Thursday, November 15, 2007

Optimistic Approach To Kickoff The Day

~KeongSterZ~ PitStop, Anyone?~ =D
Oh uh, think i forgot to add this in. I'm closing this blog =D, the Loser's been there for far too long if you ask me. Will the necessary personnel plz remove me from their links n stuffs like that. Gam SiaZ~

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Situational Report, Analysis Complete, Submitting Results. . . . .

Current Obstacles Encountered --- Uncountable
Imminent Obstacles To Deal with within the next 3 days --- 4
Obstacles Dealt with --- 1
Status --- Still going on ~_~

I've been coaching for a near 6-7 years, and I still feel I don't like it. Maybe it's time to leave. I actually told my boss I may be leaving them soon. A path I chose to take, to move on and shape my own.
My next resolve is to test and put my best in everything that I may encounter, any job, any work. One that at least gives me an innate interest to do it. May be impossible, but I'll search for now.

Hitting SIM real soon, find a course, mainly psychology, since it's my only innate interest so far, until now. As much as I was advised again. I'll force a path out of it. I will not say "It's time to move on", wait for my time, I'll tell you "I've Moved on"
My next 4 obstacles Checklist:
1) Finish up the work that I have dragged for so long
2) Finish up the research that I was supposed to do
3) Plan my stupid 30 activities and just fuck it.
4) Finish my Saturday Hell Day

~KeongSterZ~ Just So You Know, I Want You To Be Happy~ I'm Trying Really Hard Ya Know~

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Topic Of The Day: A Small Period Of The World's Flow, A Whole Load Of Enlightenment.

2 hours at hospital with my grandfather, 30minutes wait at the bus stop, and a whole load of thoughts overflowing through the head. Before anything goes on, one point to note.

Too much of anything, is not good, too little of anything, isn't good either, so allow me to say, my thinking may be excessive, but it's not good not to think either.

2 hours sitting in there watching my grandfather, good thing was he's getting discharged. I observed the people around him, himself, myself, the nurses, going through their normal lives. Fell asleep for awhile as hell, too tired I'd guess. And plenty of thoughts flying about, especially regrets and fears.

30minutes standing at the bus stop, I felt god was telling me something. You don't normally wait for buses that long, but many things happened. Many life-learning lessons.
1: Took the usual 2 buses to changi hosp, the route home though, saw bus 5 which goes straight to my house. Bad thing was, I just missed that fucking bus, good thing? I now know there's a straight bus to my house.
2: Kept staring at the bus numbers, took so goddamn long to show up. Singular digits got my hopes high, but normally ended in failure.
3: On my thoughts, I kept thinking about stuffs, all kinds. Buses flowed around endlessly, even though mine never did show up until 30minutes later, but on a note, it just seemed closer to what I needed to know.
4: The final point that enlightened my head. The path I was looking at, was the wrong path all the while, bus 5 appeared from another side of the road.

Simple common movements in life, but the meaning in there, states a lot. Why I'm always the kind who can relate simple stuffs to such complication, I don't know, that may be my forte, and may also be the cause for my demise.
Those who see the real meaning behind those scenes, will understand what I'm talking about, those who don't, you're better off not knowing.

The time is nearing, my fears are overwhelming me, I'm being controlled, and now I'm being compelled to break out, to shape my own path, and not let others bring me down. My problems just keep arising daily, and what's preventing me from turning around, is my Dajie's Face, Shan's relentless courage-boosting ideals, and the girl of my life who just opened my life to a whole lot of new complications and experiences. There's no backing out for me now. And as much as I know I need to stand on my own, I could do with a few more additional supports, which I know I already do.

~KeongSterZ~ Do, Or Die~

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Topic Of The Day: Why Do I Always Need To Get Hit Hard Before I'll Wakeup?

Life, as they say, is always full of contradictions, that's why we have close friends. They're there to remind you. What I constantly preach to other people, I totally forget myself, and now that I'm "reminded" once again, it's only too clear what my next path would be.

