Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Guys thought i wanna share this with you, very interesting piece of puzzle with special donation from my tennis captain David John Kidd, I did time myself, 20minutes to solve this crap.

Here Goes:
There are 5 houses in this area, in each house lives a different person with a different race, each person drinks a different beverage, smoke a different cigar brand and keeps different pets.

Note the 5 factors : Color, Race, Beverage, Cigar brand, Pet (They're all different, I suggest you start drawing your 5 X 5 table and don't write anything.)

Question: Who owns the FISH?

Here are the 15 clues:

1) The Brit lives in the Red house

2) The Swede keeps dogs

3) The Dane drinks tea

4) The green house is left of the white house

5) The person living in the green house drinks coffee

6) The person who smokes pall mall rears birds

7) The person who lives in the yellow house smokes dunhill

8) The Norwegian lives in the first house.

9) The person living in the center drinks milk.

10) The person who smokes blends lives next to the cat owner

11) The person who keeps horses lives next to the dunhill smoker.

12) The blue master smoker drinks beer

13) The german smokes prince

14) The norwegian stays next to the blue house

15) The man who smokes blends has a neighbour who drinks water.

Have fun figuring out.

Here are the ones donated by Magdelene =p

Question 1:

M T W T _ _ _ <-----Fill in the last 3 letters to make it logical

Question 2:

5 + 5 + 5 = 550 <-----Add an additional stroke to this equation to make it fit

Question 3:

______________ <---- Write anything into this line

Question 4:

Draw a rectangle with 3 lines.

Bug me anytime for the answers =p.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Time to go back to re-capping on what i've stated mostly in this blog:

1: Being Lame
2: Pride (Ranking n position)
3: Everyone's Way of living (Being an optimist or pessimist)
4: Contradiction
5: Pride (Die die also cannot lose out)
6: Friendship (True friends are hard to come by)
7: My experiences with Christianity
8: To lie or not to lie.
9: Like or Love?
10: Do you believe in horoscopes?
11: Agitation
12: Forgiving and Forgetting
13: Patience
14: A person's inner feelings
15: Learn to deal with criticism and comments
16: Escaping reality (Fantasy)
17: Similarity in personality in games and in real life
18: The barrier in the human mind that does not take in advice easily.
19: Motivation
20: Money No Enough~
21: Respect22: Follow Majority, Or follow heart
23: Dang Ni Gu Dan Ni Hui Xiang Qi Shui~~ (Loneliness =p)
24: Human Nature's Way Of Dislike
25: Persist, Resist and Endure~
26: Jealousy/Envy
27: Destiny, Fate, whatever you call it
28: People that entered your life and changed it
29: Advantages/disadvantages that spur people to cheat their way thru
30: Anger = Temper = Steam = ENERGY!!!
31: A person's idea of bad things
32: Desperation
33: All Keong can define about humans
34: Influences from people around you
35: More human conclusion~

I know there's much more around, but i'll probably need reminders from you guys, anything else you guys want before we can close Keong's Research Centre~ =D

Today will be a more direct case, Betrayal.
There's this one saying :
"If someone betrays you, it is his fault, if he betrays you twice, it is your fault."
From this saying, there's nothing much i can say, all of you should be able to understand what it means, but what i don't understand is the second betrayal doesn't necessarily mean it is my fualt? This saying can have many meanings to the second betrayal, but what everyone's thinking, shouldl't be what i'm thinking anyways, so i'll leave the vast meaning to you guys to decipher.

No one wants to be betrayed, but what drives a person to betray? Money~ Fame, Wealth, Status. Why? Because these 4 dumb shits are the most important things in a society now. More $ = More happinness? Higher status = Get respected?? What's the fucking big deal?

I've personally not been betrayed often, probably only getting betrayed for supposedly having friends disclose my secrets to others, but does that really matter? I think probably they just want to find something to talk about so they just happen to drag out my secrets to talk about anyway, or probably to act like they know alot. That's all to it anyway.

