Sunday, February 29, 2004

Sleep Sleep Sleep, Damn Song arhhh.

Nothing to talk abt today, apart from just ircing all day n tokin cock. Life these days really getting boring. Tomorrow must start doing project. And then tomorrow i say "tomorrow must start doing project", and the cycle repeats itself~~ h0h0h0.

Today's topic issssss:
Patience is a Virtue

First things first, who will be the first person you'll think of who's always impatient? ME! I dun like to wait for people -_-. Always tell me meet 5pm, show up at 5:15-5:30 . . sucks sia. That's not the main impatience i'm talking about anyway.

What normally happens to impatient people? They get angry easily, they make a big fuss of things easily, they make wrong decisions etc.

And does impatience actually help in anything? No right? I bet impatience is also part of the cause of a detoriating singapore. Impatient people always wants things done their way, and reasoning with them doesn't help out the least bit. You give abit of a better opinion also he starts whining here n dere, thinking that you're opposing him. That's one reason why an impatient leader should never lead a group in anything.
Impatience applies to sports too. For my case, getting impatient while playing a game will make u lose your temper and you'll lose your momentum n concentration, and you'll end up having a higher chance of losing.
Impatience usually also causes the most arguments. For teenagers of our age, when we're impatient, we can't even take a small joke and start making a fuss over it.

There are many other reasons, but why do people get impatient?
1: Wait for pple wait damn long la, wait until dulan.
2: People can be born impatient also -_- (mememe)
3: Irritation (Longwinded pple, boring pple, people do things that irritate you etc.)
4: Short Fuse (Small thing only start blowing up / No tolerance)
5: Repeat n repeat n repeat (I most sian of pple repeating the same nonsense again n again)

The main essence lies here. What do you think would have happened if YOU( the impatient one) had a little more patience and whatever the case is, calmed down and thought about it, what would the result be?
Firstly, no harm listening to people give advice and you listen. If it's no good, feedback him. Good, even better right? You start getting impatient, you only show people that you got no logical reason to reject his advice then do all that nonsensical childish acts.
Secondly, from my sports experiences, if you had patience, you would start thinking calmly, you will start utilizing your brains, and you can adjust to improve your gameplay rather than screw it up with your impatience and just go "Fuck lah cheebye, lose liao lah anyhow liao lah".
Thirdly, patience is a virtue. You be patient, people will like you~ because you are easy to talk to, and they know that they can feedback to you without much problematic situations. Who likes impatient people -_-.

When i say be patient hor, i dun mean u go wait for pple wait until 1-2 hr then he/she never showup u come n scold me. Calling back n asking is not a sign of impatience -_-. You are just double checking if your fren got forget to come anot ;p. Ending topic here, SIP too boring, not many life experiences, so can't think of much topics to write abt liao.

keong e Loser aka Borntoslack signing off~~~

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Saturday, February 28, 2004

Yeah saturday today, driving power, 0 stalls. Cos today practice parking. No kick for me lor, considering i circuit 0 pts accumulated. So today = boring session.

Den go skewl play tennis, fuck, cannot learn new stroke lor, my wrist threathening to break, better dun try liao, resign to fate . I also never call anyone, in the end got pple accompany me h0h0h0, not bad la.

Today i realised, that i am running out of topics to talk about LoL, HOW HOW HOW!!!! Give some ideas, i think my mind got problem liao.

Today, still got topic, hmmm talk about:
Forgive N Forget.

Everytime got argument = got problem.
problem resolved but who will forget? Unless it's a small one. If you think of a big one, what to do?

Does forgiving and forgetting really resolve anything?
NO i don't think that way, that's why people know me as one who bears grudges.

For me, forgiving and forgetting means to let him go for what he had done. You guys have heard of the story about the boy who hammered a nail onto the fence everytime he argued with someone right? And that he can remove one nail for every one day he never loses his temper. And after he removed all the nails from the fence, all the holes are still there right? Those are said to be the scars in people's hearts that he had left behind.

For me, I can forgive, but i'll never forget. This is a constant reminder that he had caused this particular thing before, and i will think twice before relying on him/her again. Have you ever thought that how many people in this world will truly be sorry for what he/she had done and remember not to repeat the same mistake?? That fellar can jollywell repeat it, and i've seen many such cases of it, therefore best solution? Forgive but do not forget =X.

It kinda sounds bad not to forget about it, but i think it's the safer measure towards not making the same mistake, unless u can see some real effort in that person trying to change, FOR THE BETTER.

Of course, you don't have to be a super stiff person and go "Dammit i dowan anything to do with him anymore", while he's still down there apologizing and you just refuse to forgive him. That's kinda, no good either. Unless he refuses to admit his mistake as well . . then . . . by all means. Talk about pride, it just comes in here. I've seen people refuse to just say sorry, but 2 weeks later u start seeing them try to talk to u nicely. Anything that doesn't make them have to say the word "sorry", they'll do it i suppose. h0h0h0 forgiving is important, but DO NOT FORGET =X.

Last time i also got argument with my class pple, including JH, heh. I got ask for forgiveness one ok. Then i also never forget, make sure i dun repeat the same mistake. Meaning? Forgive but dun forget doesn't apply to others, YOU ALSO.

H0h0h0 this topic short, nothing much to talk about. Just do bear my words in mind, good advice ok. =D.

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Keong e loser~ =D

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Friday, February 27, 2004

Start of another boring day, i got all my preparation done, bring all my music 2 skewl. But damn tired.

No bad sia yesterday desmond and Me Audio chat conversation via MSN, FUN SIA (Machiam i just came out from dunno which cave)

Then today clk in nice timing, 8:59:23. That's 37 seconds before i'm declared LATE. And i'm damn tired lor, spent whole night thinking more tennis rubbish strokes to bluff my teammates h0h0h0.