What Dajie hit me hard on, was pretty similar to what little sis Shan hit on me 9 months back. I just needed that fucking knock time and again. No idea why's that anyway. But all I really did say to her when she hit me really hard was "Thanks Dajie, you have awakened me once again."

So what has always been around to keep my true abilities away from reality? As usual, my self-esteem, lack of confidence, stuffs like that. What's new, seriously. I've been so aware of it for 14 years, never once made the effort to change it. And I know what's the best for a person of my kind. Failure, suffering, pain.
Somehow I've been like that for as long as I can remember, but then again, this time round, I actually dragged myself to stand on my own feet with the help of Dajie And Shan, fighting the very war that I should have fought so long ago. The biggest obstacle that's obstructing every single goal of mine. MYSELF.
Lanjiao, it's been far too long. I actually realized I've been fighting wars everyday, all kinds too. Internally, Externally. You name it, I'm involved in it. Political wars, Road wars, Work wars, internal wars. End them one by one? Nah these wars don't end, there's no resolution to it, there's only giving up, or keep fighting. And now, it's only too clear what my resolution is.

Time to shape my own future. Decide my own future with my own 2 hands, but where do I start sia. For me to find out eh. HERE I COME YOU GODDAMN WORLD!~

~KeongSterZ~ Let's End This, I'm Fucking Tired Of You, And The Loser You All Once Knew, Shall Stand Victorious Against The Very Obstacle That Stood Against Him For So Many Years To Come~

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Topic Of The Day: Just Feel Like Popping Out Random Sentences.

I'm what I'm needed to be at any point in time. I can be your big brother, I can be the leader, I can be anything, but what I really want to be, is the childish/vulgur me. Because, that is truly me.

Some Extra Random Shit - Baby~ Ai Qing Bu Neng Zuo Bi Jiao

~KeongSterZ~ Always Needs A Kick To Get The Engine On Full Blast~

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Topic Of The Day: Making a Point To Write Down What's On My Mind immediately before I forget.

Just so reminds me when it first started, it was a self-reminder blog when it was first created while I was at SIP in school. Keong's research centre haha, good old days back with JH n gang. Now it's become so popular people are reading so often. Well so here goes more of my self-reminder logics.

Avoiding the situation never did solve anything, I could so remember the last time I didn't want to drive into town at all due to traffic jams, ERPs and screwed up parkings. Now that I've actually begun going in there more often, it just seems it's actually much better to know the roads around, it's the experience that counts. Maybe it's time for me to talk about facing the situation at hand and deal with it. Failure will only make me stronger, like what Kanye West's Stronger says - What doesn't kill you, will only make you stronger.

I also understand the dangers of this blog now that many people are reading, so I'll use this point for a declaration of warning. Some of you out there, are reporting unnecessary information to unnecessary people out there. Let me tell you this. It's not my business if you want to say, it is a fact and I will not deny that. But let me quote the point "unnecessary". You get my friends into unnecessary trouble, I'll find you guys out. You know who you are, and if things get messy, you'll be the first ones I find. Think again before you say anything of importance.
Such rubbish, you might even be reading this yourself. So I'll just tell you straight, just hate me, ALONE. Don't fuck around with my friends. I'm suiting you as far as I'm concerned. You're politically smart, I'm physically uncontrollable, we'll see how far this gets.

Time for me to hit the road, I've got a lot of soul searching to do. And I'm dealing with it one by one.

~KeongSterZ~ Such Irony, Such Contradiction~

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

=D Funny, Touching, entertaining, all in one. =D

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Topic Of The Day: Something you wanna say, you better say it out, somehow you'll forget. Or maybe it's just me hahaha.

Well so the team hit Sentosa for the entire day, honestly, my impression of them has gone up much more. I'm finally seeing things in another way. They have matured, or maturing, or yeah, getting better. I'm starting to be able to see myself stepping out of their "Can't take care of themselves" affairs and get into my personal vendettas with people like Andy. Damn still can't believe he wasted me, goddamn. I'm getting old I tell ya.

