Saturday, July 28, 2007

Topic Of The Day: I'm actually Studying. . . . Wow.

2 hours war of emperium in ACRO, haha. It's gaming, yes, but it taught me much about humanity.

Look at the rest of the no-lifers along with me =DDDD

So much things I haven't do, haii, dunno why always lots of time but act no time.
Everyday, I sit infront of the computer, I deal with debates with people online, friends, strangers, etc. People are not afraid of arguing at full force online, and also, they have more time to think, and type it out. Whereas in reality, when a debate/argument occurs, people tend to be afraid of saying the wrong things, or else people don't think quick enough, and when they don't, it's a display of hesitation which probably results in losing his side of the debate, but is that really so? I feel that some people just take more time to put into words what they are trying to tell us.
Oh 987fm mentioned too, it's so much easier to type out the 3 words "I love you" than to say it out face to face with the person (I suddenly feel so wussy now hahahaha). The internet has shown much about the differences a human does online than face to face.
In games as well, I've known of people who can bitch all they want online, but when it comes to settling issues face to face, their faces actually turn white, and some people are actually afraid of people tracing the IP of others to know their addresses.

What does this say about us? Maybe we're just humans with the nature of not want to lose an argument, and of course, when situations go out of hand, fear comes into play. Impulse? Yeah, I believe every one of us has impulsiveness, probably the level of tolerance and calm thinking differs.
I see so many thunderstorms lately, both online and in reality. I always wonder why situations escalate to such an issue. If you ask me tho, ok I get mad at my dad as well, cause he has hearing difficulty and needs me repeating 5-6 times, makes me feel like an idiot.
To my amazement, I know of someone who never gets mad, externally, aka, she never ever displays a volcanic eruption or thunderstorm of any sort to anyone, or I've never heard of or seen. And from what people say, her patience, cheerful personality and understanding self are factors of what made her what she is. I wonder if I could get to her level of tolerance.

~KeongSterZ~ Preaching Session has Begun yet Again~

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Topic Of The Day: Self-Reflection Mode~

Wednesday was the final match of TP, which also marks, well, the end of representing tp tennis people like Jon, Aslam(About time, haha win so many matches for TP for 4 years), Alan. Don't know how these people feel, but when I was year 3, I felt like shit. Haha, maybe that's why I kept coming down and all. Well whatever they feel, it's probably part and parcel of life.
Sad to say, it also represented one part of me, the part of not moving on. Day by day I cling onto the TP tennis team, years pass, and this is the 6th. Now that their competition has ended, training has come to a halt.
When I graduated, I had army, the 2 years with them, ORDed, and didn't find a job, and finally the 3rd is over. No more excuses, and to be honest, I seriously have no plans. While everyone's moving on, the most I can see myself is I've established friendships, maintained my tennis skills, and saw many things, but that's about it, and I don't think it's useful towards my future anyways. So in blunt terms, I've wasted my time.

I think it's in the family blood though, my brother kinda failed his pilot test, and he's also doing what I'm doing, slacking about =p. Haha, well at least I have coaching, and $1000 a month's no small amount, it's not big either.
Even saying all these, I have no idea where I'm moving on next, being happy-go-lucky isn't so good after all.

~KeongSterZ~ Wonder If There'll Be A Day I'll Be Forced To Address My Problem~

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Topic Of The Day: Dunno What's Going On. Heart Hasn't Stopped Beating Since I Got Up From Bed =.=

Really bad day if you ask me. While driving to St Wilfreds today, I can actually start dreaming into outer space and totally missed the bendemeer exit. Ended up entering CTE(AMK), exit braddell and take the potong pasir route there. Shag.

At TP it didn't stop either, it was actually at it's worst, sit in canteen, heart keep beating profusely. Go watch ITE match, can feel it so well. Best of all, I dun even know why. Too much blood transferring all around my body.
Rain, sit in squash court, cannot calm myself down. Go play at high, also like that. Now at home, also like that. What the fuck la. Dying of excessive heart acceleration or something like what. I wonder what I ate yesterday, and I swear I didn't touch no liquor or drugs.

~KeongSterZ~ Maybe I'm just hell nervous for tomorrow =.= wtf~

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Topic Of The Day: It Wasn't A Complete Failure I Guess. . . .