So which damn part of your body feels great if you betrayed your way to the top of the world? Probably only the damn seat in your office feels comfortable, you'll feel guilty all your life, destroying the lives of people while stepping on them to get to the top.

Probably these guys will just laugh at me and say "This is a dog eat dog world dude."
So is betrayal a part of life? Must we go through all these? I'm not sure, and i sure hope i don't. I don't mind staying at the bottom all my life if it means i'm less prone to betrayal.

really not much i can say about this topic, but life is beginning to feel meaniningless when you start thinking about all these shit. Why are people cunning and sly? Why do people use our weaknesses to cheat us? It sure feels kinda stupid that humans are cheating their own fellowhood.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I should try betraying someone ah -_- ~ ~ ~ Yeah Right~ ~ ~

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Thursday, January 06, 2005

A Moment of Boredom~ ~ ~, Happens everyday =p

Hi guys, no news. LOL
Well, the next separation "session" has arrived. . I do feel kinda weird.Well, not suprisingprimary school, part with them is like, well won't see them anymore nia.Sec skewl, same old shit, i still meet up with them sometimes.

Now it's poly. And seems like it's gonna be more major. Cause we're moving into the real world. People are either furthering their studies, or out seeking jobs. And we guys, have to go to tekong and bla bla bla bla bla, while others maybe flying out of singapore, wonder if we'll ever meet again.

What's more ironic, is that, the lives of the countrymen are in our hands. Woohoo, what a heavy responsibility we've got~. Protect your loved ones, your family, your fellow friends, all the idiotic assholes you've run into in your entire life, and your goddamn enemies. How nice, all in one.

Well, the top paragraph is totally irrelevant, so let's ignore it.All i can say is, the major change poly, is that, i've got more than just "buddies" now. It feels like, i've got another family in there, one, nah, actually, two, which i'll never forget.Doh, the tennis team, and the gang i've always been out with who's always been watching my ass while i kick theirs =p.

Can't say i wanna leave, but no choice anyway. Look forward to the future eh. Well, i'm sure i don't see a BLANK future, but i think i'm seeing somewhat like a confusing one.
Well, those who's been worrying for my future plans, seems like i've straightened it out, so thanks alot anyway.

well, for your information, my diploma in computer engineering is a total load of. . . uhhmm, OK, it's useful, but i just can't do it, so let's say, i'm not gonna use it, and my father's pretty pissed over it. I wonder how he's gonna react to me planning to further my studies in sports science.

Yes dudes, it's finally something i'm interested in, Tennis coaching, special thanks to Mr Leong JH who had two bottles of beer with me and Mr Wong AK over the night at blk 85 and discussed about my future plans with me. Cool to have people concerned over you. I guess that's how
we've always been kicking each other's asses while preventing others from kicking em.

Well gotta thank my coach for that too, well i'll leave his name out, but i'll give a huge clue:He's a fatass with super huge legs.Yes, i know what you're thinking "This kind of person can also be a coach?"Try him and you'll find out. I've got friends saying if that bugger would slim down, he would probably be a world class player =p.My personal view is he'd be a perfect coach if he'd just damn hell do the physical training with us. He'd be doing a favour to his poor body as well.

So, these are the people that are currently, and should always be in my mind: (Hint, this part is super long, you can probably scroll and just find your own name)

Can't really say much that i have such a good friend who's real harsh in his words and sorts, well he makes me feel uneasy most of the time with his hostility towards me and sorts, but what the hell, i'm the problem -_-. You know practically everything about me, and we already said almost everything we could, what more is there to say? =p ---Boss Leong---

The one i've disliked from the start just cause she's smart and sorts. In fact, i have totally no idea why i disliked her, that's just a pretty good clue to how retarded i know i am right now. Well she's slow, she's a little stupid, and what am i to say that she's stupid, she hit a single digit in her O lvls, if she's stupid, i'm super-stupid~, and that's just what i am =p. Always seen her arguing with her BF and sorts, but they're just like my parents, easy reconcilation (is that the right word?) --- Chris Goh Haoyun ---

