Saturday, June 30, 2007

Topic Of The Day: Time Sets Everything In Motion. As Much As I'd Like To Slack On, I Suppose It's Time.

Today was one hell of a day, and I suppose it would be my last week of major slacking, hahaha. Somehow the coaching for Shah turned out okay and he decided to hire me as assistant coach to coach the B division on wednesdays and fridays, so well I've got 2 more lessons to deal with. Really wished I had a car.

Seldom got the car right? Finally got it today, bloody ride mania, morning send dad, go home sleep again. 1Pm coach Gab, 3+ go home shower then go kallang submit Intermediate form, fucking STA relocated to Jalan Besar, took me on a wild goose chase but I found it nonetheless, and managed to submit the goddamn form. I'm taking on doubles with Aaron this time round, hopefully no stupid fuckups.
After that was pick dad up from work at ubi, hell of a traffic jam, got home, met up with pat and moved on to Bishan to get Maria. And finally, night safari, where it fucking rained anyway so whatever. Decided to just get somewhere n slack, Suntec it was. Arcaded mostly with the driving games. And the driving wasn't over.
Sent pat home, went to Airport to get Liz n Fiona, Sent Fiona home, then went Gardenz chomp chomp jiak tau huey. And finally drop Maria @ workplace, send liz home, and gg home, woooo. Oh yeah, I blew my fucking car fuse again. I think I should stop blasting music in my car.

That's the last of em anyway, the aim today was just to give the stressed the required location and time to relax, all the time we were just blasting music and doing fun stuffs, takes the stress factor off them. Now they're off to face their own problems and deal with it. Come next month, It'll be time to finally face off my own, and maybe I might just find a reason to live for.
July will be one hell of a month, many people's birthdays fall on this month. I think I'm gonna start calling Lynda and make her really busy, I've got like ten people in my handphone, haha when did i actually start caring sia.

~KeongSterZ~ Got More Than I Deserved, Throwing Them Back At The World. I Rather Face Hardship, It's The Only Way I Can Maintain My Maturity.~

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Topic Of The Day: They Always Say No Matter How Good You Are At Something, There's Always Someone Better Out There.

For the first time in my friendship circle, I have my very first friend who encouraged me to carry on slacking. What the fuck i tell you. But no, she wasn't lying hahahaha.
I only had a nice ten minute talk with her, and I found out she's older than me, she's slacked much more than me, but most importantly, she found what she wanted to do, and she's working onto it. Lawyer sia, so all I can currently say is, You go girl =D.

Obviously I haven't found what I wanted, so I'm beginning to search.
And for some reason, I dunno why Shah ask me to cover up for him for his B division and I so readily agreed, like kinda it's back to the "Keong, you're not gonna chicken out anymore, take any challenges that comes to you." And at that very same time, I do realize it's the same concept that keeps getting me into trouble.
So I'm dealing withAnd a school team in another 11 hours time, not sure at all what to do even though I've been tagging along the TP team, but we'll see how I fare later on.

It never stops feeling weird that I'm getting myself so involved with other people's problems but never seem to be dealing with my own. That's kinda like a direct path to self-destruction or something like that. Maybe they might do something nice to me in the near future, but well, it's always better not to expect anything in return. Man cannot be so calculative, which reminds me of fucking Kenneth who got knocked out of the team today and has never ever paid me for drinks that I always help him buy. Fucking Dog....

And you know, dealing with cash, I've realized, me getting $600 monthly now, is pretty much alright. If I don't hang around often, I can save $300 a month. And if I DO hang around often, I'd wind up saving none hahaha. $600 is my average expenditure without controlling. Crazy sia.
I never did really consider my future, but I do realize i'm so closely getting involved more and more into sales. Afterall, coaching is about advertising yourself, but I do admit I've totally fucked the "Keong must look presentable" approach and decided to just keep my back hair long. I did tell myself that I shall stop spending on things that I want (PSP, PS3, Digicam) And instead invest in my Dressing. Shoes? Shirts? Haha, Keong buying a fucking tie and wearing it? WOW! Keong wearing Some branded Watch? o_0 Not anytime soon, but yeah, I'm probably investing in my presentability somehow, which contradicts my previous line, I guess I'm only applying to my hair Hahahahahaha

Keong has never felt so "Ai Mei" Before. Maybe hang around with Elizabeth too much, but hahaha, I feel it is a necessary investment. Now i just need someone to psycho me to wear contacts, haha I have a kind of phobia with contacts, never liked the idea of putting something in my eye. I've always feared since young of someone poking into my eyes, FUCK!!!

