Monday, October 30, 2006

Date: 30th October 2006
Time: 0300Hrs
Situation: 3 More hours to fall in for camp . . . sheeeeeesh, M O N D A Y BLUES!!!

It's been ages since the last blog, and well, I did kinda forget that this blog was supposed to be a lil like a research centre where I'd post information regarding my research on humankind and the way they think.

Those posts have come to a close anyway, with most of what I've found out actually already posted out since January 2004 =.=, now that's 2 years and 10 months, how time flies. Probably gives you people a better understanding of why I'm going after psychology in the first place.

But as far as things go, the main reason why I'm always out there researching on these things, is simply because I believe that I want to constantly remind myself of these issues and I do not want to be those as described in my scenes.

Anyways, here are the news update for things happening in my life:

Tennis: TP tennis team is currently having their polite games (And my face is on their poster, looking retarded as usual), thus Keong is officialy declaring a stoppage of visiting TP to join their training till the matches end.
Apparently, it seems TP has lost to RP for the guys and the girls won, whether it's a lie or the truth, I don't know, but there is a 99.99999% chance that this information is genuine and proven. More information to be posted the next day when TP enters their next match against ITE.

Hendon Camp: Apparently, It seems that stocktake has ended successfully without any major problems, and that my boss has no signs of letting me relax, so I currently do not have any chance of entering ORD mood state, and shall continue slogging for her and getting her punching bag (Always come n scold me. My fault she scold me, Other pple fault she also scold me)

SATS: It seems that today has been a stroke of luck. From the kindness of Mr Poh Shuntian, who handed over to me a SAT book which he had taken over from Raj years ago, I stupidly took it and studied it, The book which contained information 6 years old =.=, and that i studied the first 20 pages of it, only to find out that those are outdated information.
So my stroke of luck was when i went out with Shan to go makan french toast at Katong side (Which was damn nice), and then later she just kept wanting to drink teh bing, next stroke of luck was masayu closed and we ended up winding up at simpang bedok, where I ran into Aviel, and wooha, he took the SATS last month. He posessed a book that was just recent and LENT IT TO ME! How lucky! Now i got something to study for.

H.I.G.H: To all you people out there who consider yourself my friends, please visit me at H.I.G.H, next to katong shopping centre, signboard veri big. This place is a bar cum lanshop, and yes, it sells alcoholic drinks, so people below 18, please grow up~ Anyway, That is my workplace, and yes, people who know my pay says it's peanuts, people who know what I do at work say I kana torture, but u know honestly, you guys haven't thought deeply enough about it =), so think more about it, then if you think it still sucks, feel free to think that way =D.
The pay may suck, the hours may suck, the work may suck, but I get to learn many things =). I get to watch people play games (make me gian, but nvm), I get to see bartenders at work (Can learn new concoctions), and the atmosphere is cool, why not? =D

~KTardz~ Normal Updates~ Life As Usual~ 3 Months to OrD?

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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Date: 7th October 2006
Time: 2316Hrs
Case Study: Fairly Boring day, not much bad mood into it, not much sadness in, just feeling like a total shithead.

Wokeup with a slight "I don't wanna wakeup" mood due to the previous night's drinking, but gotta go to work anyway, and it's probably the last saturday i gotta work anyway. So the day just progressed with spending the whole morning at work.

Afternoon would probably be the shitload. Went down to swiss club for the inter-clubs. Totally shit-assed owned once again. It's no wonder I'm stuck at D grade forever and ever and ever. No spectacular people, normal crapz that anyone could have taken out any minute now. God knows how I ever lost that SHIT.
And it's not really about the losing, I've lost as much as the number of times I play matches (Meaning I practically lose every single round anyways). It's just like, fricking club has been asking me to play for them time and again, and I've been losing for them time and again. That feeling ain't just the normal "I've lost again, sheesh", it's the "Fucking people have been trusting me to play for them for so many fucking years and I'm still not fucking displaying RESULTS."
I really wonder what I've been doing, having tennis as my life and training so hard just to enter matches and jerk up on every single shot that comes towards my FACE. I had zero options, I smack the ball, it goes out, i loosen up a lil on the ball, it hits the net, and worst of all, it only happens during match play, am I a 14 years of experience tennis player or just a fricking I've-Been-Wasting-My-Motherfucking-Time-All-This-While JACKASS.