This one's helped me pull through my entire damn cursed course throughout the last 2 years, my retardingly hardcore gaming friend who shares most of the same gaming interests than me. As far as i'm concerned, he's also the person i know with the most number of relationship problems with his girlfriend. Hey nat, u got a girlfriend, dun keep a damn mistress (your goddamn laptop). I'm different =), i'm FREE! Well if there's anyone i need to thank, it's gotta be you, or probably i'm still year 3 sem 1 right now =p. Well i know how reluctant you were to help me and all the pressure i put to you, but you still helped me in the end.
---Nathaniel Lam Yao Kit---

Probably no one wants to see her name, but she's still gone through part of my life and she's still supported me for my first year poly life, and i do know that she will still support me all the way. I do admit, that i hated you, and that everyone in class hates you, i am still your kor, i will do what i can to support you. And you better believe this, I've long left my hatred away, because it's over anyway, I want to support you in whatever you do, but you simply get involved in stuffs which i simply CAN'T involve myself in, YES , YOUR DAMN STUDIES. And yeah, i did notice, your boyfriend's kind of a major problem. I can't say anything much to help you, i can only help u whack him up =X. Well mei, whatever it is, we still did alot on our first year, you're the first girl i ever went out that much with. Don't really think you should be proud of that, but I do know i don't want to forget them =). --- MeiMei Chew Yanjun ---

The one who said it all, the one who always "Eh, i introduce girl to you lah." The bloody bastard who i had to endure for all the 3 years watching him FLIRT. Yes, Andrew you bastard. If there's anyone I know who knows what i'm going through in this poly life, i had a feeling it's you, even though i really didn't tell you much. Well at least you did know who i liked. God knows where you are, and i won't ever forget what you told me in friendster "Cut the fucks and cheebyes lah". That will never happen though =). --- Andrew ---

Ahhh, yes the cool guy who i seldom talk to nowadays with a huge allowance and sorts who always changes girlfriends like clothes. You seem to hit it along well with any girl you run into, and i dunno why i ended up being your good friend, naturally getting close to the girls too (well only 2 girls at that time). I can only tell you, that I know how "good" smoking is. well there's only one good point, and that's de-stressing. The only reason why i'm not smoking is it's damn damn damn damn expensive, that's why i'm not gonna touch that shit. I still know the side effects and if you need to smoke, just reduce it. Be somewhat like my father, social smoker or what u call it, super seldom smoking. --- Desmond Goh Chin Teck ---

Who can forget the bitch who's been listening to my nonsense for all these years, even now. I'd still say you sibei kaopei, but u can't beat me =p. Hope you enjoying your JC life ah, i dun really find you very chio, but you have a very cute smile. Happy to hear that? Well you better, I had a feeling the guys who will fall in love with you, are those who truly wants their girl to be happy, cause you have a smile that will brighten up the day, well your face ain't that great anyway, but can compromise =X. You're one person i'll never forget, and i'd still call u bitch anyway, cause you really act like one~. --- Alicia Ang Hui Shan aka Ang kaopei ---

The first person who i accepted as a buddy who's a MALAY!! He's a niceguy, wannabecool fellar who's already a little bit cool naturally who's a bloody smartass in the lamejokes society and always there to cheer people up but never seems to have things his way. Tough luck bro, that semester we endured together, was the best, because it was the semester where i slogged my ass off for the first time to actually try to pull through, and you did your part as well. We had to say good work to our entire group, that is. Yusri too =p
--- Aron Norashid Bin Daing Mustafa ---