People birthday coming liaoooo, just talk to her yesterday. Got the perfect idea of what to get, cause she keep staring at me over it, time to stop that once and for all. I'm NOT GOOD LOOKING. Go see Someone else zZzZzZz. But then. sia. . . . LoL. NVM . . once a year.

Ok today's topic, The ettiques of tennis, LOL, nah just crapping, hmmmm topic for the day is:

We all know that once we're angry, we're agitated. And when we're agitated, what happens? You don't think clearly, you only know that you're angry, and whoever made you angry, you blacklist for the entire day. If you're angry with yourself, even better, you totally think you suck and you die trying.

And before you get mad, ever thought what agitation leads to?
1: It lures your friends to you, and they'll start showing concern. But will you talk to them nicely? Some will just scream at them and piss them off (The most gay kind of people)
2: You lose all concentration of what you're doing, you only think about what happened and it shouldn't have happened BUT NOT WHY it happened.
3: Trouble. U just have to scream a "CHAO CHEEBYE" to make everyone next to you stare at you, and if you're in school and it happens to be some lecturer, h0h0h0.
4: Revenge, when you're angry with someone, how many will actually take it lying down? (PRIDE AGAIN . Fuck that) So what do they do? Confront that bugger, make noise, or else the more cowardly will talk bad of him behind his back.

There's more anyway i don't want to think, i'm tired. But anyways, what's the point of getting angry?
1: Is it worth your getting angry about?
2: Is getting angry going to solve anything?
3: Do you know that it's going to be hard to talk to angry people because their minds are just filled with that fact that that particular somebody caused the problem?
4: When you're angry, you'll do anything, even the worst things which you initially wouldn't even dare to do.
5: You make people around you worry for you.
6: People try to talk you over and you just throw them aside.

Got alot of reasons also lor, i also lazy to think it out. Just damn hell remember. Anger doesn't solve ANYTHING. FUCK CARE HIM. And if you're angry with yourself, by all means, get pissed, punish yourself, whatever. Don't drag others down with you zZzZz.

Angry with your supervisor? (That's all what we're thinking i guess) What to do? Hire people whack him up lor, only LoL. Shhhh dun say i recommend de.

I've seen many cases of agitation and anger, and seldom they are resolved. The more guailan type will add oil to the fire and you can prepare to watch chairs n tables flying. And in the end also must rely on friends to cool things down. If you're a true friend, don't make them worry, don't make them chup into your affairs.

Keong e Loser~ Signing off~~~ (Too tired lah, lemmie go sleep first)

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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Hey, 2nd post for the day, just showing you guys good stuff. Emailed to me by Faith, and i found it pretty good. This is to couples who have already been together for some time. No point breaking up halfway right? Everlasting = better. Keep on changing clothes = pple i dun like. No backbone one.

How To Be A Better Couple

10 steps to enjoying each other better...
1. Be realistic about each other.
Don't try to turn ur partner into something he or she is not. Let's face it, guys-there's only 1 Pamela Anderson in the world, and even she has had her implants removed! Give ur gal a break and understand that her physical appearance is NOT going to change overnite with the help of a few facials or treatments. And ladies, Brad Pitt has already been taken, so u're gonna have to do with what ur guy is like! Chill out, love each other for what u are. There is more to ur partner than what meets the eye.

2. Always talk things out.
Now guys, I know this is not ur fave pastime or mode of resolving issues, but u know what? This works with the gals. Don't make assumptions about each other's feelings. Learn to xpress urself better so that ur partner undrstands what u're angry about, or hurt about, or even happy about! When u stop talking to each other from the heart, it's the beginning of the end.

3. Do stuff together.
Make an effort to do t hings together. Do some sports or involve urselves in some shared activities; something both of u enjoy or are interested in. It could be as simple as watching movies together, or jus strolling hand-in-hand down Orchard Road. Watch soccor with him once in a while though the green patch on TV puts u to sleep in 3 seconds. And guys, do give in if ur gal asks for another day at window-shopping, rather than suggest that she go out with her girlfriends for "that sort of activities" instead. If u're spending more time with ur friends rather than with ur partner, it's a warning sign that u're drifting apart!!!

4. Meet each other halfway.
If he agrees to throw out that rotten T-shirt with the "The_Rock" print, u shouldn't kick up much of a fuss if he asks u to keep ur room tidy... There's gotta be a little giving and taking in a relationship, so learn to meet each other halfway.

5.Show ur love
Buy her flowers or candy or perfume everynow and then, even if u have been together for 5years. It's wonderful to continue showing someone that u care for him or her. Cook him a special meal, paint him a Valentine's Day card. Knit him mini-socks he can't wear ( like for decoration purposes => ), buy him a packet of milk for breakfast, or pack his wardrobe for he knows u can still be romantic and loving despite having been together for quite a while.

6. Respect each other.
Stop making jokes about her hair or skin, or whatever it is u love to laugh at. Ask urself if she thinks if its funny. And if he has an inferiority complex about his height, stop ogling at tall guys and make him feel worse! Love is about respecting each other's feelings and being sensitive to each other at all times.

7. Bury the past.
Stop bringing up the past. Gals..don't bring up the happy things about u and ur ex to ur guy, it would jus make him jealous or unhappy. And guys, don't talk about the happy times that u had with ur ex or mention about her in ur every other sentence as it would make ur gal feel un-happy and she might think that u saying all this b'cos u are gonna get back with ur ex or not interested in her anymore.

8. Sit on ur jealousy.
All of us go thru' spells of insecurity at the beginning of the relationship, but don't translate that insecurity into jealousy. If u're gonna go through ur partner's mail and cupboard, and eavesdropping on conversations, u know something is wrong - with u!!! Jealousy is like a poison that slowly spreads thru' the relationship before finall y killing it. Trust ur partner; love has to have trust in it.

