Monday, May 29, 2006

Date: 29th May 2006
Time:2351 hours
Situation: Com spoiled at 1400 hrs on 28th May, kept making noises, then cannot startup. at 2300 hours today, just anyhow on, and it worked. like WTF?

Chapter 1, the one and only chapter for today, Friendship

Tekong life has ended, today marks the first day of return to store. And i really wonder why i'm so hard towards the people around me. Putting tekong guys around, many of them ORDing, I've seen those eager to ORD and runaway, I've seen those who don't want to ORD coz they got nothing planned for the future, and i've seen those making full use of their NS life to fool around.

Back to unit, I have a Master who's super lenient, two ORD personnel who's gonna ORD soon, doh, and well, just gets on my nerves for no reason at all, can't wait to push work around, spend half their time taunting us on their ORD dates and all. My initial mindset was really to just treat them like they're just people, strangers to be exact.
But it just came to mind, they slogged as hard as i did in the past, being in the ORD mood probably meant something like that, is it really that hard to accept that? Maybe if they'd just shut up about the 3 letter thing and just dissapear when the time comes.

And there we have another bunch of slackers who left 7 weeks of shit behind, taking MC, off, dissapearing as the days passes, until master decided it was time to delegate someone willing to do the work to clean up the mess. Namely, me.
And a gentle reminder, I get paid peanuts, ok, now it's +40, $390? So i slog harder while the rest sit around and do nothing, jeez. My initial thought was "I feel like i'm working so hard just to get more work to do".
Now I look at it this way "I'm in NS, you're my boss, You're entitled to make me work from 9am to 5:30pm, and if necessary, outside my normal work time, until the day i ORD, that is your entitlement, and my duty"
So I think i'll just tone down on that side and stop bitching about people not working while i work like shit.

Like now that I think about it, I always bitch about my friends, every single thing. The slightest clue I get that people just don't want me around can already get me to withdraw right to the maximum. I'm sensitive, I admit, but I never believed myself to reached that bad a stage, it's getting retarded at this point.
Now that I even look at it, I've had countless buddies, from sec skewl till now, people who went through much with me over many hurdles, and it was only recently that I realized I was all alone, actually without anymore people I could actually count on anymore.
Even when I look through my poly life, people pulled me through to the diploma i'm holding right now, project work. I didn't do no fucking shit, because all the while I simply thought I wasn't of any help, and if I helped, It would be just adding workload. And I lived through that thought up till this very moment, still contributing little to project groups and still passing my exams thanks to people willing to waste their time helping me out.
So what the hell is wrong with me slogging my ass off in work now while watching others slack around? I've been the one slacking around in the past anyway, didn't I? Why am I seriously bitching around so much about it?

And just to add it on, these people that helped me, I barely made any contact with them. Nat's over at commandos and I rarely call him out for a meal or something. Chewy's helped me out a great deal, still got some contact with JH n gang, that's probably about it.

Summary: I'm always so damn bloody ready to condemn any single person in my life. There's wrong in my family, but not much wrong, my mum, my dad, my bro, I'm the virus, the source of thinking that they're so damn fucked up.

Resolve: Change?
Special Thanks to: Tekong, Apache company, for allowing me to realize things before it's too late.

Keongsterz~ Life as a human, Is this what only I go through? Or does everyone go through this stage too?

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Friday, May 26, 2006

Date : 26th May 2006
Time: 2020 hours
Situation: Only Dawg At Home, Idling away
Occasion: POC LO, Fucking hell! But I'm Suffering at HOME!!!
Premonition: Something's going on out there, something we're totally unaware of

Date is may the 26th, the day before the whole company would go back their separate ways, those who would ORD would do so, while the rest would just return to their units. Of course, POCing means no more watching movies at the annex room, playing table soccer, table tennis, pool and sorts, but at the same time it also means no more seeing fucking jackshit peter and super-give-me-the-creeps edmond.

What we did the night before? I better not talk about it, but on the final day, I had to suffer early in the morning, vomitting everything i stuffed into my mouth. For the first time i even puked WATER out. The most horrible feeling ever, and also, one of the big sufferings i endured while booking out and Struggling to get home.
While yours truly brought this upon himself, things just seem to have a certain relationship with going ons and sorts. Some force is really out there manipulating our conditions and movements, if i must say so.

