody green bouncy things.

Pretty boring stuffs these days. . . Not been doing anything worth talking about apart from the usual animes and SGing, and damn, SG pisses me off. I reach level 50, xp go down to 80%. I reach lvl 51. Fuckers drop to 70% now. . .Getting harder n harder to level knn. Think it's time to start paying some cash and kickass in SG as well.

Nothing much has changed too, apparently. Feels like a holiday now that LRI is over, nothing major to look forward to for the entire year, only problem is why we got no long term holiday. Wish i could just ask for a 2 week MC or something. . . Gotta have dengue or something like that for such a long term sia. . .so let's touch the wood and pretend i said nuthin.

So plans for this year? None =.= Probably only looking forward to the australian ladies to return while they can tell me their stories, but then again, they're not so fun since they don't drink alcohol anyway. What am i saying, just drink teh tarik also can =X. It'll be real stupid if these girls come back to singapore and play mahjong every single day =.=

Met up with bitch yesterday after like. . . 2-3 long years. She finally had the time~ Hell she didn't recognize me cause i had such short hair, and same shit ever again "You look much better with short hair" No I don't dammit~ Anyway, glad to see she's getting prettier, watching her complexion this time, unlike the poly days. . . oh damn. Old impression was shit =X. I still felt she'd be better with her old dress sense anyway, chao ah lian, unique mar =.= Practically no one does it anymore =p.

Wanna find one day bomb back to the west, just somehow not happy with the east or whatsoever. Think i'm just addicted to Raffles Marina. I say why not =.= The cool environment, the quiet n peaceful surroundings, and the wonderful view. And more importantly, far, far away from my parents. . . . Jeeez. Seriously man, I need more time off from their nagging. Can't grumble anyway, since they're the ones supplying my everyday life. .Not that they'd let me do so many things. Jeez, if there's any reason that makes me wanna go overseas, it's to avoid them and their nagging.
Don't you realize it's not that we teenagers don't want to tell our parents anything? But cause they just think they're older, more experienced, and thus want to control our lives to every single extent.

Teh-Ni~ Teh-Ni~~~ Let's Party!~

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

3 day tennis camp has passed. There were great memories created from it as well as bad ones, but it was a good experience overall. Raffles marina? Pretty cool place in terms of atmosphere, surroundings and the environment.

Not much really happened in there, same stuffs and all, but at least there weren't much boredom in the team, except in myself, since i'm Internally injured and all, can't play much tennis, only stand there feed ball feed until hand bleed.
I had to be the extra to take the car, I just don't feel like being vehicle-less while we're in a faraway land that was nearly isolated (FYI Raffles marina is located right next to tuas checkpoint, so that should give you an idea how isolated we are). Just imagine even driving the car out to the nearest shopping district (Boon lay MRT station) took a shitting 20minutes on the AYE zZzZz.
So everyone took the damn bus while i took the car, got trapped in traffic jam, can't say it's a bad thing, i learnt how to get out of traffic jams pretty quickly. LEVEL UP ah! Got over there, started the feeding, same shit, but most of the day was ruined by rain.

The team did a buncha cute bunch of shitty stuffs like aerobics and watching movies late at night, and having Keong around, there just had to have alcohol around. Which was actually pretty much the biggest screwup in the entire camp. Not to say i brought alcohol, but the guys wanted some, so we went to buy anyways. And geez, biggest regret. Like how many of them actually held their alcohol. Of the many guys that drank, i'd safely assume that only 2 were like on a normal condition, none were drunk, but all were high and spending half their time concentrating on controlling their currently "unstable" condition. I mean, i know how they feel, but, we just drank like 3 cups the most =.= It wasn't strong too anyway . . . So I think this is the last time i'd introduce alcohol to them.
Not to mention i was on the verge of getting fucked pretty badly by coach since they created quite a ruckus in their high condition, but i was pretty sure that even if they didn't drink they'd still get complained at anyway, just that it was definetely so that the alcohol contributed to them being more "loose" and "uncontrolling".
Somehow i was pretty glad i actually had situations of being drunk and the feeling of a hangover. Like trying to recall how JH helped me out with puking when i was in a pretty bad state (REcalll~~~ the 3 hour lieout outside zen =X). I was trying to actually do the same to what they did to me to one dead drunk fellow =.= Life was hard, cause i couldn't really remember what JH did to me. I could recall 3 things though, they stuffed me with hot water, cold water, and orange juice, not sorted out in order, but the key was to just gulp it down anyway before i went into becoming merlion.