9. Keep ur commitments to each other.
If ur partner is standing u up all the time and cancelling dates and breaking promises, u need to talk! If u're in a relationship, make ur partner ur priority and don't disappoint them if u can help it. It's really terrible when someone promises to take u to dinner, and then calls to cancel it. Don't make promises u can't keep. If ur partner starts to feel that he/she is not important enough to u, u may jus lose him/her.

10. Be honest.
Honesty is not scowling at how awful she looks first thing in the morning, or telling him that he has the biceps of a fly~! When we say "be honest", we mean expressing < EM>ur feelings clearly, not being bitingly cruel. When u're hurt, say so, and when u're angry, tell him/her, w/o getting hysterical. If u can't be honest with ur partner, who can u be honest with? ?Love is also about honesty, and a relationship where no honesty exists probably isn't worth it!

Special thanks to : Faith
Brought to you by: Keong e loser =D~

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Early morning 9am, time to write my daily nonsense.

This morning can run into my Dajie while coming to school sia, timing damn zhun, seems like she having camp in school.

And also i slept late because i had a nice brief discussion with a fellow friend who wanted to talk about yesterday's topic. First time i got feedbacked, and a big one it sure was. Apparently, her feedback to me was more of her own feelings, and she said that to like, is more on having a crush with someone, and to love, is you chose to do so. From my own point of view, though, is that how many people actually love when they've decided to live with them all their life? How many people actually make rash decisions and declare their love to the ones they don't really "like", which ended up in a very short term relationship? It may be called love for that period, on the outside, that is. Because on the inside, if there is love, there wouldn't be a single bit of hatred to the other party in them. The feeling of love, like what she and me both agree on, is that you want to live with him/her, and take care of him/her all your life, go through the best moments, the worst nightmares, the biggest hurdles in their life, and of course, take care of them till the day they leave this world. That is called love =D.

Anyway, special thanks to this girl to even bother reading EVERYTHING i wrote. I did wonder too, because i thought this blog was just meant for me to keep my analysis in track and to make sure that i don't forget them, but it seems to me that not just the few people i'm thinking of are reading this blog. So if you'd mind wasting a few minutes, please drop a tag to let me know you're here =D.

Anyways I won't be wasting time anymore, on to today's topic.
Do you believe in horoscopes?

From what i know, catholics aren't supposed to believe in horoscopes, while the non-catholics exist people who say it's just bullshit while others live their lives with it. I didn't really believe in it at first, because what it wrote was just a whole load of crap. But time seems to have proved its truth about me. This is good stuff for you if you want to know more about me. From what i noticed, knowing other people's feelings is much easier than knowing my own, because I know what to do, i know what i did, but things don't always go the way i want it to be, and when i think about it, the possibilities are too many to even think of

For a start, I'm in the April batch, the Aries Horoscope:

The Fire element of Aries brings assertive "I" energy. This is a flaming drive and the desire to do something! The Aries will is full of tension and passion; the "I" brings a need for independence. Aries coincides with spring time, when seeds germinate in an outpouring of energy and growth. This sign as has an instinctive identity, early extroversion, spontaneity, and a very direct approach. "Fire" can rage out of control. Aries' cardinal-sign assertiveness can become too willful. Then we have wild spring weather -- a storming nature and a passion for power. Spontaneity can become impulsive -- as only a sign ruled by energizing Mars can be! Balance comes by adding gentleness to independence and by tempering the Self with self-awareness.

First things first, my assumption of the "flaming drive" means my hyperactive body, which is why i can never keep still (keep shaking leg) and cannot even play tennis the normal way(For people who don't know, i always jump around like a monkey).
Tension and passion, this is more of the hidden side of me. I will always feel pressure over anything and everything, and if i were to show that out, what would you people do? Definetely i would have to do a little bit of disguise. But those who know me well would know that I'd only care if my friends were involved, i wouldn't even care bout my own marks. Probably it's because i'm a lazy person to do things, but i don't wanna drag my friends down (i still dragged my grpmates down in the end anyway). Passion. . .What's passion ah? I think it means to care for right? Dunno lah, but if i am correct, yeah, what's wrong, I CARE!!! LoL. That's why they always come to me when they have problems.
Uhhh "I" brings need for independence huh. Yeah i've always wanted independence what the hell, nothing new here i guess.

Ok "Instinctive identity, "Early extroversion", "spontaneity", "direct approach" *scratch head*, what are these?
Instinctive identity eh. Maybe it means i always count on my instincts -_-. If that's the case, true for me too, that's why i'm a pessimist, maybe?
Early extroversion is something i really don't know about, brb dictionary. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
hmmm 2 possible meanings, "Interest in or behavior directed toward others or one's environment rather than oneself"
OR an "extroverted disposition; concern with what is outside the self".
Both almost mean that I wish to know more bout the outside world, Well interest in behavior LoL, that's what i'm doing now am i not? =D. No wonder i waste so much time doing analysis on people.

Uhhh spontaenity, whoa chim.
2. (Biol.) (a) The tendency to undergo change, characteristic of both animal and vegetable organisms, and not restrained or cheked by the environment. (b) The tendency to activity of muscular tissue, including the voluntary muscles, when in a state of healthful vigor and refreshment.
Maybe they're just trying to say i'm always active? LoL! Active in games =D. Think more innovative dohhhh ;p.

A very direct approach. So much easier to understand, but dunno how to explain. I think it just means i very zhi jie shuang kuai lor -.-.

"Fire" can rage out of control. This is the weakness of tolerance. I am one who cannot tolerate unacceptable behavior which is totally unnecessary, i won't emphasize on what.