I could never forget my first posting out of tekong, I suffered a major high fever and ALSO practically forced myself out, and once i got out my mum immediately evacuated me to the doctor and i suffered like shit for those 3 days.
Similarly, this is my 2nd time getting out of tekong for good, the POC, and the same fate befell me, though a different condition, what's similar was dragging myself out of tekong once again, with all the super heavy barang barang zZzZz.

Not forgetting the past few events that took place in my entire life, where I somehow always had to fall sick during examinations in my school life, (Okay it's natural for people who study like mad, I don't study, i still fool around like fuck, what the heck's going on here)
and not forgetting the entire 3 years of my TP life representing the school in the IVPs, I fell sick on all 3 years of em, but still went in to play.

I feel like heaven's telling me something. He's telling me to treasure my life, health and condition by giving me the worst case situations in my entire life. At the same time he's also sparing me from any police involvements.
My secondary school days of daily lan-shopping playing CS,DA,TFC etc. has been going on for at least 3 years, and the shop i frequent will never fail to see me patronizing their store. It will only be on certain days (let's say one day in 1 month) where i Lan-Lan cannot go coz of cases which i could never remember, and it would have to be that day where I wasn't present where the police would go raiding them. Furthermore, it wasn't once or twice, 3 times -.- Call it super tyco, I highly doubt so.

Even now, putting my driving experience into play, I've gotten myself into 2 accidents which just involves myself and some stupid fixture that was just minding their own business at their current location for years and I just had to go crashing into them. Not to show off that I'm pretty dumb, but that doesn't really involve the police at all, unless I got myself injured, thank god the car can still move.
And I wouldn't miss out the facts that I am one of the traffic jackasses that will just forgetfully or un-intentionally end up breaking some rule but just get away with it =p.

Seriously, I still think heaven wants to tell me something that I have yet to figure out.
Another thing worth mentioning is that I watched the exorcist at tekong. And for the benefit of those who didn't watch, It's about 6 demons(or izzit 7, why do i keep typing demonds -.-, Maybe saying DESMOND) who posessed a girl and got her killed and got this priest into being charged for directly causing her death.
What you just need to know is that at the end of the movie, it said "based on a true story" (WTF! DEMONS AND GOD EXISTS), well god was in the show too. The other thing was that they had a specialist in that movie that studied the outer-world, in what she called the outer-sense or something.
It was just mentioning that while some people have a hypersensitivity to sense these things, it comes in many ways, reminiscing people's past, dreaming of the future, being able to sense the outer-beings, etc.
And then it dawned upon me that several of my dreams have actually happened at a later part of my life, but seriously, much later. about 3 years later -.-, do i have that kind of hypersensitivity? And if i do, I think i'm fucked -.-

~Keongster~ Thinking too much again~

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Date: May 14th
Occasion: Mother's day With A Cake And No Celebration (Me n My Bro prefer to Enjoy our computers, BOOK IN, CHAO TIBAI!!!)
Feeling: Gh3y, just plain Gh3y
Situation: 1hour left to booking in ( WHY PETER WHY!!! WHy Must BE US!!)

Chapter 1: This is so gh3y, I am the biggest retard
There's nothing proud about declaring that you have full attendance for your fucking bmt when all you go and do is cleaning shit. Everyone else's like on MC, I can't get one! Reasons include:
1: Teacher never teach me how to chao keng~
2: I am a lousy actor, those who know me damn well know I can't lie.
3: No $$$ go Private Doctor
4: Mother dun like

So while everyone else has gotten another 2 days of rest at home, I'm gonna book back in!! Cool man. . Dumbest shit in the world, namely, ME. I'm gonna get laughed at man "Ha-Ha Keong the retard, dunno how to get MC~~~"

Chapter 2 : Long Weekend Life, First Bookout Thursday Night.
Book out, go hang around with JH, as mentioned. Simple reason why i'm Mentioning this again, my timing =p. Yeah went pub, each of us blew $50 on the drinks, + the taxi $10 and Beer $15, that was $75 down, and pretty bad conditioning on the alcohol. Reached home? 4am =p. Did i mention that i saw a couple fucking down at the backalley while i was taking a piss? Yeah that sucked, JH was scolding me saying i didn't tell them, but on the way back from 7-11 they dissapear already. . . . Can really buy 4D sia. Cursed Eyes.

