Sunday, April 29, 2007

Topic Of The Day: Nothing's Going According To Plan, My Life's So Screwed, I Can't Even Laugh At Myself Now.

While I was conveniently down with fever on saturday, NTU's letter of rejection came in. Well, ok they didn't accept me. SMU's not replied, but I've never pinned hopes on them. So basically, I've concluded Singapore's out. I gotta reach out further, Aussie =.=

Well or so I thought, since I was so coincidentally sick, my mum was happily using that as an excuse "How to let u go down there and rely on yourself like that?" Ok lor. Dowan me go aus, pop up so many excuses lor, nevermind, you're my mum. I respect! I DUN STUDY!
Well firstly, I have no idea why she's pestering me to go SIM when there's no psychology in there, my trademark line to her was "Ok lor, I go SIM and randomly choose one course to study ok?" and that shut her up for the rest of the day.

Anyway, I do realize from my old homework that I do have other options, I still have the private schools, or the overseas schools that came to singapore. New south wales in RP? James cook university in Queensway(That's lynda's school), but to be honest, I really don't see the point in studying in those places when they're really expensive and is still local anyway. It's like telling me "Keong you just suck, so u gotta pay much more than the norm."
Well, point taken, I DO suck at my studies, always regretted having bad results but never repented. That's all over, therefore my new concept was, If I'm gonna spend a bomb, gotta make it worth the bomb, go overseas and get myself bombarded. Locally? Honestly? No. Everyone's telling me bout how I should abuse my parents' money while they still have it, but I'm fucking stubborn. NO.

Well looking at reality though, give me a few more days I might just have to succumb to reality, cause I really don't have much of a choice, unless I do admit myself into the working society. Life's never simple, ain't it?

KeongSterZ~ There are no coincidences in this world, only inevitability.~

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Topic Of The Day: Today Was Supposed To Be A Cool Day, But I Go And Kay Kiang~ Now Become Sibei Sian Day~

Log: 260407 ---- Keong went home after makan with tennis team n went to sleep cause he thought he was tired, but for some reason, his mind was tired, but his inner organs were so active they kept him awake.

270407 ---- Even though Keong had NO sleep, he decided to carry on with his same plan. Morning played tennis with Weiling and Mag at TP and lunch with them. After that Keong helped the TP tennis team recruitment drive booth. It ended early cause of rain and the gang camped off at the library, where Keong's hell began. Lack of sleep + bad weather + super cold aircon, Keong decided to go home first, where his first symptoms of fever came. He still kay kiang, decided to carry on with dinner that he organized, drove to gardens and ate chomps with another 14 peepz (Tim, Rachelle, Joel, Andy, Derru, Sim, Joyce, asriel, jon, fiona, liz, maria, wen, sam) but still decided to go home early anyway since he felt like shit.

280407 ---- Officially declared down with gastric flu (By mum), Keong had no choice but to cancel coaching in the morning, abort tennis playing as well, and confine himself to bed (He's at the computer now though). What a dull saturday morning for Keong~ Oh well, Hiong somemore lar~

~KeongSterZ~ S I A N~~~~~

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Topic Of The Day: Times Have Seriously Changed, I Think I'm Really Old =.=

Firstly, allow me to introduce to you this game introduced by the ever so full of cock Tay WeiWen from TP tennis team~ Lemmie go dig a pic of him first. . . .

Left dude is Tau Huey Brother Kelvin Chua Chee Wai~ Right Dude's the Cock~ Or So He Says "The King"

This game, introduced by Weiwen, has brought so much laughter over the internet that all the players just kinda couldn't stop laughing. Well it's called the one word game. Define the number of players, create a sequence of who goes first until the end, and the cycle goes on, and just bullshit some story. So here's a nice example where I just logged out everything we typed.

This Story Sequence is as follows ----1)Jonatha--2)Keong--3)Fiona--4)Weiwen
Spectators---1)Maria (She totally didn't understand what we were doing

And here's the story. . . . . .

Kenneth, Fiona and shrek are lying to each other, hoping that they kiss each other slowly yet gently. Suddenly, kenneth goes mad into rough and violent mode. He started To Pull his hair and grabbed fiona, then fiona slapped him silly in an erotic way that led to long long tender kiss on armpit. Fiona was helplessly submitting to him, and then she saw weiwen with Jessica Alba Making out on the floor next to bambi's poo, with Jon nearby watching and drooling, till he dashed to weiwen and quickly took bambi's poo to eat and stuff it inside weiwen's nostrils. He then screamed out extremely loud and puked into jon's big mouth. Jon swallowed it all with much pleasure. Fiona then appeared with Keong and started hammering jon upside down. weiwen then came to jon's rescue and took out his gun pointing towards his own face. Dumbly he accidentaly fired off the trigger and BANG! Kenneth's dick was on fire, but fiona quickly came to suck his dick to put out the fire, upon seeing this, jon went around flashing his naked body to random old grannies on the street. Then Jessica alba appeared. Keong rolled on the floor laughing at jon, all over her sizzling hot body. But weiwen was furious <----and we stopped, cause it just got too long.

