Sunday, May 29, 2005

This day marks the final booking in to Tekong for my BMT OOT period. Won't be stepping into tekong again for some time i assume.
Anyway, location on my new camp, Hendon camp, posted there as a supply assistant aka storeman, people say it's a commando camp, so what the hell, chiong sua with them? Only person not wearing red beret =p.

Anyway, what the hell, hendon camp really near sia, lucky for me. Damn near Weiling and Daniel's house, 3 busstops away. Dammit. Feel like just calling weiling and say "Eh u staying aussie anyway, i sleep your house bah" =X.

At the same time it also means i won't be seeing my platoon mates anymore unless they get posted to hendon which is fucking unlikely.

People i'm prolly gonna miss the most are the sergeants, they're all actually damn niceguys, except they have to do their job.

Dun really have much to say anyway, hope my army life improves in hendon.
And here's a nice little army song i did up, change lyrics only~ OOT Life

Training to be soldiers~
Fight for our land~
Suddenly Become~
Super Saikang

Have you ever wonder~
Why are we sweeping~
Because we have no choice~
And We have to keep the fucking place clean~

Stand Up~ Grab your brooms
Sweep the fucking place, do your part~
Come on Attend Bs, Help us Out~
Do it for our Sergeants, Do it for our Officers~ Yah

To Be Continued~


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Monday, May 23, 2005

Hmmm ok, time for another desciption of my army life. Let's talk about, my retarded section. Pegasus Company Platoon 2 Section 2, the section that no one can beat in the amount of rubbish produced daily.

My section has 12 beds but 11 people and there are 10 left with one OOT posted out, gonna be 9 soon minus me.

So these 9 people are the biggest rubbish eaters around, buys drinks almost every time they have a chance to, and eat anything they see. So as you see, since OOTs are sai kang warriors, we do crap such as, CLEAR RUBBISH.

So i walk from section to section and see their rubbish generated, and when i come to my own section, jeez, they can practically fill up 2 full trash bins a day. So every afternoon you can see santa claus coming down with a black bag walking towards the rubbish dump~.

That's practically the only bad thing u can find from them anyway. So let me describe each of these assholes one by one.

Bed 1: Kenny : The asshole with the loudest voice in the company, i can proudly say. Don't ever march next to him or infront of him, your ears would damn hell burst. The last to wake up but the fastest to prepare, prolly cause he doesn't brush his teeth or wash his face in the morning. He's efficient and always fucks me while helping me (That's when i'm still not OOT). Future potential OCS boi~

Bed 2: Yiwen, OOT already.

Bed 3: Xue En. Makes our section proud. 20-pull upper! Can do about 28 if i remember. Suprise i saw his napha results only 8 pull up. Bastard dowan go OCS also not liddat. Quiet but responsible fellar, but i pity him. His buddy's such an asshole =p.

Bed 4: Vishwajeet Singh the Bastard! The cheebye who loses anything and everything and pushes the blame on me. He's the typical bastard who takes anything in sight. Once i remember i was digging for my sling bag and couldn't find shit. Then he still can shout at me "eh Toyol faster lah, why u always last." Then i still can't find so i go downstairs without my bag, of course which means i would get fucked. Then when i reached down, this idiot said "Toyol why u no sling bag?" Told him i cannot find, and soon after he realised he took mine down. Asswipe -_-. Then he ran up and got his own. He lost his singlet, FAD, water bottle, anything under the sun, and the whole section had to find it for him. Got numerous encounters where the whole section had to arrange his drawer for him and all sorts of fuckshit. This guy's famous for sitting on my bed as well. He's the guy who makes my hair stand the most also, cheebye anyhow touch me. But now i immune already. =p

Bed 5: ME!!! Fucking suey. . . .

Bed 6: My buddy~ You Jin~, biggest fucker around. Always scold me one, cannot blame him also. He super suey to have me as his buddy. Always forget everything. But aiya, overall, he's ok lor, except with his favourite "ai zai ai zai" or "because you fucked up" phrases, damn irritating.

Bed 7: Garvin Chia~ This fellar's quite the motivator, apart from my little sister, this guy's the 2nd person i see who, uhm, can never get angry or depressed at anyone. Must have gone through some survival training or something. This guy can become a councillor sia, he just needs to change his bad habit a little. When it comes to messing up the bunk, he's the best. eat finish food throw all over the place except the dustbin. Should learn a thing or 2 from him, he's calm in the most dire situations, especially during field camp when my morale was at it's lowest and my temper the highest, i was practically damn irritated while he was very calm and always gimme that stuck up smiley face, which was actually very helpful =p.