Chapter 3: 2nd day of weekend, Friday night.
Clubbing with Rakesh The Indian, Ramon the Eurasian, Nabil the Malay, Keith, Ahbeng, Gabriel, Zed. Wasn't exactly the most enjoyable period, but the most memorable, nonetheless. Went to makan macdonalds first, Mac there was madness, So fucking ex, but whatever, $7.50 spent. Walked over to some pub opposite since Rakesh wanted to get high first, 3 cups of heineken, 1 to rakesh, ramon, and me, each. For $28 bucks, Fuck that. 1 Cup's like $10!? Hell but heineken tasted good, I wonder why, I liked that taste.
Then took cab over to Dbl O, basically each fellar paid $20 bucks to get in there. And first thing we did, went up the O bar section (i think), the noisy and dancing side? Tried to grab a seat and realized u gotta order drinks to get a table n chairs, so we did so.
Shocker number 1: Ordered 2 bottles chivas and 2 drinks, bill was like $450, Whole lot went WTF!!! And changed it to vodka raspberry, 2 bottles. They said $240, bill came, $280. Loss of words, but hell. fuck that.
Shocker number 2: WTF is going on man! The Sprite and Green tea gotta pay $12 per jug!? That's boosheet! Thanks to that, i decided to play shots and got alot of people high, but worse of all was i got myself mad (it's like cheers to one person, u drink 1, he drink 1, u cheers another guy, end up u drink 2, that other person drink 1, so who drink most? ME!) And stupid ahbeng, kanina play 5-10 with me i go lose all times to him, drink like shit. By then that made me high enough to go dancing n screaming anyway.
Shocker number 3: Well we just felt downstairs ambience n music was better, so we wanted to go down, so we finished one bottle of vodka (everyone just drank from e bottle), and went down with the other. Apparently one of us tried to smuggle the bottle in so i could predict it was illegal, well we got caught and we were presumed to have STOLEN IT. He told us to pay for it before we could bring in, fuck that, we paid dammit. So after a 30min discussion cum argument ( ahbeng wanna hoot him sia, but that bouncer was just fucking HUGE), they agreed that they confiscate it temporarily and return it to us when we leave. Tough luck, we took it down to that.
Shocker number 4: it was just 5mins, we went down, Visit our sergeants, Clement, Shah, Armskote sergeant, hanafiah, khairul, and favourite PC! LArry! Then we agreed to go upstairs, but bad enough, our table was given away. So we had nowhere to sit. Fuck that AGAIN.
Shocker number 5: Well since I was high, I just danced like mad lor, Shouted like mad, throat gone, everything gone. And well, I smoked, a few puffs. Amazingly, even when I was high, My mind could tell me that it sucked, horrible shit. So I ain't touching that anymore.
Shocker number 6: One of the girls just jumped on my friend, she's drunk, crazy. Thank god ain't me, I'd just punch her, lest she was pretty, Hell no.
Shocker number 7: 2:30am I was just dead, too tired, hung outside dbl O resting my legs when i saw these red beret policemen raiding the club, I was outside so who knows what the hell went on in there.

Towards the end we just grabbed the bottle n left, By then there was only 6 survivors, ahbeng n his fren left, leaving 4 of us. And those 3 indian, malay n eurasian respectively were dying to get laid, and I was too shagged up to do anything (yeah good excuse, I'm serious, I couldn't walk For the next 20 mins)
So I left lor. On the bus i calculated my finances spent, $8 macdonalds, $10 beer, $2 taxi to dbl o, $20 entrance fee, $40 booze, $3 transport home (BUS), again, $83 bucks were gone in a day. After that i reached home like 4:30 and just dropped

Chapter 3: Saturday
Rest day? JH still ask me go drink again. WOOO No Thx U!!!
But yeah, morn, afternoon at home was ok, evening n night became busy again. Went out with coach go makan watch soccer, then later collect cake n chabot. Spent $60 on cake, $10 on meal, $15 on resupply, $10 for drinks on supper, and 95 bux gone on this day~ By the time everything was done, was 4am again -.-

Chapter 4: Sunday
Hearing sunday already just pisses me off, time to book in . . .sheesh. But well, within this weekend, $300 bucks gone -.-
No more such weekends i suppose. Clubbing's cool, but really, once in a blue moon. And my Once in a blue moon means, Once in 50 years, so fuck that.