So we hit the beach for a very long period of time until 3pm++, lunched down at Subway and hit the Luge, fun shit I tell you, the crowd is really insane though. Last I went with Shan nobody sia.
We went on to full time hotel slacking at siloso beach resort, I wanted to sleep to prepare myself for Liquor night, haha I think they were too noisy, enjoying themselves too much. So I just went ahead with the gaming anyways. Test alot of mixtures here and there, and whoa whoa whoa, Midori rocks man. I didn't use much cuz it was Fiona's present, but I had 2 mixtures which were very nice. Now all I need is to find more suppliers to keep me stocked and maybe some extra investors to open up my little bar, sounds cool eh.

Shooters and ladders as usual, truth or dare wasn't so interesting cause we couldn't make much noise, so Keong just ended up making Glenn down a 1.5L bottle of water in 2minutes and Sim made Ele down 2 cans of coffee, and it looks like she won't be forgetting that anytime soon =.=, hell yeah, I made Glenn puke the shit out. That's spontaneous for you. And soon enough you guys will see the true essence of the game.
Had to get up with a fricking fever lah, tell you it's damn fucking cold. Bloody hotels all have the same bloody problems. They never have the "Right" temperature. It's always too hot or too cold, kanina. I really felt like I was gonna die in there. So fucking cold I wanna get out, but too stoned to move. Wanna go get jacket, car super faraway, like I'll just die if I walked there. At my wits end or something like that. Stupid aircon.

Well on to a lil external stuffs. You guys have known that I'm always out there reading on people, humans, stuffs like that, and I was once recommended this blog from a person. This particular person is someone I don't know, and his entries basically depict about psychology in a more profound sense of reality. His entries aims towards the work society and shows in great detail about impressions.
Well, this particular person, being his usual self, talked about being in a situation where no other person could imagine. It's not the usual pain that usual people feel. It's about knowing the future and not being able to do anything about it, or what he described as "Writing the final chapter of your life."
This is a story about his dad, living life with a tumour the size of a baseball in his body. What else is there to be said when all you're doing is sitting right over there waiting for your "story" to end? Such similarity to my grandfather, such sadness, such pain he has to endure daily. What is mine to him? I'm still young, I'm still stuck with the unpredictability of knowing how thick or thin my storybook might be, it may end up being thicker, more interesting, more painful, but towards the end, it's still the same. I don't know when it ends.
The line of his life: Dad moves towards the end of his book. The final chapter teaches me that i need to live each day of my life and only then will my book bring meaning in the end.

~KeongSterZ~ Still wanna be a pessimist?~

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Topic of the day: Retarded day, seriously. Haha

I hear so much time and again, hear until the same things come and go. And it all basically comes down to one thing. Fine la I'm stupid lah, wanna be simple for once cannot ar. Everything also wanna be so theoretical, ok lor! I shall be longwinded and shut u all up for good.

Special thanks to Maria ah. Feel ache for me ah, dun waste your time lah, come back drink with me I kill you first, u wanna feel ache for me u better be able to drink more than me first! I look forward to it man. Because we are that close, I'll throw out my whole arsenal for you =D. (Which will only be 2 bottles after jon/tim/fiona's birthday), but yeah you'll die anyhow, considering it's walker and bacardi.
Special thanks to christie too, my afternoon would have been hell without you lah. I can't believe you actually activated my innate interest in life. Haha you got me so engrossed in research sia. You faster come back also, u will also die along with Maria h0h0h0.
I actually think I still owe Pat a Killing, but can't do so now that Pearylne around, rachel too, damn. She's a tough one. Haha puke already still say not enough, one day must really make her hangover at her limit. Just hope her parents don't kill me since they already hate me so, and hope she don't get liver cancer too, this girl is strong sia.

Today I learnt something new again, wrong usage of energy =.=, it's no wonder I'm still shagged out at Muay thai and tennis, Utilizing the wrong energies. Apparently it seems Chua has so much energy cause there was hatred in him. There wasn't any in me, all that was there for me was the stupid feeling that just wouldn't stop anyways, and that doesn't increase your power the least bit =.=
So tomorrow's the big day, when I know everything's a little messy. I forsee many bad things that will happen tomorrow. Oh nothing of my business, about the team coordination and spirit. These people just don't know what "Give n take" is all about, they just do what they want, and with these kind of people around, doing events like this will just fuck things up like shit.
Maybe I should have a bit of faith in them, we'll see tomorrow, I'm so well prepared though hahaha. And the 3 birthday people, hope you die tomorrow. U dun die i dun go home =).

