Monday, September 25, 2006

Date: 25Th september 2006
Time: 0013Hrs
Situation: Really not Looking good at all . . .Sheesh, hell, I'm not going into detention barracks without a fight.

Stocktake's hell period, Master just loves whining at me, however I believe it was a simple reason, we all looked at different priorities, what she felt was least important i go and do first, and what she felt was more important I do last. Heh =p
Stupid Chan fault also, go do thing swee swee then master got reason to tekan me, shagginess. Can't believe comms side doin better sia. And seriously, my side really not doing well at all sia. Master wasn't in a very "cool" state either, in the end, I got asked to return the next day (SATURDAY).
Had tennis with the tp guys at night, which at least was a good de-stressing workout, and then went to pick up my dad at airport as well as celebrate some cousin's birthday. Hell that was a bad memory, for the first time, I was so damn bloody fucking dissapointed with my dad.
It was a cousin's birthday, he just came back from overseas, ok, give him the benefit that he's exhausted. Can still sit down talk cock want dessert and all, ask me eat finish his share. And once he's done, he just couldn't wait to fucking LEAVE. Couldn't even fricking spare bloody 5 Minutes to blow the fucking candles, cut the fucking cake and fucking eat it.
Pumping out all sorts of things from his mouth "No lah nevermind lah, we dun eat we very full already" And the stupid stubborn look on his face obviously showed that he impatiently wanted things his way YET AGAIN. I could really tell everyone's dissapointed look on their faces, but what the hell, him being my dad, and him being like that, everyone just gave in.
All my heart told me was "Sheesh, so dissapointed in my dad, dun give me face nevermind, dun give everyone face, damn shag". I could still recall once he wanted me to get letters for him from the letterbox, he just couldn't be direct, he just pisses me off, I never could forget that incident.
He just called me in, ask me to take letters for him, so I told him, later, i play awhile longer first, so he went on with "I scared later cold not good for your health", me being myself, couldn't get what he meant, so i just went "Ok lor, tomorrow lor". And there goes his trademark Impatient facial expression along with "Now Lar!! I now Free Can Go get Now Anot?"
I was like "Oh ok lor, say so lah u want now" Bloody cannot just directly say go and get it now, Sometimes i really wonder what's in his head. Really bloody dissapointed, That's one part i Never want to inherit.

No tennis for me in the morning, went back to camp (Yawn). Get some unfinished work done to let master heave a sigh of relief for some things at least. And seriously my side's getting worse n worse, I'm detecting far more problems as the progress goes, but seriously, it's time to full force mobilize and just burn midnight oil all day until I reorganize everything.

240906(The world is so unfair!!)
Wow, news just spread that if I couldn't settle my problems, I would more probably end up in Detention barracks. No way man!! This is so unfair, I'm forced into Being a storeman, I'm being made to take charge of stores, and not that I'm alone, but I have to take FULL responsibility!? No way man!!
Fuck that seriously, there's no point worrying, rather, I'm really not planning to just go down, I'll fucking dig every corner of the store and find everything if that's what I have to do.
And probably, my new resolution, To be interested in the uninteresting, Read more newspaper. I just realized I had a long period ahead of me.
Commercial stocktake first, 2nd october for a 2 week period, if it ends 1 week earlier, I could participate in the tennis camp, followed by my mei's 21st birthday. And then after that it would be 14th October, Immediately after my EPT (Entrance Proficiency Test) Is on 16th October with JH on a monday, and Another 3 more weeks before my SATS, 2 days before SAT Will be mag's return, which total adds up the number of leave i gotta take is like, hmmm, 5 days =.= Whoaaaaa. Gotta study SATS man, haven't started, Gh3yShit!!!

~Stocktake Stocktake~ I will survive~ I will Survive~~~
Keongsterz Pte Ltd.~

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Date: 220906
Time: 1257 Hrs
Status: Dunno, Argue with Mum, at least she's not calling me anymore, and preparing for the worst.

Case: Monday morning, back to stupid work, 2 weeks before commercial stocktake. Day was normal as we walked into camp, and we saw police cars driving in without siren slowly. Went to batallion side, all I saw was a barricaded area, pretty easy to tell something happened there. But day was normal.
Later in noon, Heard it was a driver, heard it was suicide, heard this, heard that, no confirmation. Normal work day, working our asses off for commercial stocktake, Master pulling her hair and me cursing at Wayne as usual (The legendary guy that makes anything vanish by just touching it). I gave him that ability because he took over as IC for just a few months and made many many things dissapear. Who cleaned up? ME

Case: Detail Day? I didn't go out though, quiet day without desmond and chan in store, really quiet and cool day to work. Read the straits times, the guy who died, shag, my friend. Not a close one though, we've crossed paths maybe 9 times, and had times together like thrice, he as the driver driving us around singapore to send stores.
Seriously, he's the best driver I know, someone I'd always pray to get. Because he's a pro driver, and a daring one, got him around, we're never late. Couldn't forget the happy times we had too when we were all complaining about a certain somebody, and he ended up sabotaging him making his ass hurt real bad by chionging a tonner straight through a hump. Made all of us jump, but we sat in front so we were cushioned, the "Sabotaged" ain't so lucky tho, back was hard wooden benches. o_0 the pain.
Well that was all about the happy times we had, sometimes makes you wonder what's in these people's minds, many many people asking me what happened, but I seriously feel, know also liddat, dunno also liddat, he's dead, so, sian lah.
Then email came to master, that bugger's 20 years old, and had a 6 month old daughter, damn bloody shit! That was a shocker. Felt all the more sian. . . Seriously I wished he was around, even if he did appear infront of me in the form of a spirit, somehow i Know i don't mind.

