Monday, August 20, 2007

Topic Of The Day: The Big Picture In Everything. Do We See It At All?

Today marked the day I started playing my kingdom hearts 2 again, or what Jon would call it as Mickey Mouse 2 hahaha. I bought the bloody original since the pirated ones couldn't work for nuts. And yeah, I completed the Mulan stage, then Beauty N the beast, and Just began working on Winnie The Pooh =D.

Well in case for those who don't know why I'm so into KH2, I actually find it damn cool to find an RPG that merges all the old disney stuffs together. Better yet, they have squaresoft in em! So my final fantasy dudes are in there too. But what's most important, is always their storyline.

When we were youngsters, we were exposed to cartoons, tv shows and stuffs that always taught us about life. When we first learnt, we'd really go all out to implement it the minute we're convinced. I once remembered I was taught how to save water, and I went crazy over water saving schemes for the next 3 months, and look at me now, like as if I still care =.=
Now that we're the big guys now, we do not look at these stuffs just simply. We look at it in a very different manner. Animes like prince of tennis, what do they show? It's easy, really. They're just showing you the fighting spirit they posess.

And now we talk about Kingdom hearts 2, it's a game full of disney characters. Mickey mouse, Donald, Goofy. I just unlocked Chicken Little Too! (WTF I can summon him!)
Look at KH2 as a game, people will say "For Kids" kind of game, childish shit etc. The big picture in it? Huge knowledge on life. Treasuring friendships, ways of life, such as anger blinds one from the truth, relying on one another, bla bla bla.
These are all common sense stuffs, but then again, why do all of us still commit the same problems? Why do even I continue to make mistakes that I am so aware of?

Matter of fact is, man needs to be constantly reminded of the values. Be it friendship, family, ethics, everything needs to be constantly drilled into our head. I was so constantly reminded that I had a grandfather in hospital, and most of the time, he's alone. As clear as it is, I am so aware that he'd be very happy to actually see his grandchildren for at least 10minutes a day.
Bigger problem? Me. I'd somehow still prioritize my games or my friends over him, knowing so well that neither of them will runaway, but my grandfather just might (he's in his 90s, don't know when he'll leave us). Day by day I torment myself with the harsh truth that I take my family for granted, day by day, I still do not learn. And I know so well, that the day he leaves, my eyes will roll.

So the biggest issue is here, why do we, or rather, Why do I not treasure what's ahead of me while it's still around. Why Am I always waiting to regret it when it's no longer there?
And I dare say, I'm definitely not the only one who's taking things for granted, as much as I can't wake myself up, maybe I can try to remind others to wake me up. Doesn't make sense no matter how I look at it, but the closest to me being forced to understand that fact, is by being reminded of what an asshole I've been for as long as I've known myself to be.

~KeongSterZ~ Success is not defined by obtaining everything you want, but by appreciating everything you have.~

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Random Crapz Again~:
Yesterday was Chris n Glenn's birthday. Sad to say, didn't do anything for Glenn, but was big for Chris. It was the gang's usual way of celebration "TOH AH TOH AH", and yes, war initiated, Keong learned the hard way that sake isn't so weak after all. And, I woke up with a fricking hangover. Think I'm not going on heavy drinking anytime soon again.

Topic Of The Day: What drives respect?

Constantly, I was reminded of this topic no matter where I go. When I do coaching, Shah's very unhappy with the fact that I treat them like my friends rather than the coach/student relationship. His stand is being a coach, you have to stretch that fact in and command respect with them. My stand is that I'm there to help them, and they're there to be helped. There's nothing wrong with being friends and I prefer to gain their respect.
Yesterday was unexpected yet not surprising as well. Beyond the midst of a birthday celebration, old grudges were being settled. I was not aware, but now I am. Now I'm talking specifically about Mr Leong JH, my buddy as usual. He reminded me yesterday of the way he does things, openly, without fear. Whatever he wants to say, he says it. Dun like you, you'll get it straight in the face from him.
One of the main reasons why I'm normally not afraid of being around him. He's straight to the point at least. If I'm not being liked, I believe I'll know. As simple as it gets, most people fail to achieve that. And I don't know why, but I respect him for his honesty. Because I myself cannot muster that courage to do it. He has constantly been one of the few people driving me in TP towards putting myself to good use. Many people know his temper is not being liked, but still, he is respected by many. The main reason, I'd say, is at least he doesn't put on airs, and whatever he says, he's backed by reasons. In other words, honest? Haha

For those who knew about thursday's war, sad case to that. Who would have known that Keong was so not solving the problem, but rather just looking for a peaceful resolution. That's how I look at it anyway, things will very likely not be solely at one side's fault. The other side has to play a part as well.
Well whatever the case was, thanks to all present, because they bothered to listen. thanks for respecting me, no matter how much bullshit I was talking, what mattered was you guys listened. Makes me feel bad for not listening when my mum bitches at me. *Shrugz*

Towards the end, I really feel that respect is to be earned. And the best line to describe it is, Do unto others what you want others to do unto you. You respect people, they'll respect you back. It's as simple as that.
And special message to you people out there, try not to make Fiona bo eng liao la. Already know she's so dumb so blur, she kena so many problem no one settle for her, still wanna give her somemore. Can help help lah. Dun mean she nice then let you all bully sia. No one sees the big picture, except a handful of us. We know what she's been doing for all of you.