Aries' cardinal-sign assertiveness can become too willful. . . Too willful -.-. Ahhh it means, i always want to have things my way. Really ah. Hmmm Put it seriously, I'd let my friends have their way most of the time , except that i have some unhappiness in me. Does that count? LOL

Then we have wild spring weather -- a storming nature and a passion for power <---o_0 power! Anything that doesn't get me to need to do alot of work, i don't mind the high position LoL. Power arh, well i used to be a clan leader and regiment battle commander, does that count? LOL all games leh ;p.

Spontaneity can become impulsive <--- I can't agree more. You don't see people getting into fights without using any brains as often as i do, that's when i can't stand watching my friends getting bullied. But i wonder if i'll actually do it. Oh, the fights hor, normally refer to just verbal arguments -.-. The kind of real bashes n trashings only occur like, 5-7 times for me.

Balance comes by adding gentleness to independence and by tempering the Self with self-awareness. . . . . This doesn't describe anything. Maybe this means how to calm people of my kind down LoL. Now u guys know how, but i'm not sure if it'll work =D

That's the end of my description anyway, so you guys know a little more about me, or much about me. I really would say that, I have to believe the way of the horoscopes because it just seems too true to me. Anyway Yup, today's topic is over (FINALLY). Do drop a tag so i know you're here, and thanks for your support LOL.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Blahhhzzzz, today is a cool day, cause i saw my worst nightmare, Yin Choon Meng ~_~

How long never see him already. Hope he's not here to point finger and start his "put people down" Tone, he'll only drive me up the wall.

Hmmm anyway, on to next topic
Like or Love?

Of all the questions people come to me for consultation for, it's mostly because of these 2 words, either one of em, i don't know. And u know, i always have to tell them "Ni Zao Cuo Ren le, wo dui ai qing de jing yan hen shao". A direct translation would mean "You looked for the wrong person, i have very little experience with these kinda things."

Anyway I'll try to say what i can here. When you talk about like, well, something like, i like to play computer, i like to slack, etc. Maybe with reference to people, I like people like Boss Leong who's a born leader, Teacher Nat who's so fucking smart yet as slack as me, and bla bla bla. Just some examples. Now why do i like them? Get along with them well lah, got similar interests lah, we trust each other lah etc. Wo Xi huan dis n that. I LIKE $$$$, yes that kind of thing is like. Now what of love?

Words of the inexperienced from The loser~ ME! =D. From what i know, love is the inner feelings of your heart which you can't really identify, which i bet most of you already know. But what makes sense is that you have feelings for the other party, you want to live with the other party and take care of him/her and all that sort of stuffs. If i'm not wrong, without that other person around, you'll just feel lonely and lost all day. That's what they call "Lost in Love" if i recall it properly.

Anyways, so how do you identify whether you are in love with this fellow or you just like em? Good question. I don't know ;p. Nah just kidding, maybe i just know a little. As far as i know, when you talk about love, you'll:
1. accept everything about that fellow, which includes, bad points, family background and all those bad facts which parents normally look into.
2. hope to be with just that person and not anything or anybody else associated with him. Like money, rank, etc.(sounds like a case of desperation lol, you get the idea)
3. Share everything with that person, your happiness, sorrows, experiences etc. and would also want that person to share theirs with you.
4. Die with that person =X (Lol, it sounds contradicting, but it's kinda true, maybe just WISH to die with that person alright? That's what they show on TV LOL)

LoL somehow this gets more n more ridiculous, you can't expect much from a love n00b can't ya. I'll be waiting for loads of feedback for this one.

Anyway, more to the like aspect, it normally comes down to me! People like me cause i act stupid all the time. Nah correction, i am stupid. Well they don't hate me, so they like me lor. Stupid logic right. Ok i suck -_-. Let's get real anyways.

When you talk about like right, normally it's just you like being around with that person, either cause he/she's a joker, or something which attracts you to that fellar, he's good to you etc. etc. So what's the ultimate difference? I don't know~

Think i can only say love exists deep in the heart one lor, like isn't as powerful as love (DOH EVERYONE KNOWS THAT). I'm an analyst, not a specialist. =D

End of topic Lol
This is The Experienceless Keong signing off~

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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Hi!!! It's me!!! The Loesr Keong, AGain
2nd blog for E day. . . . This is a special blog. . . Thank you people for all your support for reading my super longwinded analysis, feel free to gimme feedback over any of the topics.

something special 4 u guys

let me dedicate song to u all, copyright music from Backstreet boys : I want it that way. I composed these lyrics for myself and my situation of NAPHA TEST zzzzz
Here goes LOL

Napha, is my worst (you are, my fire)
Nightmare, how to get silver. (the one, desire believe)
How the hell, do i pass Napha. (when i say, i want it that way)

I can't, Jump like a rabbit (but we, are two worlds apart)
stretch like goldmember (can't reach to your heart)
How the hell, can i pull myself up. (when you say, that i want it that way)

Tell me why, 6 pullups for a silver
tell me why, close to 40 situps to go
tell me why, I never wanna train like hell.
Get me some steroids.

Run like, a madman.
jog like no next day.
Guess i know, it's too late
but NS is drawing near.

tell me why, Singapore must go do NS.
tell me why, No silver means plus 2 more months
tell me why, I never want the extra hell,
I gotta train like mad.

Now i got to get up in the morning,
just to go to the reservoir, yeahhhhhh.
No matter the distance, i have to complete.
And deep down inside of meeeeee,

No more, 2 months of hell
Got more, holiday
Work hard, train hard, die hard, Survive

I Wanna Live in peace~,

Ain't nothing but some suffering,
ain't nothing but enduring (Don't ever give it uppp)
I never wanna take the pain
Don't want the sufferin

Tell me why, I didn't think about it sooner.
tell me why, do things always wait till last minute
tell me why, I shall never resign to my fate
I want my freedom

Tell me whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Lesser Naruto should do the job
Time to go and delete gunbound
Time to pia, Go and run the reservoir 10times
I want To be strong

Thanks to you, dumb singapore.

