Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Hey peepz. . . .Been ages since i last blogged -_-.
Now playing RO and waiting for my hp to restore, so i figure i'd prolly stick around and update you guys on . . . well . . who else . . myself =D. Boring, yes. Who cares =p

So. . .Yes~ Today's topic. Me, Myself n Keong~ =D
What's there to talk about, lots. Suprisingly.

First off was this damn fucked up video

Well those who knows me well, knows that Keong watches practically no TV, so whatever with the terrorist attack or even war in singapore, hell . i wouldn't know. Enough of the stupid explanations anyway. So what did this video tell myself about me?
Well i bet many of you had the same feeling, damn poor thing, damn pitiful, damn disgusting whatever. More importantly, i was afraid -_-. I guess, i'm humji after all. But at the same time i felt like just stealing a rifle from who knows where and smuggling myself in there and suiciding with a few of them, though i don't even know where their locations are =X. Sometimes i really wonder if i would actually start fighting for my friends if ever such an incident occurs. True, i've fought in school, who knows about now.

And what of the saying no one is perfect. Let me rephrase it. No one is good, everyone should just die. We humans make mistakes. We admit it, or we don't. Those who do, still abit better, those who don't. Sucks. But admit mistakes, do they learn? No~ Repeat~ ~. Happens all the time. The Human mind? So easy yet complicated. They confuse themselves anyway, all the time. Talk about Hitler and the other gays who started world war or the terrorists or whatever. They either want power, or they follow their beliefs. I won't be anyone of them anyway, cause they're retarded, they think they can control or change the world. That's not possible because human minds are so simple and fixed. Good people? They exist, for how long? Good question.

Better yet, know why i'm typing this? There's a whole load of people out there who thinks they know me so well and makes assumptions and all sorts of crap about me(Good and Bad). And as the gossips goes, it becomes a "fact". Yeah, fact my ass. You know nothing, and i'll tell you everything now.

What else does the "Mr know it all" want to know? Let me tell you i know more than you do, and from what i learnt in human minds, what they normally figure out in other people usually happened IN THEM before. You fellars just go "Must be like this" Because YOU were also "like this" in whatever situation you're talking about. Don't be a loser, is that how you keep yourself "existant" in this world?

Oh humans? Yeah Want attention, want to make themselves feel "existent" in this world. Sure, who doesn't need attention? I do too. I'm tired anyway. Can't you guys seek your attention in a friendly way or whatever? Not a bad idea getting great friendships and attention through the demise of others. Is that life? Looks that way, even if you say no. All thanks to who? Everyone~ Yeah~. I wonder if i ever did it, i guess i did, even if i don't remember such incidents, cause i'm a human posessing a human brain anyway.

Well what else? Oh yeah, more about what i think? Tough luck, i dunno. I even hate people for no reason now. *Scratches head*. Well, just call me ridiculous, retarded, unreasonable, whatever. Humans are all the same anyway.

Lastly, to all you arseholes out there. Get out of my life. I just need to know you're nearing me to totally spoil my mood. Go out there and tell the whole world what a jackass I am.How far you go doesn't matter. I'll just get whacked anywhere i go the worst to come. This world ain't for wimps like me who can't accept the way of the world anyway.

Brought to you? No, Purposely Typed By Keong To EVERYONE . . .
Loser at heart, Loser in Life, Loser only cause He couldn't accept the way this world lives.

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