~Book in loooo, CHEEBYE!!!!!~

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Friday, May 12, 2006

Date: May 12th
Time: 1313 Hrs
Status: Recuperating from first wave, preparation for 2nd wave.
Worry: $$$$$$

Chapter 1: What's going On in Tekong
Seriously, NOTHING. For the past few days, we've just proven that we're the best cleanup company you can ever depend on. We've been dealing with cleaning rifles in our entire armskote, washing Shampoo off a road thanks to some asshole who apparently dropped his entire bottle on the first floor but refused to admit and having a five tonner run over it. Stupid shit, that goo patch sure looked disgusting, but for once the road smelt so FRAGRANT. And we were like idiots scrubbing the same spot over and over (Needa get rid of the fricking foam and it just keeps coming). Imagine scrubbing the same spot and throwing water for 75 minutes.

Chapter 2: Worst Standby Area Ever
First official Standby Area conducted by CSM guardman, nickname Charlie-Bravo(aka Cheebye)
Was the longest standby area ever done. Everyone was standing around company line, stand-by permstaff toilet, stand-by roadside, stand by company line behind, standby company office, staircase, corridor, everything possible. We know his standards were super high, so before his standby, we did one unofficial-informal one with platoon sergeant clement n ACSM Sgt Liew.
After our gruesome effort, it finally ended. He gave the OK, and it was the most satisfying cleanup ever. It was time to GO HOME!!!!

Chapter 3: What's with the TP tennis team
Holy shit, the population in there's like multiplied by X2.5! What an explosion, I wonder if i should really be going back there at all.

Chapter 4: First round of drinking with JH n gang
Quite a good experience after a long time of not drinking. Got to realize I have officialy become extremely outdated with chinese songs thanks to too much of my fort minor, simple plan, dmx, enimen etc. (Rap mainly)
Drinking? Hell as usual, well I didn't drink much, but it was enough to make me feel like shit. Weak shit already!~

Chapter 5: I'm IN LOVE!! With the wrong person again, as usual~
Wahaha i would just call this plain fantasy, just a new O-xiang. FYI, my old idol was Evelyn Tan, i just loved everything about her, including her music. Then came the normal idols, the normal type of people i see that i would say are pretty.
Fann wong (I know people would kill me for saying this, but i still find her pretty)
Ruby Lin (Still pretty enough to make me wanna see more of her, just no porn)
Lin Xiang Ping (Ok what, she's quite cute to me)
Fiona Xie (Yeah she's anything u can declare in the bad books, but she's got super cute looks, so she can do what she wants with it)
And finally, Felicia Chin. Well, I dunno la, but she's seriously my type, the recent 9pm show, women of times, wah, she really mesmerize me sia. That's it la, I gotta go kill myself soon. Stop dreaming marderfugger~

Chapter 6: My finances
Amazingly enough, I did a financial planning back at tekong, I know what my weekend's gonna be like, with drinking session 1 with JH, clubbing with apache gang friday, saturday nothing much, but plans can just come, and mother's day. I did plan at least $150 for JH's side tho, $100 on booze, $50 on present, came out spent a total of $80, which was kinda, good on my side for abit. Dunno bout the clubbing though, i estimated another $100. And mother's day, with the cake i got Lynda to bake for her's gonna cost $80 the most( I HOPE), and maybe bring her out for lunch, another $50 (pizza hut). EStimate total spendings would probably go up to $400 over a weekend. It's enormous, but at least I did some planning, I really need to save some extra frickin $$$ man, tekong has helped me out, but it just all dissapears in a weekend =p.

Final Chapter: It's time to face up to reality
Looks like this weekend just shows one thing. I'm not the type fortunate enough to bomb myself with booze n good food all the time. Even with the petrol issue, it's not really boding well, I gotta start implementing what I wanna implement soon, if not my POSB account might just be showing me 2 digits soon.