I know you helped me out much when we were together, you tried to get me into christianity, and i did get involved with your "dedicated" work for that period of time, but i can even tell you now, sorry i am not really interested. I do believe in god, and I can bring myself to read the bible at times, but i really feel differently. God does NOT help us, we must still fend for ourselves. I'm still helping people whenever i can, but i don't wish to get involved with your services anymore. The major problem i find in your services is that they're overly-concerned too. Just like my mother, but my mother, is my mother, it's ok for her to know everything about me, But you guys are just my friends who are trying to be somewhat like a family with everyone, but i can't bring myself to tell you guys, in fact this "concern" turns to "busybody" in my own point of view, i therefore can't really accept the way you guys do things. But one thing's for sure, The times we had were great, and i won't forget what we went through together as well.
--- Tan Teck Chuan Clarence ---

Cock man who's always trying to be cool, and he's got his wish, as well as a pretty chio girlfriend. The legend who can form nonsensical poems in an instant. Desmond Tze -_-. You sure were entertaining, and, yeah i had to say i can't really blend well with you, coz u really look like ahbengggg. wahahahha. You're much better now that i really know you well, and hanging around with you has really been lots of fun with all your damn crap and sorts. You earned your reputation, and i bet if you read this you got a whole lot more of shit to say to everyone.
--- Desmond Tze ---

Porn king, download king, whatever. Originator of the "IHateKeong" Campaign just cause i took off my shoes and socks during lesson. It's still pretty funny to think that you and the rest hated me over that and that now we get along pretty well. Everyone also knows of your daring attitude and shouting all over lesson with your lame crap as well. Can't forget your voice, wahahaha damn lame. Survive in Army buddy, i'll be joining you soon .
--- Bryne Cai GuangLing---

Everyone who knows you, knows you as the number 1 sailor in singapore, and that you're capable in both studies and sports. even with your abilities both physically and mentally, you've shown nothing but modesty to us and have gotten along well with almost every single one of us. You've made us proud of you, and we are also proud to be part of your life. Well, not to mention you also helped me out for my examinations wahahaha. Really thanks for that, and you know, you're one person i can say that you really are the perfect kind of guy a girl wants. Maybe not that i've identified any bad points, but we do know that you're too much of a niceguy =p. Don't know when to shut a person up or sorts, give in too much in other words. Well, all the best anyway =D. ---Benjamin Tan ---

Brother who follows my surname, smokes like an asshole, and can do nothing but complain everytime we meet, you're one person i have extreme difficulty hearing. I don't think your voice is soft, just that probably your tone makes my ears a little difficult to decipher what you want to say. Well thanks for all the block 85 trips that we've made together and drink like an idiot where you'd just lose control first, as always, YOU SUCK!. Well you're the one Me and JH could get along so well with all the discussions about your class people and sorts. It's fine that way, i feel better that we understand these people more through you, since you're classmates with them. Everyone seems to have a weird personality complex, including us. And Me and JH's favourite pastime is to understand these people more. You'll always be a part of the gang, though it will really help alot if you quit smoking =p. --- Wong An Kian ---

Seen her a few times, but don't really talk to her, but after hanging around with Mr Leong and GF, naturally see her pretty often, and start to know more about her. The ever so cheerful cheerene where everything in her life is "cheerful". Well we know that's not really the case, but knowing you, confirm good ar. I do sometimes find that u "hannor" too much though wahahaha. You always blanja me, chris, jh this and that, especially KTV. U tahan my super BTH singing, U keep scolding me for not eating bla bla bla. But you know, your serious side is always the best, everytime we're into a serious discussion, your point of views and comments are really much to think about, and much to debate about. That's the reason why we're together as a gang, we discuss each other's problems so that we all know them. --- Cheerene Wee Liping ---

Forgot when i knew her, she also super blanja queen, but also a mad drunkard. Know your limits ar, that's about all i can say to you. I also like to drink~ ~ But jian bu de i go chiong as much as you. Crazy ar you. Then u everytime talk to me say "aiya u dun understand one lah." U want to try me? I think i understand too much until dowan to understand already. Everyone's worried over you, the least you could do, is make us worry less =) --- Zihua ---

Well i have a goddamn brother who, as well, shows his concern through PAIN and IRRITATION. You guys call that hard love. I don't know what to call it, so i'll just declare that he's concerned but still wants to mess around with me. ---My Real Brother, Don Wong---