We didn't play 1 word but 6 words each on that, cause it was pretty late. If you follow the sequence and count the words, you'd know who came up with what, and yeah, u do realize the many no-links and bad grammars etc. (THAT WAS JON. HIS ENGLISH SUCKS BALLS).
My 2 cents on this game, damn tactical. It's about sabotaging and protecting yourself (And ganging up too). Weiwen was damn random. Jon was aiming Fiona, But I was Aiming Jon. Fiona was just following up the story. Weiwen was the funniest la, damn bastard, he and jessica alba =.=.

Ahha yeah, it was truly amazing how this game can make all of us laugh like crazy infront of our own computers. Works wonders huh.

Oh yeah, about the times have changed thing, seems like TP tennis team has changed it's history. Ahha today captain n vcap were trying to pull people to go join some adventure camp thingy. Everyone was like so trying to push it away with lectures, tutorials and other funny stuffs. My mind was like "Wah, back in my time, u gimme this kind of thing, everybody can't wait to sign up just to get away from fricking boring lecture/whatsoever." The times has seriously changed, everyone studies now~ TP tennis team shall no longer have it's record breaking fail 4-7 subjects per-person average. =p

~KeongSterZ~ Some thing are just beyond your imagination~

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Topic Of The Day: 3 Days Since TP skewl reopened, yet, I'm still playing around.

Seriously, It was nuts. Sunday night, I camped over at Jon's place, slept until 6:30 then go book courts.
Monday night, I also camped over at his place, play poker, watch movie until 6:30 again, then go home.
Tuesday night, people over at my place supposed to play mahjong, end up talking cock.
Now wednesday, play mahjong and still talking cock when it's 3am, madness.

Anyway, I kinda opened up my own path, now just need to psycho myself to go get a haircut andddd, find someplace where I can make a namecard, hmm shld have a neat design.

Some backdates on saturday's super-expensive Sushi buffet with my batch of tennis team people (Reminded me Michael Gui Poh Mun owes me $6!!!). Sad to say, we don't have any photos taken together, so they're all very separate. Basically had 6 peepz, Shuntian, Michael, Me, Christine(Dajie), Julie n Weiling.

Me~ Weiling~ Mikey~ damn hungry n cold, fucker make me wait so long, cheebye mike.

Left end is shuntian, he wasn't in most of e pics, that was e best i could find, folo by mikey and weiling.

The 2 missing people, My Dajie, Christine, and Julie.

Well That's prolly All I've got, Still keeping my blogs short and sweet =D

~KeongSterZ~ Welcome To The World Of Politics, I'm Your Host, and I'm here to teach You how to survive =D~

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Topic Of The Day: Inspirationless Day~ Back to the past~ Shld watch bleach from eps 1 again, Prince of tennis as well, Naruto also while I'm at it. . .

Crappy day~ Went Astons with Jon yesterday, Again, and got caught by police on the expressway for using handphone. It was damn suey la, but I dunno warn him how many fucking times. He still can tell me "Ok I learnt My Lesson, I'll be more careful when using the handphone while driving." For that, I have nothing to say.

I took over his car after that, sent all the dudes home, supposedly camp at his hse awhile, ended up snoozing off. wokeup like 6:30, dang, kakin go tampines book courts, then go home & play C&C. Dozed off again in e afternoon. Jez wokeup like 30mins ago, cause of a really sian dream, which talking about would only ruin the rest of the day, so fuck it.

So in another 2hours it's Keong's mother VS Proton Dickhead~ Nothing much to say apart from goin there later n c how, maybe i shld load up a racket or two in case he shows up with some baseball bat.
My wallet's at zero bucks now, so my resolve is it's gonna be a stay-home-week. And I was really tempted to start my research centre going, but today, no inspiration, stupid rain, stupid people calling me when I'm sleeping, and stupid dream. All make me damn nua.

