Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Topic of the day: I lost the fricking TC4 again, Century Square got 4health points somemore. FUCKING OLD LAH KEONG.

Bullshit, lose again and again. Haiya, fucking sucks. Tomorrow again I guess, somewhere around town area. I'm gonna just camp there the whole fricking day tomorrow. What bad organization I have. Sheesh.

Well Keong and his massive Think and think and think and think and think again. Honestly, when I thought about it, I felt damn honored in a way, to the point that you're spending so much effort on getting me out. Maybe we DO need to talk, but that's if you want it. As far as my thinking goes. It's as far as that gets.
My closest groups, one was you. I still don't believe how deep this went. For 5 years, you taught me many things, I tried to help you as much as I can, listened to you, brought you around in the car and stuffs. When it comes to my personal self-esteem, it'll always remain rock bottom, so being myself, I always thought worst cases where you'll just find me useless the minute you got your license. Things not only went to that it seems, now it's gone to something worse, and honestly, I can't imagine why. Not even now. But yes, you've made your point. Maybe I'll talk it out with you one last time, but I'll do what you clearly want from me. I'll leave.
As to the others, well, I had to clearly tell myself that I've taken them for granted for far too long, and by now it's pretty much too late to turn back, and for my 3rd, you're driving me away from them. I did think about it. Don't want a war with you. Do what you want, I'll not do anything. They'll decide themselves.

~KeongSterZ~ Maybe You are doing it for my own good, but who are you to decide?~

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Topic Of The Day: Such Restlessness. . . .

I think I remembered why I helped my mum do some work. Today was the first day in 2 weeks I had such a long relaxing period. Finished another day of accountancy shit that never seems to end (Of course, that bitch just topped up the "work stack") and next in line for me to do again is Monday, sheesh. 4 days to escape, but yeah. I slept for 3 hours and waking up now restless, next coaching is in another 2 hours, and energy's flowing out of my blood. I shall go to century square and conquer the bloody time crisis 4 machine =.=
What good timing and preparation to mambo, hell, no one's going. Good thing I managed to pull some strings and get friday off, finally some off day to smell and can randomly go do stupid things and stop thinking about work for a change.
Mum's company paycheck has arrived too, about 200 or so, haha. Not enough to cover what I spent the past month, well it's crappy, but I'm surviving.

~KeongSterZ~ Time to hit the bus~

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Topic of the Day: If I don't end this, I have to runaway, right?

Stupid rain has persisted yet again. Today was another sad day in my life. Accounting seriously sucks, there's no way I can motivate myself to do that for 4 hours straight. At least I managed to catch an hour sleep.
I think Jon screwed the guards in my condo pretty badly, they're on bad terms now, and both sides are complaining to me on both sides =.= Who am I shitting, have I got not enough problems yet?

My mind went into deep thinking again for a long period of time, my problems really hit the peak this time round, and honestly, I think I've seriously failed in my friendship circle. My hopes are already dashed, and all I know is, I still have to move on. Work is waiting for me, all that's in my head is stupid feelings and retarded emotions.

You know, I'm beginning to think maybe you're reading all I'm saying here. But somehow, I shouldn't be afraid of you at all, and I'm not, but I'm really fearing your ruthlessness. God knows what you'll do to the people around me. My way is to fight alone. Your way is to bring ruin to me and those around me. Goddamn shit. So I'll play by your rules. I don't know how we ended up this way, but now that it's like this, there's nothing else I can say.

~KeongSterZ~ You fight, you win, or you lose. That's all there is to it~

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Topic Of The Day: Show Time's Over

Constantly failing to complete my time crisis 4 has really got my morale super low, I probably just suck now, sheesh. I'm so going to hit the arcades back really soon sometime. I shall re-conker the goddamn machine.

Rain was hell today, the worst kind for coaches, constantly raining big drops of slow rain, really screwed the entire day. I hit the bishan arcades first, then the great world arcade, and after that, the parkway arcade. And I died in all 3 places anyway, FUCK. As usual, Shan was great company, and what she told me was really similar. I have to end the show, even if I don't, I should at least step out of it.
Dinner period was spent with TP peepz as usual, instead of tennis, we hit parkway. Wen/Assy/Me/Tim/Ele/Pat/Samantha(pat's friend), and well, I spent hell in the arcade again, nothing new, I love the arcade. It's a place to let loose without getting drunk.
Fiona was really crappy, haha. Can't believe Jon, me and her made so much noise in the damn clinic, and did I mention she's crazy? I'm goddamn so afraid of her and her voice, someone get me ear plugs please? Did I mention she fucking spent $161 BUCKS at the clinic? And refuses to let Jon or me take a pic of her. We friends how long liao you like that, NEVERMIND!!!

Well, last thing to note, I'll release the pain of those I know in pain soon enough. My mind cannot read, my eyes cannot tell, but your eyes reveals your feelings. If you don't want to say anything, I'll just help you out, because you were there for me when I needed someone the most. And that's something I'll never forget. Cheers, you'll get over it.

~KeongSterZ~ Constantly remind yourself that there are people out there suffering more than you~

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Topic Of The Day: What A Turn Off~ Stupid Weather.

I was awoken to more self-understanding over this morning's sleep. My student hurt herself earlier this morning, fell down and wanted to cry and stuffs. I ended up carrying her off just to prevent her from crying. From then I recalled about boss's Ideals, and motto. His was to build a long lasting relationship with students that towards the end, we'll be a part of his life. I suppose in my case, I'm already in some stage where we're like family =.=, I go to their house, they come over to mine. Oh wells, haha. How un-coach-like. Well, it's an ideal worth reaching out for. So that's probably a new goal in my life.

The sleep was bad, my inability to balance between work and play has got my sleep quantity screwed, the past 6 days of 3-5hour sleeps and past 3 weeks of hell that hasn't ended at all has got my headache popping in frequently. I had to roll off bed and even lay on the floor for the next 15minutes before I get out. Boy I wished I was dead with that kind of stiffness in my entire body at that point of time.
To think I was falling sick, when I went for meeting, it was canceled cause everyone else fell sick anyway, I guess I'm the last man standing currently.

I kind of read many surveys about how questionnaires depict a person's character/personality and I actually kind of invented one myself. It's not invent though, since I figured it'd be nothing new, but so far I experimented on 2 people, Cheryl and Jon. Haha
So the rules are pretty simple, think fast, say it fast. Do not think twice, and the minute you think of it, say it. The key is to be totally honest and truthful to what your mind tells you.
It's easy: Think of Keong, What are the first 4 words/phrases that come to your mind? You only use sentences if you don't know the word to use for it.
Of course, no right or wrong answers, there are good and bad ones, and all are welcome, and this is what I built from the 2 of them.
Cheryl: One of either a positive-minded personality or optimistic character, she treats her friends with high regard.
Jon: Free and easy going nature, his answers were more on 2 positive 2 negative, I wouldn't call it a balance, but I'd call it a quick impression. Long seen, he couldn't be anymore right, and as expected, his directness stays in him.