That's the end of it LoL . . No offence to the lyrics hor ;p . . . for the fun, kick, action , and BOREDOM of it
Keong e loser Signing off~~~

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The above LOL

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Another boring day of gaming and nothing new happens, apart from the regular irritance i get.

My training resumes today, dunno shld happy anot. Too much nonsense up my mind. I predict that i will not concentrate on my tennis today LOL. And 100% it will come true. . .I know myself too well . . SLTA comin arhhh. . how siaaaa. . .cannot lose liao. . . this year heavy burden on me PUI.

Right, today's topic: To Lie or not to Lie?

All of us must have at least come through this situation where you determine whether you should tell a lie to someone or not, be it a close one, a friend or whatever. So the basic thoughts are "If i lie, i'm not being truthful, and when he/she finds out, i'll lose his/her trust" while the other side goes "But if i don't lie, something serious might happen etc. etc."

These are the kind of situations that usually get you into a dilemma. So ultimately the question is still, lie or don't lie?

My answer here is, depending on the situation, and the person's character.

The person's character is the main factor that makes me decide whether to lie or not, for the idea that the result always depends on how the latter reacts to your answer, be it a lie or not. So which part of a person's character do we look into?
Normally you look out for tolerance, patience, his/her level of reason, his/her ability to accept what you have to say, his/her relationship with you, his/her trust in you, his reaction, and so on. The main reasons are up there.

Whenever a situation comes where the truth hurts or is serious, first identify whether it is necessary for the bearer to know the truth. If it is, I would consider whether the truth would deal a great blow to him/her, if not, if the bearer must know of the truth, then let the truth be known. I prefer to be honest, so i would prefer telling the truth whenever possible.

Telling lies comes when you know that this bearer will over-react and go make a big scene, or start thinking suicidal and all that sort of nonsense, it's better to just tame that fellar and shut him/her up. Heh i always lie to my parents, because everytime i tell them something small, such as "mum, my results not so good", mother would say nothing serious in front of me, and behind the scene, bigtime argument begins between father n mother. Reason of argument? My results lor!! It always happens, damn irritating, so just lie to them and stop the dumb topic that can start a super big argument.

There are many situations which require you to lie, but it doesn't mean to immediately lie whenever the need comes, you really need to see the necessity and analyse the least possible damage dealt, or whichever you think is better for them. Yeah it may be true that you don't have THAT much time to do analytical research of a person and then decide whether or not to lie, but i'm not telling you to do that. Just decide by yourself, and think of the possible situations that might occur from your answer. It's not that difficult.

Signing off here: I'm here a pro liar, because i seldom lie LOL. ;p, Loser Keong Signing off~

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Monday, February 23, 2004

Yet another boring day, h0h0h0 my supervisor showed up thrice, cool. He comes and goes like the wind. Dangerous person, must watch it when i play game.

Haiiii think i better start work soon too . . my project's really super behind time.

Okay, on with today's topic, mmmm. Something special today, talk about my experience with Christianity.

Do you realise that we non-christians sometimes pop out the topic about christians trying to convert us, and even if we said no, these christians continue to "pester" and "hound" us? This will be an interesting topic because it's all about "True friends".

We non-christians will find them irritating after their continuous attempts to convert us. We just look upon them as people trying to spread their religion about. But have you ever wondered, for what? Increase the christian population? Get you to go church n do all the praying n sorts? That may be the purpose, but i assure you, that is not the main reason.

Look at things from their angle first. From what i learnt, they believe they are trying to "save" us. They think we are gullible and not aware of the truth behind us. We think they are just trying to get us into christianity by hook or by crook. They believe in god, i believe in god. The difference between us? I'm lazy, I'm a loser, and i don't like dedicating my time weekly for this kind of stuff. That is all.

To these christians, it's like you're hanging at a cliff, on the verge of death. They try to save you (persuade you), but failed (rejected), and so u think they'll give up? They think a life is at stake whereas we think they're just exxagerating. If you look at things from their angle you'll come to realise their true purpose and the least you could do is talk to them nicely and reject them in a nice manner.

I've had several discussion sessions with these christians through my 6 months of christianity, and talking to them often, makes me realise, that not everything is about god, they do their best to try and help us in our workload and stress, share our pain and sorts. Seriously, in a human, one knows that he always yearns for care n concern. If you had a boifren/girlfren, and your partner doesn't even care bout you, guess what your feelings will be. This is also one of the reasons why I didn't get along well with them. I don't like to share my affairs. If people ask, if i feel like saying, i'll say, if not i'll just say nothing. And if they try too hard to know, i'll get pissed. LoL. Tough luck lah, i know they care, but i find them so kaypohhhhh.

Even if i'm not a christian now, and i've been out for pretty much, uhhhh, i forgot, 1 year? They still treat me pretty much the same as a friend. That's your true friends, must be god's teachings LoL. I don't care anyway, but the feelings are there, they are good people to be with. BUT I DOWAN GO CHURCH, LAZYYYY. Ahha, i'm a tough nut to crack, and i'm a loser, so dun bother me with christianity anymore =D.

True friends, heh, they're everywhere. Though i know these christian guys don't see me often, i know they'll lend a helping hand when i need it badly. But trust me, i'll just die myself =D.

Ending topic here. Boring story? Pretty good information you know, better than hearing people say "Christians are irritating man". No they're not if you look at a different point of view =D.