~KeongSterZ~ Me? A Politician? No Fucking Way~

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Topic Of The Day: Skewl Starts Tomorrow, Not For Me, But Not Good For Me =.=

I've Half the mind to convert this back into Keong's Research Centre, For the old dudes who knew when this blog started, it was actually meant for listing out research carried out by Keong that normally relates to humans and human behavior. I've a whole lot of new juicy info that I'd like to share, but problem is, I already forgot what I Briefed on earlier (This blog started in 2004, so that was 3-4 years ago). Lemmie go sort out some information first before I reopen my research facility. Meanwhile, I'd figure I could do half-half (The usual complaining, and then bragging my research)

TP skewl reopens tomorrow, so I'd have so much free time without the tp tennis dudes doing the usual mahjong, dota, etc. with me. St Andrews has also begun their term tests so coaching them has temporarily come to a halt (earn $50 less a week liao). Finally, my best buddy Mr Leong is also starting his full time event doing job tomorrow as well, so to summarize them all, my weekdays are going to be full of. . . Boredom =D.

That might be a good thing anyway, my wallet's empty now, and just yesterday I had 100 bucks. Crappy life going on here. Not earning yet spending. Tomorrow is also Jon's final shodown with the Proton Dickhead, and whenever I think of him, i always think of what Boss Leong said to me. . . .
"Jon that guy, also damn stupid sia, ask people also ask those fierce type so they scared won't try to con u, but of all people, he ask Keong come along, wahpiang, if I was the proton dickhead, at first overcharge, See Keong liao Charge more lar, the face like easily kana con." =.=
But yeah regardless of that, I'm still going =p, just that my mum will be doing the hostile talking. Seems in her whole life of work she's been having countless arguments, so that's her professionalism there.

Lots of eating these days, brought JH, Jacky, Faith, Sianrong and Chris to Astons @ Serangoon 2 days ago (Friday). The other gang I brought was Maria, Liz, Jon, Andy and Asriel. Then I just added in the guest of honor who stays in Serangoon but did not eat Astons before (WTF), Joyce Ho.
The guys seemed more fascinated with RK house than the food, but I don't blame them ahha. It was popular for a minute before anyway. Here's some pics to show what PP Sianrong Took. . . (Oh PP stands for Professional Photographer, also can mean powerpack)

Here's the JH gang, drinkers inc. Some members missing.
From The Left Front row, Faith, Sianrong, JH, Back row from e left, Chris, Jacky

What else is there to say? RK HOUSE!!!

After that the dudes all went on to Maria's workplace, Tiamo, we just hanged around and talked cock. Joyce was amazingly being sociable and hung around with us. Of course, she found Andy really irritating, well, that's what we all feel.

From the left, Jonatha Surya, Maria, Asriel, Liz, Joyce, Andy and Keong (middle finger to andy, well he's doing the same)

As for the JH gang, they felt they dun have much common topic to talk about so they hung around the other side to drink wine. Really funny shit. They asked for recommendations for wine, so this guy came along and said "Try our sauvignon, it's the most fruity wine." JH went "Wine Got Flirty Wine One ah?" Jacky had to add on "Got Slutty Wine Anot?" WTF~~~

After that I just left early to mahjong with jon/liz/asriel. Wah when u play mahjong with them, 1 round takes 4 hours. Yesterday Mahjong with chris/Emily, 2 rounds we took 2 1/2 hours. Big difference man.

KeongSterZ~ Losing all my Money to Mahjong. . .Shag~

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Topic of the day: The age of decision making, no more people deciding paths for me.

For the past 2 months after army, my carefree life and dun-give-a-shit attitude has got my grandfather panicking for me. He's been wondering why I've not been doing anything for these 2 months. Well ok, put aside coaching, the rest of my time has probably been dedicated to slacking, dotaing, and tennising.

Main topic would be "Why u not studying yet?" I can't help it man, NTU/SMU term starts august, I'd only get a reply like 2 months later from now. Eventually the next topic came up my mind, "What if I failed to get into both?" GG Keong~ Go find job?

My grandfather's very keen on sending me to australia to study, if Singapore universities just doesn't like my name. My mum's pretty against it, well, I don't know. I could suit my grandfather's wishes, I mean, I get to study for a degree one way or another, but I'm really afraid I won't be on time to show him the degree. So whatever, I'm just gonna pray NTU accepts me (SMU's really hard, it seems, mebee all the Chais there make it hard? and it's town area?)

I'm pretty darn slow on this, but hell, I really love this shit.

Well to be honest I dun like Hossan Leong, personal dislike, his face looks like a dick. I wonder If my blog will kana ban jez cause I said that, we'll find out.