Cheryl has brought me to realization that I broke 3 of my very own principles of life, and I see the need to get back on track. At this point of time, she has brought me to see that a more efficient way to realize your own true self, is to find that out through other people and reflect their actions towards your own. It's time to pull myself back on track.

~KeongSterZ~ Estimated another 5 weeks of suffering, boooringgg~

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Topic Of The Day: Life Will Never Be Straightforward, Even Though If So, Things will be MUCH easier.

They always say, some things are always left unsaid. So darn true all the darn time, but sometimes when I think about it, I'm just being compelled not to say some things in some way. Situations where things that appeared at a certain point of time that just doesn't appeal to the ideal environment of sorts.
Nevertheless, I will say this once again. This is my Battle, my war. I will fight things my way, and unless you have a good argument, no one's going to change that concept anytime soon. My family gave me these genes, I'll stand by those genes. I will fight alone, and my allies will only come into play, after I am dead.

Fiona talked to me about money in the car, how much petrol was expended on the team for the past years. All I could really answer was "Dad and Mum also like that, I also like that, we're just trained to give." She did talk about being taken for granted and stuff. Well, we're pretty happy to be taken for granted, it's quite simple.
Money makes the world go round, not entirely, but still quite true, ya? So is it safe to say that only when you spend money on people, you slowly discover the people who take you for granted? And to us, isn't that money well spent? Let time fly, you'll find your allies, your truthful defenders of your ideals, and the future you'll rely on.

As a whole, I'm a mess. My savings don't come even at this point of time. My mind's in a muddlehead, and I can't fully focus on work. My money's coming in slowly and steadily, things looks to be stabilizing, but not my lifestyle. I cannot bring myself to sleep early everyday, I cannot bring myself to spend a whole full day working, I cannot bring myself to have no free days to DRINK! Haha. Crappy shitz.

Today was, simply amazing. Rained out 8-12 coaching, so went to Ah chuan string abit, ran into Sjai(I shall not get into that), went to KTV with the guys at K-sterz (recomended by glenn) and was tested to be pretty good, but left early cause had to do 2:30-4pm. Near claire's house sia.
Then finally did something which boss actually Praised sia, goodness. He was happy, FOR ONCE. I dunno why but I think when you get someone who keeps fucking you up, and he praises you, I think you better feel damn fucking good about it. And I SURE DID.

After that was a lil Fish n co with them, and then they came to my hse slack while WOEing, as usual they pissed my bro off and stuffs, aiya. Not like I had friends who come often anyway. And some trip in the ice-cream shop called haagen Daaz, Obviously spell wrong but dun care.

Somethings are best not to be said, but in case I forget, it's just gonna be vague. I seem to think of certain situations where people don't realize some things, and don't know why somehow or rather, I take particularly heavy note of such things. It's not something to be particularly concerned about, but yeah, I take particularly heavy concern anyway (KEONG U THINK TOO MUCH!!). And it's quite disappointing to think of such things too, cause towards the end, you know the harsh truth. Or rather, only I do =p.

~KeongSterZ~ Social circle more important, or work relationshipS?~

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Topic Of The Day: You Are Who You Are, People Like You For What You Are. Nuff Said.

I awoke in a situation that I've not encountered for a long time. My hands and legs were aching, and first thought was "Stupid Iskandar". I think his muay thai seriously killed us this time.
Today was one hell of a day under the sun, well nonetheless, it was fun, and loads of money spent.

November's up close, a whole lot of new events coming up, including my own goal of keeping track of finances. I'm honestly not earning much, I guess that's the last thing on my head anyway. I can't bring myself to throw my whole life at work somehow, good thing is I know I'm at least working my ass off when I'm supposed to.
Tomorrow is such a damn long day, Can't believe it. 8-6pm, god. Saturday ~_~, i've been constantly whining to the people around me, but I still can't get over it hahaha. Tomorrow's war day too, it's me killing them, or i'll get killed. WARTIME!!!

What I'm amazed at today was the arcade session, just me and Cheryl, the rest of em went for a movie. Well, she was retarded haha. Rarely has anyone made me laugh so hard I get stomach cramps, oh well. She did =D. I'm even laughing at myself thinking about it. We had a nice lil hearty chat over at Macs after that. After so many times of hanging around with her, it was the first time I understood what Asriel meant when he said "Hanging around with cheryl is so cute, she's so funny." Oh yeah rock on =D.

RO's still lagging, gay fags, stupid host downloading porn again, so yeah, all of us sitting at town doing random shit, here's some nice lil screenies.

Guild photo assuming we were actually quitting server, looks like a No anyway

From top left to btm right:
1)Roy aka Idiot ---- We play together damn long liao, 7 years liao, still as retarded
2)Tesshu -- Through ACRO, knowledge machine, we used to fight, not anymore =D
3)Warhades -- Craziest hardcore fellar I know of. . Honest, 12hrs RO a day?
4)Cipher -- They don't call him Guailan Kia 4 nothing
5)Hoho --- Quiet dude, well, he's pro, that's all we need
6)Bottom row: Weirdiee --- 7 years with me too. We're the legends of RO
7) Me --- I know, girl sprite, oh yeah, I do it all the time anyway, too habitual.
8) Shadowfox -- My boss in this server, she may be a female, but super vulgur =D
9) Arty Diana -- Haha nice person I know, night owl like me, and she's a girl =D.

A couple of us damn bored at this point of time, all drawing hearts and stuffs.

~KeongSterZ~ Saturday night, go out with Fiona, or WOE? Hmmmm~

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Friday, October 26, 2007

Topic Of The Day: I Lost My Man's Pride, Back to Pussy Man.

Meet Melissa, the one I said I ran into the other day through a discussion and found her cute, I just realized her age was 20, and looking her qualifications, 95% chance of being taken, haha. Ok la, i no plans to try. Anyway, she destroyed my pride ~_~.
I do 4 pulls she do 6, OMFG. I SUCK I SUCK I SUCK!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! It was then I found out she was a rock climber, oh man.
Anyway, today was crazy, seriously. Muay thai was insane, my normal routine of 5 minute skipping, normally I couldn't get more than 100, like trip at 60, today I hit 245, like, WOW.
Yosef and me made a bad move too, haha we told Coach "Iskandar, today we damn stress, prepare to get whacked hard." Then he wallop us upside down instead. Moral of the story, DO NOT PLAY AROUND WITH YOUR COACH. Omg, he hammer us with his arm, we blocked, and our body weight couldn't take his PUNCH NOR KICK! We were like, Scrambling for balance. All hail Iskander, Heavily trained Muay thai personnel, but oh yeah. It felt GOOD! WHACK ME MORE!