Camp kinda made me feel like i wanted to try out new combinations too. Tried mountain dew with bacardi superior, omg, tasted like shit =p. I should mess around at home while i have the time, considering i have much up my sleeve.

That's all i suppose, or maybe the bowling was actually cool as well =X. Fricking funny for a buncha tennis players to play bowling.

Got my "Camp" tomorrow, which is, duh. . . army camp ~_~. Ahha. . . work work work, better dun drift too much into holiday mood or i'll suffer in NS.

Keong~ Like i fucking said, what's wrong with just Accepting people's help, I don't need a reason to help someone out, do I?

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Monday, October 24, 2005

What will come, will come. What is meant to be, will be. That was what i felt when i took the bloody x-ray for the back, and even though i kept telling myself that, i was still praying hard it was nothing serious that required an operation =p. Thank god it didn't anyway =XXXX

But how hard is it to maintain friendship? Actually, not very hard. I've looked at my own circle of friends. It's true i don't hang around with most of them now. And the people i stick around with most would probably be the tennis gang. Several reasons why would include that we still keep in contact, we play tennis together, and we share similar interests and discussions and all, and we enjoy each other's company =D.
Is that really the case? I'm not sure. But it doesn't really matter, why? What will come will come =p, what is meant to be, will be!!!! =X

My friends are always out there, I just don't call them, that's why we don't hang around. My friends are people who knows me, talks to me, goes out with me n all. They don't hate me, they just probably don't like some part of me, and they have their circle of friends to deal with as well. Not very hard to comprehend, is that?
Now when people say i'm antisocial, am i really one? Some would say no since i go out often, but i go out with who? The same old people all day~~ all night~~, is that socializing? =P
When my relative told me i was antisocial, i did ask myself, and i kinda agreed. I'm not antisocial cause i refuse to talk to people. I talk to anyone n everyone, and if the need comes, i'll talk to strangers. I just prefer being alone.
Even now when i think about myself, I stay at home "alone" and play games, but there's a reason why i play multiplayer games, playing alone ain't fun. And i still have my fair share of friends online and in games.
Okay i enjoy driving the car out myself and blasting the music out sky-high, i enjoy staying at home watching my darn anime rather than go outside. Why? It's the dam fucking $$$. EVerytime i step out = spend spend spend!!! If army paid me a lil more i wouldn't mind going out more often.

What i figured i probably disliked was being out of the picture. Like somehow a gang just talk talk talk and i got nothing to talk about, i'd feel left out and i'd just wonder if i should have just stayed at home and played SG, could have gotten a few extra levels rather than disgrace myself here not having anything to talk about. which is probably why i chose the fact to stay at home more (Avoiding)? Well that's an understatement, but who knows if that's really the truth, I'm finding that out for myself.

Keong~ My Life resolves around anime~ It's a world of fantasy where the characters are not real, but remember, the feelings and the situations are similar to that of the real world~

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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Haiii~~ Keong Reporting on a saturday evening cause something stupid's gonna happen 1 hour from now.

A whole load of stuffs have passed. Best thing is LRI is over, the last of my worries have ended. Even after clearing my 3 off(gained from stocktake) for the camp, i've got 8 days leave balance and 4 additional days off (From LRI) to settle with, so it's a total of 12. Seems alot cause i dunno when to clear, seems little cause what the hell, back in skewl days you have 4-6 whole weeks of rest =.=

Stuff that goes on, I'm now proclaimed as the Opstronic IC, taking charge of most stuffs. I just found myself being damn frank with myself when master asked me "So how ah keong? Still wanna post out?" I just told her flat "For what? My Cock IC's already gone, I've long waited for this day to come." Followed by an entire argument held between the whole store. These are times when i actually thought i know them so well, but i actually don't.

My back still hurts, and it sure doesn't feel good rotting at home all day, even though i have SG and all to keep me there, but playing alone ain't really the most fun thing in the world. And somehow i feel damn desperate right now. The feeling of being stuck at a very exciting part in a damn anime just gets me nowhere. Not one, but two =.= SHIT. Hurry up n sub the next fucking episodes dammit.

