Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Just came upon this while kapoing some flower images from my project

Roses come in a wide range of colors. Each different color has a different meaning.
It sends a silent, yet extremely important message.

Red Love, beauty, courage and respect
White Purity and innocence, silence or secrecy, also reverence and humility
Pink Appreciation, "Thank you", grace, perfect happiness, and admiration
Dark Pink Appreciation, gratitude
Light Pink admiration, sympathy
Yellow Joy, gladness, friendship, delight, the promise of a new beginning
Orange Desire, and enthusiasm
Red and White Given together, these signify unity.
Red Rosebud A symbol of purity and loveliness
White Rosebud Symbolic of girlhood
Thornless Rose Signifies "Love at first sight".

Hey Hey. . . WHY NO BLUE !@#$%^&*(
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Hey Hey. I ran into 7 people who i had never seen for a long time, and they all say "Keong your hair very long arhhhh, go cut arh!" -_-
Those who had seen me in damn short hair one arh, all know that i look damn shitty because i have very little hairrrrrrrrr. So my long hair may look like shit, at least it looks less shittier than when i have NO HAIR.

What else happened yesterday? I just got tortured, but that wasn't really much of a deal since i'd be getting more of it. Oh yeah, My supervisor didn't showup (yet again). Somehow i feel really damn ready to retain.

Ahhhhh, I forgot, Window Shattering Stuff to share with u, Don't come to me for compensation if your window panes break or your sound blaster blows up followed by emitting smoke.

LISTEN AT YOUR OWN RISK <-----Hey Hey, i ownself sing wan, i screwed the last part, so mai jian guai, tiring leh.

The rest is good stuff liao ;p <-----this is a nice video of a guy who has bones but seems like he doesn't have any <-----My Napha Song Lyrics arh, next time den sing, e previous one sounded like shit. <-----It is what it says it is -.-

So what's it for today? I thought of a nice topic again. DESPERATION!!!!

Talk about desperete for water(My Training) , desperate for rest(My Training yet again), desperate for it to end(OUR SIP zZz), desperate for porn(retards), desperate for hentai(also retards). Hey Hey~ Desperation happens all e time.

Got tell u all that time from JH hse bus 28 come by, wah , WE CHIONG ARH. Dun say JH, his Speed is the same as mine in desperate situations wahaha. HE CAN RUN I TELL YOU -_-.(Chris cannot though =X).

But seriously when you're desperate, what do you do? Go mad? Start to pia~? Give up? I wish to say that i'm desperate to complete my Project, but considering i'm still blogging, it's obvious i'm not. So what am i normally desperate of? "LATE FOR SCHOOL CHEEBYE". Late 1 time can kena see stupid SIP head and all that nonsense with all e stupid interrogation and all that nonsense. I also desperate to pass napha, buey tahan. So when i desperate, i just skip the normal routines at home and just get changed n chiong to school. Desperate to pass napha, what to do? I dun do anything. Cos i lazy! that's what i hate about myself but seems like there's nothing i can do about it.

For people like me who always last minute, getting desperate is always pretty often business, but it doesn't seem to change me wahahaha. But from what i know, when you get desperate, your "clear thoughts" weaken and your "fuse" gets blown pretty easily. That's what i'm emphasizing.

It's me Again. Yes! I blew my temper again yesterday! Stupid shit! Must fucking Control!~~!~!~!~!~
I get irritated damn easily these days sia. . . Except those whose daily routine is disturbing me anyway (Boss Leong, who else).
Hey Hey i'm burning e naurto i dowan to fail PR2 =D.
So everyone must learn from my mistakes, i'm sharing with u all my F-ed up experiences so that u all can also try to control =D.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

HEy Hey, it's me again! Guess what. Today I got caught playing game again! But u know what!? I'm so unlucky!

I had 4 VB programs open, 2 Microsoft access programs as well -.-. I was doing project. Then i just boliao click on NewGrounds and just click on some link. Cool got some sonic game, click on it, just pick up 3 rings, and TIO CAUGHT LIAO!!!!. PCB SUEY.

Anyway, as i had guessed for my SLTA captain, on saturday he left us with no form of "lineups" as to who plays which game, so ended up we had a game of scissors paper stone. As expected he wasn't expecting us to win, but we did anyway, and i never played sunday one, which we win also. That's a total of 4 wins, so "we're likely to enter e semi-finals" was what he said to me yesterday, and looking at my previous "3 wins record" which i don't see anything worth being proud of, rather disgraceful too, he decided that i should go play in e semi-finals and kickass along with e other 2 real badasses. Now who's e Jackass! ME!

So let's rollback to my 3 previous wins and you shall see whether i should be proud or otherwise:

First one was against a kid who can't even return a normal shot well, and i gave away 2 games per set. . . Proud of winning? No~?

Second one was against a guy who looked like he just got out of NS, and he doesn't have any particularly impressive shot except for his style of playing which i bet only has 1 year of experience the most with at most tennis gameplay of once a week. And i gave away 2 games on first set and 4 games on e other. Proud? -_-

Lastly, it's against a guy who's pretty below average(Considering he can't beat me), has good shots but it doesn't come out in e real games (Not enough exposure), and a whole bunch of inconsistent shots(Same as me). Only thing? He can't run -_-. Actually he can, but i just see he refuses too, striking resemblance to my coach, Gave 1 set away to him, and won the other two giving away 3 games for e other 2 sets. Though it was e toughest out of e 3, it's nothing compared to my actual TP mates -_-. Proud!? I'd say again. Fuck this shit -_-.

So what am i going to do on sunday? I'm going to Prepare to get my asskicked with additional flavor in it, i'm expecting further sarcasm and am currently thinking of a strategy to "retaliate" should such a situation appear with cocky bastards. If it's an old man, okay, let's drop it. I respect my elders, but not motherfucking gays and/or sluts.

So now here i am working on my project and i came up with a nice little profile that CANNOT BE INPUT into e database because of stupid ' and # and @ and all that kind of nonsense. It's e stupid address! What the fuck lor, why do i always kena e stupid problems. Sometimes i just wish i can quit this shit, and my members are pushing me to give them codings for database input ;p. (Though i have it, let them panic for awhile). It's Edward's hardwork, cannot anyhow give so easily ;p.

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Monday, March 29, 2004

Hey Hey, today's monday! And supposed to start project, but then again. Tomorrow bah =).

So what of today? More nonsense to talk about. I just thought about. . .
Bad things. Anything in your mind that's bad.

Like hmmm. Stuck up people, lecturers, pornography(to me), hentai(to me also), etc. [Dang i wonder if got pple wanna whack me up now]

So each n every one of us has things which we consider "Bad!" for the mind, body, whatever.
So let's treat these bad things like poison. Once it goes deeper, the bad things grow! Right?

Like what i said, i used to hate porn. Actual reason? No one knows, but now you'll know. I'm afraid. I don't want to look like those kinda mad nerds who get obsessed with these kinda stuffs and just go starin at e monitor like they have no life, and i have a real idea what that kinda person looks like, Me as of now wahaha. Because i'm also staring at e monitor, just that i'm watching animes, playing games n other sorts of nonsense, but i seriously don't want to try since i heard that kind of shit is addictive.

But now with all e amount flying all about, it's kinda common to run into em in emails, people's screens(especially my classmates), and quite a few of em more. But i'm proud to say i don't surf for em on purpose. And gradually, watching these stuff is like, boredom to me. I kind of developed an immunity to it instead of an addiction. So it came to my mind that so long as you know that you don't want to get involved in these kinda stuff, and so long as you persist, it'll actually be harmless to you.

The chinese saying is it? Yi Du Gong Du (Fight poison with poison).

I don't know why i'm saying this, but somehow i feel that you shouldn't really confine yourself/others to things you're afraid of for certain reasons. The most you should do is advise them/yourself, but not force it.

SIP's ending, any last words to say? I certainly feel dead, and i'm not really waiting to do my projects. Anyway to all e SIP students out there, wahahaha pray all pass lah hor ;p

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Sunday, March 28, 2004

Hey Hey, back for more nonsense.

Jh was telling me to try singing e stupid napha song n go let u all listen, wahaha then sekali spread all over e place. Cute sia, i no microphone anyway, so let's drop that subject.

Anyway, cool~ i got a small space allocation from my friend's server! Song ar! Can upload things liao, but good question is, how e hell u even draw up a website n make it nice nice. Wahaha u can go see now <-----e main webby link, there's nothing inside as u can see

I got nothing nice to upload anyway, but perfect timing, can work on my project with it. H0h0h0.

So what of today? Tell u guys something i learnt. Anger = Energy. Tired? Get angry, find any way -_-. Just don't lose control of it. I used my anger to get energy, and my determination to kickass yesterday wahaha. And btw, the sun sucked PCB fucking hot arh. Totally drained out our energies -_-.

What's new? Nothing. Blog's out. Time to rush project heh heh. Now all my blogs short n sweet liao h0h0h0. Nitez creepz

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Saturday, March 27, 2004

Welcome To Daily News Report, this is Keong speaking.

Ahem, today Keong has his final SLTAs , thank you for your attention, this is Keong signing off.

Ahha~ Okay, today i thought of something. Remember i said something bout losing your cool? So i ask you all this situation.
Today a stupid car horned at me because i was enjoying myself waiting for traffic to clear (And so happen so many motherfucking cars REFUSES TO TURN ON THEIR FUCKING SIGNAL) so what the hell? My fault?

Ok anyway, once he started horning, i didn't even look at what was up there, i just took off at a fast speed and did a very steep turn, hohoho. That's an immediate failure. Bastard.

First things first, i was angry. 2nd things, i dun even know i right or wrong. And thirdly, once he horned, i panicked! And after that incident, the rest of the "lesson" was just suicide runs with me just driving like a mad dog -.-.

So 3 things that came to my mind, Anger, panic, worry (Because dunno right or wrong), and the outcome of these 3? Impatience, lack of precision, rash movement.