My dear mother, who also, always irritates me because she's damndamndamndamndamndamn concerned over her children. 24/7 must know where they are, 24/7 must know their plans and etc. etc. etc. Well, she's just overly-concerned, but the word is still there, what can i say =p. Try to be more kan-de-kai lor~. ---Wo De MaMa---

My Father, first thing come home kpkb~ first thing come home haolian left and right. first thing come home family conflict, but best of all. No him around i kinda miss it =p. No argument at home boy. Though our family has countless arguments, we're still together, and hell, this father's very good already, cause he's slogging for the family, that's why so stress, that's why always so much to scold about. ---Pro Father ---

Time for the tennis team, first person i think about. The captain i always proudly tell people about cause he's extremely dedicated in the sport and has succeeded in making me train hard to TRY and bring TP's rank up (But we failed anyway =p). I proudly present, Mr Poh Shuntian. He's a bastard lah, heaviest smoker i ever knew of. But he's really cute with his retarded look whenever someone pulls something on him. He was the most happening in the tennis team during the first year anyway, thus we get along well. And this damn asshole still owes me my Prince Of Tennis. BASTARD. --- Jason Poh Shuntian ---

Well known all over the place cause i get along so damn well with him, even up till now. I've got much to say to you, but i wonder how you'll take it up. This is where all the truth comes, and this is where you start knowing what i think of you all these years. If you remember our life in the team, we've endured bakar's lame ass retarded attitudes on us and struggled far enough with our dedication for tennis into the IVPs. What amazes me is i've seen all sorts of shit come out, and ironically, FROM THE TENNIS TEAM. Why sia i wonder. The tennis team makes me scratch my head the most, and you're part of it. No asshole, and i mean, NO ONE, can understand what the hell's going on in that stupid brain of yours. We've done much together, play tennis, talk cock, disturb each other, done things which other doubles partners can't do. We've even made a comedy out of the friendlies against montfort secondary, what else is there we haven't done? I seriously find the two of us pretty unique in a way already, but guess what. You can never figure that out of all those insults i threw at you, you could never figure those were real or fake. I had to tell you this, I had a hatred for you for your in-born stupidity, and you still have it up till now, just that i had adapted to it, and it seems like you PASSED IT ON TO ME! Well it's fine this way, just felt that you should know that i did hate you, most of the time also because of your in-court PMS sessions. Damn mikey, David and gang wouldn't know what happened during the year 1 period, but I still remember it bigtime, and i'm still wondering what's going on in that stupid brain of yours. Well seriously put, there's one thing you can't deny, you're ungrateful, cocky, retarded, stupid, attention-seeker, and a disgrace to us guys, but i think you cleared it all after all these years, except you're still the stupid dumb-ass i know. That's the only reason why i'm still messing around with you, I'm trying to get you to kick all your damn habits. I know no one can do it but me, and i know serious talk doesn't help, you need a beating, but i can't bring myself to beat you up cause i simply don't dare to =p. You can just come to me after you feel like you need a piece of advice from me, you can don't come also, doesn't matter, i'm going to NS soon =p. You're one bastard i'll never forget, and if anyone videotaped our actions on the court, damn, we could earn a pile.---Michael Gui Poh Mun---

One of the 3 Crazy women, the one who is the originator of the "go n die lah" and the "xiang wo ma?" aka "got miss me?" Figures you know who already. Seriously i won't forget these 3, because somehow, they managed to notice how i don't really get involved with the girls. well maybe they didn't figure shit but just happened to do it, but i do remember one of the 3 did. This one ar, always make us wait the longest coz she shower super long lar, the laugh also super bth lar, but probably good to bully. Hanging around with her made me feel. . . Stupid, but that's what makes her special anyway. She can really make u cannot tahan her, but she also very good to bully. 1 Sentence to describe lah, Life is never bored with her around.---Julie Lin Peiru---