~KeongSterZ~ My Life Depended On You Guys, I'm not that great, I just happened to enter your lives, and I'm just older, that's it~

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Friday, November 09, 2007

Last topic of the day: Well, just to end things in a happy note. Why do so many people read this blog =.=

Too much bad stuffs, forgot bout the good ones. Yeah the RO dudes, met up with them in the afternoon for carls Jr. Whoa no shit, high turnout. 13 Dudes.
The 3 ancients: Roy, Weird Me
The Acro Gang: Tesshu(Fox's boifren) , Fox(Girl guild leader haha), Artemis diana(Sheryl), Rimu, Roti, Cipher, Warhades, Force and dunnowho.

Mainly really just talking cock, weird, roy and me, knowing each other for a full 7 years of ROing together, have already gotten used to insulting each other at every chance. The 3 of us were like, uhhh, the spotlight. Made everyone laugh like nuts and sorts.
For a very long time, I've not seen this side of myself, the ultimate vulgur/uncouth/ahbeng side of mine that just came out when Roy and weird just went on with their unlimited insults. My shouts were practically echoed throughout marina square, and vulgaraties can be heard at every single sentence. Seriously, that was so un-gentlemanly, but I fucking missed that side of me. So back to secondary school/poly days.

Bad news came in the evening, which u all probably already knew, I don't think I can show you the entire 3 hour process that got me over it, but yeah. Basically I hardened my pride, cried to my mum/dad, whoa that shit worked wonders. Then went out find jon n gang since I figured I probably can't be alone today. Even tell mum don't wanna work tomorrow cuz don't think will sleep early. She's cool man.
So yeah, recovered fast, back to work again. Met up with Kenneth to discuss work schedule, My malaysia trip's been confirmed, and yeah, bye to singapore for 3 days.

My heart's a lil better now, 60% dealt with, remaining 40% actually on a spinning wheel, just comes whenever it wants to, but yeah, much better anyway. Thanks ar, you actually show so much concern. Aiya want friend then friend lah, I also dunno why that day go pop out that stupid sentence to you.
Just so you know, you don't need to fear losing me as a friend. Towards the end, I always do what a friend does. Go ask everyone else =).

~KeongSterZ~ Keong's body works this way, Mind does the thinking, but heart does the deciding. So basically, heart overrides mind hahaha~

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Topic Of The Day: Well, It's over, not like it actually began.

So, I think we just barely went for a week. We saw each other every single day in that week, and now yeah, it's gone. Well, I don't know. The countless smses exchanged, with the hopefulness of a chance for a relationship and stuffs like that, all seemed to just be leading me on, towards the end, I had to say, she was a girl, who just had too much in common with me.
Countless number of times I said I wouldn't give up, but what can I do? If I persisted I'd seriously become like a stalker, no point tormenting someone just for the sake of love if you ask me. So much restrictions, so much to think about. I was warned a countless number of times, and I guess I made the wrong move in the end. May I let this be a major lesson learnt, and yeah well, I guess I wasn't much after all.

Even now I'll say this, you've become my life, you never did deny me, you never did push me away, now you say you're leading me on, but I'll tell you this. I believe it's a lie, but I will not doubt you, because if you chose to say that, you definitely have your reasons. If fate shall call for the chance for me to go after you again once more, without a doubt I will, without a doubt I will carry on my vow, and without a doubt, I will prove to you, that Keong is never one to lie. And should the chance never come by, my heart will bear memories permanent to you.

Once again, I was warned, but I chose the path. Now that I feel the pain, I feel the tears, it was what I asked for, and should have expected. I shall not bitch about it.
The days we had, were short, and I had greatly failed in making you happy, but nonetheless, it was memorable.
There's a possibility you may have chosen this because of the people around me, and if you have, it was my own choice and I have not regretted it, we talked about it 2-3 times, and it still hasn't changed.
Lastly, to those people out there, so you think I have a good chance eh? I told you you guys need to look deeper. Too bad I didn't have the chance to deal with the obstacles anymore.