~KeongSterZ~ Trust, Is To Be Earned. Same Goes With Respect~

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Random Stuffs:
Just started mass spamming emails. Well we all want things to happen, but haha who wants to do the work? Well at least I know there'll be people who appreciate it. So yes, as long as everyone had fun in the end, why not?

Topic of the day: Part 2 Of ranting, what makes a human.
Everyone should already have known that how we turn out to be is normally driven by our lifestyle, the way we live, or influences from other people. I come from a mid-range family, and I live a slack, simple life, not wanting anything but a simple, average, not too complicating life. My parents may compare often, but they don't give me much pressure over my plans and they give me full freedom to choose what I want.
I am Keong, the one everyone knows as the man who'll never grow up, and as far as I'm concerned, I've not yet. My parents have their doubts, but they leave me to decide my future. My friends question my indecisiveness, and they feel I'm taking life too easy. My own feelings? Well I don't know. That's not the point though =D.

That's the environment I live in, I'm easily influenced by friends. But I know what makes me what I am. I live on my own principles, and no one has changed my stand as far as I'm aware. That's the only thing left that defines my differences from my other fellow humans, and I shall remain as such to my very grave.
So make certain examples of people who live in poverty. Everyday they live in suffering, searching for food and clothing is their requirement for survival, and they'll do anything to survive, including stealing. Their mindset would be somewhat like the kind who'll strive hard and reach out high to break their poverty cycle.
Now I think of myself, I'm simplistic, I've followed the path that people have created for me till now. I've never chosen my primary/secondary school, my mum chose my polytechnic for me while i just randomly chose some course which I obviously regretted, and when I was forced to choose my own path, I stone. Quickly enough though, I was influenced to enter the Tennis coaching fraternity, which I never did like as well, but continued to remain in there.

What am I trying to emphasize here? Our paths are created through our own strong will, or influences. Because I have no will, I simply followed the path people paved for me. Others will have a clear picture of what they want, and they'll continue to strive towards it, unless "convinced" that they're taking the wrong path. That is the world of influence, and the regulations of the "paths", whether or not you stray from your path depends on your own determination.

Now, here comes the tricky part. What am I trying to say? I'm putting that similar situation into disliking people. I, for one, hate some kind of people the most. 1: Big mouths, 2: attention seekers, 3: People who think they know everything.
Other people will have their own different views, maybe they just hate handsome men, they hate lesbians, whatever. It's more or less on conflicting interests. When people of similar interests gather, they become friends. When people cannot settle their differences, they become enemies. That is the simple bottom line between friends and enemies.
When people of conflicting interests gather, but one side managed to convince the other, he changes the interest of the other to the same kind and they become friends. The change will affect the friends around him and conflicts will occur, and the cycle will carry on and on.

All I'm trying to say is, differences are common, and some people are extremely committed to what they feel, being stubborn on their point and refusing change. Accept it. They may not be wrong, you may not be right. If everybody takes a step back and gives in, what do you think will happen?

~KeongSterZ~ Humans are Complicating, because we make ourselves complicating, we do not understand ourselves sometimes either =)~

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Random Stuffs:
Joyce and Keong faced off with ex-VJcing Pauline and some tennis coach Eugene Lee, and was wiped out 2-6 2-6. Well, that coach was monkeying with me, and I totally donated the first 3 games away. Ask Joyce for details. Totally undesirable. Well ever since that, racket throwing has gone back to high frequencies and I guess I'll never forgive myself for stupid mistakes anymore.
To think I'd faceoff with the same Eugene guy with Jon this upcoming tuesday, and I'm putting heavy pressure on myself, seeing the number of times I've smacked my racket on the floor, I swear I'll never let him see the shit part of me on that day.
What a disgrace, and uncle Steven plans to put me in Grade C just cause I showed him 2 good matches against uncle Mike n Gareth? Spare me the bloody off forms, I need my form, and I don't know how to find it.

Topic Of The Day: You are what you are, a human. And generally, we're all the same. No one is special, we're all stupid, and we're all NOT working together.