Well, first things first, special thanks to the people that made my arrangement pretty much a success. Seems like everyone enjoyed themselves, and yeah, I planned it 2 weeks ago, think sui sui liao, kanna on the day itself so much taiji. I've always thanked army for training me well against panic attacks, so I've really learnt to keep cool and resolve the issue, although my solutions aren't always feasible. Let's not talk about the problems now anyway.

Apart from the 3 that dropped out awhile back, 1 that dropped out at the last minute, and the one that never got back to me, the remaining 12 was a hit anyway. It was screwed up anyhow, but thank god the transportation was solved pretty efficiently.
The 12 of us went down to the night safari today, special thanks to Liz to be able to get us Staff rate ($10 per person!!) and Maria for getting 4 free dudes in, so total entry paid was like $80 (WOW), ok no tram tho, walking was cool lah seriously, only problem was it was so friggin dark. Oh yeah, THANK GOD FOR NOT RAINING.
Haha what else can I say? Organizing is really a bad thing to do, clean the shit, deal with the shit, gather everyone, and seriously u need everyone's cooperation, but I'll gladly say, that won't be the last of it. I feel it's good training for me, and well as long as everyone's happy, why not man.

Anyway, on with reality. TP's winning streak was finally ended on the girls side, they lost to SP yesterday 2-3, and it was a suprise to me, well I never did take note of the SP girls at all in the first place, never knew they were strong haha.
Unexpected losses were the Eleanor/charmaine pair and Lizzie's singles. Well if you ask me, the SP girls were strong, but takeable. Maybe except for Cheryl, knowing how she always loses to Liz so much over her consistency, I'd already give her credit for pulling the score to 6-9 if you ask me, but then again, it's not for me to say.

So much for trying to come up with my own motivation for getting the girls to play well anyway, I had really hope I could have pumped Cheryl up with the Bishi Bashi thing, haha not cheap to lose to her man, but I guess that wasn't good enough. But hell, even if she loses tokens to me, I'll probably just drag her to one arcade someday and give her one hell of a fun time anyways.
At least for Pat's side, I see improvement, she's getting along well with the people, and well, she doesn't want to care about what the girls think of her anymore, so yeah, I don't see a need to do anything else for her.
So much for liz lah, i think she's the worst, hasn't changed one bit. I don't know what it takes to kick sense into her, screaming doesn't work the least bit, been doing so much for her, nothing seems to get into her head, I wonder if she even realizes it. How lah dey.
Better yet, day by day I get busier, getting called in for meetings here and there, it's really the signal that my time is running out. My 6 years Legacy TP will probably end this year. Dunno to feel happy cause I think I'm finally facing reality, or maybe I just want to cling on to my comfort zone. I guess not man.

Just feel a sense of sianzation that I would leave watching TP like that, I feel powerless, but haha, at least I tried I guess, should learn to keep within my own borders.

~KeongSterZ~ Is that what they mean when they say "School Life Is The Best"? ~

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Topic Of The Day: Just A Lil Update On My Upcoming Matches.

SGCC Tennis open is over, with me winning 2 and losing 2, scores are 9-2, 9-7, 7-9 and 3-9 respectively. Joyce actually went into quarters, haha I feel so like shit. She's up against Donovan next though, GG~

Next up will be the STA Intermediate tennis open, I'm playing Men's doubles with Mr Aaron Anthony Leong, and it seems we're scheduled on the 24th of July, Tuesday 8PM, looks like I gotta not show up for one more training.
Next up is the Pesta Sukans, sponsored by Prince, so we're using prince balls (Shag). Dates are between 11August to 26th August. Playing Men's doubles with Mr Jonatha Surya, and Mixed doubles with Miss Joyce Ho YIJIA (One House =D).

Haha, I sure spent alot on these matches, seriously. Men's doubles are like $75 now and Mixed $50. So ex, and yeah, play one match just to get our asses kicked, but well, if it doesn't kill you, it only makes you better. So why not man? Never play doubles with Samal too, He can totally forget that he has a doubles partner right behind him =.=

I'm really starting to see the world as reality knows it, the truth behind the scenes, and yeah well, anything else related. As much as it's reality though, I don't like it. People are teaching me that life is just so and that's the way to go, but I don't know. To me what's important is to live the way you want to, not live the way people want you to. As long as I'm happy with what I'm doing, does it matter? And people will put me down "Keong you won't go far with that mentality." Oh well, too bad for me, I didn't really think anywhere near of getting somewhere. As long as I get to keep the friendship, oh yeah, I don't wanna think of being the next common levelled asshole.