Anyway play time seems to be over, everywhere in my organizer's like work work and more work. Go home, work waiting, and more and more to come. I don't have a choice anymore, and I know I must work through this, all that's wrong with me is bad time management, bad money management, and bad PERSONAL management.
Oh I need to get drunk, and all my mornings are taken, stupid shit. Anyone wanna try drinking with me in the afternoon (SIAOOOO) haha.

~KeongSterZ~ So many people owe me treat, haha u all sucks~

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Special Extra Topic Of The Day: Seriously, Who Have I Been Shitting All These While?

I didn't need to think, I seriously felt LOUSY, sitting down at kenneth's office trying to complete my full friendster spy-on-everyone's-pictures list. I finished till E, Look what the hell I found. Even shocked myself.

Taken from chris, year 2003 sia, IVP somemore sia. IN TP SOMEMORE SIA. And who do we have? The ANCIENTS, me included.
From Left: Michael gui (=.=), Tay Weijun (Weiwen's Bro?), can't recognize the next one, Mingthai (My Ai Bo/Partner), Chris, Daniel Jacob (Model), Dave, ME =D
Bottom row from left :Amanda, Pamela, Mag, LYNDA!!!, Sarah N Weiling.

Taken from Jacky, I seriously recall this as my longest hair period, at the age of 19, 7 days before I entered the army, and the day I seriously died. When I look at everyone else, it just seems we've changed, alot.

Taken from JH, This one made me feel like shit. How could I not have my own graduation photo? *Sigh* Which world I come from man?

Somehow I recalled this photo damn well, I went straight into weiwen's frenster to get it (The other weiwen, weiling's sister). There goes my doubles partner Mingthai.

I just wanted to put this, just too cool =D.

I see more, I sian more. Everyone has been growing up these past few years, we all went through so much, I've seen my fair share of people that changed drastically as well. Towards both the good and bad side, honestly I dare not say I've improved, but I dare say I've seen a fair bit.
I thought about what I went through with Chua, the pictures we had with him, what he is now, and what he is to me now. It seems to us that he's changed, it seemed that way. Maybe it's just me being a man with many different angles of thinking (everyone "YOU THINK TOO MUCH LA KEONG"), but yeah, is it really his fault?~


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Random Ranting:
Went looking for Candice to go out with me since everybody's off at training anyway, we had a really long talk in chomps, really random and funny stuffs, but enjoyable nonetheless. Crazy bitch went to buy 3 bowls of tau huey, and I ended up having a stomachache =.=.
It felt good that I wasn't forgotten still =p. And now I face the major problem of finding a way to deal with black bear and get Gabriel in. Super tough shit going on with what's happening in there, it's like chances are at 0.01% or something (Card drop rate in RO, 10000 tries)
I was being advised, that doing anymore for them would spell major trouble. Totally making sense, my decision was to just hang with my usual buddies. Furthermore, they're the only ones who will be playing with me on the non-training days now.

Work Topic Of The Day: The Planner~
Enough of my own rants, here's on my next research, definetely exists in every office. It's called, the planner. Now it doesn't mean anything positive in the sense that this kind of person plans for his work and stuffs. I'm talking about him planning wisely for his own advantage.
Now what am I talking about? I shall try to pop an example with my name. Keong wants to go on a 4 day 3 night holiday to Malaysia, and he needs to take 2 days leave, 1 month before his planned trip, he plans his leave days. On the day he planned to "apply" for leave, he worked extremely hard, making himself look very hardworking and stuffs (Only on that particular day btw). And at the end of it, he goes to boss n requests for leave =.=
Now what are the chances of boss rejecting it? I'll tell you, VERY LOW. It's not that boss can't see that Keong's working extra hard to increase his chances, it's just that at that point of time, the boss will humour him because he put in effort to day, and give it to him.
Haha I had many similar experiences in army with that, it's everybody, even myself. Haha, u know, the feeling, when u wanna ask for a favour, you better make sure you do things right first. My mum's workplace today also had a "hardworking" person that I've only seen for 4 days so far, haha asked my mum for leave today, I wonder if she's that kind of person. We'll find out in time to come =D.

Here's this game I'm playing right now, How much do you think you're worth in terms of ALCOHOL? Let's play by the club charges. How much money do you think a guy needs to spend on you to kill yourself? This is my rough gauge
Fiona = Unlimited (Even if she's dead she can still drink, so what the hell)
Leong JH = $220 (I'm assuming 2 bottles of liquor hahaha)
MYSELF = $120
Candice = NOT MORE THAN $100
Maria = NOT MORE THAN $80
Jonatha Surya = $20 (I think give him 1 shot he die =p)
Aaron Leong = $8 (1 can of beer and he's dead =D)

Haha ok that was for fun, well fill in your "worth" in terms of liquor, how much worth of alcohol u need to kill yourself =DDDD. Tag board over there, help yourself. Feel free to argue any of the existent "formulas" over there as well.

~KeongSterZ~ Nothing else interesting to do here anyways.~

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Work Topic Of The Day: The amazing "siam-mer"

Random Rants First:
Well, yeah I was just sticking around confirming my worst fears, and, sheesh, it turned out to be true anyway. Boy I feel so good getting such information out, but it also means, I should stay away, for good. The usual dudes will go "High Time Brother", and I'd be told "Go find an alternative, you're smart, but you're not using that intelligence". Yeah okay, moving on time.
So while the whole TP's having their first training, I'm just at home, just the first one leh, give me time to forget =p. Let me dedicate this song to myself =DDDD
Backstreet Boys : Show me the meaning of being lonely

Oh That was random, I gotta slap myself if I say I'm lonely. This is no longer my secondary school life of fighting alone. I'm fighting for a reason, my reason to live, and already I see the people right behind me. (Why did roy and weird pop out first?)

Okay, so we're on to the next work topic, the Amazing Siammer.
These people, for one, are seriously amazing people, I recall 2 people in my camp, I mean, they're damn good at one thing. Dodging work, not just that, even if they're assigned work, they're pretty good at getting away from it. They just need to figure out it's urgency level and feign illness, make it seem like it's not their job, and stuffs like that.
I mean, wow, they've pretty quick minds, I mean, popping out excuses really almost instantly, or vanishing into thin air somehow or another, and they just keep getting away with it. I believe these guys are the best at playing mind games with people, especially their bosses. The ones who talk the most but works the least, oh well. Pretty much hated all around as well, except they're more of the "difficult to spot" type, and of a very intelligent species.
I don't know how the world will see these kind of people, but in my eyes, these people actually have their own way of using the 48 laws of power to their advantage, twisting about 10 rules to suit their "benefits", and are a serious threat in my eyes. Remember the laws, I define them as dangerous because they mainly utilize other people's hard work for their stepping stones to the top. In my dictionary, these people are my worst enemies.