This is good u know wahahahaha, i'm saying my own bad points and let u all witness, so u all can figure it out e next time, and maybe can try a better approach. So as it goes, if i'm not wrong, the same goes for tennis. I miss shot, i panic, i panic, i die, start getting rash, impatient, whatever. Just that when that happens, balls rarely go in. So today! I am going to try to COUNTER!!! -_-

Yes end of story, i'm afraid of just typing too much ;p
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Thursday, March 25, 2004

Hmmm today i just thought of two things. One of which, is a decision whereby you can make a "problem" a win-win situation, a win-lose situation, or a all lose situation. Now what do i mean by that? Just listen to this Story. ( DUN WORRY IT'S SHORT)

No point describing the layout of the road outside my condo there, but my case is such that the turn right green arrow was on, while the opposite path was on red, so i could cross half of e road, illegaly. And damn ass car almost hit me, why? He did a fucking U-turn. And it's illegal too. What the fuck, and he horned at me, that motherfucker.

After i safely got through e road n finished my curses at him, it came to me that, both of us did things illegaly. I mean, ok NOT IMPORTANT, but these situations do come sometimes right? And it's like, it's up to both parties to decide e situation. Ok i cheat for test, you found out, but u say "Come arh gimme answer also" And both win-win situation. Den again u can paotoh me and i die~ but u dun gain anything wahaha. Some situations do but that's not e point. What i'm saying is it's decided by both parties to make it a win-win, lose-win, or a lose-lose aka wan die die together situation.

So what of this topic? Nothing -_-. I just thought of it, share it lor. . It's short anyway =D.

And 2nd thought, jeez, it's about myself. I was wondering if i needed a total makeover. I'm a jerk and an asshole and anything in e vulgarity list. I've been playing tennis for ages, and today played against VJC. Wonderful gameplay done by Keong once again and all he can do is? Laugh! That's what i do for prevention of blowing my fuse, but it seems to be making me slack off, giving me a chance to give myself excuses and i'll just do it over n over again. And it seems like that totally changed me as well. No more AhBeng Keong and there you've got e open-minded Keong who accepts anything that comes by -_-. My DoomsDay Lai Liao ARh! TasKeTe!!(Help me in Japanese). I feel useless, I am useless, and i wanna be useful. FOR ONCE wahahahaha. (See i'm laughing again cheebye -_-)

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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

3rd Blog for the day, just wanted to tell u all something. I learnt of this very meaningful sentence in an anime (AGAIN) Yes anime is helpful sometimes wahahah.

There's only a small difference between escaping a situation and challenging it. (By their chinese characters)

SAD CASE ARH BLOG DUN SUPPORT CHINESE CHARS -_- Gay!!!!! (Try n picture lah hor)
逃 <---- This is Tao aka Runaway (Escape)
挑 <---- This is Tiao aka Taking up e challenge

Note that it's only the difference of the 旁(Sides) that is the difference, which is the "small" difference.

So the next time before you think of running away from a bad situation, think about challenging it instead, it doesn't take much to challenge what's ahead of you, but whether you succeed or not, is another case ;p

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Take the Boyfriend Quiz at!

You're an Obedient BF!
Hey dude, having a GF is cool, but not if it means you're on call 24/7. You've gotta stop doing whatever your GF wants you to do and start doing stuff for yourself. There are plenty of fish in the sea - most of which won't demand you bring purified mountain water to all their cheerleading practices, or carry their books to class. Grab a backbone and move on to someone a little less demanding.

What have i got to say? -_- . . . Nothing. . maybe just 2 words.
This is bullshit wahahaha i'm obedient h0h0h0 . . Mama's boi huh ;p
Maybe i should try~

Special Thanks to :Apple's Blog cos i stole it from her blog~
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Wah today damn damn damn damn happy. Why!? Finally Resolved one of the fucking gay problems in my project. NOW I FINALLY SEEING SOME FUTURE IN IT. Motivation up liao . . Tomorrow also pia~~.

Then hor JH blog that ---; guy wahahaa. Aiya damn cute lah he. Last time i used to do that alot wahahaha with a few others, but we soon found that stupid. I mean, . . .doesn't it just seem like childish acts of cowardism? But if he'd come to my lab n try to whack me, i'd faster strategize a way to get out of e lab without getting hurt. If he blocks e door, wahahaha. It's time to suicide run~. Maybe i could try setting a few traps n so, good idea. machiam home alone bwahahaha.

Anyway. . . i know alot of pple complaining bout my long blogs arh -_-. Time to do something bout it. SUMMARY!
i go study summarizing first den i write e next blog -_-

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Monday, March 22, 2004

Ok time to continue E story

Anyway At 14 is also the time where your friends start to show some attitude, as in not those "I dun fren u already" or whatever. It's the "dao" Attitude. So they start playing it cool on you and act tough? And i always found that pathetic. I also find it very hard to talk to people arh. Especially the sensitive ones. This is the period where jokes become the "offensive" kind and they're supposed to be what they are meant to be. Jokes, but people don't take them as it is, and so fell out with me. I could remember the names of those, but i won't mention them. Afterall they're still my buddies up till now -_-. At 14 i also started serious counterstriking. CS CS CS, i started since beta 5 and keep playing all e way, got my whole clan doing e same thing with me and i learnt much about them from temper flaring to endless destruction. You could say 14 was the age of "Independance" Or somewhat there, everything just seems to change on this age. 14 Was my period of peak arguments, fights, and anything in the list of idiocism and dumbnesty.
At 15 I realised what an asshole i was back at 14, so i started my self-personality revolution. Apart from the usual hangouts with my buddies (clanmates), the rest of the time I would just confine myself at home and be my loner, and it became a habit. A computer habit wahaha, keep playing game. I think that time was play D2, but got no SCV, so play D2 Single player. 15 was the year i totally forgot about celebrations, new year, christmas, birthday, whatever. They're all days to me, or holidays wahahaha i dun care anyway. Maybe that's my way of exiling myself from this world? 15 I also got to know of a very big paikia group in my class. Everytime recess half my class will dissapear out there smoking. And although they always damn sialan and ahbeng, it's also e first time i got to know of "reasonable" ahbengs. They don't anyhow bully pple n whack pple arh, they treat us like normal people, so normally we dun have problems, except for certain exceptions -_-. Then i came to know the number 1 fucker of the world, Ian Toh. He'd be more than happy to see his name here anyway. Bloody bastard does jokes from anything to everything. The most daring tricks come from him, the most offensive tone comes from him, the biggest bullshit comes from him, and the most number of whacks goes to him. Because no one can simply tolerate just sitting by and letting him insult you. The problem is that even if you take a 25cm X 17.5cm X 8cm Thick A maths book and smack it at him, giving him a bruise, He'll only Ow for awhile, rub his wound, and start laughing at you, insulting you again. In chemistry lab, the worst experiments come from him, and i'll never forget the damn bloody ammonium hydroxide he stole and used it for his lame tricks. He's a pretty niceguy though. Quite a daring fellow, i wonder if he's been whacked recently. . . .wahahahaha. He also changed me la, hang around with him too much, become lame liao, become guailan liao. Sec 3 also started my Shattered Galaxy! Then play play play, from this game i learn alot about teamwork and arguments and fucking kaopei people and sibei guailan people "NOT HAPPY COME OUT FIGHT LAH, WHERE U STAY" <---That's singaporean ahbengs. And i realise they have no brains. People always say singapore ahbeng cannot make it lor, and i realised why. But i managed to hit it big in SG and helped an entire regiment become from newbies to a whole bunch of professionals who can talk back at me right now. At least they didn't forget me. Now that's what a sense of satisfaction is. Wahahaha from then on i realised i can rally a group of people together and change them for the better/improve them in games, but not in real life. Leadership in games, patheticism in real life ;p.
So. . .16. . . O levels -_-. Never cared, still can get this kind of results. But also the time i started buying games and playing all e time. Then i go out veri often arh. . . Got to know alot more people and their attitude etc. etc. Very hard to adapt to everyone, and the "in" thing these days all seems to be "Act cool", "Attention seeking" etc. -_-. Especially when they talk about girls, i'd just shutup. Who e hell wants to know my definition, they'll just go "Are you gay?". Started getting tired of life. So apart from those real good friends of mine, the rest i'd just look upon em as "trash". Then 16. . . Another major change in my life. . . MOVE HOUSE. . ZzZzZz.
17 Come to TP, totally stranger area, never travel arnd bedok, tampines before, sian of life, miss my old friends etc. I dun like new environments, and from my view of life these days, i'd pretty much be looking at everyone like trash to me now. And i did think "Poly eh, time to see bitches, Sian" (My pri n sec skewl is boi skewl -_-). My current class, only 2 girls, both look ok ok, not so jialat. Funny i step into some school and i see all e girls plenty of makeup and all give e slut look kind of thing, i was thinking where this place was, i just looked up (Oh i see, school of business). Why did i go into business? Thank Mr desmond/Andrew for getting to become my friends along with the 2 girls and we always run around TP go the canteens n can go watch movie/play pool etc. all that kinda thing. Our interests differ though. They play pool, i don't, i play arcade! But we still get along anyways, cause they also play arcade. It was then i realised i was kinda "inflexible", and dumb i was. It's like, i'm expecting people to be the way i want them to be while i'm not adapting to their likings? So it's like, I learnt that there are things that shouldn't be changed, but it's always better to learn more here n there. In this year i also learnt the power of girls. 1 girl can actually cause disputes within e whole class. Anyone in that class knows it. . . It's kinda ridiculous to think that it's possible, but it happened. And my experience with girls is a near zero, so i really couldn't say much. I got to know of more girls in the tennis team, as usual i'd just flush out e girls (e cute one got BF liao ler! wahahaha). . . And . . . Wait a minute, she was the only girl at that time anyways -_-. Can't say much ah, i go in there just play lor, cos certain people told me to. When i went in there they were stupid people who didn't even know the basic strokes. And now they're all kicking my ass ;p. So e girl problem. . . Miss Beach (whom i would call now) seems to have talked to me alot during this year while she moved into YJC and talked to me alot about this issue. Her "views" were pretty much the neutral point of view, that's why i cannot say much arh. I'm not unreasonable also. July suddenly e tennis team also got influx of girls arh, so gradually i had to talk to them. For some reason they got girls in there that cannot stand guys not talking at all (me). So i spent some time, gather their icq number~ then talk cock with them online. THEY ARE BORING PEOPLE~!!!(online that is). Come to real life they're what normal girls do (scream, laugh, nag, whack u, etc.). At least I finally saw a non-bitch, and i started accepting the way girls do things, still a little cautious though, you can never be too careful with bitches =X.
18 liao, can go drinking liao lor. of course happy. But i'd never smoke anyway, pple who smoke to me only is act cool to harm their body. Wahahaha dumb asses. 18 i started to sian of school because of the dumb PBL and alot of hostile faces looking at me, as well as e nerdy lookin people, who are all now my good friends. . . LoL. If it isn't Aron Norashid Bin Daing Mustafa. Taught me alot of things, including morals, combined with my own, i learnt that everyone has a fixed personality in them (such as me, always rash and impatient) that can't be changed, but there's another part to them that can change in terms of their views of life. How they live depends on the way they want it to be. People who are sialan, may be sialan because they want to, but some are forced to (like myself). People who have a bad attitude, just happens to have a bad attitude, but there is a reason behind it. Find out the reason, and you'll know how to handle him. All part of PBL wahahah. Apart from our normal PBL research, we always use PBL in other cases and play around with it. But because of him we also learnt alot. Somemore we got clarence in our group. Mr Good Guy. wahahaha U say leh. ;p. Finally once the people who not happy me talked to me arh, in irc. Then we just exchanged our point of views and easily enough, we resolved our disagreements, learnt to accept each others' bad points and got along well. Who else? This is the Boss Leong period =D. First half of the year learn alot on self-personality and character analysis, and started confining myself at home, AGAIN, for fear of doing the wrong thing to anyone, until i figure out the "right" thing to do, which now i know can never happen. So second half Grp with boss leong, much more nonsense, but never learn much. I only learnt more reasons why people dulan each other. Hanging around with him also made me know what leadership is arh, as well as his and everyone's important role in life. That's why when people come to me for help, I'll give it my all to help them out, but knowing my lazy nature, i'd do well to stay out of major tasks, because i never had the responsibility to do it.