Bed 8: Koh Chao Keng! (Choon Kit actually) Zero fighter -_-~ piss OC off. Power! Basically very on person, always tio bully by garvin tho. sometimes feel like telling him to just jump on garvin and crush him, so he can't bully him =X. This guy good! Can Tahan, see whole section eat junk food he sit there tahan dun eat. Coz he overweight actually -.- =p. Want to go pilot one, must go OCS, so must do 12 pull up. Train ah Train ah.

Bed 9: Dr Tan~ Siao lang in everything. Jump super far in standing broad jump, run super fast in shuttle run, do everything super eng, go out with him everytime wear that stupid guailan cap, gimme temptation to pull only.

Bed 10: Glenn. Look abit the sinister, fierce fierce type, but also quite onz lar, just grumbles too much (see see, the survey is right man). How can he fail napha, i wonder sia. Must be never do properly.

Bed 11: Ah seng ah seng. That day see his handphone, wah devoted sia, only got pics of his GF n nothing else. see his SMS also no other pple one, except his GF, 51 messages -_-. See already can't even be bothered to read one.

That basically summarizes my entire section. What sounds stupid is actually i was hoping i dun end up in some fucked up section with some fucked up people around. Ended up i was the fucked up one =p. Always the last, always the slowest, always the most kanchiong. Only thing i can do very well is chiong sua, and i dun have that chance anymore. I guess that's probably why i feel so low moralled, and that stupid garvin still trying to encourage me "Actually u OOT also good lah, can go tapao roti john for us"

And you know, as i watch more anime, i understand more things. As i go through army life, i understand more as well. There's no fully understanding people's feelings, and they're complicated. Like the thursday newspaper said, survey done in NTU and NUS. 70% of girls there say that guys are fucking whiney and full of complaints. By all means, that makes sense, they're talking about us guys, how we whine about this n that and whatever. Not like girls don't do the same. We complain, you gossip, who's worse? I shan't comment, let's just say we're all equally retarded for criticizing each other when we're all human.

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Sunday, May 22, 2005

2nd OOT week, and while everyone's out there training to defend singapore, i'm still in company line buying roti john for the sergeants/sirs and answering calls.

Kinda really feel like a faggot that i'm not doing any of what they're doing, but i guess it's gonna end that way, so i'll just suck my thumb and continue answering calls.

Everything seems to irritate me now. I don't wanna book in tomorrow. . . And if i do, i wish i'd never book out. . I just feel like i need to be stuck somewhere long term.

My family's driving me mad with a father who tries so hard to get close to me but ends up giving me more irritation and interruption and a brother who just loves to enter my room and find something to talk about and expects a reply when i'm doing something. . I need some privacy sheesh, keep me in tekong forever or whatever, i don't care already.

Is my life decided with what i think, or by the people around me?
Actually, it's both right -_- . . . .

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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Apparently, I was supposed to write more on the previous post but 3 things didn't agree with me. Firstly, the blog just forwarded by itself and, well, didn't save anything. 2ndly, the com just doesn't like me cursing SAF or something, so he decided to fuck my memory up. 3rdly, just when i was about to save, my com restarted on it's own, cool huh.

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Well, Keong's army days. Here's some valuable pieces of information for everyone here about humans which you'll probably realize only in the army.

For example, I believe i've stated before about how you'd normally dislike people not from your "group". Like let's say I'm from E150, assuming my poly days, firstly, we'd find people with common thoughts to our own and define them as friends and simply find any kind of excuse to dislike the others just cause they think differently.
Similarly, as time slowly passes, when you get to know them better, your class becomes your friends, while the other classes becomes the people you dislike, and so on.
To put things simply, as long as you don't hang around with them often, dun get along with them for some reason or dislike some part of them, you'll just find any 1 2 3 excuse to dislike them.

There's this saying about a person. Let's relate it to tennis. Let's say your opponent (I'd point to michael gui cause he's such a typical person to describe) always hits slices and lobs you, making you run up and down, while you try super fucking hard to run after the ball and hit it back hard at him. You, being his opponent, will just whine at him "What a wimp, cannot play like a man, play like a wuss, etc."
On the other hand, when you're the one using that technique, you'd go "It's part and parcel of the game, they have to learn to accept it."
Simply put, everyone can surely find some excuse to justify what they're doing, so what is actually right? Well, as long as it's not against the rules, they're all right =p.