I really wouldn't mind a fricking scolding from the team or anyone in there right now, but all they can tell me is "We still need you for the rest of the matches, you're still better than us." NO That is very Demoralizing to my stupid brain cells that are already dead and please make my life a little Miserable and stop making me sound so important!

So the current status of the inter club:
SGCC Vs Keppel, SGCC lost 1-2 along with my doubles loss on the third set.
SGCC Vs Swiss Club, SGCC Lost 3-0 Along with me losing to the worst team, with 6-1 and 6-2!!!!
Someone get me a fucking Tranquilizer Or Nerve-Neutralizer for my next tennis match zZzZz

Well one thing about swiss club though, we all noticed, while the haze out there was crazy and all, somehow when you're at swiss club, no shit, there was, Nothing. Air was so clear. Like it's the only fresh place left in the whole Singapore, for some reason.
And the captain of the swiss club, must have been happy defeating me n my partner, decided to treat us to free drinks, these westerners, whoa, they drink fucking Beer before and after matches, erdinger too =.= It's a pretty cool beer, tasted okay, though i only had a gulp (Cuz i was driving, SHIT WASTED)

Such a dissapointing situation, so i just drove home at 60km/hr along the PIE, until some motherfucker decided to abruptly cut into my LEFT lane (LIKE LEFT LANE ALSO WANNA CHUP FUCKING HELL), and i ended up racing with him 110km all the way back to bedok before I had my fair share of fun and went home.
For the regular riders in my car, normally I blast my music extremely high on the expressway, and i normally lower the volume when off expressways and near housing areas, but today, guess that car screwed me up, i was actually blasting at 24 when i was just 3metres away from a busstop, until i realized everyone was staring at me, and my player was playing "Hips don't lie" h0h0h0.

So I suppose the rest of my day will be in misery as i just continue to think of the stupidity of today's match and all the other matches that happened since the first year i represented the club. I guess that is my hard spots to change, and it will stick with me for the rest of my life. . . . .

~Keongster~ If I get 10cents for making a fucking unintentional ridiculous mistake on the court, I would be a fucking millionaire right now, Chao cheebye!~

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Date: 7th October 2006
Time: 0836 Hours
Case Study: Drinking The Previous Night, Pretty Heavy But Stopped The Moment I Got High, Couldn't Afford the car crash later on cuz gotta go to work, which is like now.

Well first things first, stocktake's nearly done, things look good for me, looks like I'm being allowed permission to participate in the tennis camp, even though I really wonder what I'll be doing there. Feeding Balls And playing matches is probably all I want to do, but what I'll be asked to do is another question.

Anyways, happy birthday to jacky + sianrong, and also thanks for inviting me to their drinking session =.=, I do realize that this gang has very unique girlfriends, like, they're friggin strong drinkers, far beyond my reach, Girls =.= yes =.=
Pretty enjoyable night, everytime i join these fellars for drinking/singing, always got new songs to get =P.

Incidentally, It seems that the age of falling into serious love falls at the age of 12-14, and the time most relationships actually develop through the open-minded stage of expressing themselves + Complicating matters themselves starts between 17-19, because I realize my time has already passed, and now all I'm contemplating is I should be knocking my head on the wall for stupid fantasies that happen in my head all the time, while the people all around me that falls between that age, are all having trouble with relationships.
Sometimes I just wonder to myself if I'm lucky, but i'd say, I'm not, because now I can confidently say, gotta go through hardships to fight for the happiness you seek.

~ I'm such a mature piece of shit, oh yeah~ Ballz =.=~ Back To Work~ Gg~
~KeongTardoz, Time To Get Back To Reality~

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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Date: October 1st 2006
Time: 2253 Hrs
Situation: Doomsday?

Seriously dunno what's gonna happen the next few days. It's the decider that decides the change for my entire life. . Stocktake is here!

Anyways, life's still cool out there, and basically, now that september has ended, it just means my application for overseas university has just ended, I hope i don't regret this decision now.
Many people say they can't see me teaching in a school, I can't too, for some reason it gets me psyched up though, wonder if i'll be accepted first "Sorry U look too Ahbeng to be a teacher" Goddammit!!!

~ F U C K Y O U E S S Y S T E M Y O U R U I N E D O U R L I F E~

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