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Sunday, February 22, 2004

Hmmm Sunday today and another day that just passed through. Apart from Boss Leong n Teacher nat, got pornographist Rong and Dare-Not-Impose-On-Keong Ryan come my house and overnight. At least Sianrong come still can make himself at home. Ryan like diam diam de. -_- . . Wei My house rule is , you come in, you make yourself at home, you be one of us =D. DON'T SHY!!!! Once u get out of my home i dun care u liao LoL.

Anyway i wonder what you guys reading my blog think about what i've been writing. Being analytical sometimes proves useful to me because of all the conflicts around me, and seriously, i hope all these can help to resolve more conflicts much better. This may sound harsh, but if you fail to understand the reason behind an argument and fail to identify the faults on both sides, you are no different from Singapore ahbengs who do nothing but talk bullshit and fight.


Note number 1: The stupid thing about Keong is he seems to predict what would happen pretty accurately but doesn't do anything to prevent it. What a loser zZzZz ~_~. (I forgot lah zZzZz)

Anyway on to today's topic. Talk about friendship for once. I'll come straight to the point, this is just reinforcing JH's thoughts. Those of you who want to think otherwise of what i truly think, you seriously need this topic cause you don't have a sense of trust, then there's no point for me befriending you as well. So you can jollywell tell me straight in the face all the bad points you can think of about me cause i wrote this piece of crap, and i'll fuck off straight in your face, cause you're not worth wasting my time on.

I did spend alot of time in my sec school days thinking about it, and thanks to some bastards and bitches, i found out the art of true friendship.

First things first, identifying true friends doesn't prove to be real difficult, but be aware that friends that are close to you are not necessarily true friends. Friends that help you alot too, sad to say, might not be it as well.

The idea of a true friend is that he believes in you and goes through thick and thin with you. The easiest way to find true friends is to let yourself get whacked by a bunch of punks and you'll see who helps you. LoL i won't =X cause i know what the meaning of suicidal is.

Okay on top really isn't very helpful, but i can't describe true friendship in words. What i realise now, is that all my true friends, are all around me, scattered all over Singapore. They do not see me often but they try to meet up with me once in awhile, and everytime we meet, we treat each other as family. We mess with each other, go bomb each others' houses, share each other's experiences, share good stuff together. In other words, true friends are those who go through thick and thin with you. Once they have that feeling with you, you'll feel totally different from the other kind of friends who u just hang around with often and lame with. The reason is, because you've found your purpose in life, to be trusted with that person's life and whatever he wants to share with you.

It's difficult to have a true friend though, because of many factors of the human mind. Selfishness, self-centered, suspicious, grudges, pride, etc.

I've once had a situation where in secondary school, the whole class kinda hated me for a reason which i've forgotten, and they confronted me one day. (Things like these happen all the time don't they). Seeing that I had already given up hope on these people, i just faced my "Verdict", and this bastard, supposedly the asshole of the class, who did nothing for the past 2 years but mess up my life with his jokes, shits, and insults, stood up for me, and went to talk back at that bunch of "Paikias". Normally as you guys might expect, punks have no sense of righteousness, they only have a sense of self-centered "MUST WIN" personality, so they naturally lost in argument and resorted to fighting. Not only did that clown engage in the fight with them, still got 3 other of my old friends came to help me. I was the cause of it anyway, and if i didn't join in the fight, i'd hate myself for the rest of this life. It was like 5 v 15 lor, wasn't very intense fight (Heng arH), if they use tables n chairs i'd be dead.(Last time my weight 42 nia, wind also can blow me away).

This is just an implication that true friends become clear to you in the most desperate of situations, and they don't leave you in the lurch. Just ask yourself, they knew they were outnumbered while i accepted my plight and gave up trying. Why did they help me? In the end all 5 of us go see principal along with the other 15, and they actually shared the punishment along with me. These are the true friends who go through thick and thin with you. They believe in you, and they know somehow, although that the odds do not look good, and they could have jollywell stood n watch from a side, there's such a thing as "righteousness" in them that stops them from doing so.

Well these guys are all pretty faraway from me now, but the value of true friendship has been known in me now. Not that true friends are only those who won't leave you behind, but it's really pretty hard to describe.
(((((((((((STORY OVER LOL)))))))))

More ideas of true friends are those who do not let you fall. When i say this i mean that everyone has their own ideal path to follow. But under that particular path, the many challenges and problems will cause the weak human mind to change his "personality" and "characteristics". Majority of it goes to the bad side. True friends do not just go with the flow, but they understand you, know your bad points, and they don't hide it from you. If they tell you of your bad points, they believe in you and know that you will accept their comments. Discussions can come later, but the main point is that they wish you accept it and do something about your bad habits.

I've once had a christian group who brought me into christianity for 6 months, though we did have some arguments midway, and i ended up leaving them, i know that they are true friends who can be trusted. I'll talk more about this tomorrow i guess. Just remember that although they may be irritating, they are trying to help you in their ideals, and that they try too hard. I got a little too impatient, thus causing the arguments, but ultimately i still know that they are trying to help me, just that i couldn't and didn't want to adapt to their environment (i hate going for service! i'm a slacker cum loser)

These days i also diam diam liao, because talking too much only gives you trouble. When you try too hard to help your friends, they also end up falling out with you. Zuo Ren hao nan, but when has it ever been easy? Everyone's experiencing the same thing anyway, so the world is not unfair to you.

Today's topic longwinded sia, and i realised i also never say much bout friendship, becos i really dunno how to describe lah, so readers, help me out lor -_-. Hor? Gimme some idea then i can edit =D. Signing off here =D.

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Saturday, February 21, 2004

*Yawn*. Weekend also jian bu de interesting, today driving lesson still can chiong traffic light 2 times, song arh. 2 immediate failures -_-.