So allow me to say this for the last time. . . . I love you. . . Because, I really do.

~KeongSterZ~ What's said has been said, time for my 3 month-recuperative session~

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Topic Of The Day: For Once, I Really Wished I Was Brainless

God kinda helped me a little today. Thanks for the morning rain. Dropped into bed approximately 5-7am. 8am Lesson rained out so caught more sleep till 9:30 where I had to coach this dude from my condo at 10. Pretty nice lady and son, 3 lessons a week during holidays. Wah =.= Hyperactive.

Oh well, meeting up the RO dudes later on at city hall, then on with my own coaching and slackoff.
I feel weak, damn weak. I don't wanna lose you, and I don't know how you're feeling on your side. One minute you're happy, next minute you're not. I can't figure out if I'm doing right or wrong anymore. And I really wished I was brainless, so I'd only think with my heart, so I can just love you without any doubt.
I'm not looking for an answer, I'm not pushing for anything, I just felt pushed, that's why I pushed for one. Don't kill me off way too soon please, unless you find me a nuisance, den I'll back off.

~KeongSterZ~ Life, never think too much about it~

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Topic Of The Day: Punched In The Face Twice And Bruises on the left leg. How cool is that? Wait till you find out how I got it.

Today was another day Of Muay Thai with a few special exceptions. I got walloped, pretty back. Looks like I asked for it. Haha sparring was as per normal, except for some reason, I was much weaker, on the arms.
Well he flew a few punches, of the same normal power, just that, somehow my blocks didn't block him off. I ended up punching my own face twice from his force, awww jeez, it hurts. My own punches made my lips bleed.
Best of all, there was one part where I was supposed to kick the padding, but I missed, I ended up kicking Iskandar's leg, guess what!? It felt like a fucking pillar, and I'm bruised, it's like my Toe-bone BROKE!~ WTF. Muay thai people are THAT stiff? And I've been going for like 20 lessons so far, not to say that I'm damn weak or what, but I should at least have developed some additional Strength for a certain ability.

Oh did I mention I'm getting much better with kids now? They're damn cute sia, seriously. I just wonder why it's always such that girls get along better with guy teachers and the guys just get along better with girl teachers. But I don't teach them well, Keong's character and kids just don't really seem to blend in with each other.
It seemed I also have a lesser tendency of random vulgarities coming, which is a good thing. I'm becoming NICE! WOW.

Work has begun to do a lot of changes to my life. I'm really changing at a pace far too slow. But yeah well, I'm changing, what can I say. I just realized that I'm doing programs, programs that don't last forever. So my schedule will just keep changing again and again and again. Sianz =.=
Oh well, whatever will come will come. . . .

~KeongSterZ~ S I A N Z Z Z Z Z Z Z~~~~~~~

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Monday, November 05, 2007

Topic Of The Day: The Run From Reality.

Things have not been going well on all sides, my mind is still screwed on the issues that might not even be an issue. I've been constantly told to fuck care and ignore, and it's only too obvious I'm too paranoid about it.

I've been attracting attention, on many angles. Almost too much, I feel the pressure. Being human, I would love a little attention on me once in awhile, but yeah, maybe this my first time I've felt too much. Everyone's concerned over me, high probably cause I'm blowing up my mind with excessive unnecessary information.
Of course, all of you care about me, all of you think the same, these 2 reasons are good enough to tell me that I am in my own world of panic. My friends don't give a shit, why should I? They'll be there for me in the end if I should die at the very worst.

Think too much huh, now that really makes sense. So I suppose, even though it's just not me, I'll hide around my friendship circle, run away from my problems that may not even be problems from the beginning, and just lie low, for a long period of time. I hope you guys don't mind. It's better than me constantly going crazy about what he'll do to me and the guys around me.