~ Wasted $$ for too long, it's hard to recover, but I don't have a choice~

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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Date: May 07
Time: 1150 hours
Status: Just returned from breakfast with grandfather and eyes so swollen cause of lack of sleep but body's too active to sleep
Timeout period: 1910 hrs

Chapter 1: The End Of The C9 Field Camp
- Going through 3 days of pes B field camp, pes C one was really laughable, except with the fact that you still gotta deal with the dirt and outfield stuffs, it was there we learn more about the sissified people who can't deal with camo cream and soil on their pants =p.
Well firing blanks ain't exactly the funnest thing to do, but it was cool nonetheless, we didn't have to prone n run either, we just walked n squatted/stood. A 3 day 2 night field camp became a 2 day 1 night field camp, and I didn't even stay over, coz i was L3.

Chapter 2: The New CSM on the Block
- The sun shines as usual on Apache company, with rain coming pretty often, and the rarity of getting to see a chopper landing on the field and seeing people running all over the place just to evacuate the poor fellow, life was fairly, easy and slack, until the jackass showed up.
Mr. newly-appointed-CSM-of-Apache-Coy, being his first time, would naturally be a garang fellow who would stop at nothing to get his standards. This Guardsman, sadly posessing such a un-fierce face, a voice that can't even fucking project it clearly and loudly, and a black face all the time, has enforced so much standards on us throughout our 3 days of knowing him so far, until everyone practically went from loads of admin time to some cleaning company.
Ever feel lazy to clean your own home? Ever get the daily irritation of leaves all over your yard? Call Apache Company! We are the experienced cleaners of all kinds. We wash toilets, clean drawers, make beds, mop floors, clean up yards, wash up drains and many many more! 100% garunteed satisfaction! Dial XXXXXXX NOW!
Fucking piece of shit, even my pes B standards of cleaniness wasn't even as high as his. I hate his ranting. He's already done a standby rifle, area and bed, who knows what'll be next. And the company's already rioted thrice against him, even though nothing much's done. Life at apache's gonna be stressful~

Chapter 3: Guard Duty On May 05
- Well this time round it wasn't so bad, instead of 24 hrs we did 12hrs (weekday ma). So supposedly everyone's supposed to have 2 shifts only. Except for me n Nabil who did a 3rd shift coz the guys to replace us didn't arrive on time.
Had a very nice warm chat with him, started talking back about our old relationships. I spent an entire 2 hours talking about mine and he spent 90 minutes on his. The conversation with him brought me to realize that girls are seriously more complicated than I think them to be. We men take their actions seriously. They probably couldn't care any less. What they take more seriously is whether we even care about them or not. We're talking about some posession game, not some love affair.
Then suey suey do guard duty, got to see my company book out right infront of my face singing the bookout song. Saw timothy booking out towards the end when I was going back to company line for just completing my guard duty. And finally bookout myself! It had to RAIN when I just booked out, shit ass.

Chapter 4: Somebody save my mum
- I just needed to come home, she happily call n say why never ask her topang, so early in the morning of coz dowan disturb anyone la. Then she happily ask me give her all the clothes I needed to wash n she was for me, i did so, and i went to sleep.
Sleep halfway, she was bitching to the entire household that no one's helping her and all, scold brother, scold father. I'm like WTF, u grumble then dun offer to do lah. Then keep saying what wanna clean my room, do this do that. WTF dun do lah, forever keep exploding. Brings more torment than help. Fuck man, dunno what to do with her.
Father also another one. All talk no action, come back only drive the whole household insane. Sometimes I really wonder that my family's better off having my dad staying overseas forever away from my mum, and fuck the household chores, get a frickin maid, I'll pay for it. It's worth the money not to see her blow up suprisingly at any point of time. I think it's the girl factor, out of nowhere want attention, my mum can look very happy one minute and just go mad the next. She was screaming the entire saturday morning to afternoon to evening before we went out for dinner and ended up being so happy during dinner and this morning too. I tell you, I'm not playing a guessing game, and I don't wanna guess.
I've already given up bothering with her. I offer my help, she say noneed, I just do my own business, she scream later, I'll just heck care. I'm born into a family where my mum married the wrong person and gave birth to the wrong child. I'm not a family person, and I hate being tied down by family issues.