Actually i also know i strayed off topic, talking about my life sia, but it still has people inside, my memory ain't that good, i know of many other people who helped me change my life, but. . . jeez, i need more time to remember wahaha ;p
Just read abit until u bTH then hit the [X] Button on the top right lah hor =D.

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Sunday, March 21, 2004

It's a sunday, and it's the 8th day since i got hit by the flu, and it just doesn't seem to me that i'll get better with it. At least e fever's been down on the 3rd day so it's a definete NON-SARS case.

Anyway today i thought of a pretty interesting topic.
Important people in your lives.

And i'm not talking about, your girlfriend, mother, father, brother, sister etc. It's kinda obvious that they are the most important people in your lives currently, but what i wanna emphasize on is the people you've encountered in your "history" and because of their actions and opinions, changed your lifestyle/attitude/views and made you a better/worse person.

Everyone's lives definetely has to have a stupid teacher or a super bright student or some FELLOW out there who has greatly affected your inner thoughts and changed you. So who are these people? Do you Bother to remember them? What have they helped you change in?

Have you realised that if you don't run into these people, what would you be now?
Even my life, although boring, has always gone through many major changes in life. I've changed my personality countless times throughout the years and i've just lost my old one unknowingly.

These people in your life, what did they do to change you? Try writing a history of yourself and people who has changed you. No Matter good or bad. There are bound to be people who has changed you for the worse too.

So for mine, I've been trying to recall too. But what was stupid was by the time i was 7 years old, i'd had clean forgotten what happened in my first 5 years in my life, it's almost like i never lived through the first 5 years (Machiam some movie i kana manufactured liddat). Show me my baby photo or my old house in tampines i also have zero idea. I only remember i like to drink from the toilet sink, and i remember the cup that i always drink my water in cause it has a crack @ e bottom and i always find it so fun that water's dripping out ;p.
BUT I REMEMBER. When i moved out of tampines, Tampines mall and Century Square didn't even stand there, not even the MRT station. I still can play soccer in that big big field over there. But when i went back to tampines, i only remember the big field, but i cannot remember e location of my old house.
(Keong you're straying off topic, you're supposed to talk about people, not your history)
Yes i know, too bad is, no one changed me. I got an obsession in games since 6 and played all e way until now. I've been a loner since my kid ages, go pre-primary also dun talk to pple. Then mother always say i shy, that time dun even know what shy is. But primary 2 i forever remember. This bugger call james, borrow 80c from me, damn smart bastard. Everyday say forget until 1 day declare "I pay u back already!" First one to change my view. DUN TRUST PEOPLE BTH CCB. 80c that time was a big deal, my canteen food 1 day i spend 50c only leh. (AND CAN BUy 8 ERASERS). First person i mention, he should be proud sia.
During that time my family still quite above average in terms of richery, so i'd normally get all the weird stuff and all that thing. Bring to school, wahahaha, I machiam set trap liddat. Test my class. Before recess showoff to everyone, recess time act blur go eat, come back gone. Then i search the specific people's bags. TIO INSIDE. CCB! My new year $$$ also go inside his back, Bastard. Catch him red handed. Basket people really cannot trust.
Around 11 i started becoming quite antisocial liao. Start digging for only trustworthy people. 12 i got introduced to ahbengs, the first bastard. Talk so sialan to teacher, but during that time FUCK, cheebye, lanjiao, was not introduced. Bastard was vulgur enough. Then come ahbeng with me, push me around, i almost cry arh. Never cry though, he also changed my life, tell me that this world is full of fucked up people, so to survive, must work on your own, then i started to Ahbeng also, difference is only when they find mi trouble then i go sialan back, if not i sit there bochup~.
Then police always say all these ahbeng collect protection $$$, jian bu de in my school ar, all humji one. All scared my teacher, Jenny Leong. Wahahaha she the one i still remember and still visit sometimes, but nowadays lazy. She and her trademark. "Oei! 2 Words! Shut up!" No one dare to stand up against her arh. Woman shout so loud rare siah.
13 that time my life really change ar, change classmates, every1 look so sialan. How sia, but i also got introduced to Cedar girls secondary n Outram Institute and from them, i came up with e definition "All girls are bitches/sluts." Wahahaha only those who really ask me alot of questions bout my life will know this kind of thing. Really buey tahan lah the cedarians, Last time bo mature, now i think they also like us that time no maturity, so we just hate each other 4 no reason. But they always Flood our bus then laugh at us when we cannot board sia bloody hell.
Then 14 i went into my first fight, aiyo, heng 1 v 1 only, damages not severe, teacher veri fast stop e fight. How i got the courage to fight infront of teacher i dunno, but start fight DEFINETELY is NOT me. That bastard lah, i only talk back at him "Kanina wan fight izzit" then gimme the look so buey song i dun like i just fling pencil then both stand up n fight =X. Then also got this Macdonalds experience where got alot of girls then the way they buy thing, all these kind of thing, damn sialan, damn this, damn that, alot of thing la. Then i want to whack lor, but EVERYONE, even now, all tell me say, girls must tahan, show mercy, cannot whack. Until now i still think because of that girls always take advantage of e situation lor, that's why i dun like to give in to girls in arguments. Buey tahan. That time also my definition "All girls are bitches" Really embedded in my mind sia. Hate them arh! 14 also got to know my first chiobu teacher~ What's her name? I only know surname Chong, wah damn kindhearted ah (contradicting hor, i talk about all girls are bitches/sluts then suddenly chiobu teacher forget everything). I just like her as a teacher arh, but she teach also equally boring so fall asleep -_-. She teach me veri good morals~ And i dun mean moral education, teach u nonsense. But she talk to me bout my purpose in life!(Because i always sleeping in class then she not happy catch me la u see). Gimme what 45min lecture, then i told myself that it's better to decide when the time comes and just go with the flow rather than decide my future for myself. At the same time my bro at that time got to know his girlfriend for 1year+ and i just Got to know of it. Seldom see her arh, but also dowan talk to her wahahahaha (Dun forget my definition). I also very un-good terms with my brother because he is so damn unreasonable and is such a bastard in the younger days (ALWAYS BULLY ME!). Cannot forget all the fights we had, but it was fun talking about it with him though ;p. I last time got write letter "I Hate you" and 10+ reasons why and stick it on his door. Then he come my room and whack me again basket. Child Abuse! I dun care ;p. It's over, wahahaha but damn fun arh think abt it. Good old childhood times.

Suddenly i realise i type damn long sia. But damn fun arh -_- Talk bout old times.~ Next half talk tomorrow bah =D. And i haven't forgotten e topic, try n think of people who changed your life lor. Mine got leh, read closely, quite alot -_-.

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Saturday, March 20, 2004

Today, first SLTAs~ I can win arh -_- . . No big deal anyway, my opponent wasn't good.

Anyway. Boring day @ home, all my games all play finish! How Arh! -_- . . . Want to go out but Cannot talk!~ Totally lost my voice bwahahaha. So u can start yelling abuse @ me & i can't do anything about it.

Counting down 3 weeks to end of SIP~

Today, there shall be no topic to talk about because i realise what i talk about, i never seem to remember them when i need them the most!
h0h0h0 I don't practice what i preach myself, so might as well fuck it and stay as what i am~

Brought to you by: Keong e Loser~ =D

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Friday, March 19, 2004

Here i am in school again. Wah Bei Tahan, my cough getting worse n worse. Can someone just hammer the crap out of my back so I can at least get rid of the fucking phlegm once and for all zZzZz.

Today, I am also. . NOT going to do work, go home for lunch then read abit abt it h0h0h0. Tired arhh.

Panic arh, tomorrow e big day liao. I really scare dun win! My win record is an almost Never case, but this time got pple behind my back hoping for wins arh. How 2 let them down~. I'd be helping myself thousands if i actually stop hitting the frame, CCB. I think i really can play tennis without the strings, use frame 2 play.

Everyday also O2j, o2j is good practice for concentration -_-, and it really is sia. Your mind sway off for awhile, h0h0h0 miss like hell~, then recovery is difficult liao. The same for tennis also -_-. So must Ji Zhong Jing Shen!