Here comes on the next MTV, haha, yes too much english if you ask me, Now it's CHINESE!

Jacky Wu And Joanna - Chuang Wai (Outside the Window)

~KeongSterZ~ No One's Killing Us. We're Killing Ourselves. And Most People Don't Care ~

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Topic Of The Day: We Don't Form Cliques, We Welcome Anyone, Except, Well, We Ain't Got The Means To Handle Everybody =D.

Here's the next MTV on the list.

RunAway Love

Well just a quick reminder of how lucky we are, no matter what kind of problems we're all facing, I believe there's always someone out there suffering more. We just have to take it in our stride, help whoever we can, and we'll pull through, hopefully.

~KeongSterZ~ We're All Humans In The End. If We Can't Fucking Get Along, At The Very Least, Leave Each Other Alone. Wasting The Earth's Resources Killing Each Other Ain't Feasible At All =.=~

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Topic Of The Day: Mankind's Greatest Hurdle.

When man fights against man, it takes a greater threat to unite them together. Picture this. .

1) You're in sec skewl, in your class, you're alone.
2) You get a few friends who share interests, and basically dislike others that don't share them.
3) Some other class looks down on your class, your class basically unites to fight them.
4) Some other skewl basically insulted yours, saying that school creates only idiots, your school hears of it, and all of them unite against the other school.
5) You're in poly, you basically enter situations 2-3. Now JC and poly students are always arguing about which is better, poly always says JC students are spoonfed and will suffer when brought to the outside world. JC students will say poly dudes are less intelligent and thus enter poly (Since it's harder to enter JC), the 2 different students fight a war that will never end.
6) Now you're in the army, defending your nation. Imagine country 1 argue with our country, not happy, fight war. Singapore basically unites to fight against that nation.
7) The earth is being invaded by aliens, before that every country's fighting wars here and there, internal conflicts, civil wars, nation conflicts etc, and they put aside everything, and unite to fight against the aliens. (Independance day hahaha)

8) Need I Say More? =D

All I'm saying is, it doesn't take huge numbers to prove that you're right. Stay neutral, listen to both sides, very soon, you'll see the root of the problem, but as usual, it always takes 2 hands to clap. One side needs to start the fire, the other side will heat things up further.

I've always thought about this, imagine a situation where someone was dying. He's being rushed to hospital by closed ones, but the worst happens. He/She dies. One common situation that'll happen is they'll just blame the doctor. Ever thought why it happens? Is it really the doctor's fault that he died? It is the doctor's duty to save lives, but if he fails, can we really blame them?
It's just another quick conclusion that man easily directs blame over to other people regardless of the situation, they do not realize this, but yes, they blame others almost too easily. Not to say that everyone's like that, but yes, there's no denying that it is a fact.

In The Army:
Case Study: CO Trips over a banana skin while just walking around for fun, goes back with a bump on the ass and starts bitching about the camp and orders a resolve.
OC To CSM: Who the FUCK THrow the fucking banana skin on the floor? I WANT U TO GO AND FIND OUT
CSM to Sergeants: You better fucking find out who threw the skin on the floor before I skin you alive.
Sergeants to Men: Fucking Cheebye Which Jackass Happily go throw skin on floor let CO Trip? You better own up before I fucking confine all your sorry asses in camp!
Men: WTF? Dunno leh, oei own up leh, wahlao, not me la. WTF La suey sia.

Typical =.=, ever wonder of the possibility that the OC threw it himself? =D

~KeongSterZ~ Always Try To Find Fault In Yourself First. Man Blames Anyone Else Almost Too Easily For Any Reason.

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Topic of the day: Towards the end, We're all Judgmental people.