Chapter 5: What's with the fucking petrol COST!?
- For a month, Keong was isolated at the island you call Tekong. He was over there doing all sorts of stupid things that everyone knows of and do not want to know about since they're so common stuffs. He only comes back to society for one or two days before going back for more stupid things.
One fine day, Keong went out with his family and it was time to pump petrol. His brother happily drove into the petrol station, and Keong was happily half asleep. Unfortunately, upon reaching the petrol station, Keong just barely opened his eyes a little and incidentally took a peep at the price meter, and his eyes just shot wide open~. Synergy 5000, $1.834 PER LITRE. Like WHAT THE FUCK'S GOING ON MAN!!! Last he remembered when he drove alot, it was 1.674, and recent risings only probably reached 1.714. Now it's like shot up 10 cents more!?
K, it's time to stop saying "Keong" and "him" so i'll revert it back to "I" and "ME".
Seriously, things have gone too far. I have no idea why my brother has a Toyota VIOS that can save so much more petrol, but they just enjoy driving the KIA carens that does not DRINK petrol but SWALLOW it. The only reason I could think of is that The carens is just below the house, and they can't take another 100 more steps each to reach the vios.
But it doesn't really matter, I seriously think the petrol's gone too high up, and I've always been thinking about changing my means of transportation, and I suppose now's the time to implement it anyway. Even if goes against my parents, I think they're still thinking that they're a well-off-family or at least a family having an above-average income.
I shall not sit by and blindly stick to their ideals and wait until the family degrades to having financial difficulties. I guess it's really time, time to get a motorbike license and a motorbike. Of course it means spending more, and higher death risk. But seriously, how many people die anyway. U never know when ya gonna die, if you're fated to die, you'll just die, you don't have to think so much, eat health tonic, ginseng, vitamins, and one day just accidentally fall off the stairs at home and still DIE!
At least once I'm done with those investments, I can heave a sigh of relief to the fucking mad cost of car maintenance, petrol cost and whatever else they've been paying that I've never bothered. I probably won't do it anytime soon anyway. Let's wait till I learn how to ride a fricking bicycle first.

Finally the Final Chapter, Chapter 6: Is it really time to sever ties?
- With concerns to petrol cost, if I actually do ban myself from using the car apart from family issues where they require a driver, it means having to destroy much of my relationship with practically everyone in my list, and greatly impeding my lifestyle too.
Firstly, having to take a bus to my camp everyday and back, would really mean I have to wakeup damn early in the morning already, which already makes me feel damn sian about it.
Secondly, the car's what always gets me to training in TP early, if I just take a bus all day, I'm better off not going, cause by the time I reach there, I'll just be there for show.
Thirdly, well, when we've come to this stage, the girls around you are more or less looking forward, or I'd say, expecting drivers for convenience sake. I'm not sure about this anyway, I'm just thinking it that way from how society works now. I do know of girls around me who are damn concerned with the cost of driving them around and would prefer we all just fricking go public instead. So uh, well, maybe that was just uncalled for probably.
Fourthly, Coaching~~. Go to serangoon without car, tamade, means 1hour trip there and back. Can go mad ah liddat. But now that I got my Ipod nano, it might just be very good for me~
Fifth, Has to be Sjai. He's the one sitting around my car the most, probably the one affected the most would be him. From when I knew him he was always cabbing around. When I hang around with him much, I'd do driving when possible and he'd just cab all around the rest of his trips. And now that I'm in tekong, I believe he's also gone back into cabbing around again. But the issue is I'd just feel pretty damn weird calling him out anymore without a vehicle.
6th, later forget how to drive again, take driving license for fuck!

But seriously, I've thought of a pretty good solution. There's a reason why I bought the Ipod nano, at least I've got a wide range of songs to listen to now. That's what keeps me entertained in public transports. All that's needed now is the wakeup-early factor. Needs a little time-tweaking. I've done it before, I'm not afraid of a second tryout.
Faraway places, yeah deal with public transport. Anywhere that probably needs the car more badly, like going to buy huge supplies from NTUC, or go Ikea buy stuffs etc, as long as carry alot of things, get the car lor. If just go out see see, just take stupid bus or MRT la.
Close places, learn how to ride a fricking bicycle already, kinda stupid to carry on not knowing how to ride. I'm gonna ask for lessons after I get out of tekong, then get my own bicycle.
Come to think of it, If i drive much less, can DRINK MORE! Sibei long no Lim Jiu liao!!!