Ok 9:13, stand up n take a look @ my team members. Hmmmm, no bad. Change game liao.
One playing Hearts.
The other 2 not here -_-.

so. Counting down liao arh. Left 3 weeks++ to SIP over, problem is, will i retain anot. Good question. I think i'm just waiting for that to happen.
Back to another of my old topcs. . . "Keong didn't you encourage people to Never giveup?"
Simple logic, i can't "implement" that in studies. Can't be bothered~
Wonder how the others are doing though, only got contact with Boss Leong's grp n their progress(outside attachers)

So today, what other form of nonsensical topic i can think about? Actually, I've got none, never do homework lah. Got too much stuff up my mind. . . So I'll end it here~ ByEbYe.

Brought to you by: Keong e Loser~ =D

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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Today really machiam no mood come school sia, but i'm still here anyway.
Today i made a stupid dream. I forgot what thing happened, but i only know, i screamed at my mother ahha(IN MY DREAM). Bth lah, i guess her "Must have everything her way" also deeply embedded in my heart until i can even dream of it liao. Then in my dream i was just sitting in a corner crying, waiting for her to come and apologize. Sounds childish sia, I guess i still am.
And then~~~ Guess what~~~
Alarm clock ring~ ~ ~. I Woke up ~ ~ ~. Then i was like "Ahhh, chey just a dream, but i still kinda held on to that "hatred" for my mum i got in my dream, until my handphone(2nd alarm clock) bugged me. So i was like "Eh Eh eh, real world liao lah, quit the stupid thinking and prepare go skewl." But the usual me would just lie on bed and continue sleeping, and so i did. And while lying on e bed i was picturing my situation and plan for e day.
I wuz thinkin how i lived through my mother's nonsense, my father's nagging, and my brother's longwinded stories. . . Heck KAre~ Consequences later. That was my decision as for e day as well. HECK CARE. Today i am NOT going to touch on the project and go mad over it liaoooo. Fail? Come. Fail me bah. I not fated to pass~ might as well just wait for my other team members to panic h0h0h0. Then we all die 2gether. (I tried my best hor, bth stuck at e same thing for so long. . not bad sia my persistence actually lasted 3 full days).
Today i also physically weak arh. Go everywhere cough everywhere, i feel so horrible. Bei Tahan. I wish someone will just take a vacuum cleaner and stuff it in my throat n turn it on to suck out all the phlegm(I think it's dis spelling). I don't really mind if you suck out my heart in e process n kill me, I just dowan to sufer liao ~_~.

So let's stand up n take a look @ what my team members r doing. . . . . .
Oh one of them is reading some chinese girls profile. . .
Another scrimping through some videos. . .
and e last one playing solitare . . . . .

And i'll be going home soon, i purposely left all my work @ home, so i'll make sure i don't do it in school. TSO also staring at me alot lately. I wan play game also cannot. Gay connection.

You know what's today's topic? I've been thinking lately. U all like me anot, believe in fate, resign to fate, that kind of thing. That's why i'm so heckkare type anyway. Christians will call it destiny but what the hell i dowan to hear that right now(Because i know Faith will come around and start flooding again, must make my blog length longer. Jez faster make yourself free~~.)

So what of fate? Heh i always believe my fate to be bullied by people! ! ! Until that day i bei tahan, so i told myself, fight 2 e death~ Who bully, WHACK! Kena thrashed, even better! Go Hospital, NO SCHOOL! HOLIDAY! Hospital so peaceful. Then now i think, go hospital = spend $ = waste family $, so wan kena whack, must make sure i die~, make sure die until ambulance cannot save, then secure $. Then now i think, die liao, who support family, no one support family, they go Starve to death, how sia. This world so jialat.

Conclusion: Live and Learn wahahaha. Do things dun go to e extreme, just live life the way it should be. Fail Napha, Try Again, Fail Napha, Try Again. Fail until go army, Nevermind, 2 1/2 months. It's not ONLY, but it'll pass anyway. 2 1/2 months less of gaming, slacking, shopping anyway. 2 1/2 months more of noneed to tahan mother nagging.

So what am i trying to say here? Just saying everything u do, sure got good n bad sides to it one. Read e above situations. How many pple also like that? How many pple died cos kena beaten 2 death by ahbeng, how many pple go tiao lou zhi sha already?

Even Fail project, fail napha or the things that shouldn't really happen. Those are really bad, but got good sides to it also right? Lesson learnt. Regret never pia, Maturity etc.

I'll consider about that lah okay~

Brought to you By: Keong e Loser~ =D

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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Sian Sia. Let this be a nice warning to everyone.
Please be patient with me because i have been Very very fucking irritated by the stupid VB.NET that simply refuses to give me a single working CODE even though i tried 17 of em.
So if i just so happen to blow out an offensive tone or phrase towards you, do me a favour and Give me a gentle reminder. Sheesh~. I wonder how many more hours i'll take to get it done.

Uh okay, then again First thing anyone would read this would go "Didn't Keong say something about controlling yourself and stress-handling?"
Yes I Did, I'm just giving a Just-In-Case Situation because the Aries batch are supposed to be Rash people, and my background history has proven that countless times.
Just show up when i'm not doing my project, i assure you probably nothing will go wrong.

Okay so some of you might probably think what's on my mind now.
Simply enough, it's e stupid project. This is the 4th LAST week, my group members are happily messing around as usual and i don't wish to say anything about it. Codes that supposedly can be done in 15minutes took me 14 hours to mess around but to no avail.
My cough's irritating me so badly till i could start cutting off my throat any minute now.
And Most importantly! Stupid TSO's face always pisses me off. . . zZzZzZz

Last but not least, my morale is so damn low liao ~_~, i really scared i lose e mood to do my project animore = waiting to retain, mother nag. h0h0h0. Sibei song, and u all can start saying "See lah Keong, play game play somemore lah, ask u start early dun take my advice, now Sibei HoChio Liao Lor." ~_~.

So who's on to see me tomorrow and give me a nice wakeup Slap, or even better, MY VB.NET SOLUTION! GET MY NIGHTMARE OVER AND DONE WITH!!!!!

Right. . . I'm done whining (Sorry, gotta find something to vent my anger on, and i figured it's e keyboard, better off than calling someone and wasting his time, better yet blogs are for people who have too much time up their ass to waste some of their time on =D)

Brought to you by: Keong e Loser~ (Stress Stress Stress~ ~ I Dun Wanna Die~ ~ But It Seems Inevitable~ ~ ~)

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*yawn* h0h0h0 Start of a new boring day, and i just feel like sleeping~.
Neway, blograte per month will reduce because it is TIME for ME to PIA my PROJECT!

Today's topic!!!!!
So let's talk about visual

Dim Jiahua As String
Dim Keong As String
Dim XianRong As String

Class Form Form1

Private Function Button1_clicked(ByVal whatever whatever whatever) Handles Button1_Click
If Jiahua.Checked = true
LabelJiahua.Text = "Jiahua Sucks"
If Keong.Checked = true
LabelKeong.Text = "Keong Sucks"
If XianRong.Checked = true
LabelXianRong.Text = "XianRong Sucks"
End sub
End Class

h0h0h0. Rough idea of Visual basic, who cares. Luan luan lai de.

Brought to you by : Keong E Loser~ =D

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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Today~~~ I spent 7 Hours doing project, but did nothing! h0h0h0
And TP has done it again, my once ever so long Blog, NEVER GOT RECORDED! Stupid TP Pui
So Today. Nothing Again! A break from a super long blog eh.

Aiya I coughing veri terribly. Tomorrow do another 7 hr project! Oh yeah let's gooooooooooo
My hands hurt sia.

So? Go n rest loh~ ByeBye =D

Brought to you By: Keong who has nothing better to say

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Monday, March 15, 2004

Sian sia, weekend at home, weekday still come school, mother still tell me tomorrow dun go training. All the things i can enjoy she wanna takeaway, still drag me to school. Win liao lor. Let her do whatever she wants pui.

Hmmm today's topic. . .
Jealousy / Envy

Jealousy - The quality of being jealous; earnest concern or solicitude; painful apprehension of rivalship in cases nearly affecting one's happiness; painful suspicion of the faithfulness of husband, wife, or lover

Envy - A feeling of discontent and resentment aroused by and in conjunction with desire for the possessions or qualities of another.

So basically from what i know, jealousy comes from rivalship when people compete against each other over similar things and when one gets it, the other gets jealous.

Envy, i've always thought it's a word that describes that i feel that this person's so lucky to have this n that while i don't, but the meaning seems otherwise. Seems that the envious one will feel unhappy. So what's the real difference? I'm wondering.

Anyway, i'd prefer to think of envious as being happy for him. Many people always say that jealousy does not exist in their dictionary, but everyone definetely has that feeling in their hearts. It's just too obvious to tell of jealousy by looks or actions. No one can hide it, not even me. It's just what you do when you get jealous.

Many people know that jealousy is wrong anyway, so they're like me, although inside not happy, do nothing about it.
And what of those who doesn't just sit back and watch you enjoy the benefits that he doesn't?
He/she schemes, plots, spreads rumours, anything that gets you into trouble. Though this kind of thing doesn't happen very often at our age, it does happen quite alot of times in our younger days, and in future too, when we talk about money matters.
Like everyone knows, Money is the root of all evil. So we've passed through the kids stage, and are now at the teenager stage. The older age stage, is the trouble stage, when we're talking about being favoured by the boss, promotion, money raise etc. Jealousy will definetely come by, and people will start to scheme 1 by 1 to bring you down.

Like the saying goes for the world as it is now, "It's a dog eat dog world out there."
So you don't take the initiative to attack people, they can attack you. That's one part of the world i hate, but have to follow. Watch TV, see alot of examples. Job also can fight for commitment, fight for business. Then stock market also everyone play and whack each other unknowingly.

Though i do have jealousy at times, i do feel that he has it, nothing i can do about it. Whether or not he deserves it, he has it -_-. So? Tough luck for me. I dun have to drag him down just cause i dun have it. Eg: He owns a car, i don't, i go burn his car down? -_-
Leave it as it is, i believe working harder to beat him/her that way is a much more way of having a sense of satisfaction, and not scheming to make him/her lose that particular thing you're jealous of.

Talk finish liao loh. Time for breakfast

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Saturday, March 13, 2004

Earlier yesterday, out of nowhere during dinner time, i had a feeling i'd be sick tomorrow, and bingo. I got hit. 38.9degrees consecutively thrice every 15minutes. Funny this the first time my whole body felt like burning up and my head felt like exploding, whole body aching also. Last time only feel giddy sial. Guess what i thought. SARS zZzZz.