Generally, I've thought of this deeply about what makes a human. In everybody's life, there has to be people in your life you define as "fucked up" or rather, people who're screwed. They come in many kinds. People who are unreasonable, full of shit, abusive, reckless, impatient, any bad point you can think of, whatever.
First things first, not to sound offensive, but these are all aspects of ourselves. We have our own level of any bad point listed above, it's only how we see it, and problem is, we normally don't. How many of you puts others above yourself? And how many of you puts yourself in other people's shoes in certain situations? For me, I do both, but when I do, it's normally too late =p.

Now think of yourself this way (I'm gonna phrase it like a game =p)
Picture yourself as a person with many bars, u know, like, percentage bars. Now put different aspects on them. Impatience, Impulsiveness, Recklessness, Tact, Temper. . . So far all the bad things I can think of so far with reference to a driver's aspect. Why a driver you ask? It's the best example, everyone thinks they're above average drivers, and on the road, people know I curse at drivers just as much as any other vulgur dude does. What the other cursers don't realize, is that they're making the same mistake that others are doing that caused them to start cursing in the first place.
Now, on with the bars, one is, you gotta be damn honest with yourself. You've got to know your own level to these aspects, and yes, I know the values change over different situations, it's like saying how I hate lamers more than bitches (just an example), and how you hate bitches more than lamers. BUT, just average it and gauge yourself.
In these bars, you see yourself as one with or without a high threshold for certain situations, whether or not you jump to conclusions, maybe seeing yourself as always right, but not exactly thinking clearly, and regretting later. These are possible aspects of simple arguments that can be easily resolved, but normally doesn't occur.

Referencing on them, you know yourself being such a person, and that you are probably just as bad as the other people you've always hated for certain reasons. Humankind needs just 1 thing, understanding for each other. Most of us are unable to accept bad stuffs from other people, unknowingly though, they're also doing the same. That's probably why there's still wars out there. And to be honest, I think only if aliens invade us would the planet see themselves working together. Beauty pageants and their "World Peace" When will that happen =p.

My summary just goes like this. Before you think about shooting people down verbally with your "He's such a jackass","She's such a bitch" Theory, spend some time thinking about yourself first, don't be quick to put people down, when you least expect it, you'll turn the tables on yourself. People will be even quicker to put you down with "He can bitch about it, but he's doing it himself, WTF!?" It's not about winning people's hearts to your side. It's about being truthful to yourself.

~KeongSterZ~ I Feel So Contradicting. I've so lost my cool, and now I'm telling people to stay cool. Hahaha~

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Topic Of The Day: Nothing in particular, I'm bored, and I've got boring things for bored people to do as well.

DISCLAIMER: Only for the bored.

Create your own Friend Test here

Started off by Gladys Chia, motivated by Jon, Tim, Yong And Wen To Start One. So Yeah I did, haha enjoy wasting your time on me. And uh, I don't care if you get all 20 wrong. I don't see a need to waste time understanding me well hahahahaha.

~KeongSterZ~ Enjoy~

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Topic of the day: Somehow I'm just the kind of person who always indirectly gets implicated into people's personal affairs.

Today was a seriously bad day, so much for integrity, blank mind. Very nice of him to just walk off and leave me there despite telling me what to do. Sibei standard sia. Think about it only makes my blood boil.
Bad move today too, lost my temper on the coaching team, ended up flinging my racket half court over to the fence. Ahhh damn, no power to control people. And 10 hours later I'm experiencing the stupid 4 classes again. Oh lord, save me. I am so gonna see myself cry later on.

Another simple thing I learned today that not many people know. Ever thought of the curiosity of human nature when we always say "Tell people don't do, all the more they want to do." Examples would be, put a letter and write confidential on it, everyone will read it. "Do Not Enter" and some will attempt to.
This theory is so true, it's actually the cause of what destroys a person. I admit that I have it too, but to a certain extent, I do have self-control. The most common would be a friend telling u "Eh tell u a secret, but dun tell anyone else." Everyone should know this, it'll just move on to more people with the same line. So towards the end, it won't be a secret anymore.

Now thinking of the above theories, what can man hide? I'll tell you what, murders, scams, anything else major, I'd suppose. Only problem is maybe the guilt will stay within that person forever.
Putting it into blunt terms, I've heard people telling me they've stolen before, done illegal stuffs and all, which could well land them in jail, so why did they tell me? It's really simple. The key word is "Attention"
That one word, is the mother of all exposures. Seriously, attention exposes yourself to your doings, whether good or bad, it's just to boost your "ratings" of doing different things from the rest, regardless of whether it's true or not.
Anything goes in attention seeking, it can go from bitching about others, to justifying your actions etc. But what I know is, when they talk about anything, they want people to agree with them, they want support so that they have the confidence that they are not wrong, and it'll also make them feel better anyway.