~ Life has to change, it's just how you go about doing it and how you adapt to suit your needs~
~ Someone told me I'm very mature in thinking, but after thinking closely, terms are all vague. I may be mature in thinking about money issues, but do you think I'm mature in handling situations, personal tidyness? I don't give a shit about my own room nor the car, and my mum cleans up for me most of the time, is that mature?~

~Keongster~ Terms that describes a person are vague, there is a wide variety of different situations where a word can present itself, and even though the term is the same, when the situations differ, so does the actions of a person~

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Monday, May 01, 2006

Date: 1st May 2006
Time: 1418 hrs
Status: 4hours and 12 mins more to booking in back to tekong. Shitz

Within this week, a major turn of events has surfaced among my life. Even though I've spent 6 out of the 7 days of the week, it was both tiring, worth it, and much more exciting than any other week I've dealt with.

Firstly, I just seem to notice that the people I hang around with more often, are actually the Malays. I have no fricking idea why, maybe it's just a coincidence that the guy next to me called Hafiz is my buddy and we just get along somehow.
But honestly, these malays are worth the attention. Their boldness, brotherhood attitude and positive thinking have made them pretty worthy people to think of.
So currently, in my company, or mainly, my platoon, exists this group of people who at least have a sense of humanity in their blood. The current main gang of the company, and the loudest noisemakers and you could also say the most "garang" in the company.
This group, compromises of Nabil(Platoon IC), Adam aka Uncle Fester(Timer), Ramon aka golem(Some eurasian fellar), Rakesh (Indian fellow), Keith Ong (One of the few chinese, Kevin Ong's BROTHER! WTF!), Danny Boy aka AhBeng etc.

Not say i hang around with them often, but whenever I'm with them, it never gets boring.
So to say, ahbeng planned a sabotage on Nabil cause he was always late for falling in, we ended up doing a night attack on him which we practically wasted 4 bottles of snake powder on him, and for some reason, most of them didn't end up on him but on the english chess set till the king was like half covered in powder, Snow season eh.
Things turned dramatic when they shouted to pin him down, and fester kinda slammed him on the ground, causing nabil's shoulder to get a direct impact on the floor, which virtually dislocated his right hand. For the next 2 days, that poor fellow's right hand was dangling on his body, he couldn't move it at all. He didn't go see the doctor cause it would just get us all into trouble heh =p, but it was fun nevertheless.

Another good thing that happened within this week was that I joined the section 3 gang (Nabil n all lah) in their normal routine exercise, what 4sets of 30 pushups, 30 crunches and 30 jumpin jacks, followed by some boxing routine. Special thanks to Keith Ong, taught me boxing on a nightly basis. Was a great workout, then went back to reading on tennis books Sjai lent to me, so i could proudly say I made full use of my time.

The bigger turn of events was when guard duty was decided. Yes it was a saturday, which ate our bookout day, so basically no one was willing to do. Everyone started popping out excuses not to do, I was one who also hoped to at least do some other day, because of my cousin's wedding, but hell, poor CSM was so traumatized just looking for 25 people, so heck.
Here was where things turned ugly, and where you realize who the real brothers are. Assuming 2 platoons, 3 and 4. I'm in 3, and basically our platoons are sorted by our pes status. For my platoon 3, section 1's full of C9L9 peepz, the worst of the bunch, followed by C9L3 (ME!) and platoon 4 having all the C9L2 and L1. Basically L9 is the worst and L1 is the lightest.
Now here's the shocker. Minusing all the excused, we had only 17 peepz. Remaining 8? My buddy called gerard came back from MC to do, my other buddy hafiz volunteered with a bandaged hand, section 1 with the C9L9s, Ahbeng, Rakesh, Kadir volunteered. Platoon 4 had 2 volunteers, lenny and another hafiz. Keith volunteered with a slipdisc but his was too serious so he wasn't taken. Then I think the remaining position was taken up by 3 sergeants, specialists, that is.
I have no idea what kind of a guard duty that was. The fucking shameless pricks i'm looking at are some of the platoon 4 bastards. People who I could see in the gym every single day but NO can't do guard duty. This fucking whiner of a nerdface who talks like he's so fucking intelligent just cause he's a medical clerk chickened out in an instant, and they all looked so perfectly fine. They're L2's mind you, I don't see how they can beat our L9's who volunteered, and did in the end.
Even better, one of the platoon 4 guys seriously pissed me off. Everyone's helping out for guard duty, even me, and I just had to forget to bring my ID tag, which CSM said was important to just show, so I could borrow from anybody. He said to try to get someone as close to my particulars, so obviously i was looking at someone who was 85 and also A free thinker (ID tag shows your nric number and religion).
I found this first fellow in my section who wasn't doing, he was a taoist though, so i took him out. Asked keith too, but he volunteered so i thought he might be doing, in the end didn't borrow from him. Then i came to this guy, born in 85, free thinkerI thought he was pang's friend, so he was reliable, but no, he's another coward afraid of dying. Refused to lend me, telling me all the possible things that could happen to him. Fuck that, yet another reality of how people fend for themselves. He's one person i'll remember for life, I'll make sure I'm not the one helping him when the time comes.
We're fucking doing CSM a favour by doing guard duty, you're NOT doing, can't you FUCKING just try and sacrifice abit you fricking dog? Cheebye, with our status we're like all throwing our lives away doing this kind of thing, and you can't even lend me some-thing that i just need to carry out my normal duties.