The next one, who seems to be the most daring out of the 3, still can remember she wore this shirt into the court "Help your horny friends." Guess who was the first to say something about it. Mr POH!!! Chialatz lah that incident, forever cannot forget. I had to keep my distance from this girl for a period of time, cause she was like, dunno how to say sia hmm. Anyway it's like, I normally take things seriously, and when u talk about a boy ger relation, they start doing all the uhhhm "I touch u, u touch me" kind of thing. I'm extremely sensitive to those shit for some reason, so i don't normally even GET NEAR girls. This one's broken that barrier, see her talk to everyone like everyone her boifren liddat. Slowly used to it, then now can change my point of view a little, thanks to her. Can't forget the times with her also lah, shit happens, and the worst shit always happens with her around, no idea why. Well her concept is great though, of all the girls, think i feel the closest to her, thanks to her actions, she my dajie now anyway, and goddamn, i DON'T respect her -_-. Find out for yourself why =p. ---Christine Gao Qiuhan---

Last of the 3, the most timid one i would say, cause julie's about as close to christine in that "daring" sense. Think i hang around with this one the most, cause she's the most dedicated to tennis of the 3, the other 2. . . . Dowan say them lar. Always end up in her hse got this n that to eat, shiok lar. And if anyone's gonna stay behind to clean up the mess, it seems it's her, the other bastards just end up running away wahahaha. Can tell she's shy anyway, but trying not to be. Well, just try to take the guys' lame crap on you and you'll probably do just fine. Can't say much to you anyway, but you know, seriously, the times with the 3 of you, are normally the best times i had with any other girl anyway. Thanks for the experience, and i'm pretty sure i don't want more of it. ---Tan Weiling---

The one girl, who i actually made her cry -_-. Sad lah, i kana stun totally when she cried. I was just teaching her how to play tennis along with whoever(I forgot), and just cause she can't get it right, she just cries all of a sudden, ever figured it might be my fault? -_-. I still guilty sia. You got that cute face also lah, but can tell u super shy and you have a super soft voice. Dunno how you doing overseas now also anyway, hope you're fine out there. And please ahhhhh!!! I not purposely wanna make u cry one!! I Never even SCOLD YOU!!! Why Like that!~?!~? Wahahah u give me one of the most memorable memories in my life with a girl sia (why are girls so fragile -_-). I also remembered the time i had to work with you to do the damn notice board, who the hell go sabo us ah. It was kinda enjoyable though. I wonder how i can do a pretty decent job on my part when i got 3/100 for art during sec skewl. I must say lah, you got future on the art side sia. ---Karen Chan--- <--Shit i forgot your chinese name, SUCKS

Bubble bubble bubble, certain people will probably "Ting" when they see me mention this name. True, i know she's my ideal kind of girl, but i don't have feelings for her anyway, and, Got boifren liao mar dohhh. Anyway, we didn't hang around much, but your time in the tennis team was interesting as well. Can remember you came in with christine and julie, then Alex anyhow form teams of doubles and put them against one another. I remember Mikey with Julie, then Me with you, Christine with weijun, then we champion ah!!! Wahahaha sibei funny sia, you got the most future among the 3 lah, too bad you got to quit, after that we also never meet up much liao, maybe just talk on msn only. I'm still wondering why i had no feelings for you wahahaha. You're really the ideal girl i would want sia =p. Anyway, we're outta TP, all the best in whatever you're doing. ---Bubble Bai Suqin---

The girl of many people's dreams, the one I proclaim as stupid, dumb, and blur. We had a pretty weird way of knowing each other and i must say, this girl doesn't have luck with the guys. Think she's crying the most in the team, and i'm proud to say, I never made her cry once. Wooha~ That's an achievement. Well we got along the most during the year 1 period, much shit to think about, but much forgotten as well. I can vaguely remember all the times i witnessed her cry and why as well, but that's all in the past. A man's at his weakest when a girl cries, but for me, I noneed to say i'm at the weakest, I'll just be totally at a loss and not get involved =X. Everyone knows you're probably the most fragile around, you'll be suprised to know how many people are willing to give you happiness and protect you from all your sad things. You can try. I just wonder if you are even aware of that. ---Pamela Lin Simin---