So what of this description in my army life? My company.
Let's simplify this. My company has 140 recruits, split into 3 Platoons, i'm in Platoon 2. Every platoon is further divided into 4 sections, and i'm in section 2.
In this manner, i hang around with platoon 2, section 2 the most, hang around with platoon 2 pretty often, and seldom hang around with the company, depending on what they send us to do.
Things can be described in this manner then. Obviously i'm section 2 and i'd start finding excuses to dislike section 1, 3 and 4 and whatsoever.

With a little exception, guess what? PUMPING! Yes! Goddamn platoon 1 and 3 (most of the time it's always platoon 3) takes their own fucking sweet time to fall in, and while they're falling in, what do platoon 2 do? Pumping position downstairs shouting for them.
And when we shout "Fuck u lah platoon 3, faster fall in lah", sergeants will fuck us "Cheebye, fuck your friends somemore, you're fucking going to war with them, you wanna fuck them like that?"
But if you seriously ask me, i'd be damn afraid of my own company if i'm going to war with platoon 3 and 1, they're seriously dumb if you ask me.
Putting that aside anyway, things do make sense. In the army, there's no such thing as solo, you accept your entire company's bad points, and suffer together. That's the role of the army, and should be the role of everyone.
The stupidest person in your company still holds a rifle and still fires off a M16, similar to everyone else. Only question is who/where he shoots at. . . .
Sergeants also say one thing which is damn true. In field camp, it is where everybody shows their true colors. Guess who was the first. ME. I totally couldn't take it, and was cursin and swearing at every sergeant i could (Behind their back of course). My temper drove me to curse at my buddy too, cause he was seriously getting on my nerves when it comes to his extreme indecisiveness at that point of time. It was like "Ok, thanks to him, i've got nowhere to sleep and i've lost my items" What can i say? Obviously i'd curse him, not realizing that part of it was my fault, and most of it the sergeants (Damned assholes made me dig shitholes for them until my buddy thought i was already out)
Story 1 ends, moral of the story? Being selfish gets you nowhere, what's worse is, any member of your company gets selfish, everyone gets fucked. So not only must u not be selfish, u have to fucking persuade the selfish bastards to be selfless people, sounds impossible? Not really. They'll give it when the whole company gets fucked non-stop cause of them. TEMPORARILY, unfortunately.

Well, story 2, Morale. I betcha everyone of you knows what morale is but seldom use it about. Most of us currently would just term things as "Aiya no mood" "Sian lah dowan do" etc. In the army, you can easily tell, and you'd probably use "Morale" because you're not the only one. The entire company goes along with you.
Try having the 2nd day of the field camp soaking your field pack and your Groundsheet (The bloody piece of cloth that we sleep on). Just imagine having to build your "tent" (we call it basah) in the fucking dark when they disallow usage of high lights and no sounds. You trip on everyone's pins, you knock into everything, you can't build it properly. And when you're done, you're sleeping on wet, sandy pieces of CLOTH? Surrounded by insects? That's LOW MORALE. Next day i woke up, i was totally moodless to do anything at all. Whole platoon was throwing stones at each other to keep ourselves entertained.
So what am i saying? There are people who find it stupid to be marching as a whole and when the whole platoon/company sings, they just think "Bah plain stupid" and don't go along with it. Let me tell you this. Try singing loudly during route march, you'd understand what "Keeping your morale high" and "spurring the morale of those around you" means. Ironically i had to be the one shouting my throat hoarse during route marches. Sad to say, that won't happen anymore.

Story 3, the meaning of loneliness. This is one bloody thing you have to overcome. Without handphone, with your company mates. You live, suffer, and die with them. At any one minute you dread being with them, that's when you're gonna suffer and your morale's gonna fall to it's lowest. Try to be like me, having 3 days of sleeping alone in a bunk of 13 beds. I'm gonna have another 2 such nights soon. And if i continued calling Mag n christine, my handphone bill would probably consume my entire monthly allowance. So what do i do? Talk cock with sergeants and sirs, they're niceguys, just that they have to put on a show to the upper classes, and they have to teach us the importance of our company mates. Some fuckers up till now still don't get it. They fucking need everyone to survive. Imagine everyone hates you and you're injured in war, who the hell wants to save you? That's how important they are. And it's not making use of them, it's having the "brotherhood" in it. Like black hawk down's cool phrase "Leave no man behind". You'd want to keep your morale high till you have loads of courage to run back into the line of fire and rescue someone than run away like a fucking wimp.