~KeongSterZ~ Astons in 1 hour~ Sushi tomorrow~ Oh man, Spend so much~ Not EARNING!~

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Topic of the day: So much new experiences, both good and bad. Life is really all about understanding reality.

3 days 2 night at the chalet was cool. Well it was really enjoyable, putting aside the fact that for some reason I couldn't friggin sleep at all. So yeah, for those 2 days, I spent loads of time lying in bed, but didn't sleep. Of course, it was also crazy with 6 laptops of dotaing, 4 players of ps2ing and another 4 mahjongsters, sometimes you really wonder what kind of chalet the guys are having.

Yesterday was the day it ended, wednesday morning. Had to set off early to send car go servicing, good enough, had Jon accompany me to queensway with his car, so i dropped mine off and joined him. Apparently my sleepy-spree came out after the damn-good breakfast we had at ikea. For fucking ONE dollar, you get 2 pieces of french toast, 1 sausage, baked beans, and coffee/tea. And sorry, no picture, cause normally only girls take these kinda pics, and yeah, no girls at that time. Only Jon, Yong n me.

Wahaha talk about the sleeping spree, after a full brakfast, I got so tired I just slept everywhere we went. Go queensway? I sleep in jon's car, windows open, I could feel myself sweating, but too shagged to do anything. And after that wherever they went I just dozed off all the way. Until the car servicing fellar told me that the car wouldn't be ready today. Like WTF.

Evening was damn interesting, Jon had to settle a negotiation with some fellar he knocked his car onto back on february. That fellar was driving a proton Wira, looks like a grumpy old man, and is indeed, grumpy to the core. I had no experience on those kinda stuffs anyway, so well, I tagged along to see what I could do. Fucking hit the front plate area, quotation costs. . $1900. WHAT THE FUCK?
Negotiations ended pretty quickly soon after I got my mum involved. She go talk to him sia, scary, amazingly enough my mum's the only person he talk nicely to. I think my mum has got that aura that instills fear in people. But I learnt much over that experience.
Coclusion was he'd take the car to this workshop that my family has trusted for pretty long. Apparently it seems from what I described to him, it would probably go down to $800. Adding in the claims that the "Proton Dickhead" (As described by Jon) wants to add into, such as loss of use etc, it'll prolly cost him $1000. What to do. Wanna bang be like me la, bang those things that can't kaopei =p.

Can't believe I got my mum involved sia, wahaha, but the rest of the day, I continued my sleep-spree. Go home also just collapse, power sia. And to think i'd get up this early in the morning. Gotta go check on my car, go queensway again loo.

~KeongSterZ~ People will do anything for money. I'll do anything to fuck them up~

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Topic Of The Day: No Matter How Much One Changes, Some Parts, Will Just Remain.

Here I am sitting around on the computer at 4am not knowing what to do. Sleeping for 2 hours ain't exactly the most ideal plan on my mind now, thinking that I'd just sleep, and sleep till 4pm or something.

TP tennis team chalet's coming up like tomorrow, and you know, *shrugz* to how it'd be this time. Seriously hope nothing goes wrong. They're really in a mess now. And I do mean, Huge mess.
I do remember talking about how I'm actually unknowingly backstabbing people. Well the good thing is, it's no longer a backstab, it's a direct assault. So while it's messier, at least I don't feel like an ass anymore.

As usual, I was so tempted to talking about what a bitch I've been for the past week, but also quoting what JH mentioned "Keong's blog very easy to read one, he talks about either him doing something bad to someone, or someone did something bad to him", I'd seriously prefer refraining =p. Time to change huh.

So anyways, most of my time in the past week was spent with Jon and his Astons' craze. Ok, it was MY craze, but not as crazy as him. He just kept bitching about going again on the same day. But one thing about Astons that's crazy, fucking 11pm you still see a fucking long queue out there. Goodness gracious.
Friday's Astons with Weiwen, Jon, Me, Glenn, Derru, Fiona & Tim.
Saturday, Chuan, Jon, Me, Yong, Permadi, Tim.
Sunday, Takeaway, Jon n me, go chuan hse eat. Siao right. . zZzZz
And yes, the wallet's thinning bigtime. But one thing Jon's right about, a good meal like that u spend $6 or $8, if u dun order the steak, that is, which is like "Damn worth it man", much better than fastfood, except you don't get drinks =.=

Anyways, here's another nice video I liked, may be exaggerating, but yeah, they're right, am I wrong? (They're Wright, Am i W(R)ong? =D)

~KeongSterZ~ I Just Needed A Purpose, A Goal, And It's Tough Just Getting Myself To Reach Out For One~

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Topic Of The Day: Trying something new again, this time ah, post youtube videos, dunno how, but shall try anyways.