Hmmm today's topic. . . Another aspect of pride. The "Refuse to submit" habit that everyone seems to have.

I'm sure everyone has experienced a situation in an argument with someone, be it your girlfriend, classmate, parents, whatever, and the main result that usually comes by is a break of friendship, trust, and whatever you can think of, got so mani sia. Well the other result is, of course, argue finish, settle problem nice and neat, and patch up =D. But does patching up happen all the time? NO! It's cause too many people in this world refuse to admit defeat.

Let's talk about a basic state of argument. 2 people argue, one definetely has to be in the wrong, or both. And when an argument starts, it's like something went wrong. Problem is, one or both of them are not fully aware of the real situation, thus blame is being pushed to each other. When the truth comes to light , however, the one who knows he is wrong can simply say a word of apology, but does he ever? Hardly anyone would, cause of their pride. I would think more of it as refusing to admit their mistakes, which means i shouldn't ever trust them with anything else for the rest of my lifetime.

And the other guy? Assume he didn't make any mistakes, he would go thinking "Not my fault what, why should i apologize." I would agree too, i wouldn't even bother to do anything about it. (I know i could be a little better doing something about it, but that's one thing i can't change, these bastards need to know their mistakes or they'll never learn)

Certain situations involve both parties being wrong too. But the situation hasn't changed. No one takes a step and just says "Sorry." Pride Pride and Pride. Jeez. Seems to me like pride's the downfall of a person's character.

Arguments are inevitable in life, but they can be tackled and should be handled the way they should be handled. I've gone through many arguments, even with my good friends, but we're still good friends because i know when i'm wrong and at least i take the initiative to say sorry. Give your life less trouble to think about, what's wrong with just apologizing if you're wrong?

Closing the topic here, lol i find myself typing pretty seriously bout this topic, but i'm just typing what i feel anyway. Feedbacks are still welcome =D.
Remember: Don't let your pride get to you. Before you know it, you'll start having countless enemies.
<>-=+| |+=-<> <----My Msn cum frenster =D Here is where u can feedback =D

Right better be sleeping, later boss Leong and Teacher Nat come i no energy to stay awake -_-. Then no point for them overnighting . . .

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Friday, February 20, 2004

HoHohO, FRIDAY!!!!!! WEEKEND COMING~!!!! This saturday Boss Leong Coming over with My Teacher Nat to Tc3, GB, whatever comes up their mind.

Today also got club gathering dinner *yawn*. Looks like they got more nonsense to say before my next tourney.

Right Today's topic, i'll emphasize on the word "Contradiction".

First things first, what does contradiction mean? It just means you don't practice what you preach. Contradictors are one type of people i hate most. It's like, they say one thing but mean another. The worst are those who do not support what you are doing lah, say this say that nonsense and bullcrap, then ultimately they follow your cause -_-.

But Contradicting to say, if anyone's contradicting, no one can beat me(In the past). You better believe that i gotta be the worst contradictor around the world during my younger days, that's why i'm so fully aware of what an asshole i used to be, and what makes a contradictor.

Contradiction starts in many ways. Let's say, someone talks about playing this game, and then you don't really like the game, so you say "No fun" "Dowan". But you end up joining in later cause many people are playing or you actually found it interesting in the first place but just wanna act tough. The issue here is to be honest with yourself. Don't go immediately jumping out of what you truly are thinking and just blurt out a "Sucks lah this game." Think before speaking (Last time i always speak b4 thinking, that's why i get into alot of trouble and got the nickname KAopeh kia). It doesn't hurt to say "Hmmm i consider bah" or "see first". What for go act tough and immediately "Boring game" here and all that shit. Catch my ball?

It's good to be honest too. I don't like hellbreath. That time my whole class play. Only me never play, and i stuck to not playing. Because i seriously didn't like it. The whole class didn't have anything against me too, so the idea is there. Even if you don't blend in with them, so long as you're honest, they won't hate you. At least being honest helps you contradict yourself much lesser.

Stick to what you think is right, don't let others influence your thoughts. I'm not saying DON'T consider their thoughts, but don't immediately let it get to you, think about it before saying out anything. That's the key to being yourself, and being true to yourself.

And from what i realised, the best contradictors normally come from people whose jobs are to guide a whole group of people through a certain course. For example, Teachers, coaches.
I can tell you, from what i see from most teachers, it's like those buggers always tell you a whole crapload of stuff about himself, but don't look that way nor do things that way. Neither do coaches, cute people. The worst breed i hate.
These people go telling me "Biasy does not exist in my dictionary" or "I am fair to everyone". They can even tell me "Even if i'm in a bad mood, i'll treat everything the same with equality and talk like nothing's wrong".
And you look at things at the other angle, bootlicking them seems to be the most effective form of getting into their good books. That's what's so fucking cute about them. That's why i just go ahead and give them the attitude. gays zZzZzZz

This is a pretty important topic so as to people who are actually guiding people around. PLEASE PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH. If you contradict yourself, you'll see what the generation after you does. It's also one of the reasons why i suppose singapore's detoriating. Let's work on for a better Singapore LoL.

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Thursday, February 19, 2004

HoHoHo, Today's Thursday, Which means friday's coming!! And when it's friday, it means WEEKEND COMING!!!

Alot of things happen today sia. My club boss swee swee call me at 8am wake me up, or else i late 4 skewl. Looks like my next tourney coming up liao.

And Cheebye, stupid Baka in my grp lost CD for me, dulan arh . . zZz and i expected it lor, this is so fucking ironic, i feel so pathetic.

Ok today's topic, hmmmm. Let's talk about the way you live your life. Talk about 2 words, Optimist and Pessimist.

