Sunday, April 23, 2006

Currently the date is 23rd April, 5 more weeks till my darned life of torment is over.
Seriously nothing is any worse than having to live in an enclosed area with restriction of doing many things and suffering in boredom . . . . I think it's possible to get driven crazy like that. I wonder how people in DB or prison survive. I'd rather be working.

Current experiences in there, I had a major, he was extremely good at talking, so damn good that he actually convinced the entire company that national service was important. Good job there too, I think he's be seriously cut out to do sales. Very convincing fellow.

Got my Ipod Nano, $490 spent in total. Wouldn't say much, know i spent quite abit, wasn't too bad though. Standard package apple was offering was like 408. The offer pack I got cost $432, including a socket charger, sock, protective cover(which i totally destroyed when i first opened it) and a rubber protective layer.
Then i got a pair of speakers along with it as well. Not that i was really enthu about it, but i liked his style. Original price was 69, he pushed it down to 60 for me, and i just asked if he could deduct another 2bux to make 490, he gave an immediate ok. Well i like his style, so i agreed as well.

And sometimes, I do wonder if my staying in Tekong isolated from the outside world is much better. The moment i step out, I get so much shit all over the place. I don't know what my brother wants out of me seriously, and if I had a chance, I wouldn't even wanna depend on him to get anything done, and for some reason he always talks to me like i owed him bigtime in my previous life or something.
My mum doesn't see anything good in me, even though she keeps quiet about it, I know she's unhappy about my coming home and immediately darting off outdoors to hang around with friends. She wants to grumble about my messy room, my lazy attitude and all, but she knows i'll be around for just 2 days 1 night, might as well just shut up.
Not that I don't want to say it, but at least i've been TRYING to keep trouble away from her. I mean, looking at the time now, it's been about 9 months since I've stopped taking money from her, which is already quite a good progress when I look at it. I'm even trying to make use of my time in tekong, at least i bother to wash the clothes i can wash in there so i can import less trouble home.
Seriously, reading the 48 laws of power makes everything so logical now. It's a book which really relates to how people think beyond their own imagination. People know what they're thinking, people know what they feel at a certain point of time, but they don't know how it comes and goes about.
Picture a buddy of mine seeing me every single day, starting we'll be best of friends, then we'll slowly grow tired of each other. And when we're isolated, we'll feel the need for each other. But why do some people dissapear and you'll never think of them? You'll never feel the "need" to see them anymore?
Same issue with my mum, I get tired of hearing her nag everyday, and when comes the one day she doesn't nag, you just feel something ain't right. It's like either 1) She's tired of nagging, or 2) She's mentally unstable, or 3) She just plain forgotten.
48 Laws of power teaches heaps of information regarding human thoughts and their reactions to situations. Totally recommended, except for the ruthless parts which they teach on making use of other people to make it big yourself.
That book has also mentioned, people who are offensive and vulgur, are notorious and become popular initially, but will become just another commoner and brainless user. If that makes me, that's just got to be me.

It's useless to think too much anyway. Judging from the fact that I've offended every single person in my list of friendships once before, pissed my friends off like it didn't matter at all, it just goes to show that my self-righteous ideal is just an eyesore to society. And if that's the case, I'll live it that way.

When you're in need of help, and you receive help from someone, you think he's a great help, but what's on his mind? He was just in the mood to help.
And when you're in need of help, and you don't receive help from anyone, including the guy who initially helped you before, you think everyone's a bastard and lazy slacker.
If that's the case of how quickly people change their concepts over you, is there any point at all in bothering?

~Keong~ I'll just continue living for the sake of fulfilling my duty, then I think I'd just wanna dissapear.

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Date: Saturday The 15th Of April
Occasion: One Of The Worst Saturdays Ever Spent

Was Really fucking boring. I had no idea how i actually felt that way. Booked out thursday night, chionged out straight to simpang bedok to meet the tennis team, shockingly ran into Christie who was "by right" supposed to be in Aussie, but "By Left" There she was infront of my eyes. Then i heard she touched down 3 hours earlier than I landed in Singapore, and was returning on the same day i go back to Tekong.