~KeongSterZ~ Believe in me, because I am the one who goes all out to help people, but never does anything for himself. . . . That's Stupidity~

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Topic Of The Day: Bloggin Ain't exactly What I wanna do, because it does feel like I'm just writing (Typing) out how I've been wasting my life away. Haha, to some people.

Life was never easy to begin with, and because i made it too easy in the past, now I'm taking the shit, well, I just thought since my parents could afford me not supporting them for awhile, I could jump around and really see what I wanted to do out there.
As much as many people say I'm going out wasting my time out there, I'm not. Day by day I run around, learn new things, try new things, go for job interviews once in awhile just to learn their daily scope, and I really wonder, they say the job scope is like this, but as a matter of fact, when you're hired, it's totally different? hahaha

So far I've been coaching, reading, learning tennis racket stringing, taking up additional courses, etc. Yes Keong, Far too late, hahaha, I know. I just feel, ok lah despise me for being slow, as long as I know what I'm doing.

As time gradually passed, I slowly learnt of my own undoings, I found more of my bads, and yes, I'm really happy. Haha for now I've found 2, I'm very good at over-EXAGGERATING and very quick at jumping to conclusions.
I've entered countless conflicts, I've dealt with problems that people had, I've just not been able to deal with my own. But for now, I'm dealing with something for the first time, and that's battling the conflict that originated from me, and it just manifested to a higher density.
Things were not as bad as it seemed to me, but I made it seem that way, and I've convinced everyone it's that way, now I have to re convince these already convinced people that it is not as such. And it sure is easy to start trouble, but hard to end it.

Should I feel fucked up? haha I don't know, somehow I feel I'm kinda proud of myself for admitting my mistake and standing up against the massive odds, now I'm just fighting against time to settle this dispute. Special thanks to the supporters, cause I'll never be able to fight this alone, and yes, haha I'll need more!!!

~KeongSterZ~ Mai exaggerate liao lah, Mei You Na Me Jialat Lar~

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Topic Of The Day: Gradually See Myself Getting Somewhere, As The Next Point Approaches, I see Conflicting Roads, How?

My mom had a talk with me regarding job seeking the other day. She talked about the few interviews I went to. Well she basically knew everything that happened, the ones that didn't get back to me, the ones that rejected me and the ones that took me in but I refused. She was aware of my situation, where I had a diploma and not much experience to talk about, so basically there wasn't much for me to expect.
Well to cut it short, she basically meant I just needed to just get experience first, money doesn't matter, because after you get experience, then people will pay more for you. Haha. That really isn't my problem actually, it's the average market out there is like $60-80 a day for 6-9 hours, Problem is I'm getting $50 for like an hour for coaching, so it always looks like it's not worth it to go full time for that kinda pay and scrap my coaching. Of course I'm concurrently also working on scrapping that mentality because I do not have much to begin with.
And the job search saga continues.

I've spent more of my life working on means to improve my resume, my first step was to go out and see what the working society was like, the various titles, what kind of people was required the most, and lastly, what makes me curious and interested.
In the meantime, I've been searching for courses to enrol in, mainly on the tennis side, to technically improve my coaching standards, hopefully. Today while coaching still got this person ask me to coach her daughters, siao liao larrrr.

Things have gone more complicated on my side as well, it seems being under people isn't always a good thing after all, when 2 or more of these people start conflicting, I'm in deep shit. I'm forced to take sides at the end, and that's when my hell begins.

~KeongSterZ~ I See A Future Now, And It Ain't Gonna Be Smooth~

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Topic of the day: A Fruitful, Weird, and full of shit day. It was really cool.