This is a video of a taiwan's hitch - A guide to get laid. It's pretty old so most people should have seen it, this was specially dedicated to me from Mr Leong JH to hint to me to get a girlfriend(As usual), but sorry bro, Keong and Girls just don't mix =D.
Quote back on what Andrew said "Keong's actually a damn nice guy if he'd cut the fucks and cheebyes" =D

Anyway, here it is (Hope it works):

Cool shit huh. . . . =P

~KeongSterZ~ The good thing about me is that i'm Idle, and i don't give a fuck, so enjoy it while I'm still like that =D~

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Topic Of The Day: Dude I Finally Got The Paintball Pictures Man. Awesome.

Ahha here goes my endless advertising. First Of All. The Terrorist Team, forming the multi-colored group of stupid dumbasses (Cause we're colorful and easy to get targetted).

From The Left: Keong The All Brawn No Brainer (Wear Yellow, Somemore Shirt Thin Layered), Timmy The Friendly-Firer (HE SHOT ME DAMMIT!!Also bright colored shirt), Serene the Chiongster (Totally unlike christie, She chionged often, *SALUTES*), Yong the cock (Doing stupid things, but most of the time, dunno where the hell he is), and finally, Jon the bigass Faggot (BOBOSHOOTER!!! Mwahahaha)

And here goes our opposing team. . .

From the left, Fattychuan aka Pudge (Sniping half the time, other half hiding, accurate but cowardly, Never sweat much =.=), Royson (Uh, Jez got to know him, I think I just treated him as some normal enemy, so I dunno much =p), Permadi Surya (FaggotJon's elder Bro, Brainlessly charging up front without taking cover, resulting in getting shot all the time, he's big too =.=), Wilfred(WeakFred) Low, (This guy's fucking smart on the battlefield, shot at me pointblank, basket, his tacticalism is good! But still weak =X), And lastly, Christie the COWARD (Never spotted her at all throughout the entire fricking game, Really thinking she's burrowed herself somewhere behind a tree or something).

Roughly what the battlefield looks like:

Well mainly consists of barrels, trees, wooden barricades, etc. Oh yeah, mosquito nets too, those are the best defence. U can see enemy, enemy can see u, but they shoot u, the paintballs roll off =p.

Finally some group photos. . .

~KeongSterZ~ Whole thing costed $55, memories were there, pricing was there =.= Bruises were there~ But hell, we're going again sometime!~ =D

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Topic Of The Day: As I Carry On My Legacy Of Studying Human Nature, Things Get Clearer As The Day Goes By, The Reality Ahead Displays No Happiness, And Finally, I Still Learn Nothing About Myself.

Today? Bad. . . Sjai also tekan me, Keong-Is-Too-Carefree-Alert. Dunno what to say sia, I always maybe here maybe there, mai maybe liao lar. Today also dun get to play much tennis, pui, fucking rain. PCB. Mother gan, coach also gan, I gan myself also la.

Fred has finished his first day at BMT, make me miss army abit sia. Mervyn and me also gao siao, see tp orientation singing song, we also mop tennis court n sing army song~ Powerpack~ Shld go find my army notebook find all the songs =X.

Anyways, there's still much in this world that I've yet to experience, and I have slowly increased my "Want-to-do" things bit by bit. That's Keong changing for you. Last I knew i prefer a stagnant life without anything complicating. Now I want to see the world =D.
Most 2 recent new things tried out is I've finally played paintball, and tried the infamous Astons, even though the atmosphere sucked, the food was still, good. My other want-to-dos so far would be to go explore malaysia, try out the food there, sit on a cruise, enter a casino and just mess around, play water sports, and also, eat all the chicken rice around singapore, h0h0h0.

All these things cost money though, what Sjai tekaned me about today was "You're too carefree, people give you then u take, you don't seek out your own." And he was referring to my tennis coaching, afterall my 2 coaching sessions so far, 1 was taken over from Shah, and the other I'm being employed under him.
And my excuses for not doing so, were ultimately excuses in the end. I don't look presentable with long hair n I dowan to cut? Which brings me to Pat, mentioned that I look better with short hair (Everybody else says that), she hasn't seen the worst though.
So~ Ultimately, I also can't help myself, even though I'm psychologically trained to be able to help many other people. Kanina!~ Drawing out time-plan liao. Time to totally cut down on hanging around with friends, go take first-aid course, then bit by bit go chiong NROC(National Registry Of Coaches). Very likely If NTU/SMU both don't accept me for my shit results, I'm very likely going to Aus. No one looks up to psychology. But I look up to it. It's easy why, really. "Will it bring u far?" No it won't, "Will you be able to survive?" I don't know, but I do know, it's what I want to learn, that's all.