Case: Day of Keong getting thrashed. 3 people shooting me at one shot, ALB came and just niao me all the way until I from garang mode to diam diam mode zZzzz. Stupid sergeant pauline wasn't helping, ghey. And i heard my new 2IC's another girl that just returned from her honeymoon, woooo, chiobu or not =.=. By the time she come i also dunno ORD liao not.

Case: Hard day of work as usual, 7 working days left to stocktake, so gotta pia, but master was kind enough to gimme half day off to register for my EPT (Entrance Proficiency Test) so that I could try to be a teacher along with JH =D. Why teaching U ask me? Well I knew that even though I've decided into coaching, I can't do it as full time anytime soon with my knowledge, and with the situation going on with my mum, I gotta have the stable income pouring in to stabilize my situation so at least when I'm outta her financial supply totally, I'll be at least surviving, and free =.=
So I went with Christine, crappy shit as usual, and finally saw her boifren, that I totally had no impression on anyway, so doesn't really matter. Today's tennis was cool too. I actually won both my matches, like WOW.
Today was also the day i realized I was missing something all this while, and I always wanted and needed it badly, but I never did reach out for it, but hell, I never dared to, I'm too unstable on all aspects to start anything like that.

~ Working Age is coming, Why Can't I Hurry Up And Decide On Something!~?~
~KtardoZ~ 6 Working Days Left To Stocktake~

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Monday, September 11, 2006

Date: September 11th 2006
Time: 2328Hours
Situation: Now that i just typed the date out, something actually felt fishy, but then again, probably it's just a coincidence.

The day of nonsense, store was peaceful, nothing much going on, except for a few minor interruptions of borrowing and returning issues. Just that in the afternoon, somehow somebody decided that it was too peaceful, and decided to find someone to fuck.
So happened it was me, and Letchuman called by, bitching and screaming at me, whining and grining as to why we have no sets to issue for exercises, so the whole day was practically spent calling master non stop till she decided to scold me again~ (Like i can help it).
It would be as fate says, but as soon as i did my last call to master, I went to pack up for falling out as usual, and while walking out, i realized my handphone was off (well it wasn't actually). Initially i thought it ran outta battery but it seems that when i got home and charged it, it functioned, only exception was, there was no output =.=
Sound was there, buttons lighted up, normal stuffs, just that, no screen =.= It was BLANK, lcd screen spoil or something. So, handphone DOWN~, switched back to nokia 3120, and Sjai did say he'd call me out for supper, problem was i couldn't call him back cause i practically lost everyone's number.
That wasn't really the worst, MSN was like down the whole day too, whether it's just me or the whole world, man today's like, lost communication with the entire world. A day where I should just stay at home and think of things for myself to do.

So i'm back to my normal worry spree of Why-Is-Master-Always-Tekaning-Me issues which i just felt that she probably needed to de-stress. I mean, aiya fuck, kena tekan tekan la, I just felt i probably needed desmond's skills. Yeah ok, agreed that he's fucked up and all, such a wayang bitch, but i realized, at least he CAN wayang. Ninarbeh I can't even fucking argue my way through letchuman's nagging. I need more debating lessons.

And tomorrow? Seriously I'm not looking forward to it, Either my ORD Date's getting to me, or i'm Just so damn bloody unhappy that I'm always doing the work. Today i tried working, damn, dragged myself to actually get all the stuffs done for tomorrow, and it seems the next day I'm getting more hell.
Yes, detail as usual, duty storeman, ME. Go camp early, and I'm not driving cause of IMF. Estimated detail going to 7 locations in total while hitching a ride with the transit party. That means going home fucking late part 1, clear store? Fucking late part 2, and no car? Fucking late part 3!~ I just went to tennis fucking late last tuesday, and that's my only means of de-stressing right now, it seems this tuesday's gonna be worse. Looks like I'll have to force myself to stop thinking of tennis for awhile.
Dad's coming back tomorrow evening as well, maybe I should just pick him up and forget the whole idea of going to TP, sheesh, my life just simply sucks.

~KeongSter~ Feeling Crappy, Never Happy~ 6 Months to ORD, but is that really a good thing?

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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Date: 070906
Time: 2348Hrs
Case Study: Yet Another Day Of Work

Major event number 1 has been confirmed to be on the 2nd Of October, so counting down the number of days now is like, 3 more weeks for preparation. And major event number 2? Just before I ORD =.= Dunno is call Heng Or Suey.

So today has yet been another normal day of work with a little bit of abnormality, I was actually getting tired of my boss. Like, tired of her scolding me =.=
Ok so she's right, I slack, I sleep, I waste time around. But WTF, I get my work done, why she keep bitching at me just cause my workdesk is near hers and it's just so convenient of her to be nagging at me?
So next door's lucky they're sitting away from boss and she doesn't really care about what they do, and just bitch at me. Yesterday kena jialat jialat cause of someone else who wasn't THERE to begin with, and not to say that targetted person wasn't a worker, it's just cause his workload is too much and he couldn't make it on time so she wanted to find someone to vent her anger on and just so happened it was ME?

Today was like even better, ask her question also impatiently answer. Like i'm not fucking working, I'm just so tired, I just wanna get this stocktake over and done with and just ORD. I'm somehow thinking where my past few years of dedicated work flew off to.
Maybe it's really better to just stay away from the boss and play along with the days as they come by. . . . .

~Keongster~ Bo Ko Leng Larrr, Yuan Wanggggg

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