Well the team was tired so we left early, went back n dota again. Then came friday. Lunchtime, buffer with Master Chong and her 2 Mad children, Shaun Wong, Mah HH, Pang XW, Timothy n GF. Hiddy, Vincent all last min pangseh, stupid idiots. Buffet was somewhat cool yet lousy. I mean, well, some of the stuffs were good, SOME. The rest was virtually shit i suppose. But it was good overall considering we paid $14 each (Promotion, every 2 adults got 1 child free, so master's 2 children free, when split cost each person $14 lo)
Went to parkway after that, Timmy left early to go home n pack, gotta go back tekong, while we hung around. And later we met again at desmond's bdae bbq at night, where we waited for Thomas, and he just like showed up for the cake n left with us 10mins later.

And there came saturday. Morning go play tennis, was a bad day. Super hot weather, lack of tennis balls, and odd number players, 5. I was having a bad headache and figured someone has to give way anyway, so might as well let it be me.
Went home for more dota, and tried sleeping, ended up crying. Honestly, I've reached the stage where I really don't want to step into Tekong anymore. From my analysis, when I was pes B, I had no time to rest, and was practically suffering half the time, but since everyone else was suffering along, it wasn't much of a fuss. Now my mindset's like. . . I've fucking LOADS of time there, Yet NOTHING to do. Seriously, my heart was burning, and I really don't wanna go back, but lanlan suck thumb i guess. Get used to it Keong. What a baby I still am.

At night, wahlao, was hoping for something interesting, ended up nothing. No one to call, everyone busy. Only Sjai n me, we went pasta fresco or what-u-call-it at siglap, then just decided to go somewhere out of our norm, so we ended up at bukit timah just to drink teh tarik. Boring overall with just the 2 of us, but what was very fun for both of us was the car ride cause of the new barrage of songs I got up the CD. Most of em were rock, Sjai loved the Bon Jovis, Linkin park, I loved the Fort Minor. Really rocked up the car, cool atmosphere. Special Thanks to Timothy Yap Soon Lee for That.

That's all for my saturday. Smelling my book in soon. . . I feel so lonely. . . Fucking lonely. . . WhYyYyYyYy.

6 More weeks to POC, PO PO POC.
Peeeoooo- PeeeoooC. PEA-OC PEA-OC~
Somebody SAVE ME!

KeongTardz~ Why Am I Crying~ How To Go Overseas Study Liddat -.-

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Friday, April 14, 2006

First week back from Tekong.

Not exactly very fun, in fact, most boring i ever knew of. Stuck on an island, nothing to do.
Past week was boredom hell to me. Totally nothing to do. Only have a bunk, an annex room, and a gym, and loads of free time.
Here's how my timetable looks like
0600 Reverly
0615 Fall in For Breakfast
0645 Back from breakfast, area cleaning 15-30min, then Relax all the way
0930 Lecture that's supposed to last 1hr, ended in 10min
1030 Another lecture that's more or less cancelled since we don't need it
1130 Fall in for lunch
1200 Rest
1430 Lecture?
1440 Slack!
1730 Fall in for dinner
1900 Routine Orders For Next Day
2230 Nights out

Like, having 2-3hour intervals between every event is really too much time to talk about. And really having no entertainment is like living in prison, or something like that.
So i seriously passed my time hanging at the gym for 30mins and playing table tennis for another 30min at the mess room and watching TV for the rest of the period.
Seriously called a whole lot of people, but most of them were too busy to entertain me, and also better not blow the phone bill too.