Most of the people already probably know that I'm getting involved in issues that I shouldn't really poke my nose into. Even if I know that well enough myself, I really don't wish to see anymore nonsense. Not while I'm still around, at least. I feel it's like I'm just taking the "Dun care lah, whatever happens in the end is none of my business" Path which I never did like.
So I'm doing what my heart tells me to do. Be a fucking busybody, poke into business I'm not involved in. At what cost? I don't know, really. Now everything seems fine, but definitely one way or another, things will not work out the way I planned it to be, one is probably cause I understand the human mindset, two? Because I know that no matter how much we say we aren't stubborn, we are in our own ways.
I'm very open to feedback about myself, anything that I feel can improve me, basically anything, including insults about me. But I know that once people doubt my psychological knowledge, my inner mindset would go "Yeah right, act like you know everything", and today, I decided to shoot that very line to myself. Technically, I'm right, but logically, I'm just judging from my instincts. Instincts to me may play a major part in major decisions, but it's like buying 4D, you never know man.

There was something about this person, which at the moment i shall not name. Currently, that fellow's going through somehow the same situation as what went through with Pat, and it seems, I have framed Pat once, and is now making up for it, and it seems for this very next person, the same situation is so about to occur.
I seriously doubt this person to the point that I regard that person as Dangerous, but nonetheless, stay friendly. I'm extra wary with that fellow presence, and my mind's full of doubt about em, until I found people who had faith in em.
Initially I was on maximum "WTF" mode. But then again I thought, Can I be wrong again? Do I really have to listen to the other side of the story to actually understand the situation again? What is actually believable, is there a 100% correct to everything? Until then, till my mind is cleared of this doubt, I shall not move. Man are cunning and dangerous by nature.
But if you ask me, what I really liked about going through really bad situations, is you'll surely find true friends out of it. People who have so much faith in you they'd pull you through it.

If you ask me anyway, I'm probably bored. I really needed something to fight for. Something to seriously think about. Haven't really found a good reason for living, and my life's really sad if you ask me, because my true friends, have all moved on with life, *scratches head*. My turn's coming soon, just that it hasn't come, want an idea of what I'm doing apart from playing tennis, getting involved in stupid politics and dealing with people's problems, next in line is Dota, and RO. Hahaha

Well haha, childish shit, that's Mel, Mana, Divine, Divine fren and me being blocked by the pillar, that's RO, my life for the past. . . . 7 years I'd say.

Really brings back the times when I first played RO alpha during O levels (AGE 16!). I'd sleep after dinner (7pm), and wakeup 2-3am just cause the server is the least congested at that time to level up, and while I'm sitting down resting hp, I'll use that time to study, hahaha. Until 6am then go skewl take O level =D. How the hell did I get 20 for L1R5? Duno =.=
Then korean beta came out where they only allowed koreans (those bloody cheapos), but we didn't give up, haha I broke into the server with jz, apple, yin, roy and a few others, and we were in there trying so hard not to talk (Everyone's typing korean, we're the only ones typing alphabets =.=)
We shifted quite a few servers, CRO, ERO, MRO, and the private servers, ROELITE, and now I'm in ACRO, so well, I retrained like alot of times I'd say.

Ever heard the story that when IRC/ICQ came out? People said, Don't meet up with people online, you never know if they're lying. Well I'm one of those who didn't care. Over the days, I met up with people over SG, and mainly ROelite, and I did learn something:
People who think it's childish to play those kinda games we play feel that we're people escaping from reality and enjoys a world of fantasy WHILE at the same time, people like us who play these kind of games extremely hate the reality of the world, how the people function, and all the "Zi Xiang Chan Sha" Occurs, or so would be rephrased as "Why humans killing their own kind?" hahahaha

It isn't all about games yah, hahaha. Well I guess we all just have our own interests.

~KeongSterZ~ I Know That Many People Will Hate Me For Doing The Unnecessary, Too Bad I Just Can't Sit Around Doing Nothing~

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Topic Of The Day: Haha My Best Game Yet Huh.

My first of the tennis open has began, I won my first match against the lousiest in my grp with a score of 9-7, finishing off with a very nice smash that nearly flew over the fence. And, I lost my 2nd match against the best in the grp with a score of 7-9, finishing off with a smash that just flew off the court so bad I just decided to whine and bitch about it. Exact opposites, what the hell.

So it's one win, one loss, really dragged it long, and hell, everyone said that was the best they saw of me. Obviously they didn't see me play donovan, I think i just used the same strategy, blast every shot =.=
At the same time i ran into a few NYP dudes, damn, it's another few irritating style players whose strokes are not fantastic but still irritating nonetheless. I just hope Samal or Aslam kena these kind of people, should be easy wipeout, and I'm due to play him on thursday, shag. Least I don't have to go down Wed anymore.