Anyway with all the random anime-seeking i've done for the past few days, here's my recommendation for a few standards (Which i'd think are really damn good, but it all depends on what you prefer anyway)
First things first i'd definetely recommend Erementar Gerad, with their storyline and all being damn touching, only probable stupid thing in that anime is the fighting's super boring and common, but which anime doesn't repeat the same shit when it comes to fights anyway.
Second would be Mahou sensei negima, It would be the kinda anime for a bloody pedophile, but it's really cool if you ask me.
FYI these 2 are the damn anime that's keeping me waiting as well . . . . . super exciting moments. . . bloody hell.

Any takers? Play SG with me? =.= Dang . . . I'm dying. Taking tennis outta my life for a month ain't fun to talk about =.=

Today i was really doing stupid things, looking into my handphone and wondering who i should call out to makan dinner with me, just to avoid the dinner afterwards =.= I mean, why the hell am i going for dinner with my brother and his new girlfriend? It's not about not wanting to see his face and all, it's about "Jeez, it'll be the most boring dinner in my entire life" considering i wouldn't even wanna talk to my brother =.=
Well, bad enough, i didn't really have anyone to call, so i just decided to fuck it and go on with the dinner. Wonder how my old friends doing anyway. Getting drunk n all with jh n gang, suppering with ankian at 85, and even walking arnd east coast with my year 1 group.
Putting Sjai n the tennis team as the group i hang arnd with the most, they don't really suit my type of walking around the beach n talking cock, so i'd just rule them out for such boring stuffs, I can do it myself anyway. . . . But drinking alone? I used to do that, not until i had the car keys just next to me.
So posessing the car means more convenience, which means you can get to more places in s'pore, with the price of paying more, but what inconveniences does it do? Can't drink~ gotta find parking~ siannnzzzzzz. I don't feel good.


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Monday, October 17, 2005

It's been a month since that sai kang incident, my back's been hurting up till now. Not to really curse myself, but i wonder if i'll really recover at all. Seems like the pain just keeps spreading all the way down. It's just getting harder and harder to hide the fact that i'm tolerating the pain. Now considering that i even feel the pain walking, i don't know if i'll probably be immobile real soon.

Anyway, today's LRI results? More demerits =p. Major screwups, I think this time we're in deeeeeep shit. Who cares anyway. I did all i could, that's all i needed to know. Hope master doesn't die though =X.

Once LRI Is over, wooha. . . . . . Clear off take a long break . . Sibei sian of army for quite awhile right now. . . Where's my holiday zZzZz. I need a life, a really big one, go catch up with some of my old friends and all. Wonder how those buggers doing. I'm doing pretty fine with Bryne except for the fact that he's a little too daring anywhere he shows up at.

I'm gonna spend this entire week recuperating, quit tennis for awhile. I hope this works, otherwise i'll just remain a cripple forever =p. So damn inconvenient it'll be, but i guess i could still rot at home and watch my anime n stuffs n play my SG =X.

Keong ~ Clueless, what's happening to my body =.= Am i really getting too old?

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

LRI has begun, and for the first day, I think we already got hit with 3 demerits, but what the hell, it's common logic since we have too much stores up our ass.

What's suprising was OC was actually acting the niceguy and begging us to come back on saturdays/sundays to tie loose ends and clean up some uncleaned mess to prevent them from any further penalization. He said he'd be down on both days too. Both days showed that he didn't show up though.

I showed up today, was pretty stupid n weird. Left home 11+ go to camp, buggers ask me go buy macdonalds for them. Bopian go the tampines mart one since got HDB parking near there rather than interchange. Thank god i chose the right place, rained pretty heavily =.=

Got to camp, basket. Master's 2 children also in there =.= then we go store and start work, with the exception of having 2 kids wreaking havoc. . . . . Just picture the situation of a working environment where people just sit at their desks working on their nonsense and you have 2 kids running all over the place making loads of noise and sorts. Not to say it was irritating, but it sure lightened the "burden" around us. Was really so cool until i even wonder why we showed up today. Sit down there tok cock n play with the kids nia.