Back to a little bit of personal updates. My work world. A bunch of amazing people. It's really surprising, even for me that practices muay thai and I now pack alot more muscle than I usually do, I'm probably one of the weakest at my stages. Meet 2 ladies that just recently entered my friendship circle, Melisa, a rock climber working in a fitness gym with a nice innocent smile that just hides all the strength within her. And Genelle, a gym instructor with a very well toned body, nice figure, and, sadly, can do double pull-ups than I do. Talk about deceiving looks. I'm gonna just stick to my iskandar routine of 300 pushups a day for the next few years and see how far I go.
So tomorrow's the next one, just lemmie go kick/punch some bag and yeah, hope i get whacked more. I need the stress-relieving, and it seems hyperactive people do not lose stress by attacking, they need to be attacked. Let me get this over and done with once and for all, will ya? And I'll never mention of the stupid things that always brings me down again.

~KeongSterZ~ I'm still growing, wow, at such an old age~

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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Topic Of The Day: Lesser Words, Bigger Meaning.

I went through another full series of self-thought sessions and brought myself to realize that I have continuously brought myself to doing actions beyond my ability, and as such, I have placed jeopardy in other parts of my life, namely, work, and health.

Yeah well I had to deal with the open house, and it went through pretty much ok along with the rest. Sometimes I sit around and watch the way they work, doing so much for the company, I questioned my dedication to them. Even if they didn't know, I knew what I have been doing the past few weeks, so that was something that I've got to balance out.

To Ele: I don't know why I'm doing this, but well, I just wanna love you openly, no more hiding around acting blur. You're not mine yet, and the future is uncertain. What is certain is I'm trying to win your heart too quickly, and now I actually will have to withdraw for a fair bit. You know, thanks for actually telling people that I'm after you, because through that, I found out, that's what I really actually wanted. I believe you knew what was in it for you when you allowed me to chase you, so I will respect that, and I will openly do it.
Seriously, thank you. You made me feel like I was being taken care of, FOR ONCE, in the bloody team. I've spent too much effort dealing with them time and again, I felt like a kid when you hugged me, and it felt good. For that 1 minute, I wasn't 22 years old. And as usual, I couldn't bring myself to cry. Shag.

To Jon: We've moved on to the next level of friendship, you've seen my way of thinking, and I've seen your way of thinking. Know that what we know will be between us forever, and that I'll always treasure you as a true friend.

Well, all I can say now is, I'm going to balance my life out. Work and love. If whichever part of my life fails, all I can say is, I have failed. I will have to move on some more, so yeah. Take the shit, what will come, will come.

~KeongSterZ~ My life, not my rules anymore. That's about intertwined fates.~

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Friday, November 02, 2007

Topic Of The Day: What Keong Is Made Up Of.

If you put into play of the feedback I've been receiving up till now, most of the time it's the "Keong you think too much" and the "Keong you try too hard to please everybody". So if that's what I'm really made of, is it a bad thing at all? What's wrong with making everybody happy?

I actually see it now, I could fight for my own happiness once in awhile, put some effort to make an improvement in my life, and not just stagnantize myself for this entire age. It's no wonder at age 17 I don't know what Roti John is and know nuts about the world. I never did bother to find out, and all I did was just listen to people, because it makes them happy anyway.
So now I finally saw through you, that you can never make everyone happy. There's such a thing called jealousy, that when one side is happy, the other side will not be. Such is the balance of the world, and there's no way I can do anything about it unless a force greater than the 2 oppositions shows up and forces the two to unite. I mentioned this somewhere before.

And I also finally saw through you, that I've been dormantly sitting around doing nothing, only moving when people need me to. I've done much for everyone around me, with some who can actually get tired of my kindness. It's my turn to stand now. I shall work on being selfish for once, I shall fight for you, and I will win your heart. Because that's all I could ever ask for, right here, right now. And as much as I cannot promise you about the future, I can definitely tell you that this feeling will not diminish anytime soon.