My mum's company is pretty clear cut though, everyone's just busy, that's it. Screwups happen because everyone's overloaded with work. So there's really nothing to grumble about apart from the casual gossiping you hear.

Anyway, that's about all. I don't really have a work environment to study or analyse about, but i do get lots of "clients" to analyze, so hard to please, sheesh.

~KeongSterZ~ Line of the day from lil Sis "Stress? Stress means wanting to do more work, I'm not like that~

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Keong's Research Centre MKII: Work Society.
Random bullcrap: Little sis described my cut hair as an australian hooligan missing the motorbike, and when I wear my cap, she says I look like an old man balding, when I wear it the other way round, she says I look stupid. Moral of story: BYE BACK HAIR!

Phase 1: Top Blacklisted People In Society.

I've been sitting around office doing the usual accounting, calculating shit that never seems to end. Apart from the usual toilet breaks and water drinking that probably costed only twenty minutes, the remaining 3hrs and 40 minutes were spent on the calculator and staring at invoices.

Work society, what there is to it? I'm slowly re-thinking up my previous experiences at work, simple ones like cashiering, serving, technical work, to logistics in the army, and now accounting. Allow me to re-share one experience in the army, one person that I'll never forget in my entire life, or at least, not in the next twenty years, for being the biggest motherfucker in the world.

This might bring up some memories, really cool ones =D, let's hope some army colleague of mine pops in and sees this HAHAHA.

For interested personnel who do not know, well this is my workplace in the army, it's called a store, oh and that, you see is a make-believe PSP, actually flooded with 9volt batteries tagged together, see the L and R on both corners? Well if you touch both, you'll get a pretty heavy shock, under normal calculations there should be 250 volts going through your veins. Hence the "Idea" of a make-believe PSP. Haha
Internally constructed by Keong, externally black-taped by shaun wong Yihao, Pictures donated by Shawn tan, and there's our artwork. Btw the walrus = Me. Uhhhmm, let's just say cause of my names in english that always starts with W, Walter, Wright, this fucker just decided to call me a walrus, and draw loads of it all over store. And the guy in that picture, is the mofo~. Well I bitch about him all the time, so there you have it. I'm throwing a fireball at him =D. Haha bullshit, how much free time do we have =p

Enough of introductions, this guy is called Desmond Seet, Human extroadinaire(Self-invented word) who I seriously have not seen in my whole life. I've seen wayang people, but this guy is Downright Amazing.
He has the biggest Ego in life, one that seriously brought his downfall. Bringing himself down to the bottom level, he constantly assumes and self-declares himself as the most important person ever in the world, so much that without him, we'd just die. Obviously, we proved countless times that he's not important at all, his boasts still kept going on though.
One person I seriously recommend no one to be, his is an extremely short-term success, bringing people to believe that he is, in fact, very hardworking and important, for the shortest period of time, and just avoid him for the rest of their lives. His colleagues, on the other hand, has constantly got disgusted by him, and have all begun to avoid him like the plague. That is the life of what I'd describe as a real loser, and I don't know how he's still at it. I seriously think he makes a good insurance agent. He'll convince many people with his bullcrap, we shall not discuss about the after-service.

~KeongSterZ~ Life In Store Just Gets So Much Better Without Him Around, I know there's bound to be people worse than him out there, but boy, i'll be damned if I do see one~

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Topic Of The Day: Life sucks when you think it sucks, life suck even if you think it doesn't suck in reality, but life wouldn't suck, when you're around with the people who makes your life feel good.

RO just sucks these days, fucking server lags so bad I'm probably not touching that game ever. And my work just keeps piling up and I'm not doing anything about it. I did tell myself I'll slowly change, haha, we'll see about that.

Everyday I think of life, and I think of people who always think about life, I'm talking about Mel, who's being a nurse over at NYP, initially regretting the job, and now pretty much changing his concept about it. He understands the flow of human thoughts, and how man are quick to jump to conclusions through his job. That is the reality of mankind, and one that people needs to watch for.
Mana, one who i've not seen much, a little of a hostile personality, one that doesn't like mingling with the commoners for the simple reason that they're common, people who are just being themselves, selfish, self-centered, staying in their dog-eat-dog concept of the world. He shares similar views with me, and we have talked once in awhile over mankind.
Mr Leong JH, one who got me exposed to several situations in life, constantly training his mouth to get certain points into that stiff head of mine, this man has shown the importance of leadership in man and the dominative side of humans. Certain people are gauged in a bar, in terms of submissive personalities, or dominative ones. When two dominative sides meet, conflicts occur, but the submissive masses will determine the winner. In other words, there is no right or wrong, there is only convincing and not-convincing.
Asriel, the childish piece of shit who just reminded me of one thing. That life is not all about getting real. It's about lightening the hearts of people to make them open up to you through childish theraphy. He may be a little too extreme being too laid back and lazy, but his actions has never ever failed to cheer any person up as far as I see it. From him he has shown to me, that it doesn't mean you have to be serious to mean business.
Mag, the most optimistic person in Life i ever met. Outside she's always cheery and stuffs, inside she's just a girl with a cheery heart. Regardless of that, she has changed the lives of many people, including my very own. Even now she remains busy and constantly successful in her friendship circle, not having many problems on her side, but deep inside she keeps her stress to herself. The least I could do, is to keep her happy, and stay truthful to my vow towards her. From this one girl, I learnt that optimism really works. If you look confident, people see you in a different way altogether, this plays an important part not only in work, but in practically everything in life.
Dajie, the life-switcher, turned my concept 360degrees around, I know i said this countless times anyway. The one that has showed endless laughter, and if you get a chance to see a sad face in her, go buy 4D, seriously. Even in situations that would put people down for a period of time, she wouldn't even budge to look sad, she expresses her sad feelings openly towards people but with a big smile outside. God knows how she does it, but that is the very ability that lightens my heart just so easily. Through her, I learned that there's nothing in this world that you cannot endure, because out there, there's always someone else out there who's in a much worse situation than you are. That is, a fact of the world, and her determination drives the people around her on keeping their goals in track.
And finally, myself. One who always thinks he bears no purpose in life, but he knows that better than anyone else. Refusing to submit to common people in life, he acts against the norm of mankind. If it's normal for people to lie for their own benefits, then he shall not lie. If this is a dog-eat-dog world, he will throw his life away to save another dog. But in spite of that, the world will not look at me as being unique, they look at me as being stupid. My ignorance towards the world's concept of me will be my very downfall, and in order for me to maintain my goals, I have to succumb to the world's demands. Towards the end, I will still be a commoner.

These are the main core people that always got me thinking deeply about life, their various personalities, their innate abilities, and the "Aura" they emit out, and the effects that places an impact on other people to change their views of thinking and working. Honestly at this point of time, I can say that I am one who is not very young already, I have seen much, but generally isn't enough. Work society is what I have to counter next, and these people will be the ones I'm thinking of constantly to continue to improve my working/living standards towards people.
This is how far my research has taken me on friendships and people, it is time to take the research to the next level. The work society. I can so see a sad journey of mine, but honestly, I'm not even slogging yet. At least I know I'm not alone, and that's all I need, really.