OC? Dunno should help him anot. When he was having a discussion with us, he kept talking like he's gonna lose his job soon and bla bla bla, machiam hinting to us to do something about it real soon. I sure fell for it, kinda pitied him. While the more laojiaos actually reminded us what he did to us when he didn't require us, torture us, make us suffer n all. So this marks the first time i actually know what a wolf in sheep's skin means. Better yet, I fell for it =p.

Oh and to whoever posted that "Action speaks louder than words thingy." I did start quite awhile ago, just that. . . . Humji la, wanna zhua can zhua, just when get too close if he still dun give up i'll giveup first =p. Bopian, not my car =.= Dowan tio gan againz. Father's getting a little too dominating these days. Maybe i should just avoid the steering.

And u know, I'm really beginning to hate the words "geh gao" these days. Somehow it might just be a normal line, but to me it's damn irritating. Always gets into my inner feelings and gets into my nerves. It's just some line any jackass can use to just make others do what he wants some other people to do. U know, that feeling. Is it really that important? You refuse to do one thing = geh gao? I dun really understand what it means, but simi, means selfish or something right? It's either selfish or calculative, whatever. Can't remember. Maybe I'm one, but who knows, only my friends can tell. I just don't like that line, considering it's used all over the place in my camp. And it never brings good endings. Sheesh.

~Keong~ Always Forgives, But Never Forgets, Which is also why I'll never trust anyone. . .

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Friday, October 14, 2005

Today marks the day I declare open war on half the world, what do I mean? It means becoming one of the world's biggest jackass on the road.

I may be handling a fucking Kia Carens, I may be driving a reasonably large vehicle compared with the fucking small shits, I may just be Mr niceguy, but that ain't gonna happen anymore. Yesterday was the last day of Mr niceguy and today marks the day of "fuck you all dimwits on the road."

Being a driver has shown me several things. S'poreans? They're inhuman, it's no wonder we get accidents all the while. I don't touch the horn, so they abuse me, they chiong straight into my lane and i lanlan jam brake they act cute and continue their own trip. Fucking hell even SLOW DOWN when they're ahead of me, PCB! I used to tell myself not to exceed rpm 3000 to save petrol, that has long changed. I hit 5000 today zZzZz.

My biggest enemy? Motorbikes, why? Go ask them why, 90% of them are dimwits, really dumb ones. They think they're small so they squeeze through every car, and they hog the road like nobody's business, overtake me and then slow down again. Nabei cheebye. Sometimes really got the fucking temptation to just slam the accelerator, but it ain't worth the time, the money and the effort for that jackass.
2nd Biggest enemy? Cyclists, u know why? I don't understand why they ride bikes. I mean, ok bicycles are convenient, but do you know they actually piss every person in this world off? Put it this way, pavements are for pedestrians, roads are for vehicles. And for bicycles? U don't tell me both? I walk on the pavement, they ring the fucking bell at you for blocking them. I drive on the road, they fucking hang around the left lane and just drift off happily, forcing the car behind to slow down at times as well. WTF. Some cyclists even power, think they cycle like a motorbike, follow car go turn right at traffic junction.
Just cause we cars are always at fault for banging pedestrians and all down doesn't mean we're good to bully dammit. One of these days i'll make sure I overtake the last of you dimwits and make sure you don't ever have a chance to squeeze through me. I don't need to bang you down to satisfy myself. I'll just play the jackass. You think you're a jackass? I'll show you who's a bigger jackass.

Sibei bo ko leng ah, i play niceguy on the road, everyone abuse me, no one appreciate, and bully me. Kanina I really that good to take advantage of izzit. Dun use horn also crime ah cheebye. Play road bully u all also kpkb say s'poreans these days so inconsiderate, talk about yourself first lah hor.

We the drivers of singapore, pledge ourselves to being selfish bastards. Regardless of pro, L-platers or Probation platers, so as to achieve, idiocism, bulliness, and irritation for our nation.
(So sad, yet so true)


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Monday, October 10, 2005

Today went on as a normal usual day, until the minute i was in doubt of myself and began another session of self-questioning.

Even while at work, while i was stocktaking and all, i was always dreaming of one thing, one stupid thing which no one would ever want to imagine. It was the most recent anime i watched. No doubt, i kinda became obsessed to it. Then i asked myself "Keong, is it okay that way?"