4th story, and sadly saying, this is a repeat. Stupid blog wiped it so i had to retype. Anyways, let's move on.
4th story, level of tolerance. It was slightly stated in story 2, with more emphasis though. Well simply put, know the retards, know the stupid shits, know the idiots, but do not make them your enemies. They're in your company afterall, you go to war with them, you fight alongside them. In the army, sadly saying, there's no hero or rambo, it's all about teamwork.
So let me tell you a story of a typical loser who doesn't understand no shit. We once had a day where we had to sleep by 10pm. Typically, there would be people all over who won't sleep and act sleeping while calling their girlfriends up or doing other shits in the dark. But this day was special. Firstly, our normal lights out timing was 10:30pm. Something had to be fishy that it was so early on that day. Secondly, platoon 3, who were above us, were already screamed at and falling in at the lower level getting fucked, and i assure you it was loud enough for anyone in platoon 2 to hear. Can even hear them doing pumping downstairs. last but not least, we had 2 spies from our section who saw the happenings, so basically these 3 tips were more than enough to get our entire section 2 to abort whatever they're doing and just act asleep. There had to be dumb people from other sections who didn't take any of the 3 hints, probably because they're too busy telling their girlfriends "I love you dear" and all that kinda shit, so we ended up falling in anyways. Well not that we cursed and swore, because we were guilty enough for not informing them, so those who didn't sleep were ordered to fall out and he wanted those not caught to look at those caught. Guess what, those not caught were made to do pumping while the rest watched, apparently the sergeant thought he could make them feel guilty, i doubt it though. So we just got fucked and tortured badly before sleeping in sweat. I do know of a person who blew up and screamed at the platoon for their stupidity, but nevermind him, he just felt super emotional at that time. So let's continue the story, imagine this particular person, let's give him a name, Retard. So retard was one of the few people "caught" and just stood there watching us getting tortured. Just the next day, with his usual cockiness and telling us to faster and sorts when he doesn't even do his own job right, blaming it on his job being too tough and whatsoever, while the entire platoon was signing out their arms, Retard was impressively, impressive. Before i go on, you need to understand that to sign out a weapon, you need to SIGN, and sadly, in the army, if they give you a small box to sign onto, you sign ON that box, and it doesn't overlap nor touch the borders of the box. And if someone does, ho-ho-ho. Paper gets ripped off and u redo, so basically everyone re-signs. So that happened on that day, so everyone ended up signing 2 times. Retard came up and said "why are we signing twice?" So i just replied "Someone fucked up, he signed over the box, so we had to redo". and Retard said "Fuck him then, send him for guard duty, why the hell do we have to resign just cause of him?" At that time i just felt like taking my rifle and head butting him, for the simple reason that he was one of the dumb asses caught in action for not sleeping, and no one blamed him nor the others (okay, apart from the one who went emotionally mad) and he had the audacity to say that to others.
That's what's wrong about retards. They're too retarded to figure out that they're the retards themselves. Don't know what it takes to let them understand that we have to cooperate in everything in order to NOT get fucked. This particular retard is still annoying me up till now and he still thinks he's so damn great. I'm amazed. Normally i would just throw at least 6 fucks per sentence and at least 5 sentences at him. But i kept quiet, cooool, i'm maturing. Nah, maybe i just didn't wanna get fucked by sergeant =X.

Well okay, so anyone of you which might be interested to know my current status in the SAF, which is actually very dumb, here it is.
Keong started his NS on 8th april 2005.
Before that, think about the CMPB checkup, i told them about my in-born disease called thallassenia or however uspell it, so they took my blood n put me pes D 1 month, then put me pes B, which is why i am in Pegasus company.
I went through their training for weeks, and on the 3rd week, i signed on for the airforce so i had to go for their medical checkup, where once again, they heard about my disease and took my blood again~. On the 4th week, i was suprisingly called in for an "interview" by the tekong medical officer and apparently, said i do not belong in Pes B and thus wants to downgrade me to pes C, and before he does that, he shall take my blood to confirm. Put it simply, just estimate this value (I don't know how this value is defined).
My blood value at CMPB = 13 <--They say, suitable for pes B
My blood value at airforce = 12.4 <--- They say, No i shld be in pes C
My blood value at medical center = 11.6 <--- well, what can i say? It fell more.