In the end? I go home take my own lor. Fuck. Lucky Kadir was good enough to agree to me being one of the 4, OC gave 4 guys 3hours out of camp to restock on cigarettes, I managed to bargain to be one of em, the other 3 were smokers, then i went home to take. Problem solved, and learning more lessons on how ugly the world can get.

So came the guard day, I teamed up with nabil cause of his broken hand =p, so the main work I'd probably do, but he actually could do pretty good things with his right hand already, including SMOKE. Guard duty was some pretty good experiencing for once, but it's really damn tiring, the thought of just walking around with a baton n shield and SBO wasn't much, but doing it in reality seriously hurt my shoulders pretty bad. By the time it was done, I was half-dead, seriously half-dead. I couldn't move my feet once i landed on bed.

Guard duty was weird, we had like 3 groups who did different 2hour shifts. So group 1 would go out do 2 hrs and rest, group 2 takeover the next 2 hrs n rest, then grp 3 do the next 2 hrs n go back grp 1. So following this trend, every group will do 2 hours and rest 4 hours, so within 24 hours we would have 4 shifts. My group was the only one with 3 shifts, lucky assed people. So assuming I did 6 hours but had 16 hours rest, I was the luckiest. Funny thing was, with every 4hours, i made sure i slept about 3, which means i slept like 12 hrs, NOooo. I finish already still damn shag. Went home sleep another 4hrs!

Then came the ADMIN TIME! Finally got my computer. Spam animes lor, watched 20 episodes of one piece, missed out alot of it, and naruto movie 2, neat movie. Nice storyline, nice graphics, nice fight scenes.

Well anyway, met out with Sjai n Jinx at night too. You know, what I heard, seriously was too much of a shocker, that it was pretty hard to believe. And somehow, it always feel good being neutral, at least you know you're thinking on both sides and the possibility of what's going on. But nah, nothing makes sense of what I'm making out, which means I'm just wrong in my current hypothesis, so I'll just stick around and piece the pieces of information together. Afterall, I have loads of free time~
Much has changed since my entrance into tekong, situation at TP doesn't sound good, but promising, and already I can't wait to go out and see for myself what's out there.

Much to my dismay, I sometimes also wonder myself why I always seem to have doubt over Sjai when it comes to situations like these. So unlike me, knowing that I can trust him with my money, my life, my future. But i did mention to him that I'm somewhat like becoming racist to my own kind. Sticking around more malays now eh =p.

So this coming week, starting tomorrow is my field camp till thursday, friday got another guard duty, and that'll spell the end of my hell week. 4 more weeks till i'm outta tekong. Not really counting down, cause it seems like signal store's having some hell going on too. Everything around me seems to be revolving around conflict and problems, and I haven't the slightest idea what's going on.

~Always be aware of your surroundings and the impact caused by the people around you~
~We know what we are thinking, but know not of the just cause of why we think like that~

Keongster~ Living in both heaven and hell~ Living with something to build on is the best fortune you could ever have. Living in luxury means you are at the top, and the only course for you to go, is downwards.

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