Initially I didn't understand when people said i looked like a no-lifer who actually stay up 24/7 to watch porn, I was like "No way man, i don't watch no goddamn porn, how can i look that way?" Now it actually makes sense. I don't need to watch porn, I have my OTHER obsession that keeps me up 24/7, and duh, anime of course.

Only later on when i got pretty irritated with myself dreaming of the same thing over and over again, it became clear that I was getting real close to entering my own fantasy world. Obviously that ain't a good thing, and god knows how many people would actually be disgusted to realize that i actually indulge in such things and actually waste so much time fantasizing about em. It ain't a good thing to talk about, and I wondered whether it really should be time i see more of the outside world.

But in fact, I'm seeing more than i normally see initially, much more. So much that my expenditure's still at an all time high and that i can't seem to find a solution to these money problems. So i normally confine myself at home just for the $$ saving scheme, and what do i do at home? Play game lor, watch anime lor, talk cock lor. What else can i do? Window shop? I ain't no girl, not so interested too.

I'm beginning to define myself as dangerous, dangerous to the extent that I might just succumb to my fantasy world and decide to isolate myself along with that computer of mine. Movies of such things happen, and i don't really see good endings. I'm hoping to find a counter-measure, and i'm not willing to give up on my anime either, so things don't look good for me.

~~~Life just gets sadder and sadder when you begin to understand more truths about yourself~

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Sunday, October 09, 2005

LRI torture has started, with me staying in camp late with my IC till 8:30pm, think that's not so bad afterall.

As time passes, I begin to realize that time by time, I get more and more unwilling to step out of home. Not willing to go for coaching, not willing to go for tennis, not willing to go for work. Not willing to go for anything anyway.
And I start realizing, the time i had the greatest feeling, is when i'm left alone at home to blast my music out loud. I can seriously spend the most time at home, anime, music, games and all. Am I turning back into my usual low-life? Or am I actually experiencing life of a working adult? Too tired to care about anything, too tired to bother to do anything?

~ ~ ~ Mysteryyyy~ ~ ~
Ah Keong

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

~~~ on MC 2 days with a suffering backache. Feels great to be out of work for awhile, but guess i better be prepared for maximum work-your-ass-off when i get back considering LRI is just 9 days away.

Just yesterday, army camp taught me one simple thing about myself. And it was what a loser I still was. I had always been dissatisfied with people's work behaviors and all, i mean, the way they work is really damn buey song to my eye. So what do i do? I always grumble about it, I always whine about it. And about my own work style? Well i do work, i put in alot of effort if i want to. Until the past few days when i decided i'm not gonna take anymore shit from my IC, and somehow, expecting it, he actually took MC yesterday as well, so i had to kio more of his sai. So what did i do? Well bo pian have to do, i kept grumbling as usual. Had a backache and all yet i'm still out detailing and carrying heavy loads while that fucker's at home slacking off and he still has loads of mess to clean up which i'd probably assume he's waiting for me to clean up.

Well it was natural for everyone to feel irritated with me, and thank god they actually showed that irritation out. The thing about the whole lot of them, is that even though they show the irritation, they show the concern as well. Well i got the work done, they all just told me to take MC in peace, and they'd takeover the shit while i'm away for a little while. Come to think of it, they are all actually sai-kioing as well, so what am i to grumble? This has made me understand about the article quite awhile back that 70% of girls think that guys are still whiny even though they've gone through army, which was supposed to be a "training to be a real man" And that survey was taken in NTU. Thankfully, i hope i don't sway into that 70%.

So I've got 2 days rest and LRI to suffer from on friday, so i'd better make use of my "rest my back" period so i can start heavyloading again anytime soon.

Anyways, I just watched this anime they call erementar gerad or whatever. The story of a type of human who can react with normal humans and transform into their "private" weapons, u know, uhm, swords attached to their arms? I find it cool cause of their logic and all (as usual), but this time, it talks about something in mankind that people don't notice, that they don't like feeling like they're made use of. The other thing would probably be that humankind always likes to attempt to protect other people without getting anyone else involved, you know, in TV serials, there's always some fellar who has to go "I have to go" and "No i can't involve anyone else, i'll go alone" kind of shit, there will always be some other person who will worry over that stupid dumbass and go and help him cause he knows that without his help, that stupid bugger will probably just die or something. It's always about these complicating stuffs and all that makes a person decide without thinking, at the same time, it's always good to consider asking for help and not looking too highly upon yourself.