My current captain right now, who wants the whole world to know that he has cancer, and that he will DIE if his treatment doesn't succeed. Well everything on the previous sentence is the truth, but i doubt he'll let himself die to cancer that easily, he'd probably chop the cancer cells up mentally (U know, all these kind of shit happens in animes, when the main character's on the verge of death, he goes "NOOO I CAN'T DIE YET!!!" and some miracle happens). Everything about this guy's pretty good. Good speaker, good management, good leadership, good organizer bla bla bla. Only bad at handling himself, I doubt he cares anyway, maybe he does it on purpose. Well dave, hanging around with you is, well, crap. All i do with you around is just shake my head almost all the time, because all the time you're talking about people and insulting them. I personally don't enjoy these kinda things with the EXCEPTION OF MICHAEL GUI!!! Well brother, you're the one i hang around the most with the tennis team now, you've proven yourself to be a capable captain and a motivator, there's nothing else to say. Keep up the good work lah, what else. And you'll probably say "Dowan Lah". And seriously, i know you won't succumb to cancer easily, so i'm not worried for you, because i'm confident you'll be there to take the PTR when i take the re-test. ---David John Kidd---

Vegetable Hater, stupid woman, or shan =p. Well i specially put you last so you can see your own name at the end if you get lazy and scroll down (Actually i just forgot about you =p). The most adventurous girl i'd known in my entire friendship circle, and also the one who dares to try out anything. Call her up she can be doing everything from blood donation to bungee jumping. I hang around with her pretty often and when we meet up, well, ok we crap, but most of the time we're talking about people as well. Well shan, there's nothing i can say to you, because, you practically know it all already. But i can bet you forgot about 80% of it. You're such a popular brat that i think half my friendship circle knows you, my entire gang knows your like tazmanian devil, and they never leave you out of a single "outing" trip that we had, tough luck you had such a goddamn busy schedule and you're hard to get hold of wahahhahaha. Well that just goes to show how popular you are and that we were never wrong in knowing you. Got good news for you too, everyone seems to say you've got a pretty cute voice and a pretty cute look, I bet you've got pple going after you but you've never really thought of settling down eh. You so adventurous, wahha settle down nothing to write in your adventure diary already. Best of all is, I know i'll just wish you all the best and all since you're also going overseas, but you're much better off, cause i'm not the only one wishing that. You definetely have JH, Chris, Liping n the rest all thinking the same. They even asked me to Get you for a GF but it's only obvious what the answer would be anyway =p. I don't need to say anything more, just go out there and do what you enjoy doing, I bet you've got 50% of singapore cheering you on.
---Magdelene Wan Yishan---

This is definetely the longest ever, well, take your time reading, won't see any anytime soon. Well not that i have alot of time in my hands, i just couldn't sleep cause i slept from 6am to 1pm and then from 3pm to 9pm again.

You know, everyone has their memorable memories, and it'd be best to remember your friends who are always behind you. You know, i finally accepted the fact that it feels great to be acknowledged, so i'm acknowledging every single person who has entered my life, helped me out with whatever i needed help with, and built great memories with me.
This is not a goodbye text, it's just a "Iamsodamnbored" moment, so more will come. Wahahahaha

k_k aka Kaopei kia, Keongster, Keongtardz who has just been KBTED~
*Signs Off*

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Name: Wright Wong Weng Keong
Age: 22++++ (U HAPPY NOW?)
Hobbies: Gaming, animeing, slacking, getting bullied, drinking

Animes i watch: Naruto, CCS, 1piece, POT, samurai-X, FF-unlimited, get backers, fushigi yuugi etc.

Email: Legendaryassasins@hotmail.com (applies to friendster + msn)

Description of myself: Me? 2 eyes 1 nose 1 mouth.

Blog Description

  My purpose of Blogging, to be lame. Yes, i'm a loser, thanks.


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