On a saturday too, damn cheebye. Must have done something wrong these few days, tio punish sial. (I believe in god, and retribution, but lazy to go church n sorts).

I still went to my driving early this morning though. H0h0h0 i impressed myself today as well, machiam drive like a pro~. Maybe getting sick gets you to concentrate on e road more. So far 4 panadols down my throat and aircon temperature can't even keep me cool at its lowest.

I thought alot of stupid things while on bed, especially my mother. She was out there playing mahjong, and i wondered if she'd come back for me ahha. I sound like a kid. I never wanted to trouble her, but too bad the symptoms seems too much like a SARS case, dun settle now will implicate whole family if it really is SARS. I bet she'll lose alot today anyway, though she never come back keep calling until you'd think the phone was some clock that chimes once every 15mins. I dun like to tell my mother i sick arh, because she always make such a big fuss, but i actually know why -_-.

Enough of this nonsense, though i'm sick, i'm bored as well. CAN'T STEP OUT OF HOME ON A SATURDAY CHEEBYE.
I thought of something nice anyway. So today's topic is about:
Persistence (Give up or continue trying)

Everyday in our lives, definetely got situations where we have to go through a large obstacle or some stupid hurdle in our lives or our friends' lives. So there's always some decision making of attempting to break this obstacle or give up trying. And even if you've tried, and you've failed over n over, how many more times would you try before you actually giveup?

So let's put some situations to e picture. Talk about Napha test for example, some people had already given up, some are still trying, but they fail, i'm in the "Yet to fail but lazy n keep forgetting to try" Category.
And maybe, two of your best friends arguing, how far would you go to try and resolve it for them until they actually drive you up the wall and you'd just go saying "They're incorrigible, forget it"

Know why i thought of this topic? I was on bed, lol, felt damn horrible. Watch too much anime lah -_-. Same old stories, machiam feel damn dead. Especially at the start, i was watching anime and i can't even sit still. My fingers ache, eyes ache, rib cage ache, head the most. Practically e whole body. On bed i wasn't any better, so i call my mother. And i really wondered "If tio SARS, hong kan liao, die lohhh." Then i asked myself i wanted to die anot.

To tell u the truth, i really prefer 2 be dead, but i never will die purposely. All e better die of some illness or wadeva. My life arh, sees the same thing everyone else sees. Problems, problems n problems. But dying willingly = HUMJI -_-. Pple endure this kind of life u BTH then u DIE! No ballz no courage. More importantly i always remember that u die, dunno how many pple will suffer over you. Definetely everyone sure got their kinds, mother, father, sister, brother, friends etc. U die give them so much problem -_-. Die also funeral money, bla bla bla. $$$ okay. Then who support your mother/father in future? Dunno -_-. So die = no good, but i dun mind if u wanna kill me, drive a car n bang me make sure i die -_-. Accidentaly ma, bo pian -_-. U kena sue dun come after me, make sure u do a clean job ;p.

This persistence topic machiam talkin bout my story liao. Anyways, it's always good never to give up, but sometimes, it's good to know that there are certain things which you cannot accomplish. Dun worsen matters with your own hands, you'll also implicate other people. Though they got this saying "Anything can be done", i feel that it's just a form of encouragement, there's a time where u need to know your limits, and maybe only after you've "lengthened" your limits should you aim for further heights. Take one step at a time.

Then the give up side, everyone sure got go through some stage where they go "WAH I BTH LIAO LAH GIVEUP LIAO LAH". Under what situation is giving up better? When continuing means more trouble. Maybe like stock market, keep playing, lose alotta money. Then continue to bet, win good lah. Lose how? End up plenty of loan, bla bla bla.

There's also this saying "Whenever you lose hope, all is lost." So what does this mean? It means you don't giveup, you keep trying, but you try again when you have the resources -_-. Stock market case, lose $$$, dun continue betting and kena plenty of debt, go earn $$$ then come back try luck again. In a game of tennis, maybe you play until u damn tired, u lose hope, you lose e game. You can keep on trying, but dun try until you break your leg or kena some injury, h0h0h0 liao.

Aiya, i feel damn sick again, time to lie down n slack. Stupid rain, all your fault.
Brought to you by: Keong e Loser~ =D (Oei bang car thingy joking nia, dun kill me ler)

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Friday, March 12, 2004

After being farking bored, i actually did e age test. and suprisingly, i actually knew the chinese words, maybe too lazy 2 decipher. So here are e results

H0h0 my actual age 18+++

与您实际年龄差9岁 <--Difference in age, cool lah i'm not that far

幼稚度64% <----- This one sounds like the "Childish percentage"

成熟度39% <---- This one i know! How mature you are

老化度42% <---Old man percentage. . . lol . .

Brought to you by: Keong e Loser~ =D
Special thanks to: Boss Leong for saying i stupid!

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Nothing particular happened Yesterday sia. I only know i got trashed when i shouldn't h0h0h0. Sometimes analysis can't do it all ~_~. Then i think must reformat com again. stupid O2j not workin again n again.

Hmmm i was having a nice little discussion with last sem's C241 yesterday as well, and something came up to me. I was at a similar situation as to when i was in secondary school and in poly. That shall be today's topic. Anyway, i can't find an appropriate name, lemmie think. Hmmm

Distance = Dislike (This e closest i can think of)

Anyway, what i'm saying is like, when i'm in Sec school, when i haven't got to know anyone in my class yet except for a few individuals who was my primary schoolmates, i would only stick around with those primary schoolmates, and for some reason, dislike some particular people that i do not know of. The same goes for other classes. In poly, i had the same situation, and since i have a clearer view of it, might as well describe it.

After my year 1 studies, i went to CEN and there, i met JH n gang. "Met" is the word. I grouped up with my old classmates "clarence n aron" + Yusri. There were eyes staring at me, and i also stare at them sometimes. Let's just say i dun like them and they dun like me. Reason? "Bryne look veri sialan to me", "Nat look veri weird(everytime wear hawaiian shorts look veri weird", "Chris i dun like, i just dun like her because i see her in lecture all e time last year, but this the most ridiculous case, i got no reason to dun like her -_-", "JH talk veri loud!! BTH".

Similarly, they also think the same, for nat n chris i dunno, JH n Bryne dun like me cos they also think i veri sialan and always take off my shoes (Watch bryne now, HE ALSO TAKE OFF SHOES!!!!). Now we get along and sorts, so who remembers the past? I do at least, i'm thinking back on all these situations as to why our minds always tell ourselves to dislike other people.

Right now, it's THE SAME! I dun like 241 cos they veri sialan, all dye hair walk arnd like ahbeng, and got 3 other pple down there look like punks and dress like punks, but it seems after knowing them better, we just get along again -_-.

Do u all realise that, is it just natural that we dislike strangers for their behavior anytime, anywhere? And we always take note of their bad points? Have we ever thought of anything good about them? -_- . Good question sial, i also dunno *BISH*
I think we should learn to be more openminded and not dislike people over these kind of small matters till we get to know them better. As far as i know, as long as they haven't done anything bad to you, you seriously shouldn't start spreading rumours bout them.

I just believe this is a complicated part of the human mind, so , what to do? But if u ask me, It looks like a natural lifecycle to me, must be some part of my character, because not everybody's like that.

I dunno bout you guys, but i thought about it myself, and i thought that the people i dun like are mainly those who sialan, act cool, act tough, try to be funny, try to be lame those type (JH and BRYNE exist in those category ;p).
To sum it down, they're all attention seekers in my eyes, so only when i got to know them better, then i realised that we're all humans -_-. Who doesn't want attention? I dowan arh! I dowan tio whack!

After reading all those nonsense, you guys should think about whether you all actually happen to experience the same thing as me -_-.

Brought to you by: Keong e Loser~ =D

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Thursday, March 11, 2004

Well learnt research from Keong that should only apply to Keong and maybe some others. Sleeping 6 hours and sleeping 10 hrs = no difference. I still feel damn tired -_-.

Wah just read an Anime MAgazine called M.A.G.E. Thanks to SeE_Zach. Now i got some extra sources as to what anime to download. Looks like one piece is damn famous now. I ALSO RECOMMEND 1 PIECE! IT'S DAMN NICE!

Today hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Tired n boring day. As usual. So i shall write about :

I really hate to say this, because once i say it, it'll be admitting that it happened to me before. But anyways, here goes.

Everytime you're at home, you're bored, you got nothing to do. Naturally, you feel lonely. But do you actually go find your family to talk to? (Those who do, nevermind). You actually want friends to talk to, don't you. During the earlier teenager days, it's rare to see people having broadband and cable. So what do we have? 56k with pacific internet, singnet connection, which costs $$$ coming online. But we still try our best to go online and surf net, chit chat, talk cock with friends and NEW people. So internet has become our new medium of communication. At least we don't feel bored that way. Now with all e cables and broadbands out there, we've got people parking 24/7 online like me and some others, and messaging them and not getting anything back has become an irritating chore (because it happens regularly, can't scold them, they also get the same case with me).

Even now, when we're online. We can only say to each other "Sian" and "U think u the only one", and monitor staring~. So how lonely do you feel at home? I'm at home very often, and even if i'm busy, i make myself free(on purpose, i hate doing work). Thus, i'll make up the person as described above. But i don't feel lonely, because i know that i'm not a loner ;p. I got friends h0h0h0, just that they don't call me everyday, communicate with me everyday n ask bout me everyday.

Unfortunately, not everyone thinks the same, which is why i'm talking bout this topic.

It's pretty ironic when people just go saying "No one likes me", "I'm a loner" and all that kind of nonsense, when they actually have someone to tell that to. That's why i always tell my friends that it's okay to feel lonely, but not to forget the people around him that will care for him when he/she needs it the most. The worst are those attention seekers, tell whole world no one likes them, but actually are just out to get pity from others h0h0h0. I don't see these kind of pple around often now, maybe all mature liao wahahahaha. Just take note:

1: If you're a loner, you either want it that way, or you've just driven everyone away with your attitude.
2: You're not alone as long as someone's there for you.
3: It's natural to feel lonely, CALL SOMEONE who's free. You don't wait for pple to knock on your door.
4: You've got friends caring for you, just that they don't know you feel lonely, so if you don't say it, you expect them to know?