So what can i say, go watch it man. Not too bad a show.
Ah Keong~

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Sunday, October 02, 2005

SAF 3 core values are!
Dunno! Duncare! Dun Bother!

Somehow I seem to be getting things embedded into my head that i'm taking too much responsibility for the store to go smoothly. Not that I can help it, it just keeps bogging up my mind that there are things unfinished and yet undone and yet IC dun care and all, so i take the initiative, initially. Until i realized no matter how much I do, he actually screwed the whole store so much it'll probably be unfinished, and i'll be letting him get away with the messup he created for his entire NS life.

So i employed this "If he dun instruct, i dun do" strategy. Which was, just a lil better cause he took a better approach, gave me 3 assignments "Ah keong do dis, then finish liao do that, then after that do another one" then he'd walk over to the opstronic corner n go on sleep mode.
Looking at Master who sits at her seat doing either logsheets or folding lucky stars, if i wanted her to be still folding lucky stars and being part of the family, I figured i better cooperate and just get it done anyways.

More importantly, right now is really a big consideration on my part because apart from the 2 days of MC i took for my high fever just before i got posted into hendon camp, there was never another day i took MC. And even now, even when i'm suffering from a backache that lasted 2 weeks, I still couldn't bear to take MC. Somehow had the feel like master would kill me if i take MC on this day and all etc. Now here's the thing, i'm caring too much for the store am i? I'm in pain dammit, why don't i just fuck care everyone and take the damn MC!?
Even if i tell myself that, I'm still figuring out an appropriate day where i can take MC =X. I mean, what's wrong, I'm trying to be responsible, but maybe just too thick skinned, like as if the store can't survive without me and all.

Even responsibility wise, I noticed i really do things to the extreme. Even with the inter-club thingy, everyone knows I'm just a nice lil vice captain, yet i'm seriously acting like i'm captain. Doing research on the entire team, calling them in for discussions, even fighting for a better team. That's really weird man. Especially when i just shot an email straight to Mr conveynor at my club and complaining for not having enough apparel and not enough dedicated team members, I'm beginning to be like sjai man. Open-minded bastard who doesn't give a shit what happens, just does what he feels is right =.= And i kinda like that. I mean, if they're short fused and weak minded, then they would just be pissed at you, and if they're not, they'd debate back, and if their arguments are good, what's there to say? So obviously I'd want friends who debate back!

Next on the news would probably that Australia took maggy back and i'd be seeing her after, uhhh. . . 38 days? Her brother remembers me, well duh, he's having fun bullying me and all, just like the darned kids i'm coachin every saturday. They flock to my queue not cause they like me, they just want to bully me. Damn hell, do i have that kinda "BULLY ME PLEASE" face? I do admit i have a face that people just wanna put a fist onto, but getting bullied? What the hell.

Latest events, for people who's probably be interested in my "If you dream, don't drive" msn nick, it's actually something that i bet no one in this world has done before! It's the most ridiculous thing in this world, and KEONG has made it possible!
I was on a damn straight road with practically NO TRAFFIC (On my direction), on left lane, i started daydreaming, drifted off to right lane (Haven't noticed anything yet), and smacked the center divider straight (Woke up in shock). Results? Front tyre totally busted (A hole about 6cm length and 4cm height peeled off), back tyre badly scratched but still intact, front rim dented, back rim badly scratched, and a heartache.
Just that damn daydreaming session for like, 10 seconds and it costed me a whopping $730 for the entire replacement parts. GODDAMMIT. And here's the thing, i wasn't even tired nor sleeping, i was DREAMING, what the hell! Dreaming of girls, yes, but uhhh, it ain't particularly someone some people might be thinking of, it was actually some student i'm handling back there, just thinkin on how to handle her and yeah, that thought sure costed me a bomb.

$$$$$$$$$$$ down the drain~~~ Craploada shit =.= Who cares, good experience though, i must say, now my rim looks so . . . . . . Xialan =.= Wonder what my dad's gonna say

Ah Keong~ No Pain, No Gain, Got Pain, Sibei heartache ~_~

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