The dudes are having their tests, so I was basically totally leaving them alone, but it seems even without me interfering, they just get occupied with their same routine, just without Keong. Well whatever, as long as I didn't have a part in their interference.

The days without them was totally spent at home, Classifieds in the morning, I even started going to st701 haha. Have this thing. Hahaha, best of all, Gala sports hiring tennis stringers sia hahaha powerpack. And well, I can spend the whole day playing granado espada, I'm back to RO as well =D, and heroes 3. Haha
Oh yeah, I went to macdonalds to irritate maria jez cause i had to send my mum to club. End up go there find them play game =.=

Ok today, more importantly. Today was this orientation of this event company with Venturist Alliance. Supposed to follow some employee out and watch him work. I ended up being situated at TAMPINES, go to bugis just to go back to tampines central. I thought they had some area at the interchange, noooooo. They were the charity dudes going around asking people to donate money for fundraising hahahaha.
Well those were the kind of people that i didn't really like due to the talking, normally when they approach me i'd just go "Ok, how much?" If enuff, i pay, no $, haha no $$$ =D.
Well despite the job, I decided to follow them and experience what it feels like, seeing as it's MY area, I was kinda worried I'd run into people, haha only ran into Jarred from 11:30 to 6:30. Seriously it was alot of fun, you see people's kind side, and u see the evil side, towards the end, it was lots of fun listening to the bullshit people can come up with just to not donate. Haha it's really weird cause U can just say "Sorry dowan to donate" or "sorry no $" veri fast. They come up with "NO TIME!!" "MADAM U DON'T NEED TIME, U JUST NEED TO GIVE ME MONEY" hahaha. Ok, not that.
Many more lame excuses that I seriously kept laughing at.

That was all, at night went to H.I.G.H to visit, O2jam abit, went astons with the dudes, then haha, did weird stuff. Go see people's house. Got this dude stay at east coast there, house like fucking Caesar's palace, haha Intro by weiwen. Very nice indeed, 4 bungalows big, as assumed by jon. Then since Ele's place was just opposite, they decided to go visit it too.
My first time sia, narbeh, I see the number of cars until pengz, dowan see liao, shaggy sia. every one week can choose one car on a particular day n drive. Nuts man. Just give me one man~ I'm not choosy, the lousiest will do, hahahahahaha.

~KeongSterZ~ Fruitful day, hahahah. I love the donation guys, very fun =D~

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Friday, June 01, 2007

Topic of the day: Today Was Good, I Guess.

After so long, finally go out with the senior girls. Dajie finally found time out along with weiling, even tho mag couldn't make it (What's new), we still ended up meeting up, I met up with her yesterday anyway.

Everyday I have the same discussions, study or work, even while june has ended and i can no longer apply to SIM, the same topic still sparks. I guess that's all there is to talk about whenever they see the slacker's face.
And I actually typed something about it but this laptop screwed it up, so whatever, I shall just do the bottomline, as much as I'm failing, I'll still just keep trying anyway, there's nothing else for me to do, and can't slack on forever =D.

Dajie and Weiling came over to my house to watch Just Follow Law. Fucking funny movie la, Fann Wong and Gurmit Singh. Sibei Zai sia. I'm really impressed. Singaporean movies, as usual, was always aiming at reality, and especially at singapore. Nothing new, but true, nonetheless. I really liked that Muthu in the show, he's really goddamn funny sia.

After that was my first day to the IT show, it was nice dropping by and visiting Weihan, hahahaha. Stupid bugger working at starhub, getting owned by the customers as usual. It was pretty small compared with the last time though, some stores weren't there. I don't remember MSI being there, The graphics cards dudes weren't there too, not much of gaming hardcores there this time round.
Samsung was weird too, they showed up without laptops. . I think selling too much is it? what the hell. But ok la I guess, It's not so interesting this time round, but I'd figure if i got money I'd buy a samsung Digicam. Samsung rules~

~KeongSterZ~ What's Life Without A Goal?~

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