Anyone told you that when you start earning money, you'll start having goals for so many things until you probably need to spend em all? I've deposited $600 today, and realized i spent $280 on Muay thai, $76 on Ikea items, $92 soon on Muay thai Equipment, and prolly have to come out another $144 for the next tennis open, considering I'm playing 2 doubles. Shaggggg.

Haha. On to the next song.

Ne-Yo. Because Of You

Song Lyrics, Currently What I'm Learning
Want to but I can't help it
I love the way you feel
just kinda stuck between my fantasy and what is real
I needed when I want it
I want it when I don't
tell myself I stop every day
knowing that I won't

I got a problem and I don't know what to do about it
even If I did I don't know If I would quit but I doubt it I’m
taking by the thought of it
And I know this much is true

baby you have become my addiction
I’m so strung out on you
I can barely move
but I like it
and it's all because of you
all because of you
and it's all because of you
all because of you
and it's all because of you
all because of you
and it's all because of you
never get enough
she’s the sweetest drugs
think of it every second
I can get nothing done
only concern is the next time I’m gon get me some
know I should stay away from
cause its no good for me
I try and try but my obsession wont let me leave

~KeongSterZ~ When Man Refuses To Admit Their Mistakes, They Form A Disagreement, When More And More Disagreements Form, Extremity Is Created, And When Extremity Is Created, Keong Was Born =.=~

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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Topic Of The Day: It's already July, we're talking about Keong slacking off for 5 months since he ORDed.

Yesterday was the first day Keong got involved in Muay Thai lessons with Mag. Haha it was damn cool seriously, and also damn torturing. The starting was major stretching, then 10 laps of jogging with dumbells(Omg my hands hurt), pushups, tire Jumping, stance learning, and on to ass kicking. Haha, stupid legs of mine couldn't stretch far enough, so coach Iskandar decided to make me be the next Kenneth who just got kicked out from the tennis team. Next time you see me around don't be suprised if I do a split-leg volley =p.

So yeah a short summary of Muay thai, just like kickboxing, so I have a lil experience. Basically, jab, punch, uppercut, side punch, kick, high kick Hahaha, damn I really need to flexbilize my legs. Can't stretch very high up, so can't kick very high. But yeah, Muay Thai utilizes stamina for both defence and attacking. Tough to learn, but haha gonna be really neat if I do this right.

So later in the day, we'll be talking about the polites, TP's yearly awaited event has arrived, and as usual, I'll be looking at the old dudes from all over. Donovan? Aloysius? Haha, and we'll see how much they've improved.
My own tennis open is starting soon too. Haha and I thought i had Rachelle for company, damn she's like bogged down with training and matches that she won't be showing up for any. Oh wells. Haha mine is on tuesday, wed and thurs anyway.
After that hopefully the kallang intermediate will produce their lineups. I'm double-sing with aaron Leong for this tourney and well, i hope we go far. Seriously.

First time I'm kinda feeling rich, having like $250 a week is a pretty huge sum at this current point of time. Just that I needa go further, if not I'm not planning for my future already. The first of my $400 savings were quickly wiped out tho, the Muay Thai costs $280 bucks. And the equipment will cost $92, and hopefully not anymore incurred.

I'm going to face my first major challenge soon. It's reality facing and my first move to reality in the business world. I never really wanted to be involved in such a situation but hell, I've been too reliant, let's just hope this will be my first as well as my last. God bless me.

So here it is, my next song introduction. Omarion's Ice box. I'm beginning to just love 987FM, but in another one or two weeks time, I'm going back to YES93.3, lost touch with the chinese songs already, and seriously, chinese love songs are the best, especially the duets.


~KeongSterZ~ True friends are mostly sitting around acting like they know nothing till the worst situations occur~ or Is It really so?~

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Friday, July 06, 2007

Topic Of The Day: Really busy day. . .

Macdonalds has become my next best friend, waking up late and having no time to deal with my meals has really change things alot. Macs has become my best friend because they're everywhere and it costs just $2 to get a double cheeseburger or mc-chicken, both not being too filling, but still fills your stomach, plus they have my faved jasmine green tea anyway. All it takes is a $2, step in there, order a burger and u can eat and drive! Then go coaching hahahaha.