And so, pes C Bmt is Quite similar to pes B, only one simple difference. BCCT, Strength training, 5BX, Drills, Trainings, Route Marches, Runnings, IPPTs, all cancelled, anything that requires heavy physical strength is taken out.
And stuff added in, 20 X 2km Brisk walk in the 7 weeks. YES BRISK WALK, we just fricking walk around the stadium for 5 rounds. Still need to do warm up, still water parade, and ask anyone not feeling well, oh my gawd.
Punishment part? no pumping right? No situps cruches whatever? Nevermind, punishment is writing -.- WTFFFFFF

Seriously the weirdest part of my life, It's really somewhat close to a holiday chalet. Gained 8kg throughout this 1 week -.- WTF is going on!

Keong's life at 21, does it have to start off like that?

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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Date: April The 9th
Occasion: Exactly 12 hours before Embarking Into Tekong.
Feeling: Stupid, Sheepish, Retarded
Reason Being: All My Army Stuff Missing, Except For Clothing -.-

Dunno la, sibei sian, suddenly dun feel like going. Camp pass is in camp, left it behind on friday. 7 weeks in tekong, with nothing equipped, the thought of having to camo once again ~_~. Well gotta live with it. I'm a soldier, afterall.

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Monday, April 03, 2006

Date: 3rd April
Occasion: 21st Birthday Officialy Ended, Enough of the fusses.

Okay, I was pretty worried about people making a big fuss now that I'm 21, not that much of a big deal if you ask me apart from the fact that I gotta pay X10 of what i'm initially paying to my country club as monthly expenses.
Then came the stupid talk about what I'm gonna do to support the family when the time comes, No comments, no answers, no inspiration, no future!

Well kay, birthday's on 2nd april, it's over. Pretty glad I didn't wanna organize anything. It was fucking raining cats n dogs and bolting thunderbolts all over like it hasn't rained for years. Well had a pretty neat dinner with JH n gang on friday though, though all i really hoped for was a simple small session of KTVing with them and drinking till we'd puke as usual. It's been too long since I touched any alcohol everysince I took the wheels. Too bad friday was out cause of the inter-club matches i had on saturday, so in the end, no time, so cannot do. Tough luck anyway, it was still cool hanging out and talking cock.

On leave today, thought i could take a break, just a simple rest. Well hell no, tomorrow is what qing ming jie, gotta do some family errands regarding my grandmother. Well, just go lor, not much I can say.

Counting down another 7 days to back-to-tekong. I don't have much torments on going there, I just hope that I'd come back alive. I did have some premonition that i'd get shot to death over there, just like i did on my first tekong trip, so I'm hoping it won't happen =p

So I'm officialy 21, it doesn't mean anything does it? It's just a normal day to everyone, I don't get a fricking holiday tomorrow. Life still goes on as per normal, I still have to do stupid work in camp anyway, ain't much of a big deal, is there?
Biggest deal is I'm growing older by the minute, more pressure by the minute, getting weaker by the minute, and losing my cool by the minute. Parents are not treating me like I'm 21, brother's driving me crazy as usual, and work just seems to pile up like nobody's business. I'm dead I tell ya.
To be honest, this year's birthday wish? Wasn't even a wish, it was a hope.
I just hoped my parents would live healthily and learn to leave me alone, and that my brother would just stay out of my way. He's a nice person faraway from me. Close by? No, He's the biggest idiot.

Well that's all to officially declare, hope maggy on the other side's had her fair share of fun with her birthday, and hope she's stuffed with cakes that'll last her a week? I've had my fair share, Man Lynda's cake is being loved by all man -.- She's becoming some popular baker in my family, and it's continuously spreading. (Retardedly enough, they gave her cake 80marks for the tennis racket she placed with chocolate on top of the cake and 20 marks for the taste, which makes 100 marks, kinda stupid way of evaluating eh -.-)

Body's 21 Yrs old
Face Looks 16 Yrs old
Brain thinks like a 12 year old
Mind processes like a 50 year old
stamina like a 40 year old
attitude like a 25 year old
hopes to be still 17 year old
and crying like a 6month old~

~Don't know how getting older makes it worth celebration, I always think it's a bad thing, and i still think it's bad~

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