The above paragraph may not be easy to understand, so just picture this example. I argue with you, we both do not come to a solution and we both get on bad terms. I will bitch about you to many of my friends and make you sound so bad they'll agree with me, and I will feel better because my friends are on my side. You, on the other hand, will be doing the same things, and you will have your friends on your side.
Really much easier to understand that way. And sad to say, it's human nature, as much as I'm aware of it myself, I can only stop myself sometimes. But I cannot constantly remind myself anyway.
It's a good thing I'm pessimistic though, so when people disagree me, I reconsider. But I've ran into many stubborn pricks who'll never accept disagreement anyway, they'll just think I'm just not thinking straight or brainless or whatsoever. Like, ok, don't talk to me then =D.

What I seriously feel is, the aim to get attention is a hazardous route, and normally the path taken induces lots of unnecessary gossips and "discussions:. There is this line I'd like to share with everyone:

Great minds discuss Ideas
Average minds discuss events
Small minds discuss people

Makes a hell load of sense now, does it?

National day's coming, so, yeah, RO's tribute to Singapore soon.

~KeongSterZ~ I'm a man who gets stepped over easily, just keep trying, you might just see what I'm capable of~

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Monday, August 06, 2007

Topic Of The Day: Time hasn't been exactly on my side, but I perform better with last minute work.

Quick update, last tuesday was my first teaching session for a batch of pri 5 kids. And yes, they're so notorious, they're tougher to handle than normal tennis coaching. Class 2 called me Ahgua, Class 3 called me Ahbeng. Wow I feel so flattered. Goddammit. And my next lesson with them is this coming tuesday, god save me!!!

Kallang lineups are out, Jon and me will be due to play next tuesday 14th august at 8pm, while Joyce and me will be earlier, 12th august, sunday, 5pm. Stupid shit is, I'm facing off similar opponents. Men's doubles is Eugene Lee and Benjamin something, And mixed? Eugene Lee (AGAIN), and some Pauline who I had to find out is goddamn good. Hahaha, I'm excited already, on for some serious action! Getting thrashed doesn't matter, being happy does!

Nothing has changed in my lifestyle, as much as I feel I'm busy, I'm not. I may have work on all days except Thursdays, but they're like 2-4 hours at most, call that busy? I call that sian.

Here's a lil trick topic for you guys to think about next. Confidence.
The very basics of confidence would basically mean if you won't try, you never know right?
Confidence plays a huge part in our future, and technically, Keong doesn't posess much, or rather, it takes a long time to build up confidence in myself. I don't have confidence in myself till i see results. I dare to try, but I dare not screw up. Well it certainly took long for the people around me to build a certain level of confidence that still isn't high anyway, possibly cause I'm pessimistic by nature.
I had this talk some day, protect the person lah, haha. He has great confidence in himself, and believes he has a reputation which is very good. I was suprised on hearing him when he said he believes his name alone is worth hell alot of money.
Now that's being very proud, or in a certain aspect, cocky. And think again, it may even be possible, you can never value yourself, but if your name is known far and wide, and you are reputable, you are valued that much. And bosses favor such people. Men who show great confidence in themselves. So putting that into play, it's probably true that you gotta think yourself being up there before slowly climbing up. If you're easily contented like Mr Keong here, well, enjoy then =p.
I'm naturally lazy to plan, lazy to think, and I don't even wish to think what everyone else things. Slog now, enjoy later. My policy's simpler, just maintain my lifestyle, I can work till i grow old. As long as I'm done with my task, I'm outta here.

So what makes me what I am? Confident people. I noticed that people with confidence will "dominate" the weaker ones, aka tell them what to do with life, in their context "Kick some sense into the dumb idiots".
Remember my policy, gotta be in their footsteps to know what they're thinking. I've been on both side. People dominating me, and Me dominating people. Perfect example of people who stepped over me, but nevertheless, taught me well, JH, Sjai. And people I stepped over? Jon is really the best example. Maybe Tim too, u know. Times where I could act tough and think I know more than them, hahahaha. Well actually I do, Jon knows very little, and I thought I was bad =p.

My greatest admiration though, is I've realized, nothing keeps me anymore lively than friendship. Kenneth has shown me much. Being the person who's business-minded and seldom hangs around with big groups, he found happiness when he was surrounded by one, and he showed me the value of friendship. Like mankind always says, we take what we have for granted.

Oh an idea of what I'm doing now.

Server people are bored, GM is there, along with 4 other bored dudes, we all spent alot of time coordinating ourselves to do the Victory sign together. Hahaha

Bored GM who refuses to sleep just keeps transforming us into stupid creatures. Well I'm a harpy =.=

As much as people will call me childish, that's my childhood, and I think what's most important in life is being yourself. If you're living your life showing a mask to everyone, you're suffering inside everyday.

~KeongSterZ~ I'm not big, have little ambitions, small goals, small wishes, and I like my life.~

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