~KeongSterZ~ My life was screwed from the very start, now that it's not so screwed, what makes you think i can't unscrew myself now?~

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Topic Of The Day: I Just Want A Carefree Lifestyle, My Mum wants me to be a family boy. I guess someone has to give in.

Keong, one who goes by the policy of "kan yi bu zou yi bu" aka take one step at a time. Never planning ahead, always following with fate. And that just seems to piss my whole family off. *sigh*

And so, early morning wakeup, kena nag like crazy. Apparently she was damn unhappy she wokeup and didn't find me at home, cuz I stayed over at jon hse after supper. She was sleeping so I didn't tell her. Liddat kena lor. Shag.

~KeongSterZ~ GG Keong~ U Got Owned~

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Topic Of The Day: ASTONS Dudes! Astons Rocks. . . Damn good food.

Today was exceptionally. . . .Stupid. Goddamn slept 4am, wakeup 7am, assuming my dad wanted a ride home at like 9:30am, happy go lucky wakeup take newspaper, prepare liao, ask brother, . . .PCB 9:30PM . . Pui, go back sleep again zZzZz.

Around 12 Alicia came to my hse to kapo windows XP cd, basket. . early call. Den sleep again until 3pm, go Weiling hse 4pm play tennis. After that really zhuo bo lan. Since I was at Changi neway, go call Christie n try lo. Who knows she at TP tennis with Joel n Tim, so we decided to go Astons @ Serangoon since it was Joel's bdae. Whatever.

Basket. Ultra dissapointment, I tot Aston's Specialities was meant to be a restaurant like the Katong one. PCB end up at some coffeeshop stall nia. But fuck, the food. WONDEROUS! Bloody Hell! At least Serangoon Queue not long, 3min order food liao. Another 10minute Lai liao. Sibei Swee Ar.

That was Joel/Tim/Christie's Food, Steak. I ordered Teriyaki Chicken cuz it was chepa, basket their food sibei swee, mine also lar. But not as sui as theirs. Totally recommended, shld bring my buddies here real soon.

Anyway, 12th april, let's wish Joel happy GENUINE birthday, lucky ass I was sick, if not I'd have intoxicated him. 18 man! Legal age for Drinking. How can he not DIE. Goddamn. Anyway, 18 also means can play paintball without parental consent(TIM IS STILL A SMALL BOY!)


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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Topic Of The Day: Paintball! Fucking Owns. Blew a hole in my pocket, and blew bruises over my body, but nevertheless. Still fucking owns.

At the very start of the game, mission was a failure, I didn't get to shoot Yong NOR Jon, Both were in MY TEAM. zZzZzZz. 5 V 5 With Jon, Me, Yong, Tim, Serene VS Permadi, Fred, Chuan, SomeoneElse & Christie.

Paintball, $15 per person for entrance fee, 10 peepz would be $150, and we bought 2000 balls, so 200 rounds per person, which was $400, so total was $550, split among 10, each one paid $55.
Rule of the game, run around barricades with your team, shoot down 2 targets hanging around, and go steal some ammo box in the middle of the field n bring it back to base. Well obviously, the other goal is to shoot people and don't get shot.

Well I'd say it was cool, and also, funny. Damn funny. For starters, Christie didn't show herself at all, we were like firing around and at the end of the game, we were like "Nvr see Christie at all sia" Like she fell asleep behind some tree.
My team sucked, all aiming for the wrong things, we just aimed people, and when the opposing team stole the box, we were still shooting people. Got owned 2-0. Then the Wannabe Soldier Keong Got pissed, and decided to play rambo.
Wahahah I slide from obstacle to obstacle, and in 1 scream "COVER!!!" My whole team stood up and randomly fired all over, ahha, cool shit, and I scored the next point and ended up panting like nuts. Couldn't run at all after that. Thank god Tim scored the next one and we ended up tied for 2-2. Damn, how can tennis team lose after doing so much suicides. Crappy shit.