~KeongSterZ~ Even the worst people in society gives u things to look at. It's not looking straight towards them, it's prying into their personalities. Not many people can hide them well anyway.~

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Morning Topic Of The Day: This Is Seriously, The Third time. . .

The third time since I seriously considered this topic, and it seems implementation is inevitable at this point of time. This is a story about Keong, the Keong that everyone knew has to go sooner or later. In an estimation of a few more weeks, this should spell the end of the Bo-Chupper.

This blog has lasted for years, I know the readers, I know the people who pop by for fun, and I know this was supposed to be a research centre. It stays as one now, my own personal research.

So what can this "Third" Time be all about? The Image I present. I had to take one final glance at my friendster, the "horrifying" picture of my ultra long hair at 18 when I was hell drunk, the video that got my long hair right down to nothingness, the 2 years hair shortage, and now back to the LHB. Before it goes out of hand though, it really seems to be time to let go. Even before I get my goddamn ponytail, oh wells. Fuck that. Then again I thought to myself, How the hell did I have such friends with such an image? Then again, that's when you get to extremities, your friends are at the top.

So what can I say about myself? I'll be damned, for the things I listened to today, all comes down to one symbol. $$$$$$$. Everything basically costs, and honestly, like boss says, we're aiming for the best, that being said, my easygoing side has got to go. I either stand my ground here, or stay the slacker, and by the time I'm done, this blog would see the last of LoserKeong. Might have to relocate to something better huh, assuming my pessimism drops and optimism rises.

Things I was told to Look at:
1) Hair ---- Cut the damn shit, look neater (Fuck Fuck fuck fuck, oh wells)
2) Fingernails --- Regular maintenance, last fingernail also cut (zZzZz)
3) Hairband --- Get that retarded thing off my neck (I don't even feel it there)
4) Specs --- Apparently too striking, better downgrade to normal looking ones.
5) Dressing --- Color, type, brand, everything. Whoa, I'm being talked serious.
6) Wear Contacts --- . . . After so much of saying no, Would it be better if I just do one final push and go for the best?
7) Wear A Visor --- All my laughing at people wearing visor looking GAY, now I have to laugh at myself.

Everything but the contacts part, I think I'll just cry. My company means business, And I represent my company, so I mean business. Lemmie just get my photographer to see how long I lasted before I actually make myself look presentable for once. Where's my usual consultant, hahahaha.

I guess I'll start off with hair, it should go today, somehow. Damn, Presentability requires money for regular investment, and obviously, it's something I don't posess. Guess I'll have to work around it. Personal Do-up. Should ask Dajie to do up my hair. Sub-standard but it's free, oh wells =p.
Oh, special thanks to Dajie, I obviously got my work performance back onto sound ground today. Your cheery personality was all I needed to get me back on track. Haha, thanks.

Best Shots Galore:
The legendary photo of all times that I loved. JH & Keong @ Sentosa

Keong taken at sentosa, supposed to be paikiaish, but it kinda looks more like a monkey. .

HELP LARRRRR~~~~ Dun Expect to be spoonfed, It's time to HELP YOURSELF

~KeongSterZ~ Someone psycho me that contacts are not as bad as they sound, NOOOOOOOOO~

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Topic Of The Day: People enter your life daily, people leave your life daily. That's the flow of life.

Had a few issues in life, as they always say. Shit always comes together. I just had 2 major ones hit me straight together at a very bad timing. So the outcomes builds up a troubled Keong.
Next problem is, he doesn't really have anyone to talk to. Only one in line is Mr leong, and I feel bad enough already thinking of him only when I needed someone to talk to, but hell, he's too busy with his own life, so I presume I could live without sharing one or two problems with him.
I actually found the right person, Dajie. Haha, honestly. While working I decided to try my luck with an sms which ended up getting us having a mahjong session cum supper at chomps. The usual Weiling, Kit, Julie, Dajie, Keong and Keong!~ (Oh Dajie's boifren also called Keong)

I didn't even need to talk, I just had this feel she'd just brighten up my day along with the rest of them with their stupidity as usual, and hell she sure did lighten things up. It's kinda amazing how they do it sometimes, but it gets in some of them. I can picture myself being stupid sometimes, especially with kids. I guess that's probably the same way they enjoy me as much as I enjoy their company.
I actually won in mahjong against them for the first time. $3 though, but yeah. It's the company that's priceless. Seriously this is the period where I felt I appreciated them the most. What else can I say? Some people are just amazing.

So now I've got a sis who I sworn to protect with my life, I can add on a big sis who I can proudly say that she is my sis. Being yourself plays a major part in everything after all. I did think of what would have happened if she was my mum, would have been cool. Really.
That in mind, I've got a serious buddy, an optimistic younger sis, and a very cheery big sis, that's more than enough for me.

~KeongSterZ~ Dajie's boifren Is Tan Kok Keong aka Lim GuoQiang.
My name Is Wong Weng Keong Aka Huang Yong Qiang, so yeah we're basically both Keongs.~

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

2nd Topic Of The Day: Time Just Flies So Fucking Quickly.

I had a dream dozing off for just a few minutes and woke up in shock. Well, she popped out haha, the first girl I ever loved. I thought about it, thanks to a certain somebody I haven't seen in ages and popped into him at Zouk.

Probably the only one who ever knew who she was (I'm always damn secretive about this kind of shit), this guy has one of the utmost care-cells I've ever known of. We've played tennis together, his dad coached me, we hanged around often, he was my underling in the old CS clan called the Legendary Assasins (Hence my email dudes), and he's hit it big now.
Mr Melvin Tan Wei Yang, Haha, the man who hit the newspaper headlines countless times, but I only saw once, and only few months back. That article featured him 2 FULL pages wide during enrollment period to boost NYP's standard. So I guess his friends can proudly say, he's one of the successful people who hit the world.

It was stupid really, too long no see him, I had to SMS in zouk and type "Are u melvin tan?" Saddest thing was his response was "KEONG!!!" Which obviously means. . . . . I suck ~_~, he recognizes me, I don't recognize HIM!~
He was the same natural self, innocent, smiling all the time, very natural sense you get from him. I used to work for him once when he opened a lanshop over at Newton's Balmoral plaza. I still keep in contact with his dad only though, since he's probably the only tennis player left in the family.