Thank you for your patience in me, for time is really what I need to sort things out.
Thank you for giving me the chance, for you have given me a new reason to live for.
Thank you for accepting me for who I am, because I couldn't ask for more, I will be myself and only myself, because I want you to accept me for who I am, not a facade of myself.
I already see many obstacles in my way, for some reason, for once, I shall simplify things. WHO GIVES A SHIT. How bad can it get.
There will be much for me to see in you, and much for you to see in me. I certainly hope that my long-psychological-wannabe research will finally prove some use here for my own personal issue. I will live to accept you, and I hope you can do the same.

~KeongSterZ~ Am I Finally Seeing Colours?~

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Topic Of The Day: Sai Kang Warrior does it all.

Allow Keong to share with you his next experience of his life. This is about a man who had been doing weird off jobs for a not very often period of time, but yet, he has a certain level of trying out new things experience. So today, he hit his next "Brand New" Task of the century. This story is called "DISTRIBUTING FLYERS"

Well okay, it's simple really, go to houses, find their letter boxes, throw flyers in, move on. Goddamn who would have expected the letter boxes to be so stiff. Some like can break my fingers when I attempt to push them open with 2 fingers. How do these letter delivery dudes on bikes survive the damn letterbox sia?
So today I've seen all kinds of houses, houses with NO letterboxes, houses with letterboxes that's rusted to the point there's termites on it, houses with letterboxes so high I have to reach up high to put it in (How sia if got small boy put, die la take chair), and there you have it, letterboxes that u need to FIND, hidden beneath some mini "forest" of greenery. Goddamn lah.
Not bad though, I saw myself moving faster after the first hour, about 1hr half walking around the whole district sia, I was really wishing I had a bicycle and I knew how to cycle that damn thing. SHAN~ TEACH ME~(Not like she reads anyway)

Now the unimportant information. This stupid district, is where many many rich people live in. These rich people, fucking number of cars are like number of JEANS I have in my closet. Kanna lanjiao 2-6 PER House. Wahhh Dui dui dui. Mercedes lah, Porsche la, Lambo also saw. KANINA!
Alot of interesting things too, fucking houses, look like u step in only got sensor they'll shoot arrow at u. Got one, wah car plate collector, whole wall flooded with car plates. Cool shit, I think he illegal speeder always speed, then change car plate speed again.
And I think they have an affinity with white dogs. All of them were white, I think all golden retrievers, these dogs don't bark sia. Adorable shit, but nevertheless, expensive. Jon go buy one please. (Reminds me when Jon made the golden retriever at crab shack go crazy, haha that was damn cute, typical jon)
One of the houses, they had a friggin small swimming pool. I dunno why they built that in the first place. The length of the pool is not even my height, so all i can probably do is jump in and soak myself in there. Gay lah, go get those balloon type also shuang.
So that's the end of Keong's experience with endless walking and countless eyes staring at him, I think my reputation just went from zero to negative ten.

Some standard updates.
Keong has been confirmed to be leaving singapore for the first time in 8 years (since 14) to Malaysia to go and be Kenneth low's slave for the next 3 days between 21st to 23rd November. His job scope includes distracting traffic police so they come after him instead of kenneth, to attempt to convince them that Keong is in a hurry as well, to spend time in jail assuming that he failed, and to just get back to Singapore after that. Simple job right?
Keong has officially self declared that his Muay thai lessons have brought him to the next level, and he now can pack some resistance against insane bullies or chao ah bengs. It's only an increment of surviving for an extra 5 seconds or something, but yeah. It'll increase anyway. Special thanks to Iskandar for beating the living shit out of him today as well, and he's looking forward to more.
Well finally, some of you probably wouldn't believe this anyway. But yeah, I'M IN LOVE!~~ As to uhhhh, yeahhh, uhhhhh. Whether I can actually officially call her my girlfriend, I have to go through a series of insane tests that basically drives me nuts already, and of course, go through the ordeal of suffering~ WHO CARES. BRING IT ON~~~ (Randomly plays the mungen song, Du Zi Chang Qing Ge, they have a line that says "Xiang Ai Jiu Bie Pa Shang Tong" Aka If You wanna love, cannot be afraid of pain.)

~KeongSterZ~ Moving On To The Next Level~

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