It only lasted like an hour and half, for $55, that is hell ex, but the experience, goddamn cool. Get more $$$ liao shld try again, but need more spontaneous people, not CAMPERS.
Bye to Wilfred for he only has ONE MORE DAY!!!! BMT LOOOOO. Good Game Dude~

When I start earning more $$$, Anyone wants to go Malaysia? =D I just got the I-Want-To-Explore-The-World Virus From Mr Leong JH. Special thanks to him for making my blog so colorful too. Of course, not including the "PUKE" Part, but hell. He said it's the posture for Naruto Anime when Kakashi Sensei Summons his pet dog =.=

~KeongSterZ~ When you're pissed, things go wrong even faster. Calm your thoughts, wipe your emotions, start anew, just press reset button~

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Topic Of The Day : INVASION - Mr.Smith

I've officially invaded this blog and post !!


this is a blog sticker..this is for all loyal readers of loser keong..add it to ur blog today!!!

Mr.Smith, invaded!!

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Topic Of The Day: People change, we all change. Everyone Looks different now, Even Alan And Yong cut their hair. I'm the only LHB Left =p.

Amazingly enough, Joel's birthday party last night and later's paintballing were the causes of me being unable to sleep. Lie down since 12:30 until 7am, nvr slept a wink. Totally kept dreaming about carem(That how you spell it?) and paintball. From the looks of it too, I'm still sick. Fuck That~

Kinda glanced n stole this picture from Joel's friendster, kinda gave me a shocker. . .Here's whyJust an ordinary tp tennis team picture. . . To you.

Well to me, it's like. Goddammit, I don't recognize a whole load of em. Putting from the back row left:
Yong(WHY DOES HE LOOK LIKE KENNETH!?), Mervyn(Looks More Handsome now =p), Alan(Still Long hair at that time), Tim(DAMN CHIBI SIA, LOOKS 14 TO ME), Joel(Ok, Same looks), Kamil(I still recognize him, damn), Dave(Since he's still here I assume it was taken last 2 years), Weiwen(Kinda looked kiddy, not now tho), Derru(no change), Asriel(No change either), IDunnoWhoPart1(What the hell?), Sim(Just dun look like him somehow), Eugene(Dang I remember), Glenn(Doh), Bernard(Soldier sia), Weihan(Haha- GAY!), Yufeng(No comments), Clement(Damn, I Miss him Ahha), Kenneth(If I didn't see him I tot yong was him), Jon(WTF? That's JON!?)
Bottom row's like much tougher sia, from e left:
Cheryl(Ok la, hasn't changed much), Idunnowhopart2(Staring for 2minutes made me think the closest one would be candice, but I'm still not sure), Idunnowhopart3(Why does this "GIRL" Look Like MERVYN!?), Rachel(Ok hairstyle has changed, looks like a guy sia), Pat (Still more feminine at that time), Eleanor (I'm not sure bout this either, all 1 by 1 puberty ar change so much), Christie (Still got the same looks as far as I'm concerned), Melissa(No change), Maria (ATTACK NOW~! Who else but me n Sim got that shirt sia), Jaeden( No change either).

Like only when sia. Sometimes it really scares me when I see these kinda things. It's either everyone's changing around me or I'm just too old to remember things. Scary shit~ Lemmie try n compare myself when I had long hair and when I don't =p.

DISCLAIMER: Don't scroll down any further If you do not want to puke. . . . The Management shall not be responsible for any injuries, deaths(Including laughing to your death), mishaps, health condition changes if such an event should occur.

From the left: Keong in Poly caught sleeping in SIP, and the other was at 18 1 week before BMT The Leong JH Gang struck for the first time and gave me my 4 hour slumber next to the drain, not to mention the endless merlion.

To an extent, Even though both is myself, I can really tell that I look like a fucking dog, so save me the crap =p. Those were my memorable days, and I'm not about to forget them anytime soon.

Now for the short hairs~ Dun have much pictures sia, I'm not photogenical. .

From the left: Tau Huey presentation, prepatory work for Glenn's bday present, taken at Derru's condo when he was havin his birthday. The other's just me at the Zoo taking a pic with my fellow monkeys when I was there with mag =D.

Damn, ahha, everyone's always out there saying I look much better in short hair (Duh), somehow I just wanna mess myself up, u know, try stupid things and all. My biggest hurdle is more towards the working society. Knowing that to get a higher chance of getting a job, I gotta look presentable, which means, my hair. . . . has got to go!~ FUCK! Can I still be a goddamn student?

Time to prepare for paintball in another 3hrs time, Haha I am so gonna shoot Yong in the ballz~ OWning~~~

~KeongSterZ~ Life isn't so bad when you think about the africans starving all day. Will you endure hardship to give these people a better life? Even for just a lil bit?~

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Topic Of The Day: Much Has Changed Since I Lost Control Of The Car. Got Good, Got Bad.