I've been hitting friendster and blogs pretty often too due to my admin works that just tends to get boring after a certain period of time, so I did some search on him. Haha boy was I shocked, FOUNDER~! <--- FOUNDER SIA, WHAT CAN I SAY!~? <--- Can do blog featuring too, hahaha

Well, his face seriously brings me back to the secondary school days of happiness, where we played CS and cursed "CHEEBYE CHAO TYCO" and "FUCKING LUCKY", poor Wayne, always getting screamed at by me in the younger days. Now he has a girlfriend earlier than I am and would probably kick my ass bigtime in bowling, wooha. Well, at least I'm a nice clan leader =D

So what else is there man, Rock on Mel =D, I'll catch up with ya soon.

~KeongSterZ~ Wished I still stayed in Serangoon . . . ~

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Topic of the day: Must I really Follow the Family Line Of Workaholics?

Maybe I'm too slack for too long, maybe I just don't like the idea of working like hell. I've friends who tell me they slog to death now only to relax later. I prefer to work and relax together till death. Parents do not really think so though.

Ever since I started working in my mum's office, she's been trying to get me to go whenever I can, and for some reason, she's pushing for full day for me just cause they have loads of work to do. Don't even want to think about it. It's like telling me to wakeup 7:30am in the morning work at 8:30 until 5:30pm only to prepare for coaching. That's endless full day work for me for at least 4 days a week =.=

That's not the end, even on my side, I have my own assignments, here I am shagged out and stuffs, so feeling like going to bed, got assignments waiting for me, my personal administrative affairs to deal with, company side, etc. 4 letters lah, S.H.A.G~ And I believe I'm still damn far from JH's stage. At least he's enjoying his work. I don't know how to enjoy mine.

The only probable advantage is I'm seeing more money come in. That company's paying me $50 per 8 hours of work daily, so assuming I half day for all 5 days, it's $an additional $480 a month, not alot, but oh wells, better off not complaining.
Her whole company takes me for an idiot, telling me to do things that I do not know, asking me to sign as if I didn't know what was in it for me. I've been in the logistics line for 1½ Years in the army, CHAO AUNTIE, dun fuck around with me okay.
But honestly, lanlan do lor, so just make sure do it right, no problem, can liao lor. Sian~

Mambo popped out backstreet boys sia, I think larger than Life or something like that, fucking nice lah. This one was cool, and probably my last mambo ever, unless I'm thinking suicidal again. Met Michael Gui there sia, oh well, we had a good drink and all. What can I say? RESPECT! U respect me! I Respect U!~ DRINK!

Maybe I should go smell the friggin bed now. Before that, next backstreet boys all-time-favourite : Show me the meaning of being lonely

~KeongSterZ~ Pushing the wrong kind of limit, once It Exceeds, It means death~

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Monday, October 15, 2007

2nd Topic Of The Day: What You Do Affects Other People, So Be Extra Careful.

Ultra lack of sleep caused me to doze off in my mum's office, ultra gay. Mind says "Mai koon, you'll sabo your mum", but already shut down. Well I tried to do what I could though, better make sure the same shit doesn't really occur again tomorrow.

Outward Bound Singapore Interview was kinda crappy, and funny. Went down kallang to actually "talk cock" with them rather than interview. It seems after too much excessive coaching I seem to have lost my sense of formality =.=

Anyway here's what Outward Bound Singapore is made up of (Can't believe i ASKED)
1: Homeground, Pulau Ubin =.= Take Ferry from punggol, the fuck!~?
2: Normal work hours, 8:15 to 5:45 except during outfield camping trips etc.
3: Estimated days of OUTFIELD camping trips which you can expect not to smell home, more than 200 a year =.= (More than half a year~? WOW)
4: Cool job, seriously. Canoeing, kayaking, swimming, trekking, you name it, I think they got it.
5: Heavy duty job, not recommended by Keong by the instructors cause of my back strain =.=
6: Coaches really fit the job (Oh Yeah?)

Good laughs, really. I wonder how I ended up getting so informal with them. I'm cool =X, or maybe I already told myself I was going in there to give them face hahaha. If they shortlist me for this friday's camp, hell, I'll be surprised. Well I've not gone to a camp for a long time, so be it a training camp, I'm kinda psyched up, but I must cancel my coachings ~_~. Oh wells, we'll see.

~KeongSterZ~ Wonder If My Mum Will Bitch If I Take Up The OBS Job =.=~

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Topic Of The Day: To Be Normal, Or Be Damn Abnormal =.=

Been seeing more and more mornings these days. Driving out at 6:30am when the sky's still dark and the wind's pretty cold just reminds me of the old school days when my dad used to drive me to my secondary school, except this time round I'm doing the driving.
As I took a closer look at my timetable, it's really pretty clear cut. I'm busy early in the morning, and in the night. Seldom have anything in the afternoon, and afternoon is the period I hate the most.
That into play, I actually have 2 choices, one is to be a normal person. Sleep 10pm daily, wakeup 6am, go through normal life like people do, or 2, be hell abnormal. Sleep after morning work, wakeup evening, work again, idle when everybody else's sleeping.
Obviously option 2 would be more appealing for me, after all, in my life, I'm already suffering the agony of having different work hours from my friends, hence the difficulty of meeting up anyway. We're destined to be alone =.= Dudes all working/studying in the afternoon, they knockoff, I work. Later in the night, they need to sleep, I need to sleep for next day's work, unless they're feeling suicidal like me =.= And option 2? Everybody's sleeping, I'm awake doing random stuffs, totally isolated from all normal people happening to smell their beds.
My mum would seriously murder me if I took option 2 though, maybe I should try to be normal =.=, get up in the afternoon and get used to the goddamn sun, goddamn traffic, goddamn everything, because it's normal. Can't avoid them forever, can I =p.

I seemed to really have toned down loads, it just seems so daily I'm getting a scolding again and again. Really turns me off so much I can think of quitting. I know definitely for sure though, the minute I back out, is the minute I destroy myself. Apparently my self-assumed "style" of life isn't even close to what work is all about. This will be my one and only fight against myself to stand up against what would be best described as the motherfucking-slacker-who-has-slacked-far-too-long-to-even-remember-working-ethics.

Does pay even seriously matter? People bitch about how much I get paid and stuffs. I've done work from cheap to pretty good pay, so it doesn't really matter to me. I've done H.I.G.H at $4 per hour with constant deductions thanks to a certain somebody, I've done $6 coaching an hour for 2 hours, with constant driving down to gardens and back, not even reimbursed for fuel. I've done $6/hr admin work data entry for my mum at an extremely fast pace, I've done coaching that ranges between $30-60 an hour, resources fully provided by me.
Is that what they meant about working like you're being paid more? I sure know from the outside what that means, but on the inside, hell, it seems I have so much more to learn. I shall continue to harden my pride and take in all the shit that comes to me, and then I'll wipe myself of my stupid retarded personality, and then I'll proudly declare myself a MAN, not a KID. Time to grow up, haha, that sounds so darn familiar.

Nuff of my self-declaration of stupidity, here's the next update on the next BSB blow-up, this is my 2nd personal favourite, No one else comes close. Oh it's live, so yeah well, backstreet boys has so few MTVs =.=

Back Street Boys - No One Else comes close.