Friends are only a small part of loneliness though. Think of the ones closer to you. Mother, father, brother, sister etc. Imagine anyone of them were to go, even if you've got 50 friends watching you and trying to accompany you, you'll still feel lonely without that someone. But family wise, it shouldn't be much of a problem unless it's unexpected that they have to go somewhere long term (My father, already go overseas so often i don't feel it anymore).
Even your boyfriend/girlfriend or the one you love. One day dun talk to him/her, will die lah, this lah, that lah (I hear that alot in e radio), and no one else can make u feel that you're not alone already -_-. Help yourself. No one can help you -_-. I know it's hard, but u still have to do it anyways.

Special thanks to : My very own gay boring life since Sec 1
Brought to you by: Keong e Loser~ =D

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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Hmmm today wednesday liao. . Wonder if my supervisor will remember to show up anot. Anyway, yesterday's training, sigh, wanted to try to motivate myself, end up try too hard. Seemed that i spent too much effort thinking about it and wondering how to at least get some motivation, in the end screw every shot LoL~ Gay. And of course, another torture session, physical, physical n physical. Pain sia my ass.

Anyway, summarize all e topics i talk abt, i losing track liao

1: Being Lame
2: Pride (Ranking n position)
3: Everyone's Way of living (Being an optimist or pessimist)
4: Contradiction
5: Pride (Die die also cannot lose out)
6: Friendship (True friends are hard to come by)
7: My experiences with Christianity
8: To lie or not to lie.
9: Like or Love?
10: Do you believe in horoscopes?
11: Agitation
12: Forgiving and Forgetting
13: Patience
14: A person's inner feelings
15: Learn to deal with criticism and comments
16: Escaping reality (Fantasy)
17: Similarity in personality in games and in real life
18: The barrier in the human mind that does not take in advice easily.
19: Motivation
20: Money No Enough~
21: Respect

That's all in my blog for now. Anyway today's topic is:
Follow Majority, or follow heart?

Everyone has definetely come through a situation where they have to make a decision to something, especially when everyone's kind of, waiting for u to make your decision. Simple ones would be like maybe in sec school, your whole class protest against a teacher, they all sign petition, then ask u to sign. But you dun have anything against e teacher. Will you sign or refuse them? Or everyone just hates this person, you also follow them hate? Or you just stick with him/her as a friend, knowing that everyone else will start talkin bad bout you.

That's the human heart, follow the majority, or follow your heart? Most people will follow the majority unwillingly, but there are those who follow their heart as well, assuming there are no threats involved (I'm talking about some cases where that group of people might be a bunch of paikias and if u dun follow them u die that kind of situation).

So which one are you? Before you even read this topic, do you even realise which category you belong to? Think about it a little. Sometimes it's not because you don't follow your heart, it's the influences of the majority that deter your true thoughts(Gossips, gossips and more gossips). How easily influenced are you? Do you believe more in other people's views or your own feelings?

There's another kind though. Me! Bochup, dun care this, dun care that. U want to do, do yourself. You want my support, just tell me, i find it anything, i support~ End of story. h0h0h0

Dunno y i can't say much bout this topic, maybe it's all through experience, i really can't say much, but u all get the idea. Just think of some previous situations where everyone says something and you just listened and agreed and supported or in situations where you actually went against your feelings and went to do other stuffs. Only you can get the answer yourself~

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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

h0h0h0 time for special edition again. Feel so proud i do work for 5 hrs yesterdae n 1 hr today. Rest abit bahhhh.

Let me Lelicate dis song to everoyne who actually read my blog. And no matter how u feel reading it (boring, longwinded, interesting, feel like whacking me up etc.), this song still goes to youuuu.

I'm so happy I'm so glad
That i found you
I'd like to thank you
And thank you means Merci~~~
Merci My little way of Saying Thanks
Merci, for you n me~~~

That's about e end of it wahaha. want a longer song? Next time bahhhh

Nah got a longer one here, it's quite realistic lah this flash. I wonder who sing. Sounds like Jay chou, but i think he sounds slightly better.

Special thanks 2 : Merci Chocolate n Ahyin e BlurQueen~
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Bo0. Today weird day sia, the two SIP women suddenly so kindhearted, duneed me fill in name just ask "Matrix card still confiscated arh?" Wonder if the TSO will come in later n say sorry to me, wahahahah, wishing for the impossible. Fuck him anyway, gay. I'm surrounded by pple gaming and i've refrained myself from touching any games zZzZz.

Hey hey hey, yesterday i run around people blogs and i hear alot of things about respect, wonder if i should talk about it again and bore everyone. Since i got no topic, maybe just talk abit about it lah hor.

So today's topic
<>-=Respect=-<> (Again!? @#%#@^#@&@&#@&^#@)

English pronunciation of respect doesn't sum the word as strongly as it does in chinese . You hear the 2 chinese words you'll feel slightly stronger about the meaning of respect, and makes my explanation easier to understand.

Respect, what is it? I respect my mother because she always tries to help people whenever she can, but dun respect her because she always wants things her way. I respect my brother because he is a good brother! He free will topang me arnd Singapore wahahahaha. But dun respect him when he starts telling me stories -_-. So what is respect? You all have seen 2 examples of 2 people that i both respect and dis-respect. In other words, respect can relate to people's character and behavior towards you. Though it can also relate to a person, ie: I respect JH, but there is a reason. I don't respect him for nothing. For someone else's case, however. For example, people i don't know very well. Let's say, Liping. I don't know her well, but she's always cheerful and brings a smile to people around her. That's a like, not respect. But i do respect her for her care and concern for the people around her. That's the distinctive difference between "like" and "respect".

What am i trying to push here? It's not the person itself that determines the aspect of respect, it's his attitude cum behavior towards you. As long as you show pple that you are a good person, people will respect you, unless he/she is jealous!!!! Might sound harsh, but that's the truth. In terms of respect, if you deserve it, everyone will show it to you, the certain individuals who don't may have their different views, and in our teenager age, it's normally cause of jealousy.

Dwelling further into respect, it does not necessarily have to be shown "YES SIR!" or all the nonsense like what i always say to Sianrong (SGT MA! REPORTING IN!) Keep in mind that people who support or start a non-hostile debate with your decisions are already people who respect you. These people have already believed in you and your decisions, thus respect is there. Even if there are minor discussions relating to your decisions, they're trying to improve things, not change your decisions, it's for the betterment of everyone, so it's still respect!

Respect your family because they fed you up till now, respect your friends because you would be a loner without them. Respect your superiors in army because if you don't, you'll suffer even more. Respect your boss at work because if you don't, you got no $ to feed your family n repay them!

Family = must respect unless they abandon u from start and u kena adopted ;p. Then respect your foster family ;p.
Friends = respect only those who deserve it.
Army = respect everyone around you except bootlickers lol. Why not, everyone else suffering with you, and the one making u do pumping has to be strict. He also no choice, he can't help it!
Work = Screw your boss if he always bully you, respect him on the outside, not on the inside ;p.

So right now, we are at the teenager age, we haven't run into Army and work experience yet, but maybe we SIP students have. Not me though, in-house slacker. But more is yet to come. You'll have to deal with people who abuse their authorities sooner or later, and that's when you have to force yourself to respect them. So while you're not at that stage yet, know your friends and respect them for what they are.

Anyway move in further. Don't look just right from the outside. I know i said that for friends, you respect only those that deserve it. But who deserves it? Not forgetting that your respect in him is either because of his good points, behavior or attitude towards you. Sometimes you also respect people because you think they make good decisions etc.(To make it bluntly, do things which you think are good/beneficial to people). Not forgetting decisions can be forced upon, and inner feelings can lead to a sudden change in atittude cum behavior. When i say decisions can be forced upon, it's like situations in army. Sometimes your platoon commander or whatever everytime torture u all, and u all will tend to think "Cheebye, enjoying himself torturing us then he stand down there and continue to ji siao us." That might be the truth, but think again if he didn't. Maybe he the one kena by his higher ups then kena made to do worse than us then in the end kena demoted. This is just an example, there are many other possibilities, even at our age. Be sure you know clearly what's happening before you go round and tell the world what a motherfucker he/she is because of what he/she had done.

o_0 Over liao! Long winded story comes again~
Special thanks to : All my friends who sabo me the last time.
Brought to you by: Keong e Loser~ With no respect LoL =D

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Monday, March 08, 2004

Today can do a nice little connection in my project and do it up nice n neat, or so it seems. By today i can probably finish an ideal webpage, but a messy one. But who cares. Anyway, it sure sounds stupid that i'm already at risk of failing my SIP just cause i got caught playing games last friday. Damn gay, i wouldn't mind if others kena before, but so cool, i'm the first. Gay TSO, that's life eh, pple see your face not happy you kena blacklisted. This blows, the real world as it is eh.

So what topic today, mmmmmmmmmmmm.
Right, Money.

$$$, what money? LoL is money all that important? I would prefer to say that being with your loved ones is more important. You can't do without money, but when you have money, you'll want more and more. The better approach is just to remain contented with what you have and just try ways and means of improving your life.
Easy to say, hard to do will be what you all are thinking. True, it's the same for me, but whatever i can do without, at least i make do without. I live with my computer, and i save up my own money to buy up some other stuffs for myself.

I personally don't like wasting excessive money. For example, going overseas. I can't believe just going overseas to see some sights where you can't see in Singapore will cost you thousands. Even if you drive to Malaysia and Stay somewhere there, you'll still spend 300-500+, which can get me 3 tennis rackets dammit.
At least tennis rackets Last, holiday trips? 3-4 days? . . That's it? $500 gone? Sure it's to enjoy, i'd rather stay at home and enjoy staring at the ceiling.

I won't say that i'm very good at saving, i'm almost the same as most spendthrifts. Got $$$, spend. Buy comic, play arcade, buy this, buy that. But at least i keep the 3 digit stuffs away from my mind, and i don't overspend. Always save your $$$ for a rainy day wahahah. Friend no $$$, treat him today ;p. I am such a good friend (yeah right, tomorrow must return one).