Today was simple but well, mad. Mag drove, I drove, and i followed her trying to find some chicken rice place and probably just ended up getting lost all over toa payoh, and I finally just brought her to pow sing chicken rice at gardens. $24 sia, but it's alright if u ask me.
Then coaching for Shah's B Division team lor, after that still coach Gabriel, after the news of his sis getting kicked and me getting hit hard on that, I was heavily motivated not to let his brother end up in the same state, so I'm gonna double up my efforts, and hopefully see some results.
After that I immediately went over to boat quay to meet JH n gang, his birthday celebration along with fayth. How did I handle my dinner? MACS! Bought dbl cheeseburger at bedok int, take MRT go raffles place, buy Mc-chicken burger + Green tea there and chiong to Studio 6, the KTV pub. Well too bad I had to leave early, but I got a taste of the infamous Sake/Chivas Combo pirated version, aka Sake/Johnny Walker. Budget la bopian. But haha the bloody effect really kicks in damn bloody late. I took like 7-8 shots, not high at all, now that I'm home, i finally felt it.
For the exact time, I took the 8 shots respectively from 9-11pm. Now it's 12:06 and I just started feeling it =.=

Anyway it's been too long since i hung around with them, must say I'm a lil nua and weird being in a KTV pub, and since they all sing chinese songs while I'm really researching more on the english dept, it's a lil weird not knowing the songs. I really should hang around with them more, and I dunno why I have this urge to go clubbing, infection liao . . . Shag

Anyway, Haha the next song to introduce. Sean Kingston's Beautiful Girls

I'm so going to learn how to sing this, can't get his voice tho. =D

~KeongSterZ~ Live The Life, Liquor Does 3 advantages for me. 1: Blood flow, 2: Opens up my conscience, 3: Helps me sleep~

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Topic Of The Day: Just To Lift The Stupid Words Off The Blog To Make It A Lil More Flashy. Ladies N Gentlemen, My Fav Song, =D

Linkin Park Lyrics

~KeongSTer~ WO ZHUO LE SHE MO!~!~!

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Topic Of The Day: Time Is Seriously Against Me, And Then Again, What The FUCK Am I Doing And Why Am I Fucking Bothering?

First busy week has begun, well not so busy still, but yeah. coaching on odd days, wednesday morning went to do this acting discipline master thingy in Zhonghua Primary on wednesday morning, haha seriously getting paid to just scream at the kids. And later on two more coachings to deal with. Busy busy busy.

Time is seriously running out for the tennis team, the dudes have their Polite games coming right up, and the guys are like not too bad, looking good with the new dudes and the old ones as well along with Samal.
The Girls? They're fucked, bigtime. I seriously wonder if they can even get 3rd placing. So much for war efforts, I'm not making any results, and things just get worse by the minute, out of the 11 in the main team, I already see 5 disoriented players who have lost their motivational spirit to play, minusing them off, maybe the remaining 6 can do something about it.
Really makes me wonder how it turned out this way, back in my year we all shared the common goal to raise TP's rank in the tennis fraternity, now I see nothing but everyone's own personal reason for playing, the spirit's just not there anymore. God save them, just pray their opponents fall sick, take MC, break leg, racket spoil, strings dead, whatever =.=, so long as it works out in the end.

Really running out of time, at this rate of additional work I've been put into, I'd really have to leave TP watching them probably blaming each other for losses (Touch wood), well seriously won't have problems if they win it all. God really knows, I don't.

Really just so want to try organizing a whole team outing, but I'd assume it'd probably be another fish n co style type. Makan n everybody fuck off kind of thing. It's probably just time for me to give up trying and deal with my own problems for once.

~KeongSterZ~ If I Was A Full-Fledged Psychologist Who's Involved In Counselling, I Think I'd Really Just Die Young~

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Name: Wright Wong Weng Keong
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Hobbies: Gaming, animeing, slacking, getting bullied, drinking

Animes i watch: Naruto, CCS, 1piece, POT, samurai-X, FF-unlimited, get backers, fushigi yuugi etc.

Email: (applies to friendster + msn)

Description of myself: Me? 2 eyes 1 nose 1 mouth.

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  My purpose of Blogging, to be lame. Yes, i'm a loser, thanks.


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