~KeongSterZ~ Grow Up, Or Die Trying~

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Topic Of The Day: I Feel Like Shit, Nuff Said.

First day I went out to help my mum with some of her data entry work. Stepped into her office, 6 hours of typing, sheesh. KILL ME!~
Damn peepz were all amazed by my typing speed, goddamn shitty talent that is. Earns me $6 an hour =.=, good thing was, I thought I was going there just to help my mum since I had nothing to do. Haha, I GET PAID! WOW. $6!!! That's like 20% PAY INCREMENT from when I worked At H.I.G.H! COooool.

I need a life, and it really makes me wonder what I'm doing sitting around. Seriously feel like punching something right about now~

Backstreet Boys Fan KeongTardoz Is On the loose again, After their latest hit, Inconsolable. They just reminded me that I had all their albums, and I loved nearly every song to it. Well first introduction would be my own personal favourite. Sadly enough, the old songs don't really have MTVs, so yeah.

Backstreet Boys - Back To Your Heart (Correct Song, Pirated Show, well, just for entertainment while you listen to the song.)

~KeongSterZ~ Lifeless Cock On The Loose~

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Topic Of The Day: Couldn't Imagine The Fun We Had In Awhile.

Oh well, Keong decided to pull a stunt and go clubbing as usual with the usual gang, but just a handful of us. Mainly, Assy dude, wen, pat, Ele, rachel and me. I drove, so fuck the drinking, I didn't touch anything but water and ribena, Fuck that.

Who would have known, Mambo just sucked that day. The DJ just sucked so badly I counted 15 sucky songs in a row until some savior suggested Phuturing, and we spend the remaining 3 hours there till phuture stopped it's music. Well, honestly, I enjoyed the singing more =.=

Tough luck for me, the newer songs didn't quite appear. Sean kingston's Me love, Backstreet boy's Inconsolable, Linkin park's bleed it out, Kanye west's stronger etc, Akon's Sorry, blame it on me, damn. But it was damn obvious which one I preferred. Mambo has it's share of nice songs, but phuture's nicer to shout at.

The dudes had fun, and as usual, I was wondering what a 22 year old was doing hanging around with tp students, but go figures, I'm not wasting time thinking that now. Honestly, they're the ones I spend time with the most now. It may seem childish of me, it's better off working on being the loner at home.

Anyway, next in line of my favorite song, you dudes better like this. Next in line I'm learning. . .
Backstreet boys - Inconsolable (Note, before you play the MTV, u might want to shut the player up at the left side, that's my private album btw)

Backstreet Boys Lyrics
Inconsolable Lyrics

~KeongSterZ~ Do I have another valid reason to live for?~

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Topic Of The Day: Girls~ Haha

I once met this girl, who was just on her normal work routine, just talked to her a little as a procedure and went on my ways. We somehow crossed paths a 2nd time through a meeting. During the discussion, nothing big particularly big happened, but towards the end, when I had the time to dream, I realized I was quite attracted to her, especially her eyes.
So good news to those buggers out there who happens to think me Gh3y jez cause I ain't attached for goddamn long, U guys can shut up now hahaha.
Anyways, that aside, don't think I wanna move for a relationship, really having it hard surviving on my own, it may actually be good news for me to actually take a liking to someone, but yeah, got better things to worry about.

So, neat topic today huh. GIRLS. Think I never came up with such a topic before.

Well, apart from people constantly suspecting me of being gay, the fact is, I'm constantly keeping myself from getting there. I call girls out once in awhile for shopping and stuffs like normal guys do, things to note is I probably ask everyone in my circle out to maintain the friendship and prevent me from actually falling in love with any single one of them, considering that most of them are attached.
Well I dare say anyway, we're all humans still, girls whine, guys? Well, we're a little weird. I think our way of whining, is basically, fighting, or hostility based stuffs. The more timid ones will be like the Girls? Preferring to just bitch.

A little few turn offs that really makes me happy I'm single. Girls somehow have a similar characteristic that differs from guys. For one, the voice. Haha, damn irritating. Guys go like "Eh fuck la, this guy damn cheebye etc. etc.", girls are more on the LONGER and ADDED SOUND EFFECTS type "Ehhhhhhh, you know ahhhhhh, this guyyyy from tp, he's such a bastard U know(With voice tone flying up and down, frequency constantly fluctuating as well), and I think some guys actually like that part of a girl =.=
2nd, the way they gossip. I was shocked, seriously, Guys gossip too, but girls gossip on the most weird topics. We gossip about people, and most commonly, about cute girls and stuffs "This girl cute sia, wonder how old she is, is she attached? Really ah? Attached to who ah? Lucky bastard." Girls? I really don't understand, they talk about things that ain't really their business, at all.
(Disclaimer: Names listed here are totally random and not targetted at anybody, any clash of names is totally coincidental)
"Eh U know this guy called Shawn? He's damn hottttt Laaaa!! And u know his girlfriend Tracy? They just broke up man!~ I heard Tracy initiated the breakup, what the hell man~ She doesn't know how lucky she is!!!"
"And then you know John? I heard he's a damn flirt, he goes after all the cute girls, I remember he went after sharon, then ditched her for another girl, then every 3 months he just kept going after girls that are popular in the school, what a jackass man."
Not that it's really a pain to hear all that. It's more like I'm a guy sitting there listening to talk about such stuffs and I wished I were home playing dota or something. Next in line with my head is "Can we talk about something more constructive?"

Next in line, girls are seriously, HARD TO PLEASE.
Case Study 1: Keong called the dudes up working and asked if they were hungry, this girl(I shall Protect her identity) told me they all just ate Macs and were full, so I dropped by empty handed 20minutes later only to hear her telling me she was DAMN hungry. . . .
Case Study 2: Keong just decided to do the "Anything lah, u all choose" when we had to decide where to eat. Everyone said A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G. So I decided to bring them around to see, since we just saw the food court, I brought everyone to basement one to check out the rest of the restaurants, which just had a very nice feedback "Dowan burgers, fattening", and that practically wiped out everything there except KFC, think of the chicken? Enough said, haha, so we just walked back up the food court.
My feedback? All I did was say "Thank god you're not my girlfriend, I'd just die."

Quote from fm93.3:
Man: So how you want to go home?
Girl: Anything lor.
Man: Hmm ok, so we take a bus?
Girl: Wah, take bus, so long so crowded you wan me to die ah.
Man: Hmm ok, so we take taxi?
Girl: Dowan lah, spend so much money on taxi, you too much money ah?
Man: Ok, then I walk you to your house?
Girl: Weather so hot and you want to walk?
Man: Ok, then what you suggest?
Girl: Anything lor.
Man Whispering to himself: At that point of time, If i had a knife in my hand, I'd kill her with it, then kill myself.