I dunno why i talk about $$$ also, yesterday was counting my savings, go enough to upgrade another small part of my computer, but have to make a very thorough consideration as to which "part" to upgrade. Then again i was thinking "wait until prices drop bah". h0h0h0 do research also can help u save alot of Marnee =D.

$$$$$$ Brought to you by $$$$$$
Keong e Spendthrift~ cum loser~ =D

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Sunday, March 07, 2004

Today, aiya. Sibei boring arh. Whole day at home again. Was thinking alot of things again. Anyway, time to share my new discoveries.

Earlier this week, i happen to get involved in two tennis games that had players far beyond my level. Though i expectedly lost, i amazingly put up a fight much harder than ever seen before. Just seemed to me like my precision, movement, prediction, and everything just went up a few levels. I came to figure about this "source" of power i got all of a sudden. As a sportsman would say, when you go against a much tougher opponent, you'll unknowingly fight harder, and this "fighting spirit" comes from your motivation to put up a fight.

So being the curious analyst, i began wondering if it could be possible to unleash this "motivation" Anytime, anywhere, against anybody n everybody. By a stroke of luck, i got the answer LoL. From an anime. Prince of Tennis episode 107 LoL.

That's about today's topic: Motivation.
To do something well, you need to be motivated to do something first. Maybe you could try asking the hardcores how they motivate themselves to do their projects and make it so pro and well done. I never had the motivation to do work, so my mindset is always to get the damn shit over and done with.

So the motivation in tennis, how to get it?
From my point of view, players got 3 kinds, easy, normal, tough (to your standard doh). Easy ones you tend to relax and give face, don't want to thrash them etc. That's really not too much bout motivation, but if u ask me, i'd have zero motivation to put in my best. I wouldn't mind losing either, i wonder why LoL.
As for normal, it just depends. If i wanna play well, ok maybe i will, maybe i won't, that's what pisses people off most.
And when it comes to tough, "Oh yeah, time to get thrashed, i got nothing to lose, why not just do my best?" And I start smacking every ball, going after every ball like my life depended on it. And that's the motivation i want in every kind of game.

The answer, though came from an anime, sure sounded pretty logical. Their answer was the love of the game. You don't need to do your best in everything, but enjoy every moment of the game. No matter how tough the road is, enjoy it.
And if you think of it practically, it might just work if you actually love the game, since you'd enjoy every minute of it, you would probably just enjoy throwing your power towards your opponent, easy or tough. Motivation would always be at top notch then. This might not be useful information to everyone, but it sure helps out the sports players aiming for greater heights.

Additional useful information i got for sportsmen is that choosing the tougher path will prove more valuable than the easy one. Take in all the hardships and enjoy yourself. While playing, imagine things (predict) but don't think too much about them. Over-contemplation breeds impatience, impatience lowers your potential.
Everyone has a will to become stronger, and they will reach for unseen heights, but imagine smoke rising all the way up, if we were to reach where the smoke reaches, wouldn't we suffocate? We all will come to a stage where we will show little or no improvement, that is when we have to learn to enjoy the game and not push ourselves further.
Save your best for the last, because that is the time you can afford to exhaust all your energy in. Some things do not follow theories, so resigning to the fate of losing to someone supposedly stronger is out of the question. Anything can happen, don't give up.

That's it for today, end of analysis . Hope it proves useful to people.
Special thanks to: Prince of TENNIS!!!!
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*sigh* Late for saturday blog, totally no mood. My life has worsened, pretty much badly. Somehow i always feel that my life is being controlled by heaven, heng i believe in god, and god seems to enjoy testing my ability of "persistence" or whatever you call it. Either he gives me an easy life which allows me to heck care anything n everything and let me live my life normally, or, he throws me problems, a whole chunk of em, one after another, at the same time.

Tell u all something ironic, whether u all believe in "fate" or "destiny", whichever you call it. Since sec 1, i've always been going to lan shops after school to play CS! Not long after that, during my sec 2 session, they came out the "16 years and below cannot play during school hours" Rule. I ignored that shit though, and still went, everyday, and I MEAN, EVERYDAY. I just didn't show up one that one wednesday, and bingo, it got raided on that day, almost makes me feel like someone was keeping tabs on me or i'm the one who reported them. The same thing happened not long later at another lan shop. At least the 2nd time, i didn't go so often, let's say, 5 days a week. But for both times the shops got raided, i wasn't there, Suprisingly. Damn lucky? Yeah you got it. Fucking lucky i'd call it. Probability of escaping was like a mere 3-5%, and i hit that. hit it twice? hmmm . . . 1.5%?

So let's talk about when i'm down on my luck. Pretty seldom except for the daily scoldings in school for not doing schoolwork or slacking, that's not luck anyway. That's getting my just deserts. I'm used to it anyway. But the major problems always seem to arise, at the wrong time. And when is the wrong time? When my hands are already full with other stuffs. They just come together, without fail, all the damn time.

So what now? I got my matrix card confiscated on Friday, yes it's no big deal, and i wonder why i still worry over it. The damn AWOLs can't seem to get out of my mind. I've got driven mad while playing that "game" of captain's ball today, and everyone saw how mad i was, while that stupid slut was kind of accusing me of molesting her when she's the one goddamn hounding me all the time. Don't show girls mercy i tell ya, they grow conceited over it and you see what happens now. Goddamn Bitch.
Oh yeah additional lesson learnt today, I never could play any team games, like captain's ball. I'm a team soloman, can play supportive on my own will. But my mind thinks nothing of teamwork. Those bitches are right anyway, i play rough. As if they don't anyway Jeez.

So after all this stupid ranting , what shall today's topic be? Not gonna be bout bitches n sluts anyway. . zZzZz
I'll just emphasize more on the human thoughts.

When we talk about friendship, do we actually dwell into it how close you are with other people and how they feel about you? How many people are actually so direct to tell me that I always shake my leg in class, i damn unhygenic always remove shoes/socks in class, bla bla bla. More importantly. Friends who are not close to you don't even say such things directly to you. They just "comment" on it, and it becomes gossip, and when it spreads, hohoho, what have you done? You've succeeded in getting people to hate him. Cool way of doing things huh, i'd call you a wimp -_-. The worst kind of people that could ever exist are those who are very good at spreading bad things bout others.

Of course, there's the natural part of the human mind that totally voids the meaning of reason. For example, people you don't know. Assume Tom just got to know me yesterday cause we got in the same class, and he directly told me some bad point about me. Would you accept it? Definetely not. You'd go "WTF u only know me awhile lor dun come and talk bullshit with me". Then assume Dick tells e whole world bad things bout me, and you dunno me at all, will you believe him? If you're simple-minded or you got a bad impression of me, you would. And again, Mr Harry comes walking by, and he knows you pretty well, so he tries to give you some nice comments bout your bad points n whatever, hoping that you will take it and correct it, but again, will you take it? It's easy to say "I'll gladly accept anything, just say it directly", but who is actually that open minded and ready to accept whatever Harry's gonna say? what you'll think is just "Fuck lah, gay Harry, ownself also got bad point got so much time to mind mine" and all that nonsense.

That's the human mind and thoughts. No one accepts genuine advice unless that person feels that you really care, and that person is not NARROW-MINDED. You want direct approach? You say it, i do it. I'm an analyst, and a loser.
PS: Anything someone says to you does not necessarily mean you have to accept it right, it's always logical to argue back, like i always say.

End topic lohhh. No Mood arh no mood arh. Monday hope dun tio whack, tell u all something lame. TSO confiscate my card, i talk to him also legs shivering, machiam i damn scared lor. I dunno izzit i trying so hard to talk in a non-offensive tone or i scared! But i scared is because i'm afraid. My legs really shivering sial, basket. Need pple to bash me up liao.

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Friday, March 05, 2004

Doesn't sound too "logical", but if you read it, you'll realise it's actually true
What's love?
When you are together with that special someone, you pretend to ignore that person. But when that special someone is not around, you might look around to find them.
At that moment, you are in love.

Although there is someone else who always makes you laugh,
your eyes and attention might go only to that special someone.
Then, you are in love.

Although that special someone was supposed to have called you long back, to let you know of their safe arrival,
your phone is quiet.
You are desperately waiting for the call!
At that moment, you are in love.

If you are much more excited for one short e-mail from
that special someone than other many long e-mails,
you are in love.

When you find yourself as one who cannot erase all the
messages in your answering machine because of one message
from that special someone, you are in love.

When you get a couple of free movie tickets, you would
not hesitate to think of that special someone.
Then, you are in love.

You keep telling yourself, "that special someone is just a friend", but you realize that you can not avoid that person's special attraction. At that moment, you are in love.

While you are reading this page, if someone
appears in your mind,
then u are in love with that person.

And i still feel fucked up over the stupid matrix card confiscation DAMMIT. Fucking Gay TSO, Never clock out today, cannot clock in on monday. Supervisor says he'll handle it for me but if he doesn't I retain lor, and he's well known for being ABSENT MINDED. WTF. Can't help worrying ~_~.

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Sucks. . .TP stinks. Internet sucks until the previous blog i type also dissapear, and my matrix card just got confiscated. High time it happened, think that guy has been tolerating me long enough. Wonder what he'll do sia. Confiscate write number n return not much prob. Take already dun return how the fuck i clock out -_-, then got problem.

Haiiii no mood rewrite lah. . . Tomorrow den type again *yawn*. Prepare to get AWOL liao. .

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Thursday, March 04, 2004

Today another day. Sibei sian arhhh. I do project, finally fixed. Thanks to Edward n Liping. Den start doing project, website look like SHIT. call supervisor come also wonder he'll come anot. Cannot do this cannot do that, dun even know my project is do what one.

Really no time to do anything sia, later still must go some dumb training, and u know what? I can play O2jam halfway and collapse on my keyboard n fall asleep. Pro sial first time.

Later still need go club training, haii. Low morale. . . how to play siallll. No time no time no time. Actually, lazy to find time. My life damn tiring these days sia, dunno how to manage my time well.

Anyway share with u all something interesting. Do you know that your character does not only show out physically but in games as well? I play so long, all kinds of games, and since i so bored, i actually did some analysis on them as well. So this is the topic today
Similarity in games and in life.