Thus i was force-downgraded without any chance of appealing. And there you thought SAF was intelligent. Well if it was computerized, maybe. Too bad it's still manned by humans, and humans have this "fuck care" nature, which is why everything is so fucked up these days. So MO simply wants his job simple and easy, downgrade me. But guess what, it's temporary. Once my value rises again, i might go back to Pes B.

Now why does it matter even if i'm in pes C or B? Here's why. They downgraded me on my 5th week when direct enhanced Pes B BMT only has 9 weeks, that's downgrading me halfway. I already passed my range and was going through fieldcamp HALFWAY. a 7 day 6 night fieldcamp became a 3 day 2 night fieldcamp, and i got downgraded on the 4th.
Irony 1, I have to do a recourse for pes C, which is so much more slack, and another waste of my time, i heard pes C BMT is 7 weeks, and it's super slack.
Irony 2, 5 weeks of my BMT wasted, and i think 5 weeks of direct enhanced BMT is much worse than 7 weeks of Pes C, so why do they want to waste my time with a recourse?
Irony 3, I still have to wait 3-4 weeks for me to get posted out to some unit, and when tekong opens a pes C BMT batch, i'll be entering tekong again, so basically it means when i get posted out, it'd probably mean all my company passes out, while i watch them and curse SAF. And considering i had to recourse, that' wasting 9 weeks total. I'm not even sure it's 9 weeks because my clerk hasn't sent out my OOT application yet, meaning, i might just have to wait LONGER.

Simply enough, why can't they just let me finish my BMT before downgrading me so i don't have to recourse? Stupidity number 1
Stupidity number 2, why bother to downgrade me when you're telling me that when my value rises again i might just go back to Pes B? Does that mean if my value keeps fluctuating i'll just go Pes B and C and B and C and just recourse recourse non-stop. So i'll be having 2 years BMT huh?
Stupidity number 3, i really feel like a wimp now thanks to their stupidity, i feel like i can't even survive their training.
Stupidity number 4, downgrading me when more than 1/2 my BMT is over is the dumbest thing ever, and then again, they still want me to WAIT another 3-4 weeks, and then send me back to tekong for a recourse, what is wrong with the SAF? They don't downgrade me to Pes C at the start and now they start messing me up as and when they like it. Sergeants keep emphasizing "you're no longer civilians, you're soldiers now, start acting like one." And you know what i feel like? a DOG! they just throw me anywhere as and when they like it. And i don't have a say, I can't even say "I wanna be a man and continue my training", I can't even say "can u don't waste my time and post me out quickly or send me for recourse quickly?" Or to put it simply, it's going on too smoothly, i'd probably get posted out when they pass out. Is SAF feeling so bored they want to make fun of me? Having me watch my friends POP while i stare at them and dread the thought of a re-course? Singapore has too many soldiers they decide to pick some out and make sport of them? Throwing them left right centre? CMPB doesn't care, SAF doesn't care as long as you show up for NS. Why do i have to just accept that SAF pays me $350 monthly to be their dog and let them waste my time, waste their resources and keep me confined in tekong?
MO wants the easiest way out, doesn't want trouble, so he just downgrades cause he's supposed to. Wuss
CMPB thinks i'm just another person who complains cause i'm unhappy with what they're doing, they don't care. Fine
I'm sitting here staring at my future, everyone goes through suffering, i sit in the company going "good morning pegasus company" and think of the future when i have to return to tekong once again for a recourse. Why is this happening to me? Aren't SAF personnel supposed to be able to "Think"? Didn't they say Soldiers have to be "strong, fit and wise?" Or you mean retards do the admin work? They're wasting Me, they're throwing me about, wasting my time doing re-bmt, and they're wasting their resources on me. What the hell.

They can just do any of the 3, 1: post me immediately somewhere and wait for recourse, 2: Remove my re-course and just post me to some unit all the way, or 3: Let me finish my BMT since i'm more than halfway through and downgrade me after that so i don't have to recourse.

They're refusing all 3, which plainly suggests to me that they're seriously out to make me waste my time and do sai kang for them. I seriously find all 3 stupid. Wasting 4 weeks on a person to post him elsewhere, making me recourse when i'm more than half done, and refusing to let me finish my BMT. The above people have to be real dumb.
People can't take army cause they're forced to serve 2 years. I don't mind serving 2 years if they'd stop treating me like a dog.
I seriously don't care if SAF charges me for typing such things against them, cause i'm not wrong. Even if they're rich, I have my human rights, I'm a man, not a wimp. You don't push me around from BMT to BMT and say i'm going against orders and charge me.

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