Having said all that, I realize that I don't really have much of a right, I've never really experienced having a girlfriend before. And I wonder if it's a blessing in disguise, or I just refuse to give in =p. But somehow, there's a period I'm enjoying being single, and a period where I'm really pretty sad about it. I suppose if I'm someone who's attached, I'd probably have the same 2 parts, a period where I'm happy being attached, and one where I just wished I was single.

~KeongSterZ~ SEX Discrimination!~!~!~~

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Topic Of The Day: The Local Thief, Keong.

I stole this abstract from someone who stole it from someone else anyways, so we've the chain reaction of stealing. Anyways, without further delay, here it is.

Today we have bigger houses yet smaller families
More convenice, but less time
We have more degrees, but less common sense
More knowledge, but less judgement
We have more experts, but more problems
More medicine, but less good health
We spend too recklessly
Laugh too littke
Drive too fast
Get angry too quickly
Stay up too late
Read too littke
Watch Tv too much
And are less considerate

We have multiplied our possessions, but have reduced our values
We talk too much, love too little and lie too often
We have learned how to make a living, but not a life
We have added years to life, but not life to years
We have taller buildings, but shorter tempers
Wider roads, but narrower viewpoints
We spend more, but have less
We buy more, yet enjoy it less
We have been all the way to the moon and back
But have trouble crossing the road to meet our neighbours
We've conquered our outer space, but not our innerspace
We've split the atom, but not our prejudice

We wirte more, learn less, plan more, but accomplish less
We have learn to rush, but not to wait
We have higher income, but lower morals
We build more computers to hold more information, to produce more copies

But have less personal communication
We are long on quantity, but less in quality
These are the times of fast food and slow digestion
Tall men and short character
More leisure but less fun
More kinds of food but less nutrition
Two incomes but more divorce
Nicer houses but broken homes

That is why i propose, that as of today, you fo not keep anything for special occasions, because everyday you love is a speciall occassion.
Search for knowledge, read more.
Sit and admire the view without paying attention to your needs.
Spend more time with your family and friends.
Eat your favourite food and visit the places you love.
Life is moments of enjoyment and not just about surviving
Drink from the finest crystal glass.
Do not save your best perfume or after shave but use it everyday
Remove phrases like 'one of these days', 'someday' and 'not now' from your vocabulary.
Write that letter you though of writing 'one of these days'

Let's tell our familes and friends how much we love them.
Do not delay anything that adds laughter and joy to your life.

Everyday, every hour, and every minute is special.
As you do not know if they will be your last.

Day by day, I waste my time thinking about what people think in their minds when they say things to others, about others, etc.
Words, once you say them out, you can never take it back. So always consider your words before you say something that hurts someone.

Every time somebody says something directed at another, there's a feeling in him, a feeling of rage, where the goal is offensive, or a remark of sarcasm. Anything goes. The point is, there's a target goal he/she wants to achieve to affect the party/parties of their feelings, or changing of views, concepts.
So I like to spend time these days thinking "Why did he decide to say these things?" "What is their goal?", many people tell me it's a waste of time, and that I think too much. Only too true. But my concept? No harm done. It's my interest anyway, even if I don't wanna think, I'll still think anyway. So what the hell.

~KeongSterZ~ No white hair outside, think got alot of white cells in my brain =p~

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Topic Of The Day: No outside research, inside on me, plz skip if uninterested =X.

It seems I didn't need people to tell me what's wrong with me after all. Either I've reached a high level of self-awareness, or maybe I just had to see it on the situations that happens between me and others.
I had a situation recently that I just feel should really not be talked about since I feel it should posess a high level of confidentiality, but I was only too sure of myself. I was damn fucking jealous of somebody, the intensity so high, I could see it in myself. I could sense it, and honestly, I wasn't happy with having that feeling. I may have not shown any form of resent, but for me to have that thought in my head, it shows there's more to my dark side than what I ever imagined.

I had lots of time recently, sitting down eating lunch/dinner on my own, either behind my house coffee shop or at some fast food outlet waiting for my next coaching. I sat back thinking about today's experience, and what awaits me tomorrow. And when I thought about myself closely, I realized that for the first time, I was working with someone, who wasn't exactly a friend. Oh well, a friend who only became my friend when I started working for him.
I was very "gek gao" in what people would say, when you talk about very money-minded, it just came to me after my bad experience I'd suppose. Even though I'm still very quiet about it, it didn't get out of my head. Just seems I was trained to see through such things. So I'm in my world of "awareness" but acting like I don't. Weird life I have.
So when he entered my life, I was particularly cautious, yet doing nothing. As I worked for him, I gradually saw for myself what I was doing.

As stipulated to my previous post, I was doing what people feel I was good at doing, they showed me a path to walk onto, and all I needed to do, was not to let them down. So I stood up and tried facing every challenge that blocked my path. Into this path though, I thought about the kids who were very happy with me, and the kids who weren't, and I knew myself as the man who didn't like kids in the first place. Doesn't that mean I'm doing something I don't like?
By a chance or something, a mirror was ahead of me. I saw an unhappy person, one who wants to walk his own path, but no idea what kind of path it was, or where to start. What's more contradicting was, I thought of my current path, and I was not entirely unhappy about it. I'm one who's result oriented, so when I see people improving, I get happy. I feel I'm just getting unhappy from time to time of the unexpected situations that I seem to get myself into.

Now I stand between 2 paths, the one I have to discover, and the one I happily walked into. Keong is now 22 years old, I wonder what stage this is, can't be puberty, maybe it's the growing up to the adult stage. Does that mean I'm still a kid? Afterall, I did say that I didn't see the need to grow up.

~KeongSterZ~ When I find out my true feelings, will I open a whole new path to myself?~

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Topic Of The Day: One problem arises after another.

The usual saying of "Shit likes to happen altogether". It really isn't much of all of it falling on me at the same time, it's more on "unresolved" issues that just seem to pop out in my head again. And I just don't know how to solve em.
Well who would have known, just arriving for my inter-club early and sleeping in the car, heads up, I saw her friggin dad, and he was staring at me. And I swore I wished to at least see her once after 8 years and just say sorry, and then again, was so damn afraid to.
Towards the end, my running away has persisted up till now. I faced my own bad points, but I could never face this issue. Not contacted for 8 years, but I know how to get to her, just that, well, balls small again. My confidence is so at it's lowest now. I'm full of doubts for myself, and what's new. Can I actually tell people that I'm trying when all I'm doing is sitting around?

I've deceived myself for far too long I believe, and my next move, is to move on with life. I think deep into my life, I've always been waiting for people to deliver meaning into my life. People that place their trust in me, their faith in me. At the very least, thinking that I'm not finding my own goals, I could, at the very least, not dissapoint them.

~KeongSterZ~ Discovering Myself Bit By Bit, But Discovering Doesn't Mean Improving~

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