We can take any game for example, most games i play are pretty similar. Let's say, gunbound, o2jam. All those reading these should know what gunbound is, but maybe not O2jam. Anyway o2jam is like a 7-key piano (a small version of a piano) and when the notes show up, you hit the related keys. Simple as that. Not as simple as it sounds though.

Ok My current situation is that i'm a very rash person who gets worked up easily when a small screwup occurs. So in my case of gunbound, everytime i do a ridiculous miss, it's easy to assume that i'll miss pretty much many more shots than just that first miss. Irritation causes much more trouble than you would think it does. And in the case of O2jam, i will lose my concentration once i miss some pretty stupid ones and i'll practically miss all the way and just end up dying when i normally wouldn't. And in real life, doh, hit a shot in tennis, and it doesn't go in when it should, I get irritated, i lose concentration, i lose my cool, i lose it all, including the game.

And then again, when your opponent's kinda too easy (Gunbound you got chicks, O2jam you play easy mode, opponent's too easy in tennis), What happens? You Slack off, you don't concentrate, and u lose while you shouldn't. I can miss silly shots in gunbound again and again just cause i take it too easy. In o2jam, even worse, 1 note comes per 1 second and i can't even catch up . . While in tennis, I end up trying all stupid shots and -_- LOSE!!!!

Conclusion? Actually gaming reflects your true life attitudes as well. How you play reflects what you do in everyday life. Pay attention and try to correct it ;p (that's me)

Today's Lesson is over. . . . Have a nice day, too bad it's raining. . . Jeez. . .
Anyways, good luck to those this saturday, and may my opponents pray i don't injure anyone of em heh =X Monkey style is showing out again ;p.

Brought to you by : Keong e Loser~ =D
Special Thanks to: Liping n Edward (Lol , cause they help me! FINALLY I CAN DO PROJ!!!)

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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Kapo this from JH blog =D

You are Form 1, Goddess: The Creator.

"And The Goddess planted the acorn of life.
She cried a single tear and shed a single drop
of blood upon the earth where she buried it.
From her blood and tear, the acorn grew into
the world."

Some examples of the Goddess Form are Gaia (Greek),
Jehova (Christian), and Brahma (Indian).
The Goddess is associated with the concept of
creation, the number 1, and the element of
Her sign is the dawn sun.

As a member of Form 1, you are a charismatic
individual and people are drawn to you.
Although sometimes you may seem emotionally
distant, you are deeply in tune with other
people's feelings and have tremendous empathy.
Sometimes you have a tendency to neglect your
own self. Goddesses are the best friends to
have because they're always willing to help.

Which Mythological Form Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Special Thanks to :Boss Leong~
Brought to you by: Boss Leong~ =X

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Date is Wednesday, time 9:26am. Keong's diary:

I feel lonely, i feel bored LOL . . . . I always do anyway. SIP's really driving me up the wall, and nothing's working. Can't get my program to work, people chasing me for porn websites, and assholes drawing me to hentai -_-. Damn this rules~~~

Hmmmm, today's topic. . . I watched a movie yesterday and there was something damn logical and interesting about it.
The world of fantasy.

Everyone on this earth, has their own ideal world. Like for me, damn, give me peace n quiet, no conflicts, no troublesome people, no immature creeps wasting my time n pissing me off all day etc.

So about this ideal world that everyone has in their mind, are definetely different aren't they? Got people with big minds "I want to rule the world". Assholes like Hitler and The Japan ruler during that time(What's his name, not worth remembering back in my history studying days) have these kinda thoughts and try to make it reality. WORLD WAR! Fuck them. And now we have Osama and Saddam thinking that there shouldn't be "peace" around in earth, so they go around stripping bombs around them and laugh while they blow themselves up and happens to drag other people down with them. What's osama thinkin with his fantasies? "I want the whole world to FEAR ME!" is the closest i can think of.

So when reality(the truth) is too harsh for any person to accept. What do they do? They cower at home, avoiding everyone, escaping from reality, and stay at home daydreaming, in their own world. They avoid anyone and everyone, anything and everything, just thinking that they're staying outta trouble. That may be true, but the true fact is they're escaping reality. If one day you have to kill to survive, will you do so? Many will say "Depending on the circumstances". And maybe if i put it to a different tone, If singapore is under attack, will you defend s'pore to kill your own kind? (humans). Some will runaway, some will refuse to face up to reality, while some fight. Those who runaway, do not want to die(fear). Those who refuse to face up to reality, will usually refuse to accept the fact that they have to kill their own kind to survive, while those who fight, have accepted the fact that the invaders do not respect their own kind, thus they, in turn, should not give face either.

So what is this reality that we are under? Surrounded by different races of man, we face conspiracy, treason, backstabbing, discrimination, conflicts, bla bla bla. Anything that can come up to your mind. Plenty of em. The more critical ones people of our age face in this world are betrayal, authority flaunting, backstabs, gossips etc. When these truths become too much for us to take, we 1: Lose our sanity and either scream around like a madman or 2: "give up" on the world and play the loner, cowering in their own fantasy world, like i said.

What am i trying to stress here? Fantasizing = NO GOOD. Dun like the world? Change it with your own hands. Even if you were to die at your own beliefs, you would have died without regrets. Of course i'm not asking u all to do that. Just accept the world you are living in. I'm racist too, i don't like Malays/indians because they are such attention seekers and attitude throwers. Public disgracers are 2 words for them. Try to be funny, end up being corny. But i don't oppose anyone of them anyway, i just dislike them, and i've accepted the fact of their corny nature, so what else? I'm not gonna declare war on them just cause they're corny, am i?
I'm too weak anyway.

LoL, ok longwindedness ends here. Moral of the story, learn to face up to reality. Everyone's facing the same thing as you are, you have no right to go and act cute about it and tell people that you can't stand the world cause of dis n that nonsense. And what about everyone else? They're doing the same thing, you're just WEAK, so you can't accept it.

Keong e Loser~ Signing off =D

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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Tuesdayyyyyyy. I started work yesterday. Song boh, first thing start work cock up liao. Stupid gay this program. Morale damn low. Sleep also can daydream of a solution, and it obviously didn't work.
Today got tennis friendly arh, morale also low, play sai. Later see how it goes *yawn*

Today's topic is:
Accepting Criticisms and comments

Throughout your life, sure got people will criticize you and all that sort of shit. When you're small you'll ignore, when you grow towards the teenager stage you'll grow independant and you'll think "Who are you to teach me?"

Be it whether he's truly going against you or trying to help you. BE GLAD he/she BOTHERED to even nag at you. Good advice is always welcome, bad advice can be argued. That's what discussions are for.

Kinda short topic here. I can't say much, i think somewhere behind this blog got mention about it also. But what i'm stressing is that if you can't take advice, you're just telling people that you have no reason to reject his/her advice. Meaning? You are a sore loser.

Keong e loser~ (I'm bored, i want to do my project LOL)

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Monday, March 01, 2004

Back to school. Jeez, Keong blows, until now still no mood do project ~_~.

I think i can start a gambling table to bet when Keong will actually start doing his work (And it sounds so stupid to keep on calling my name when i'm the one typing this nonsense)

Today. . . No topic, i want to go and O2j . . byebye ;p

Aiya, today talk something special. Talk about the inner feelings of a person.

I think anyone reading this is no longer a kid, and they all know what it means by "Don't judge a book by it's cover"

What you see on the outside might not necessarily be what you think on the inside. Morever, people always think one sided, so overall, many people will have different views over this 1 similar person. Now how do you actually know what exists in that particular person's inner feelings?

If you ask me, I'd say, no idea. I count on my instincts, and somehow, they just seem true to me. And at least when i tell people about it, they feel it sounds logical too. But even if it seems true and it sounds true, is it ultimately true? Dunno -_-.

The best solution is not to assume, but to keep what you feel about what he/she's thinking in mind. Just take your time and analyse your way through, you're not gonna die tomorrow unless you want to, or you strike jackpot. The human mind is, uhhhmmm, deceptive? I know how i feel, but i always deny it ;p. That is, deny it to people, but not to myself. It's pretty hard to figure out what you're thinkin yourself, much less others.

Ok a person's feelings, how do people describe you? Me, for instance. People can describe me as almost anything under the sun. One can tell me that i'm arrogant while the other says i'm humble, modest etc. The truth? I don't know either. I just showoff whenever i see the need to or feel like it, but most of the time i prefer to keep a low profile. That's the difficulty of figuring out your own thoughts. But i did figure out mine ;p. After a long time.

So how a person feels towards you is what you show to him/her. What's truly in your heart, is for your good friends and buddies to figure out.

Back to main topic anyway, so how to find out the inner feelings of a person?
1: Just observe -_-, my simplest solution. Lesson's boring anyway, might as well go observe some people and find out what they're up to. I can't sleep all day ya know.
2: As hard as someone may try to hide their inner feelings, there are definetely loopholes, take your time ;p.
3: It's great to listen to stories of people acting weird. When they say "this guy's acting weird", it's a good chance to listen to the reason why he's acting weird, and a big clue to what he's thinkin ;p.
4: Don't listen to gossips and criticisms, they sway you off the right course (Meaning you'll start thinking the bad side of him, you're supposed to be on neutral to know his true inner feelings.)
5: Don't listen to people who likes that person either. Unless you can tell what he/she's sayin is pretty honest.
6: Count on yourself, don't listen to people's view on that person.
7: The face expression says it all. What people can hide by words, will be harder to hide by facial expression, unless that guy's from the drama club (tough luck)
8: The Tone, the tone! Listen to his/her tone and figure out if it's words of honesty, bullshit, hesitance or whatever.
9: Draw a flow chart on that guy's actions and possible "answers" to your questions (LOL . . . that's bullshit, nah cut this one out)
10: Just wait, a person can't put on an act forever, his/her true colors has to show out sooner or later.

So what do you do with it even if you have the answer? Nothing lor, if you want to know, there's not much of a reason why. maybe you like that person, or you're curious about that person. But for me, help me get along better with that person. Why not, if you know what he/she's thinkin all the time, you'll know how to react accordingly =D. LESSONS R BORING!!! Human Brain research is better LoL (I sound like a psycho, nvm i'm a loser -_-)

Ending topic here, wahahaha. Try to figure out my inner feelings bah -_- =D.
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Keong e loser~ =D

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