Ok i'm sure you guys should know how you guys live you life the pessimistic way or optimistic way or neutral.

For me it's the pessimistic way of life. That way i won't be expecting much from anything and the pain wouldn't be of much damage. Maybe it's just an excuse that i'm a loser, but i still find that life kinda simple and easy to go about with. Not expecting much out of your life makes you more humble and less demanding. I've experienced huge expectations of myself and ended up hurling all sorts of stuff all over the place because it didn't end quite as expected. To my point of view, I feel better being at a low position not achieving much, just helping out whenever i can. Actually i can tell u my results all the time like shit, that's why can't expect much, better not look forward to seeing any As or Bs, because that'll rarely happen LoL. I got many more examples, but disgracing myself in public's not my job, it's Jiahua's job, so i'll leave it to him.

There sure are others who think otherwise though. I still remember my Dajie that time gimme 3 hr lecture. She's totally opposite from me lah, always looking at things the very optimistic way. I mean, it's good also. It just depends on what kind of life you want to live. Well, let's say from her point of view, looking on the bright side of life all day brightens up your life because you're always looking forward to a newer tomorrow, and even if screwups do happen, the supernatural phrase "It's alright" or "No problem, it'll come" will end their sadness pretty quickly. Being optimistic means you are good at encouraging people to recover from their downfalls and those kind of thing.

Too bad for me, i'm a pessimist, so i don't encourage them, i tell them to face facts since it's over, so they can just try again another time LoL. Dang i feel so bad, but that's my life =D. I'm a loser ain't I? No offence LoL.
Being optimistic or pessimistic, it's up to you.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Loser Keong is back for the day. And today's topic is about a small aspect of pride, namely, the word "Rank".

Now i bet all of you have experienced being bossed around by people you think shouldn't be in any position to order you about. Factors will be like, that fellar's younger than you, or he has no experience, or he's a newcomer around and sorts. All these tend to instigate you to disobey or go against him.

Now this is all what the real world is about, if you do not have any solid evidence that he is not up to the task, you have zero right to assume that he's more worthless than you are, and you can start going on a opposition spree and all that sort of shit.

Don't let your pride get to you, there will always be younger, more capable people out there who can do much more than you do.

Whatever the case is, whoever your upperclass fellar is, face the fact that he is higher, and let him order you around for now. Look at him at an unbiased angle and you'll soon find out for yourself if he is capable for the position or not. And i bet that if he sucks, you won't be the only one thinking that way.

Mistakes do happen though. Everyone makes mistakes, it's just one mistake made by you will be of lower damage. Any big guy making a mistake means severe damage, and this normally causes alot of disagreements and distrust in him. But ultimately, they're all mistakes, it's just the extent of damage. So imagine yourself up there making those kind of mistakes. You sure don't want your underlings to go giving you those kind of dissatisfied looks right? So what the hell, put yourself in your superior's shoes and give him your cooperation. (Unless your superior's a loser like me =D)

That's all for today's topic, this topic is really dedicated to people who always don't like the idea of listening to other people just cause they don't like that guy and all that sorta nonsense. Everyone plays a small part. The upperclass guy tries to coordinate everyone to accomplish a job. Do your part and no screwups will happen. If you do well and he doesn't, it'll be expected that you'll outshine him soon enough, so what the hell. Give yourself less angry things to think about and give him less trouble =D

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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Right first topic of the day. Let's talk about being Lame. Who are the lamest people you know of?
For me, it's Jiahua, Jiahua, and Jiahua. Don't worry he's very honored, Laming's his heart and soul.

Now, what makes a lame person? Break your leg and that's it. And you damn hell know that's not what i'm talking about.

Then again, whether the person's lame or not is decided by you, and whether it's to the positive or negative aspect, it's again up to you.

When someone's lame, he does it either for the fun and laughter for it, or he does it on purpose as an direct insult that just looks like a joke, so how do you tell which one it is?

Whenever you're the target of the lamer, you start thinking that way, insensitive people will think offensively, while the more open-minded will laugh along, but is it really what you think it is?

To me, the face, the tone, and the reaction provides the answer. I'm a sensitive person so i kinda did some research on it. It's an advantage though, at least i know when i'm being disliked, and i'm seldom wrong.

If you talk about the face of the lamer, there's always this description on his face(the cunning smile) that tells you that he's happy that the other people are laughing at you, that displays his hostility. But when you talk about a lamer who just meant it as a joke, he displays a natural laughter expression on his face, someone of the more concerned ones will add in some words of assurance such as "Just a joke hor". Of course, the higher level ones could pass through this one by putting on an act.

The tone is kind of more obvious to tell. There's such a thing as a natural laughter and a forced laughter, and it's so damn easy to tell which one it is. So just pay attention to his laughter and how "exagerrated" it is and you'll get your answer soon enough.

Finally, the reaction. Slightly harder, cos u gotta be lame yourself. It's a matter of a counter-attack, and must be successful. Obviously enough, if your counter-attack succeeds and he laughs the normal way it is back, it was meant as a joke all the while, but if he starts feeling a sense of offense with some hostile look towards you, it's obvious what his purpose is.

That's all for today's Topic, and i know this BLOGging business was more for writing a diary n kind, but my life's the same, staring at the monitor all day, nothing new. I wanna share my 2cents with people and get feedback so i could improve on em anyway right? Not forgetting i'm a Loser, so no offence okay? =D

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HoHoHo First day of Blogging. Actually i dunno what Blogging is for, but I see it as something to let other people see. So I, the Loser, Named Keong, has decided to start Blogging to tell u all boring facts about what i have learnt in life.

Please feel free to read them and for questions or comments, please refer to k_k on irc,
for insults please refer to ThankYou`in irc,
and for free porn, please refer to SianzRong on irc.

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