Permadi just came back last thursday N christie, last friday. Much time has been spent with these 2, from going to settlers cafe last saturday late night to going paintballing later. Haha, well cause these 2 don't have much time left in Spore, and there's much they wanna do. Still have a coming armyboi who's going into army. . . . like. . . Wait a minute. . . ahha 2 days more! So like me when I was going to BMT sia.

Who would have known that I just fell sick without any warning, it's like someone just spread some virus to me while I was asleep or something. First time, and timing couldn't be any better, seriously hope I'm in top condition for tomorrow's battle.
C'mon let's go to war. Kana downgraded in army cannot fight combat sibei sian liao. Tomorrow it's time to do what I missed out on. Shoot me dudes. I don't care!

~KeongSterZ~ It's gonna cost a bomb, but what's life if you worry too much about $$$ anyway.~

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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Topic Of The Day: Random Stuffs, Actually This Post Only Got 1 Reason, I looking thru the Bdae pics again N i saw this damn funny pic. Dunno y I nvr notice earlier.
None Other Than Mr Leong JH
Bth sia I look at this pic just start laffing like hell. The face sibei cute la, notice the straw isn't even touching the beer, sucking air sia.

~KeongSterZ~ =p

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Topic Of The Day: Maybe Just a Lil update. Day by day, I feel I'm damning myself. . . About time I did something. . hmmmm

So maybe apart from JH's blog, I guess I shld put some stupid pics myself =D (TEST WATER, FIRST TIME POST PIC WOR)

What Can I Say? The Cake which I'll never forget.

Here goes the gang, Back Row from e left, The infamous Leong JH(Leader), Ong Kaiwei(Follower), Jacky(Mastermind Behind The Scenes), Xianrong(PH.D In Photography), V-Goh(Sheer Murderer), Kong(Strong Backup).

Front Row From Left: Chris(JH's GF), Me(Looking the same as always), Emily(Kong GF).

Strong Note: Dun Play Drinking With Them, Well Trained Elite Gang, I'm The Lowest Level.

Just to commemorate the start of operation "Take Keong out" They kinda set a record timing, wanted to take me out in first 30minutes.

I dunno if they succeeded anot, cause I was just getting high almost too quickly.

Drink~ Drink~ Drink~ And, well . . . .GG~?

Bo Link la, but after GG, this was the best poser picture the guys took.

~KeongSterZ~ Grateful? Better Be Dude. . . Payback time, Soon~

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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Topic Of The Day: I Came, I Saw, I Drank, I Got Owned~ And As They All Say~ GG Keong~

My life hasn't exactly been a good one for this entire year. And yesterday, they changed all that. They, Jacky, Kong, Emily, Xianrong, Faith, Jh, Chris, Vigo, and some other guy who I met b4 but forgot his name again, adding on an additional 2 mystery characters, desmond and uhh, I forgot the other.

Thank god I slept before I went to pitstop to meet them. Well they all had a good time, and wahlanz, I tot glenn had an identity crisis playing that miner game, this gang had many more with that similar problem, so the miners just got owned pretty badly.
Shocker to the cake also la, go put the little mermaid picture, Keong got Owned~ ahha damn funny also la, the cake was damn nice too. Good move, because that'll be something I'm never about to forget anytime soon.
So came the drinking part. Dunno why but they really wanted to take me out quickly, wahaha, get it over and done with eh? Every single person Jing wo Yi Bei Martell/coke, of cuz their martell quantity is half of what's in mine (Their custom, Bdae boi must die). Then finally came the Everybody drink together, so liddat I down 11 glasses already, later that desmond n who come, drink another 2, Kong lose pool also make me drink, must respect him =.=, so Lim also~ 14 glasses in total bah.
That was end of round 1, then the main course lai liao, learn all the new names of those fierce drinks sia, got AK-47 la, graveyard la, flaming lamborghini etc. For full details plz go visit JH's blog. It seems he was recording down what I drank, by then I was already in hell.

My deepest thanks would go to their heavy spending. I was still calm enough to actually hear stuffs, but I know i paid $45, the rest chut more I think, calculating the no. of peepz there would prolly go up to abt $500-600 at the bar alone. How to not gan dong sia. Truly what JH said "This is a money-required event."

So that's the end of the "It's Keong's birthday, GG to him" Event and I was thankful enough to jon cause he took care of me for the night, couldn't go home cuz I can't let my family know that I went out to get drunk. Amazingly enough I still went to high to play Dota with him n wilfred n chuan =.=

~KeongSterZ~ It's all been done, I have no more regrets, It's time for the final Shodown!~

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